I would like to stress that I captured these images, and that makes them mine. It also has its Disney sign by the upper right corner, so it says clearly that BLoSC is Disney's and Pixar's. Please do not take these images unless you have permission to do so. All images are presented in the text links because I'm conserving space by not creating thumbnails for them. Images are presented by character. If a pic with a Team Lightyear Ranger there with someone else not a TL Ranger, it's still in the single category. If the pic has two or more Team Lightyear Rangers in it, it automatically goes to the Team Lightyear category. If you're going nutso with all these categorizing, just check them out, because I'm getting confused too.

  • Buzz Lightyear
    "Buzz calling Star Command, come in, Star Command."
    Buzz smothered in candy wrappers
    Buzz munching on a candy bar
    Buzz flying across the lava
    Buzz hopping on top of Hornets
    Buzz riding a Hornet
    Buzz with a triumphant grin
    Buzz looking kinda mad, but actually, he wasn't
    Buzz looking nice in a dark background
    Buzz calling Star COmmand...nice!
    Buzz looking like he's about to challenge someone
    Buzz in green
    Buzz with a werewolf-Ty Parsec behind him
    Buzz plastered to the wall Buzz firing his laser-kewl! Buzz toasting for Christmas Buzz decked as Santa Claus Buzz struggling with Cruiser 55 Buzz posing for Zurg Li'l cute Buzzy-wuzzy!

  • Mira Nova
    Mira looking like "Aaw."
    Mira glaring
    Mira with a bug swatter
    Mira winking
    Mira looking like as if she would say "Uh-huh. Right."
    Mira thinking
    Mira jostled out off her reverie
    Mira in control
    Mira climbing...cute!
    Mira holding a glowing ball-very eerie!
    Mira dressed for Christmas-cutie!
    A Valkyrian Mira trying not to laugh at a similarly dressed Buzz

  • Booster Sinclair Munchapper
    Booster looking very guilty
    Booster armed with bugspray
    Booster wrecking the table while destroying bugs
    A pic of Booster looking quite heroic
    Booster walking towards the light
    Booster is not happy with Cruiser 55
    Booster as a Valkyrie-hot mamma!

  • XR Contact!
    XR doing the mumba
    XR's alarm ringing
    XR looking like "Hmm."
    XR and his homing device
    Continuation of the above
    XR with a magnifying glass
    XR saying "Top Secret."
    Something crashing on XR
    XR's dislocated head
    "Bad idea!"
    XR in one of his moods
    XR stretching his neck in fright
    XR scared, as usual
    XR screaming
    XR is da winner!
    XR and his diary XR wearing his "complimentary" robe
    XR throwing off his pad in frustration
    XR standing taller than Santa
    XR as a gift XR handing out Christmas socks
    XR showing off his muscles to 42
    XR kissing 42...aww!
    XR talking about LUV
    XR with a decent, li'l cute smile
    XR sitting on Buzz's seat
    XR reading brochures to 42
    Ah, love is a many splendoured thing

  • Team Lightyear Booster saluting with XR behind
    XR overgunning Mira's ammo
    Booster crashing on Mira and XR
    Booster, Mira, and XR melded into one
    Continuation of the above
    Team Lightyear shrugging
    Team Lightyear in a council of war
    Mira and Buzz
    Mira and Buzz again. This time, Mira's
    wearing her helmet

    Mira bandaging Buzz
    Mira and XR
    Booster holding our dear li'l robot's head
    XR mourning for a dearly departed robot
    Xr's result of "mourning"
    "We're doooooomed!"
    Everyone berating XR for stealing the "complimentary" robe
    Mira and Buzz trying to cooperate with Cruiser 55
    Mira and Buzz dressed in Valkyrie suits-hilarious!
    Mira and Booster basking in the Christmas glow
    Everyone waiting for 42's results...XR VERY worried

  • Miscellaneous
    Two LGMs in space suits
    Three LGMs in usual stance
    LGMs in serpentine formation
    Three LGMs in fright
    Dance, LGM, dance!
    The LGMs cleaning
    The LGMs as elves

    Star Command
    Buzz and the other rangers of Star Command
    Commander Nebula
    Cruiser 42
    Cruiser 42 at another angle
    The Star Command logo in tinsel
    A portrait of Nebula and the LGM
    Majestic Star Command
    A view of the underbelly of Star Command
    42 as an android

    The green, radioactive moon thinggie...nice
    background, tho'

    The diner where TL usually eats
    Can someone tell me what this is? I forgot.

    The Baddies
    Ty Parsec
    Ty in wolf form
    Zurg firing his ammo
    Zurg's ship
    Buzz in combat with Zurg-a silhoutte
    Zurg making a fist to his chest
    Zurg on his throne