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SRU You are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat
By Morpheus

SRU: You Are What You Eat
By Morpheus.

Excitedly, little 9 year old Ben Morris ran past his dad, back of candy clutched tightly in his hand. The cape from his vampire costume trailed behind him as he ran to the next store in the mall, wondering just what this store was giving out for trick or treats. Happily he held his bag open as the nice lady who was dressed up like a clown dropped a small candy bar into his bag. Smiling, he thanked her, then hurried off to the next store over, wondering what kind of candy they'd give him. Ben loved candy. It was his favorite food, which was why he liked Halloween so much. He sure was glad that his Dad brought him there to the mall for trick or treating. There were lots of people in cool costumes for him to see, and better yet, lots of candy. This year Keith Morris had come to the mall with his son for trick or treating, thinking that it would be much safer than out on the streets going door to door. He thought that you never knew just what kind of crazies you'd run into. But since the stores in the mall were holding their own Halloween special, offering candy to the trick or treaters that came by that night, so as to keep some of the kids out of trouble. Keith smiled, glad that these stores had gotten involved with the local neighborhoods like this. It certainly made things a lot easier for him.

Keith only wished that Ben's mother, Sandy hadn't left them two years earlier. It had hurt Keith having to explain to his son that his Mom had run away to live with another guy. It had hurt a lot. Still, Keith was glad that at least he got to keep Ben. It would have been much worse if Sandy had taken Ben with her or insisted on custody. Sometimes he wondered about how hard it must be for a boy to not have a mother, but he tried to do the best he could, hoping that it would be enough.

As Keith and Ben went from shop to shop in the mall, Ben's bag slowly filled. Keith happily led Ben along then stopped when they got to a store that he didn't recognize. "They keep putting new stores in all the time." Keith muttered. After looking up and seeing a sign that said Spells R Us, they went inside, with Ben wondering just what kind of candy they had.
Stepping inside, Keith heard a tinkling of an old fashioned bell above the door. Just inside was an old man who seemed to be dressed up in some kind of wizards costume. "Nice costume." Keith complimented him, "Looks rather authentic."

The Old Man chuckled, looking pleased at the compliment. "Thank you." he said, still chuckling, "I'm glad that you didn't just think it was a bathrobe." Keith chuckled as well with that one.
"Trick or treat" Ben said loudly.
"What if I choose trick?" The Old Man asked with a grin.
"What kind of candy do you have?" Ben spouted impatiently.
The Old Man chuckled again, smiling at the boy. "You know that candy's not good for you, don't you?"
Ben nodded, looking disappointed. He'd been hoping for some kind of candy, and now suspected that he'd get a granola bar or something. The Old Man just smiled and pulled a dish full of little candies from behind him, holding it out for Ben. "You know what they say" the Old Man said as Ben took a piece, "You are what you eat."
"Well I like candy." Ben said defiantly, making Keith feel a little embarrassed. The Old Man just smiled, then looked at Keith. "And what kind of a Halloween treat would you like sir?"
"Oh nothing for me" Keith protested politely, "I'm a little too old for candy. Oh, no offense sir."
"Oh, none taken." The Old Man chuckled. "Well, I have a treat for you that's just about your size then." With that, the Old Man went to the counter and pulled out a glass and a bottle. As he was pouring the contents of the bottle into the glass, the Old Man said to Keith, "Unless I miss my guess, your favorite drink is brandy."
"How'd you know?" Keith asked, impressed at the accuracy of the guess.
"Just a knack." The Old Man chuckled, handing Keith the glass of brandy.
Keith accepted the glass, thanking the Old Man, then sniffing it pleasantly. While Keith was drinking his glass of brandy and chatting with the Old Man, Ben was getting bored and started eating more of his candy, starting with the piece he'd just gotten. After he'd finished, Keith thanked the Old Man for his hospitality, and led Ben out to find another store.
Just as Keith and Ben were stepping out the door, they both felt a strange sensation pass through them.

Two gorgeous women started walking down the mall, looking as far as anyone could tell like the twin sisters they were. They were both around 19 years old, with large breasts and long blonde hair. One of them giggled then turned to the other, "You know Candy, I think that I want to go find a Halloween party with some cute guys. Maybe have a few drinks." Again the bimbo giggled.
The other one, Candy responded, "OK Brandy." then with a bit of a leer on her face, she said, "I want something sweet to suck on." With that, the two women went off in search of their entertainment, lusty thoughts running through their heads.

Just a few stores down, the Old Man was chuckling to himself. "I love TRICK or treaters." he said aloud, already looking forward the next pair to enter. The woman who would have Honey in her tea, and her son who would get the Whoppers.

The End.