Basic Minimal Set Designs for Harry Potter spoof

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NOTES for SET DESIGN for Harry Potter and the Obnoxious Voice
Notes by Jeannette Jaquish ©2012

Updated, more detailed tech notes come with your performance license.

BASIC SET - Castle interior wall with 2 entrance doorways works for the whole show, except Scene 1 Harry's bedroom - Drape it or leave it unlit if you cannot fly in or carry in another background. In the Last Scene - Meeting the Master - the inappropriate castle wall is explained in dialogue, or you can create a new backdrop.

- 3 lightweight wood tables: two 36in square topped tables like card tables
and a hall table with a rectangular top about 20 in. x 40 in. - 3 or 4 wooden chairs (enough to sit in Cafeteria scene) - a coat tree( a stand up hat or coat rack) or you can skip this. It is only used in Scene 1 to hang Harry's cloak to cover Winky.

This is just the minimum required for this show. Have fun enhancing the sets how you like.

ACT 1: Scene 1: Harry’s Bedroom: Dobby hid under blanket on bed; Winky under cloak on chair. Ron and Hermione hiding behind the bed. An ordinary door or a representative door frame for Harry's entrance is nice but not essential.

Scene 2: Arriving at Hogwarts-Outdoors: Remove or hide furniture Could have trees, castle in background.

Scene 3: First Day of School--Hallway: Brought the table out only so it would be there for the Bistro scene. You could put Back to School stuff on it. Brick on a fish line & pulley from ceiling.

Scene 4: The Bistro: The House Elf(s) bring out the tablecloth, vase & flower & silver sugar bowl & creamer.

------ Intermission #1: Set up Scene 5

ACT 2: Scene 5: That Lousy Lunch - After School
After the short first bit they exit center "Whomping Wombat". An elf runs out and puts the silly quilt on the chair. Then they re-enter and it has become the common room.
The 2 tables are out there only so they will be there for the House Elf Kitchen scene. However, you do neet at least one table for them to set their books on.

Scene 6 Visiting the House Elves Kitchen
The Books and the chair come off first, then
"16 pounds" music plays and Elves sing as they bring in all those pots, bucket, bag, and the mops.
They mop the floor and the audience, and handle the meat at the table, some stir pots dancing during the song, with one elf holding up the "How to Serve Humans" book at the end.
Then they hear HHR (Harry Hermione Ron) and straighten up:
putting everything under the table with the tablecloth on top,
but the pot with the Elf Hats, toilet scrubber, trowel (shovel), and cloth (something to mend) is set in front of the table UpStageRight,
and the mops are laid UpStageLeft -- both ready to be grabbed during the Time Clock song.
Also as they are straightening up, the Pantry Squad grab spoon, spatula weapons, ready for their song.
During Time Clock song, the elf hats and props are tossed upstage, and at the of the scene, when Winky yells "Time for our nightly cleaning" the elves run around gathering all of the discarded props into the pots while the three elves talk about the basilisk and dog meat. Then they sing "Where's the Beef" and after the 2 verses, keep singing as they pick up every prop and exit.

------- Intermission #2: Set up Scene 7: The Library - The Obnoxious Voice:
All the furniture is out to be used in all three scenes.

ACT 3: Scene 7: Library - The Obnoxious Voice: Two small tables, on with "The Joy of Potions" book on it, and whatever other furniture you want.

Scene 8: The Cafeteria:
We start with elves bringing out the food and drinks on the 2 tables,
and the cash register, cup of spoons and napkins on the little desk table but these props are covered with a cloth
for the early "chocolate milk" opening bit.
HHR exit, and Malfoy ENTERS and removes the cloths as the students enter for lunch as described in the script.
Later in the scene, Hagrid removes all the food on his entrance and exit.
At the end of the scene when Dumbledore says "Very straaaange," the other actors trickle in doing background things -- with Hagrid and Elves bringing in props for The Master's scene as if they are just cleaning up. They also remove or set at the back wall the 2 extra chairs and small tables.
Every actor can join in the transition to the last scene and can appear in it.
Scene 9: Meeting The Master
Everyone runs twirling in front of the table and The Master enters behind them unnoticed, or during a blackout.

More detailed Tech Notes and a Prop List are included with the script.

These are the simplest sets required. You can add what you like to make them better.

SCENE 1 - The Dursleys

SCENE 2 - Hagrid Greets Students off the Train

SCENE 3 - The First Day of School

SCENE 4 - The Bistro
This scene can have no set or whatever set in whatever location you want.

SCENE 5 - That Lousy Lunch

SCENE 6 - Visiting the House Elves Kitchen

SCENE 7 - The Obnoxious Voice - The Library

SCENE 8 - The Cafeteria

SCENE 9 - Meeting The Master