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There is no mercy for those who violate the rights of authors!


Ordering the Not Free Scripts
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Rules enacted Jan 1, 2000.
Jeannette Jaquish's rules to perform her free scripts.
Other authors have their own rules.

1) Print the author's name and website address in your printed program, or if you do not have a printed program, put title and author on the poster, or post a little sign saying:

"[Name of script] by Jeannette Jaquish
See more of this author's scripts at:"

somewhere on the wall, or ticket table, or refreshment table. Somewhere.

Or if you don't have anything printed, as you begin the performance, announce the title and author.

2) Notify Jeannette Jaquish at the email link below

or call (260)484-5946 or (260) 750-9013, or my mother at (520) 622-6973,

or write:
Jeannette Jaquish
1423 Louisedale Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46808 USA.

Notify by giving this information:

The name of the script
Your name
School or Theater Name
City, Country and phone number
Dates of performances

You don't have to wait for permission -- you may perform once you send notification.

NEED HELP? (Please feel free to contact the author with any questions or problems you have with the script. She is often willing to change the script for example to add actors, change a part for a different age actor, change an inappropriate part, etc. She will email you the Word file if you ask.)

VIOLATION: If you do not notify the author or print or announce her name and, when appropriate, website, you are in violation, and owe her $10 per performance plus discovery and collection costs.

You may photocopy scripts for actors or to spread them around (please!), but, of course, not sell them.

ALTERING A SCRIPT: You may alter the script to suit your performance, but you must make those changes in the script obvious, such as writing them in by hand or in a different font or in italics -- or if not, after last performance, destroy those altered scripts or write "Altered" on each page. The author wishes to leave no confusion over what she has written. If changes are significant, you must add that fact to the listing of the script in the program (for example, after the title and author, add: "adapted for this performance by [name of re-writer].

CHARGING MONEY: You may, and are encouraged to, charge admission to your performances. Then you are encouraged to use some of that money to buy performance rights to one of J. Jaquish's not-free scripts.

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