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Seboran Khayne

Rank : None
Position : Civilian

Race : Trill
Complexion : White
Age : 22 Years
Height : 1.72 Meters
Weight : 72 Kilograms
Hair length : Shoulders
Hair-color : Light Blonde
Eye color : Light Blue

Personal traits : Seboran has a slightly wiry build, his compact form belying his strength. He has an ornate colored tattoo around his right wrist. He carries a 4-life symbiont (Khayne).

Personality: Seboran is very friendly, adventurous and easygoing, always looking for new experiences. He enjoys interacting with people and won't miss a chance to attend a social gathering. Unlike many Trill, he feels that intimate experiences are like any other and should not be frowned upon. He enjoys studying a wide variety of subjects and is rarely found without a PADD containing information of some sort. He has a rather worldly air about him and is usually full of trivia.

Place of birth : Trill
Home planet : Trill

Hobbies : Drawing, listening to music, holodeck adventures, literature, poetry, research, trivia.

Pre-Academy: Seboran had a fairly normal Trill chldhood, making his parents proud when he became the first member of the family to receive a symbiont.

Personal History: Brought up in a loving and balanced home, Seboran has exhibited a great thirst for knowledge and a great deal of creativity. He has won several awards for both his writing and drawing. He has travelled widely since receiving his symbiont at the age of 20, going from place to place and competing in art and literary competitions. He has held a number of regular jobs in various fields ranging from waiter to business consultant.

Family :
Mother - Kamri Elemic
Father - Teboran Elemic
Sibbling Younger Brother - Strayfe (16) Older Sister- Lani (24)

People From The Past: Kella Morek - friend from the Trill Academy of Arts; a musician Lt. Commander Nathan Kapori- family friend from Earth