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Steve's Trading Post

CCG's Traded

Click on the below images of each CCG for my HAVES.

First some important things:
1. All deals are send at the same time unless one of the parties has few or no ref's.
2. All cards must be BB nm/m unless specified.
3. Upon completion of the trade,barring any problems, both parties will agree to be trade references.
4. If you are a member of one of the following trading groups please let me know so we can get credits for each trade:
The Jedi Arena
The Wookie Alliance
ISB Operations

Looking for DVD's including (but not only)
X-Files Seasons 1,2,3 box sets
Any Macross or Robotech except current Legacy Boxset
Jaws 2
Jurassic Park 2
Alien Resurrection
and many more. Send me a list

(Cards with * involved in a trade)

Star Wars Primary Wants

Reflections II
  • Boba Fett With Blaster Rifle

  • Leia With Blaster Rifle

  • Emperor Palpatine URF

  • Lord Vader URF

  • Mara Jade, The Emperorís Hand URF

  • Boba Fett in Slave 1 SRF

  • Bossk With Mortar Gun SRF

  • Dengar in Punishing One SRF

  • Dengar With Blaster Carbine SRF

  • Dreadnaught -Class Heavy Cruiser SRF

  • Force Lightning SRF

  • IG-88 With Riot Gun SRF

  • Outer Rim Scout SRF

  • The Emperorís Sword SRF

  • Trample SRF

  • Walker Garrison SRF

  • Zuckuss in Mist Hunter SRF

  • Chall Bekan VRF

  • Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight URF

  • Bacta Tank SRF

  • Brainiac (Japanese) SRF

  • General Crix Madine SRF

  • Gift of the Mentor SRF

  • Home One SRF

  • Kessel Run SRF

  • Lando in Millennium Falcon SRF

  • Lukeís Lightsaber SRF

  • X-Wing Assualt Squadron SRF

  • Young Jedi Primary Wants

    Young Jedi Foils

    F2 Qui-Gon Jinn

    F1 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight
    F? Aurra Sing
    F10 Darth Maul, Dark Lord of the Sith

    X-Files Wants (These are really seconday wants and I won't trade a ton for them.)
    UR Assistant Director Skinner

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    To Join the Jedi Arena click on the link above and mention me as your recruiter;Jedi Knight Steve Watkins/Temple of Knowledge and Defense
    ISB Operations - Keep with the speed of CCG's - Win Free Boxes!
    ISB Operations
    -Win Free Boxes!

    Please use me as your recruiter if you decide to join the ISB. Supermansw ISB # 987. Thanks

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