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Autumn Baval

Rank : Civilian
Position : Mess Hall Manager

Race : Human/Bajoran
Age : 21 Years
Height : 1.62 Meters
Weight : 58 Kilograms
Hair length : Long, worn tied back
Hair-color : Raven Dark
Eye color : Crystal Blue

Personal traits : Prone to mood swings. Frequently bitter and sarcastic,especially on the subject of love and romance. Generally well-meaning and supportive towards people who are not her. Can be friendly, charming, and witty. Lithe, trim, and fit. Exceptionally good eyesight and reflexes. Almost never volunteers information about her past.

Family : Mother: Baval Gella, Bajoran comfort-woman on Terok Nor. Deceased.
Father: Holden Longstreet, Interstellar "Free-trader." Age 54,captain of the Independent Ship Cutty Wren.
Siblings: None known, but with Holden's reputation this isn't certain.

Place of birth : Terok Nor
Home planet : Transient - no planetary residency.

Hobbies : Marksmanship, running, gymnastics, chess, choral work (especially Bajoran and Terran spiritual works). Lately, cooking.

Major Area of Study : None
Minor Area of Study : None

Attended schools : No formal education.

Personal History: Born on Terok Nor during the Cardassian Occupation. Undisclosed operations with the Bajoran Resistance, possibly beginning when she was 7 years old. Taken off-station by her father at age 13, served as crew on the Cutty Wren for two years before running away. Signed on with then-Captain Boloss at age 16, becoming a member of the Black Dragons, a mercenary company suspected of many criminal activities. At 18, broke a ten-year contract and fled from the Black Dragons. Worked briefly at Quark’s Bar on Deep Space Nine, the renamed Terok Nor station. Signed on with USS Liberty as Mess Hall Manager at 19.

People from the Past:
Emperor Boloss: Commander of the Black Dragons mercenary company. Vok male, age indeterminate (over one century). Exceptionally cunning military and political mind. Effective leader of men, also an effective trainer. Marks his most trusted lieutenants with a tattoo of a black dragon. A dwarf of the Vok race.

Kendrik: Second-in-Command of the Black Dragons. Trained alongside Autumn Baval. Human male, age 25. Last name unknown. "Kendrik" presumed to be an alias. Expert con-artist, pilot, and covert operative.

Tarsz: Third-in-Command of the Black Dragons. Nausicaan male, age 36. Exceptionally large and strong. Leads by inertia. Slow, but not stupid. Has had numerous run-in’s with Lt. Commander Val’Kraa, most ending in defeat for the half-Klingon.

Gul Vellan: Cardassian officer on Terok Nor during the occupation. Raped and murdered Baval Gella. Current status unknown.

Vedek Chorin: Leader of Chorin Resistance Cell on Terok Nor. Autumn Baval was a member of this cell.