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Tor Kelin

Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Tactical Specialist

Race : Bajoran
Age : 27
Height : 1.85 m
Weight : 82 kg
Hair length : Crew Cut
Hair-color : Dark brown
Eye color : Brown

Personal Traits: Friendly and easy going. Does not become rattled easily, even in stressful situations, and tries to remain outwardly calm even when he does get rattled. Is direct in action and words when on duty, but can be playfully vague when out of uniform.

Family Members: Real parents are assumed to be dead.
Foster mother and father live on Alpha Centauri.

Place of birth : Bajor
Home planet : Alpha Centauri

Personal History: Tor was taken from Bajor during the Cardassian occupation when he was very young. He has no memories of Bajor and has never returned to the planet.

Hobbies: Enjoys music, especially instramental music, and plays the piano well. Tor is athletic, and enjoys running, swimming, and working out. He was a member of the Starfleet Academy boxing and swim teams. Above all, Tor loves to be around water, and enjoys sailing, and holoprogams with naval themes, especially historical naval batlles.

Major Area of Study : Tactical
Minor Area of Study : Medical

Attended Schools:Starfleet Academy, Starfleet School of Medicine (Dropped out after 3 years), Advanced Tactical School

Previous asignments : Three month internship aboard the USS Jarvik medical ship as a 3rd year medical student.

Ensign Tor was assigned to the USS Liberty in late 2376.