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Daniel Louisse D. Kaffe

Rank : Lieutenant J/G
Position : Security Officer

Race : Human
Complexion : White
Age : 28 Years
Height : 2.00 Meters
Weight : 95.25 Kilograms
Hair length : Medium
Hair-color : Burgandy
Eye color : Green

Personality: Having a Loving mother Daniel, "DL" what people called him has a high respect for women and treats each one with respect.

Place of birth : Los Angeles, Earth
Home planet : Earth

Hobbies : Playing Virtual Chess, Billiards, reading a book, chatting with fellow officers and occasionally looking at old family photos.

Pre-Academy: Graduated from LA State Public School at age of 10
Graduated from LA High School at age of 14
Graduated from Adm Ross Law School at age of 18
Has a Black Belt in combat Aikido.

Major Area of Study : Command
Minor Area of Study : Security and Tactical

Academy Information: Graduated 5th of his class. Awarded 5 meritory commendations for being one of the best in his first 2 yrs in the academy.

Personal History: He didn't have any hobbies during his Elementary,High School and college days other than reading and chess, that's why he was accelerated so many times he graduated from law school at the age of 18, He entered the Academy at once and Graduated at the age of 21, He Applied for a position at the JAG Corps. He learned Billiards from his fellow Lawyers and has been playing that eversince. He had a few historical wins during his stay at the JAG Corps, two of his major enemies is rumored to be looking for him. Commodore Jerry Acosta, and Adm Nathan Klein. Due to his former Job as a Lawyer for the JAG Corps Daniel has a Wide network of intelligence assests.

Family :
Father - Hon John Erin Kaffe, Top Public Lawyer (Deceased)
Mother - Marsha Damon Kaffe.

People From The Past:
Commodore Jerry Acosta - He sent this man out of Starfleet. He was the lawyer for the government and proved this Commodore has been a corrupt official and the Commodore had been senteced to be dishonorably discharged from Starfleet. Now Commodore Acosta is a pirate out for vengeance against Daniel for spoiling his plans.

Admiral Nathan Klein - Daniel Proved this Admiral was conspiring against the Federation during the war against the Dominion, The Admiral as thrown out of Federation teratory and into deep space, Rumored to be allied with the Dominion. Now using a Dominion ship Adm Klein is looking for a chance to get even with Daniel Kaffe.