Sheet 1: PBS

Animation From PBS
1 The Sand Castle
2 The Street
3 Love Your Neighbor
4 Is It Always Right To Be Right?
5 Kygo
6 Great
7 The Bead Game
8 Sisyphu
9 Hunger
10 Monsieur Pointu
11 Closed Mondays
12 Leisure
13 Crest
14 Hardware Wars

Sheet 2: FAF

1 Introduction; voice-over ("Welcome to the world of animation") by Paul Frees who also narrated the trailer
2 French Windows; rotoscope animation to Pink Floyd's "One of These Days" by Ian Eames
3 Icarus; French clay animation by Mihail Badica
4 A Short History of the Wheel; by Loren Bowie
5 Cosmic Cartoon; Animated and directed by Eric Ladd and Steven Lisberger
6 The Last Cartoon Man; by Derek Lamb & Jeffrey Hale
7 Au Bout Du Fil Cradle (Cat's Cradle); by Paul Driessen (National Film Board of Canada)
8 Moonshadow; Cat Stevens' story of Teaser and the Firecat, narrated by Spike Milligan, by Charles Jenkins
9 Oiseau de Nuit (Nightbird); by Bernard Palacios
10 Room and Board; by Randy Cartwright
11 Bambi Meets Godzilla; by Marv Newland
12 Mountain Music; Claymation by Will Vinton
13 Light; by Jordan Belson
14 The Mechanical Monsters; a public domain 1941 Fleischer Studios cartoon
15 Stranger; a 1971 Levi Strauss Jeans commercial; by Snazelle Films, narrated by Ken Nordine
16 Uncola; a 1975 7Up commercial; by Robert Abel and Associates
17 Mirror People; by Kathy Rose
18 Kick Me ; by Robert Swarthe, a 1975 Best Animated Short Film nominee
19 Closed Mondays; Claymation by Will Vinton (1974 Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Short Film)