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Copyright Notice

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, the Star Trek movies 1 to 9 and featured ships, planets and characters are trademarks of Paramount Communications Inc., which is a majority-owned subsidiary of Viacom Inc. No infringement is intended. The Star Trek web pages and images featured on this site are intended for entertainment purposes only.

All other information, models and pictures are Copyright 2000 PGWSmith unless stated below.

Exceptions to above:

Intrepid-class and modelparts - Jorg Gerlach
Dauntless-class and modelparts - D. Zschokke
Nebula-class and modelparts - R. Schoberth & Rob Caves
Galaxy-class refit and modelparts - R. Schoberth & Rob Caves
Federation Starbase and modelparts - Mike Wright
Regula 1 and modelparts - Mathew Parker
Steamrunner-class and modelparts - Dan Huling

If there are conflicts or concerns of any nature, please contact me.