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Elias Novaq

Rank : Rear Admiral
Position : Commanding Officer

Race : Human
Age : 46 Years
Height : 1.82 Meters
Weight : 86 Kilograms
Hair length : Short
Hair-color : Gray
Eye color : Blue

Personal traits : Honorable, Brave, Loyal. Very stoic.
Places duty before all else. Tries not to give anything away,
though sometimes his emotions become all too apparent,
especially when he is angered. A great believer in Justice.
Often relies on his instincts to succeed.
Judges people not by their reputation or words, but by their actions. Some people have found him 'stubborn', on occasion.

Family : Christa Novaq, daughter, scientist (civilian).
No other surviving relatives.

Place of birth : Somewhere in North America.
Home planet : Earth

Hobbies : Listening to classical music, 24th Century Kickboxing variants, reading, pool, weapons.

Personal Studies: Warfare; General History and Ideology.
Tactical Theory and Practice.

Major Area of Study : Tactical
Minor Area of Study : Command

Attended schools : Joins Starfleet Academy at 18 years of age. Attended Tactical Training school on Starbase 40 at 23 years of age. Studied at Advanced Tactics and Warfare School, Arlington Federation Colony at 27 years of age.

Previous assignments : Novaq first moved into Tactical in 2353 on board the U.S.S. Kolokopf. Showing great potential he rose through the ranks to become Chief Tactical officer there. It was felt that he would gain better experience abroad another ship so he was transferred to the U.S.S. Constantinople, then under the command of Captain Drake. The Constantinople was involved in many skirmishes and dangerous situations, in which Novaq was able to excel. During a particularly heavy battle in the Galetieri System the First Officer was killed and Novaq was again promoted. In addition, for his actions that day he was awarded the Churchill medal for 'Preservation of Life'.

During a crisis in 2365, Novaq was given temporary command of the U.S.S. Britannic where he proved himself more than capable of command, and was given the Britannic on a permanent basis. During his time here he was again the recipient of the Churchill medal, and twice the Crystal Arrowhead for bravery, which earned him the rank of Captain. Also at this time he became good friends with his First Officer Sheila Bhode, who later took command of the Britannic.

In 2371 he commanded the Starship Sheridan through two uneventful years, until the Battle of Brak'ii in 2373. Though many are familiar with Wolf 359, this is a relatively unknown and unspoken of incident. It is approximated that 17 Federation starships were lost on this day, which is considered to be one of the "greatest tactical errors" in the history of the Federation.
Despite this, and the loss of the Sheridan, Captain Novaq was able to succeed in winning the battle and was awarded the Christopher Pike medal for Valor. Very little else is known concerning those involved and there are no reasons given as to why it occurred.

2374 saw him command the U.S.S. Venger during the end of the Dominion War, including the first assault on Chin'Toka and the final push at Cardassia. After the end of the War Novaq received a demotion to the rank of Commander following an isolated incident, and he was charged with the undue destruction of a Federation vessel, causing unnecessary loss of life, failing in his duty as a Captain. The precise details are again classified.

Commander Novaq was given the low-level command of the U.S.S. Gideon, a cargo vessel, and the responsibility of transporting shuttlecraft. The Gideon had a history of incidents, involving disciplinary problems and several serious injuries. The last incident involved the death of the former Commanding Officer, Captain Amsham. Even after Novaq took over the ship was still plagued by the that was legacy left behind, leading to the death of the Chief Engineering Officer. The command was short-lived as Novaq led the Gideon on a rescue mission and encountered heavy resistance. The mission was a partial success but at the cost of the U.S.S. Gideon. He was then cleared of the charges against him and reinstated to the rank of Captain. Immediately he was given command of the U.S.S. Fearless which was a part of the Valhalla Fleet.

Captain Novaq was believed killed in mid-2376 when he destroyed a Federation ship from the future before it permanently damaged the timeline, apparently sacrificing himself in the process. Instead the timeship returned to where it came from and Novaq was eventually rescued and re-united with his crew and daughter. Immediately he was awarded the Christopher Pike medal, originally given posthumously, and promoted to Fleet Captain.

He currently commands the same crew as before but on the newly commissioned starship, USS Liberty. As of late 2377 he was given a command position within the Trinity Fleet and promoted to Rear Admiral.