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Rank : Commander
Position : Liaison Officer

Aliases: Bungle Hex, Son of Tehnent, third lord of Gorman, master of Tresdef. Or Jeff.
Age : Complicated
Height : 5'9"
Hair length : Medium
Hair-color : China Black
Eye color : Blue

Personal traits : Bungle is 2000 years old, 2001 in July; very powerful, he has spent most of his life jumping around in time, learning ways to change history, effect people and run the universe to his own ends. He plays guitar and lives solely on beer and smokes.

He is psychologically and physologically enhanced to an unknown level, but has in the past demonstrated Telepathy, Telekenisis, Pyrokenisis, extreme strength, speed agility and seems almost impossible to injure with conventional means, and any major injuries appear to heal quickly. Very short sighted.

He has, at various points, been refered to as a Guardian. He is the last in a very long line of people who guard The Reality Engine, and by extension everything that exists. He has also shown a capacity for Majick.

Technological adaptions: Bungles glasses, in addition to helping him see, have been altered by unknown technology, and have the capability for a number of vision modes, including telescopic/microscopic and infra red. Implanted in his brain is a DX-99 computer system (circa 2067), this now out moded computer stores information, and ahas dial-in modem acces to other systems of the time. This same system can also be used as a radio/MP90/Home movie system, and it is believed that Bungle uses this ability mostly during staff meetings.