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Matthew "Silencer" Silarno

Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Intelligence Officer

Race : Human
Complexion : White
Age : 26 Years
Height : 6'
Weight : 220 lbs
Hair length : Short
Hair-color : Brown
Eye color : Cobalt Blue

Physical Discription: Average height and weight, good muscular definition. Handsome appearance. Clean cut and highly professional. Outstanding Military bearing.

Personal traits: Quite, reserved and a bit of a loner. Cocky when in regards to his shooting abilities. Icy look to his stare. Tends to perfrom his best under extreme pressure. Sure and swift actions never requiring a second thought. Acts on pure instinct.

Hobbies: Racing of any type of ground craft or space craft. Orbital Skydiving. Classical H.A.L.O. (High Altitude Low Opening) paratrooper jumping. Camping. Target Practice. Hand to Hand Combat.

Place of birth: Watertown New York
Home Planet: Earth

Major Area of Study: Special Warfare and Tactics
Minor Area of Study: Security

Attended Schools: Starfleet Academy. Starfleet Marine Special Warfare Operations and Tactical Training.

Previous Assignments: Starfleet Marines. Special Warfare Operations and Tactical Training Instructor, Pensacola Florida.

Additional Comments: Received highest grades in S.M.S.W.O.T.T. Expert marksmanship with all types of federation weaponry, an excellent sniper. Excells in deep cover insertion and extraction missions. At ease with all Spec War roles.

Served as Ceremonial Guardsman during special events.

As a member of the Starfleet Olympic Team, received Gold medal for Marksmanship. Received Special Commendation for Heroism during a fouled training exercise.

Served from age 18 on the Marine RECON forces. Exited Service from The Starfleet Marine Force at age 24 and later the same year rejoined Starfleet in the Security field.

Family: Mother and Father - Deceased