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Gregory Zimmerman

Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Chief Engineering Officer.

Race : Human
Complexion : White
Age : 26 Years
Height : 1.80 Meters
Weight : 70 Kilograms
Hair length : Short
Hair-color : Blonde
Eye color : Blue

Personal traits : Well built with German soldier-like appearence and manner. His left eye was damaged in a freak accident, now replaced by cybernetic equivalent, a three-inch scar crossses his eye, though barely visible.

Personality: Despite rigid appearence, is quite calm and easygoing, more creative than most while still sticking "to the book". Always feels need to control every situation. he can be very commanding. He is generally not satisfied with how things are, and is always finding a way to make it faster, more powerful, and/or more efficient.

Place of birth : Earth
Home planet : Earth

Hobbies : Plays the piano, prefers 'real' sports from earth like rugby and soccer. He also enjoys horseback riding and camping. As you can tell, he loves the outdoors. At sparse moments he will play 3D chess or similar games.

Pre-Academy: Attended basic public schooling until high school, when he attended the Marshall Technology and Engineering Academy, which would spark his first interests into entering Starfleet.

Major Area of Study : Engineering
Minor Area of Study : Command

Academy Information: Recieved highest marks for Quick Problem Resolution testing. Graduated in top quarter percentile, though grades unfairly represent most of his potential.

Cadet Cruise: Ship encounters violent ion storm that disrupts all of the ships systems. A freak panel explosion damages his left eye and scars his face. Even after the injury, he is able to bandage himself and restabilze the dangerously hyperactive warp core. He would recieve commendation for bravery and for perhaps even single handedly saving the ship.

Personal History: At home, he developed a play position as "Chief Technology Officer" that handled all the advanced systems of the house at age 13. His German family history instills discipline, responsibility, love, and a nice sense of celebration.

Family :
Mother - Anette Zimmerman
Father - Bruce Zimmerman
Sibbling(s) - Sister, Denise Zimmerman (12 yrs old)

People From The Past: Ronaldo Pinchot, a comrade engineer from the Cadet Cruise.