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Tenar Elosan

Rank : Lieutenant.
Position : Chief Science Officer.

Race : Ullian.
Complexion : Brown.
Age : 24 Years.
Height : 1.82 Meters.
Weight : 85 Kilograms.
Hair length : Back.
Hair-color : Black.
Eye color : Light Grey.

Personal traits : Tenar is very inquisitive when it comes to researching new things. He is especially interested in other species and their cultures. He is extremely intelligent but can be a trifle absent minded if he is engrossed in something which interests him. He is also rather creative. He enjoys writing poetry and learned to play several Earth instruments during his time at Starfleet Academy. He is not usually prone to violence or quick to anger, but pushed far enough, he can have explosive outbursts. He prefers to handle things from an intellectual standpoint. Under normal circumstances, he has a ready smile and a rather wry quick wit. He has yet to be in a relationship as his studies have taken up most of his time. Now that he's graduated the Academy, he looking to remedy that problem, though he is a bit clumsy when it comes to interacting with women with any level of intimacy. He is very protective of his younger sister, Shari, who occasionally comes to visit either by herself or with his mother. He spent much of his life without a father; his died when he was 12, which he regrets.

Family :
Belan Elosan; father. Biological research scientist. deceased
Atami Elosan; mother. Xenoarchaeologist. living.
Shari Elosan; younger sister. Age 17. A student. living.

Place of birth : Mintaka-III.
Home planet : Mintaka-III.

Hobbies : Holodeck adventures, music-guitar and drums, clarinet, flute and saxaphone; poetry and fictional writing, especially for the holodeck; martial arts, Tai-Chi, Aikido, Karate; swimming, racquetball, darts; has won a few tournaments

Major Area of Study : Science.
Minor Area of Study : Medical.

Attended schools : Mintaka Academy of Arts and Sciences %28 completed regular schooling at an early age and entered advanced education, where he majored in biological science and double minored in literature and music.

Previous assignments : None.