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J'vobrakh Seth

Rank : Commander
Position : First Officer

Race : Angaran
Complexion : Green
Age : 31 (Human) Years
Height : 1.9 Metres
Weight : 80 Kilograms
Hair length : None
Hair-color : None
Eye color : Black

Personal characteristics : Angarans have a lizard-like skin, which is covered in a slimy coating. For this reason, they must wear special suits if they are travelling far from water, so that their slime doesn't evaporate. Angarans have large hands and feet, having long fingers and toes on each. Their heads are lizard-like; they have a snubbed-in nose, large black eyes, and small frilled ears. They have no hair.

Personal traits: Dependable, loyal. As such with the Angaran race, possesses an inner Vulcan-like calm. Very curious of humans and their "excentric" behavior.

Family : Mother (name unknown), 5 brothers, 2 sisters. Father is deceased.

Place of birth : Angaria
Home planet : Angaria

Hobbies : Reading, academic pursuits

Major Area of Study : Science
Minor Area of Study : Command

Attended schools : Starfleet Acadamy. Graduated with honours.

Previous assignments :
USS Zusa - Junior Science Officer, Lieutenant J/G
USS Fearless - Operations Manager, Lieutenant

Seth was assigned to the USS Fearless in mid-2376 as Operations Manager. Following the death of the Executive Officer, Seth was duly promoted and has continued to excel in his new role when the crew transferred to the USS Liberty.