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Victor Kesselring

Rank : Commander
Position : Chief Tactical Officer

Race : Human
Age : 25 Years
Height : 1.82 m
Weight : 78 kg
Hair length : Short
Hair-color : Black
Eye color : Blue

Personal traits : Soft spoken and somewhat quiet when in public. Has close friends but keeps them at that. Has a soft spot, but few have been able to find it. Gives great respect for life, especially after the death of a crewmate in his first mission with the USS Fearless.

Family : Sister: Sarah Kesselring; Parents: Deceased.
Place of birth : Earth
Home planet : Earth

Hobbies : Playing out wars in the holodeck. Piloting ships of different origins. Drinking coffee.

Major Area of Study : Engineering
Minor Area of Study : Command

Attended schools : Starfleet Academy. Private Academy of Engineering on Vulcan.

Previous asignments : Lieutenant J/G Kesselring was assigned to the USS Fearless in 2376 as an Engineering Officer and has proven himself more than capable on several occaisions. He has put his skills as an engineer and as a pilot to good use. After several months he requested a transfer to Tactical which was granted along with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. He was the Chief Tactical Officer on the Fearless and was transferred with the rest of the crew to the USS Liberty.

He is now a Commander and remains the CTO for Fleet Captain Novaq.