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T'Sel Dakota

Rank : Lieutenant J/G
Position : Assistant Science Officer

Race : Vulcan/Betazoid
Complexion : Yellow/Green
Age : 25 Years
Height : 1.65 Meters
Weight : 56 Kilograms
Hair length : Long, Wavey
Hair-color : Black
Eye color : Dark Brown

Personal traits : She was not trained on Vulcan so she is not tacturn and solemn, in fact she is pleasant and easy to get along with, she is calmer than most and very controlled as far as losing her cool, she is very intelligent and beautiful to boot.

Personality: She is very calm, caring, yet a bit reserved with people until she gets to know them. she spends alot of time alone, not by choice, people tend to avoid her because they assume she is all Vulcan.

Place of birth : Betazed
Home planet : Betazed

Hobbies : Creating new and unusual computer programs and holo programs, investigating alien cultures and practices.

Major Area of Study : Science (Xenobiology, Computers)
Minor Area of Study : Science (Archeology)

Pre-Academy: Tried to learn the Vulcan practices but her Betazoid half did not respond well to the rigidity. she did do the (although she was not asked to) Khas Wan and passed it during a trip to her mothers home planet of Vulcan. She also did a year on a dig with an archaeologist on a dead planet.

Academy Information : Graduated in the top of her class, studied with a betazoid mind teacher and has considerable telepathic abilities.

Cadet Cruise: Was on a research ship and was a part of a mission that discovered a a planet on which the inhabitents had been wiped out by a natural disaster and helped decipher and catalog their civilization's artifacts.

Personal History: She has no real friends she has spent too much time learning and exploring to make any lifetime contacts. She has not had a boyfriend since she is just now becoming sexually mature. She is estranged from her parents due to her joining StarFleet and that is a very sore point with her.

Family :
Mother : Vulcan, a Healer.
Father : Betazoid, a writer of computer text books.
Husband : Gary Dakota, Chief Medical Officer, USS Liberty.

People From The Past: Her parents live on Betazed and she has no siblings and they both disapproved of her joining Star Fleet. There are no other people of importance.