Music CD for Alice in Wonderland

Instrumental Music will be mailed as a Memorex CD-R.

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Alice Excerpts
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Pepper Song (Duchess)
Grandma's Wooden Tooth (Mad Hatter & March Hare)
Lobster Quadrille Hi-Key (Mock Turtle & Gryphon)
Lobster Quadrille Low-Key (Mock Turtle & Gryphon)
Beautiful Soup Hi-Key (Mock Turtle & Gryphon)
Beautiful Soup Low-Key (Mock Turtle & Gryphon)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat (Mad Hatter & March Hare)

Mood Music:
Alice's Theme
Dark Dread Deeper
Ethereal Construction
Hurry Hurry
Losing Consciousness
Lost & Confused Clockwork
Mad Hatter Theme
Marching Morons
Queen's March
Running Nowhere

If you order the music CD and ask, I will email you the sheet music to Beautiful Soup and Lobster Quadrille.