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J. Jaquish's

Performances of
"Alice in Wonderland"
by Lewis Carroll, adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish
Z Center Stage Theater Company, 1602 2nd Ave., Zillah, Washington 98953
Performance dates: Nov 1-13, 2012
EXCERPT: "Our 2012 production featured a script by independent author Jeannette Jaquish, and it closely followed the original book. We inserted a scene with Tweedledee and Tweedledum from the sequel Through the Looking Glass because of their appearance in the beloved Disney cartoon, and because we have really funny costumes for them! Our set is inspired by an outdoor theaterís approach from back Eastóthe crazy patterns and uneven lines match up with the unpredictability of Wonderland itself. "

LOTS of great photos and a superb poster. Very interesting history of Alice in Wonderland and Charles Dodgson/Lewis Carroll.

Highland Community College Theatre in Highland, Kansas
Performance dates: Feb 25, 26, 27, 2011 (5 performances)
---- Directed by Jerry R. Ditter (jditter( at sign )
EXCERPT: "Chasing the White Rabbit, Alice plunges down the rabbit hole and into a madcap and deliciously satiric series of adventures immortalized by Lewis Carroll. This is a journey into a world of complete illusion, full of fantastic shapes and unreal perspectives. Told in traditional shadow puppetry style, audiences will be in for a treat as the performers create characters and settings in 2-dimensional shadows enhanced with color and texture. This magical dream sequence is book-ended by 3-dimensional live performances in a monochromatic palette. "

Columbus School for Girls Upper School Theater Department in Columbus, Ohio
Performance dates: Nov. 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2010
---- Directed by Janetta Davis
This show added a children's tea party on the last Sunday following the show. "Participants will meet and play games with the characters, hear stories, eat Wonderland treats, and mingle with the cast and crew."
PHOTO of Tea Party Event with Actors & Small Children
Title Graphic
PHOTOS and well written show announcement on school website.
EXCERPT: "Alice in Wonderland is wildly popular because Carroll wrote a logical plot that is framed in nonsense and splattered with symbolism which becomes a celebration of language and childhood imagination. It reminds all of us to believe in the extraordinary as well as in our own dreams. The adaptation by Jaquish has stayed true to the characters, plot, mood, and intellectual humor of the book. "

Video promo of the show, shots of show, actor quotes. Charming!

Olympia High School Titan Theater
Performance dates: Nov. 12, 13, 14, 2009 (4 performances) Tickets $8
---- Directed by Ed Budd
VIDEO with stage & backstage shots. Dazzling costumes & effects!

Bakersfield Community Theater in Bakersfield, California
Performance dates: May 13 - 22, 2011, $12 & $10 tickets
plus a May 14 Mad Hatter Moonlight Mad Tea Party
and a Sunday Alice's Afternoon Tea Party
EXCERPT: "On a golden afternoon, Alice follows a White Rabbit, who disappears down a nearby rabbit hole. Quickly following him, she tumbles into the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland! In Wonderland she meets several quirky characters who through their own immature and kooky behavior force her to grow up. "
Bakersfield Community Theater's 84th Season 2010-2011 - Alice by J. Jaquish listed bottom of side box.

Haberdasher Theatre in the Under St. Marks Theater, New York City
Performance dates: May 29, 30, 31, June 5, 6, 7, 2008, Tickets: $20
---- Directed by Hollie Klem
EXCERPT: "In this stylish rendition of the classic tale, Alice is confronted by an array of peculiar characters ranging from a glam rock White Rabbit to the sadistic, whip-toting, gothic Queen of Hearts. As sweet little Alice triumphs over life-threatening obstacles and negotiates outlandish inquiries, we watch her grow, piece by piece, from the little girl who didn't want to do her lessons into a bright young lady with her own sense of style and purpose."

Revived Emmanuel Dramatic Society
Performance dates: Nov. 20-24, 2007 (5 shows)
---- Directed by Edward Kiely and Joanna Beaufoy
EXCERPT: "A wonderfully wacky interpretation of Lewis Carroll's classic novel "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish. An eclectic cast of characters, from the femme fatale Queen of Hearts to the curious Caterpillar, will be delighted to transport you to a wonderland where nothing is quite what you expect. If you like jam tarts and possibly a bit of mayhem, Alice is the perfect way to end the term... "

Whitby School, a private school in Greenwich, CT
Performance dates: May 20 & 21, 2011
---- Directed by Kim Guzowski
"Join us for a magical journey ~ "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" presented by the UE/MS WASA Theater Group."

Holly Theatre Youth Program in Dahlonega, Georgia
69 W. Main St. 30533 (706) 864-3759

Performance dates: June 12 & July 30, 2011
---- Directed by Neva Garrett
Two 10-day camps for ages 9 to 13. Charged $200 a child and each camp produced a show in 2 weeks.

Performances of
"The Wizard of Oz"
by Frank L. Baum, adapted for stage by Jeannette Jaquish

New London Theater, Snellville, Georgia
770-559-1484 - information( at sign )
Entertainment Notice & Cast List
Performance dates: April 23 - May 16, 2010
EXCERPT: "This is a very entertaining play, with lots of charming conversations by all actors, improving on both the book and the movie, and sure to be a hit with everyone."

====== === = Auditioning a Ghost & Dr. Frankenstreudel's Lab of Horrors
A combination of two plays by Jeannette Jaquish.
Closes 8/17.
Forge Theatre, 241 1st Ave., Phoenixville; RSVP: 610-935-1920. $8. ======================
Performances of
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Hi Jeannette, just wanted to let you know our Harry Potter opening weekend went really well, and set some records in attendance (and are doing 15 performances) ...we have taken a full range of photos and will be doing a video this weekend...we also received top billing in the local newspaper with amazing press...
we would love it if you were able to attend one of the performances, that would be so much fun...but i understand, since you are so far away....what i will do is send you a dvd of the performance and a disc of all the photos, and a copy of the paper we were will love the pix and the set is amazing..
we are having so much fun with your script, thanks again for making it available to us... sherry
Sherry Ingbritsen
President/Artistic Director

June 13-29, 2014 (15 performances), Tickets: $15 and $12,
"Twists and Turns"

The Damsel Game, by Jeannette Jaquish
Click to see:
-- A cute backyard production
Georgia: Tucker Rec Center performances directed by Koko Chalfant
-- Friday Cast
-- Saturday Cast

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