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Johnny "Wildman" Storm

Rank : Lt. Commander
Position : Chief Security Officer

Race: Human
Age: 28
Hair: Brown, Short
Eyes: Grey (Blue or Green depending on the lighting)
Skin: Tan
Height: 1.80 m
Weight: 84 kg

Physical Description: Wears a small neatly trim goatee. Very handsome and has a very athletic well built body.

History: During the Academy Days he befriended and roomed with McGibbs. They where old buddies, with McGibb, always covering for Johnny Storms wild pranks and parties. He joined many competitions on earth in the martial arts field and won many titles. He was a star (celeb) representing the academy in many martial art competitions which help keep him out of to much trouble for his pranks. His first assignment was at a Star Base 88 where he was to allow him to continue to complete in exhibitions in the marital arts field. During his stay there, he trained with the Marines for ship board attacks and boardings. He learned much in tactical field and was found to be a very outstanding pilot. Eventually he became bored with this and requested to be assigned to a ship. His request was approved and he was sent to the USS Liberty. He came here to get out of the spot light of being such a good martial arts expert and exhibition fights that Starfleet sponsored and place him in.

Hobbies: Everything that envolves danger. He enjoys playing sports and doing things that require complete use of your body and mind (i.e. cliff climbing, orbital jumping, surfing, martial arts). Weapons use, phaser, disrupters, old pistols, composite bows, if it shots he plays with it. Hand to hand combat(black belt in many different martial arts).

Place of Birth: San Fransisco, Earth
Home Planet: Earth

Father; Lloyd Storm
Mother; Connie Storm

Major Area of Study: Tactical
Minor Area of Study: Security