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Michaela Elizabeth Perry

Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Counselor

Race : Human/Bajoran
Complexion : White
Age : 26 Years
Height : 5'6"
Hair-color : Blonde, with a purple streak on the side
Eye color : Blue

Personal traits: Born on Bajor. Was taken off planet by father after mother was killed after birth. Mother was killed by a Cardassian who caught them leaving. He never saw the baby. Raised on Earth by her grandparents as her father returned to Bajor to fight in the resistance. Father returned to Earth briefly when the Cardassian Occupation had ended. By then his daughter had entered and left the Maquis Resistance and then entered Starfleet Academy.

Hobbies: Bowling, swimming and chess.

Place of birth: Earth Home Planet: Earth

Major Area of Study: Physical and Psychological Medicine
Minor Area of Study: Science

Academy Life: Michaela would have excelled at the Academy if she had applied herself. But she didn't. Michaela graduated and knew all she needed but she was nowhere near the top of her class. The odd thing was that she was usually far more up-to-date on the happenings of the Federation and other allies (and enemies) then any of the other cadets. She just paid close attention when people spoke...if it was of interest to her.

A half sister, Ann'bel, Cardasian/Bajoran. Older. Active in the effort to repair Cardassia
Mother: (Bajoran)-Corin (Bajoran family name) Neri (given name) Perry (married name)--Corin Neri Perry, dead. Killed after giving birth by a Cardassian
Father: (Human)-Jonathan Perry, Colonel, member of Bajoran Militia now.