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Lela Tigan

Rank : Lieutenant J/G
Position : Engineering Officer

Race : Trill
Complexion : Fair w/ dark spots
Age : 24 Years
Height : 1.55 Meters
Weight : 45 Kilograms
Hair length : Medium
Hair-color : Dark Brown
Eye color : Green

Personal traits : Is a member of the Trill Kleeke religion. She was raised in a devout home and tries to practice it as much as is reasonably possible within her duties in Star Fleet. Fast learner. Very quick at repairing systems, having a deep and inner feel for the equipment. Occasionally has strength and coordination problems due to old injuries but does her best to hide them from co-workers. Bashful and at times giggly when around the opposite sex Trill (other species don't have that effect, although she hasn't ruled out an inter-species relationship). Otherwise often blunt and crude in speaking and will curse with the best of them when the situation requires it.

Personality: Has a strong, determined personality. Despite (or because of) her small size, she won't let anyone tell her what she can and can't do. Has little patience for incompetence or useless trappings. Impulsive. Tends to get the job done and then seek forgiveness later. Known to argue with superior officers.

Place of birth : Sanmanhell, Trill
Home planet : Trill

Hobbies : Ancient West Action Shooting. (Known as "The Spotted Kid") Metal work using ancient tools such as a manually guided lathe and milling machine. Trill equivalent of Judo.

Pre-Academy: Lela attended public schools in Sanmanhell before attending Azra State University of Mining and Manufacturing on Trill.

Major Area of Study : Engineering: Computer And Communications Systems.
Minor Area of Study : Engineering: Power Systems.

Academy Information: A very good student, soaked up information quickly and got top marks. Disliked her College time and absolutely hated her OCS time, particularly The Crucible. Was very lonely and felt completely isolated. Had many demerits for maintaining personal order and neatness, which she thought was ludicrous.

Cadet Cruise: USS Hood. Promoted to Assistant Cadet Engineering Officer. Successfully performed an overhaul of entire Warp Engines while in deep space after a devastating Dominion Attack, allowing the ship to return to port.

Was awarded the Purple Heart and Star Fleet Medal of Honor. Her citation read in part

"Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of her life above and beyond the call of duty.Midshipman Tigan, USS Hood, distinguished herself while serving as runabout gunship pilot. During an escort mission on Zeta Reticuli IV Midshipman Tigan monitored an emergency call that 50 Klingon soldiers stranded on a nearby beach were being overwhelmed by a large Jem'Hadar force. Midshipman Tigan flew to the scene and found 100 to 150 enemy soldiers in the open. Some of the enemy were stabbing and beating the downed Klingons. Midshipman Tigan displayed exceptional airmanship as she launched a devastating attack against the enemy force, killing or wounding many of the enemy and driving the remainder back into a treeline. Her phaser attacks were made at such low levels that the aircraft flew through debris created by phaser impacts. Since all communications with the beleaguered troops had been lost, she repeatedly circled the battle area, flying at low level under continuous heavy fire, to attract the attention of the scattered friendly troops. This display of courage visibly raised their morale, as they recognized this as a signal to assemble for evacuation. On 6 occasions she and her crew were forced out of the battle area by the intense enemy fire, only to circle and return from another direction to land and extract additional troops. Near the end of the mission, a wounded soldier was spotted close to an enemy bunker. Fully realizing that she would attract a hail of enemy fire, Midshipman Tigan nevertheless attempted the extraction by hovering her runabout backward. As the man was pulled on aboard, enemy disruptor weapons opened fire at close range, damaged the runabout and wounded Midshipman Tigan. She momentarily lost control of the aircraft, but quickly recovered and departed under the withering enemy fire. In all, 15 extremely hazardous extractions were performed in order to remove wounded personnel. As a direct result of her selfless conduct, the lives of 29 allied soldiers were saved. The extraordinary heroism displayed by Midshipman Tigan was an inspiration to her comrades in arms and reflect great credit on her, the USS Hood, and Starfleet."

The wounds she sustained left her with severe and painful damage to her right shoulder. She spent several months in physical therapy learning how to use her right arm again as well as in psychological recovery. Affects of the injuries sometimes force her to work left handed.

Personal History: She entered the Reserve Officers Training Corps to get a scholarship to the prostegious Azra State University of Mining and Manufacturing, spending her breaks at Star Fleet Academy Reserve classes. This seemed like a good way to get a free education. Unfortunately the Dominion War made it not so cheap. After graduation, she could have taken a posting as a CPO but entered the Officer's Candidate School. She endured, even though the course had a 58% drop out rate. After that she was assigned to the Hood for her Cadet cruise. She did extremely well on the Hood until being wounded. Even though she physically recovered, she never was the same. The supervising officer reported that her efficiency rating had dropped, although she still performed above average. In addition she was noticibly withdrawn and suffered from nightmares. As a non-Academy graduate, she has already felt the discrimination against those who don't wear "The Ring".

Family: Her father is Jaran Tigan, mother is Ezra Tigan. One sister Jazri (older), one brother Tobin (younger). She comes from the poor branch of a clan of mining Engineers. Her father was a maintenance supervisor at the BHP copper mine at Sanmanhell and K'rany. She grew up working with her father to fix all varieties of equipment, working deep in underground mines and climbing high tension towers. Her mother and older sister are housewives. Her younger brother is an engineering student.

People From The Past:
Lieutenant Richard DeUriarte, Surgeon, USS Hood.
Commander Charles Tart, USS Hood, her Father.