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Andrea McGibb

Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Tactical Specialist

Race : Human
Age : 24 Years
Height : 1.62 Meters
Hair length : Medium
Hair-color : Dark Brown
Eye color : Green/Grey
Complexion : Light

Personal Traits: Thoughtful and impressionable. Sometimes overly influenced by her peers. Often troubled by events around her she can become unnerved. At her best when she is in the middle of it all, where there is no time for thinking.

Family Members:
Mother: Selina McGibb-Carteris (Deceased)
Father: Charles J. Carteris (Deceased)
Sister: Louisa McGibb (Missing)

Place of birth : Earth
Home planet : Earth

Hobbies: Not many. McGibb spends most of her spare time studying, but can be persuaded to join her fellow crewmembers to relax from time to time.

Major Area of Study : Tactical
Minor Area of Study : Engineering

Attended Schools: Starfleet Academy.

Personal History: McGibb stayed on at the Academy assisting senior officers in the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. Her continued work led to a formal position in the ASDB. Most recently she was part of the shakedown crew for the experimental USS Liberty, focusing on the new weapons systems installed on her.

McGibb remained on the USS Liberty when she left dry dock on Titan and became a Tactical Specialist there. Following the murder of her parents and abduction of her sister, McGibb's state of mind has become increasingly erratic and unpredictable. It is uncertain how she will continue to perform her duties, if at all.