Costume Possibilities for Red Riding Hood

I found these on the internet but have not tried them myself.


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Here is Jeannette Jaquish's cast for Red Riding Hood:
L to R: Reader - whatever clothes you like, fancy, fun. Holds a nicely covered script to read from.

Ranger - Uniform or safari or military outdoor style. This axe is wrong, it should be a wood chopping axe - a plastic fake one (Tin Man axe). He also has an optional canteen. I got the safari/desert/ranger hat from a costume store. Hiking boots or military boots, or hiking sneakers.

Wolf - Internet or costume store Wolf Nose, Wolf hood, Wolf claw gloves, Furry paw slippers. I did not want a full-face wolf mask because the Wolf shows many emotions. Clothes covers the rest of the body. We chose a Hawaiian shirt and casual pants but other clothes that fit your Wolf's personality are fine. Nightgown must be wide enough to pull on over the wolf costume quickly, without tearing off his nose and ears, and while wearing claw gloves.

Red Riding Hood - A red hooded cape, long or short, fancy or simple, order off the internet or make from cloth or cut a very short shoulder collar style from a red hoodie jacket. Or just use a red hoodie jacket and make her a tomboy. The rest of her costume should be a peasant girl dress, blouse and skirt, perhaps a vest. Ties, button, lace or rick-rack or edging make it look old fashioned. Comfortable girls leather or leather-looking shoes with a strap or buckle. Her hair should fit under her hood, but she only needs to enter the stage wearing the hood, then it can fall to behind her. Her basket carries whatever she carries to Grandma's house: bread, honey, rolls, donuts, exposed or wrapped in paper, whatever you have to put in there. This basked was cloth and it is what she hit the wolf with, but if you have a straw basket she should put it down after showing it to Grandma.

Grandma - Simple nightgown with white undershirt and shorts or leggings. The nightgowns in this photo were made from pink and white sheets: front, back and sleeves, hemmed and gathered at the wrists and neck. Make from a simple pattern or buy online. The nightcap is like the one pictured below.

Mother - Old fashioned motherly, skirt, vest, tall collar prissy white blouse, or a flowery house dress with an apron. Many old fashioned items work.

In ALL COSTUMING - Most any non-modern clothing will work. Vests, scarfs, bows, ties, belts shoes and hats make a costume successful. I repeat: NON-MODERN clothing! Do not let your cast wear their pants low slung, or t-shirts sticking out of their costume, or modern jewelry, watches, socks, fingernail polish, sneakers or tattoos (showing)! +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*