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Unreally Real

Unreally Real
By Ran Dandel

SRU: Unreally Real
By Ran Dandel

"Damn!" exclaimed Terry Ralston, as the monitor screen pronounced the words, "Game Over". "Killed again! If I could just get past that level!"

This was the tenth time Terry had tried to win his way into the final obstacle in his latest computer game.

He stripped the oddly-shaped device from over his eyes, and peeled off the equally-strange gloves.

"How's that new virtual reality game, Terry?" asked his roommate, Jim Briggs.

"Well, it's pretty good, but it's only a little better than the 3-D graphics on a regular monitor. You get only a little bit better feel for depth. I keep misjudging distances, which makes it hard to climb the wall of the castle at the end. The handholds keep moving just enough to require an accurate reach. I miss the handholds and fall off the wall."

"That's tough." Jim responded. "Have you tried other games that offer virtual reality?"

"Yeah, but this one's supposed to be the best, and I think it is. The others still sacrifice detail to make the 3-D work."

"So they haven't made true 3-D work yet?"

"No, I think it will take quite a while for that. We just can't afford the processor speed or the memory we'll need. If they can get it to work, it'll be just like magic," said Terry.

Jim mused, "Magic, huh? I heard somebody from the Kappas mention that there was a strange store at the mall that involved magic. If anybody had a killer program, I bet it would be them, heh, heh."

"Yeah, right," scoffed Terry. "A magic store with killer software. I'll bet it's just stuff to put on a monitor to make an audience think the computer's doing the magic trick, while the magician pulls the rabbit out of the CPU. Ha, ha,ha."

This ended the conversation, and Terry went back to the computer, only this time to work on a term paper due the next week.

When the week ended, Terry was cruising the mall, looking for nothing in particular, but with an eye for anything interesting. He was in the far back alley of the mall, when he saw a strange sight. A wooden door with an etched glass panel. The etching made the glass translucent, and had the gilt lettering: "Spells R Us". Having never seen the place before, he opened the door.

As he opened the door, he heard the tinkling of a bell over his head. He looked up and saw a regular bell that got struck by the door as each person opened it. He was bemused by the fact that a store in the mall actually had a door, instead of the wide-open fronts of all of the other stores.

"It's because we don't want anybody to just grab something and run off. Some of these things can be dangerous if improperly-used, Terry." This was said by a strange older gentleman who seemed to be dressed in a bathrobe and slippers. He had an odd conical cap on his head.

Before Terry could ask the man how he knew his name, he heard a parrot's raucous voice screech out, "He knows your name because he's a wizard, dummy!"

The old man winced at the screeching bird and said, "I'm trying him out because I hate having to repeat myself, and too many people just weren't reading the sign. Well, come along, I think I have the software you're looking for."

Terry followed the old man as he walked deeper into the store, somewhat off balance by the conversation he felt he was part of, but not really knowing where he came in.

The old man stopped at a shelf and took down a box. "Now, Terry, this is the latest is virtual reality software. With this, the Gamma version, you can experience almost any kind of adventure. This is just the first product, so it only has a few scenarios with a few characters. It has a limited character- building toolkit, too. It's just the first of our new VR products. We're working on a really good adventure game right now, and hope to have it released next year. Right now, you can only experience a few settings."

Terry recovered his voice, "I have a VR rig at home, but I'm not yet impressed. They don't seem to have it quite down yet."

"Terry, that's the beauty of this product from SRU Technologies. We use a bit of magic to make your experience total." The old man opened the box and took out a small device that looked suspiciously like a Walkman headset with a large plug on the end. "With this 'trode rig, you just install the CD, put it on and follow the directions on-line. You'll feel like you're really there. You'll feel, hear, see, taste-just as if it was really you in the adventure. You can even try out different kinds of characters, or build your own, if you wish."

"What do you mean by "'trode" rig?" asked Terry.

"Oh, sorry. It's an electrode rig. It allows the software to give you a direct mental input with a full sensorarium. Science can't do that yet, so that's one place the magic comes in. We also use magic to put all of the sensory data on one CD."

"And this works, huh?" asked a skeptical Terry.

"It sure does. I think this is just what you've been looking for."

"Ok, how much?"

"This is the introductory version, so it's just $49.94 plus tax."


"Hey, this was put together by techno-mages. What do they know about pricing?"

Terry agreed to the purchase, after all, he'd spent much more on software that didn't promise anything and delivered equally as much. It's part of the price you paid for an emerging technology.

Before he left, the old man cautioned, "Terry, be sure to follow all of the on- line instructions, and pay attention to the warnings. We don't want you stuck in your VR world, would we? Heh, heh."

"Yeah, right." If the machine hangs, he thought, I'll just remove the VR headset, just like always.

When he got home, his roommate was sprawled on the couch watching a game show with a Vanna clone turning numbers or some such.

"Terry, what'cha get?" seeing the bag under Terry's arm.

"Hi Jim," he responded. "Just another piece of software. It's supposed to be the latest in VR."

"Well, let me know how it works, so I can see if I want to try it."

"I'll let you know."

Terry went into his room and opened the VR software box. Inside the box was a headset with a long wire that ended in a plug. There also was a CD jewel case and nothing else. He looked at the outside of the box for anything that closely-resembled instructions and found the words,

"Turn off your computer. Install the headset cable in any joystick port. Install the CD and turn on your computer. When the screen instructs you, place the headset so that the ends are positioned just above your ears. Follow instructions given on-line. Enjoy yourself in your latest VR experience!"

Terry followed the instructions, and soon saw a screen that said, "Put on headset. Press ENTER when ready." He put on the headset and pressed ENTER.

Immediately the room went dark. Terry was about to get up and investigate, when a blue rectangle appeared in mid-air before him. Writing flowed across the rectangle.

"Welcome to SRU Technologies VR Adventure. You will be taken through several scenarios of your choice. You will experience worlds beyond anything available from any other software maker. Prepare to be blown away!"

In smaller letters he read, "If you are preparing for a long adventure, it is recommended that you be laying down. A bed or recliner is recommended. It is also recommended that you take care of any personal physical needs before a long adventure. If you wish to make such preparations, press Pause."

A golden rectangle marked "Pause" appeared before him. Since he didn't want to have problems, he pressed it. Instantly his room reappeared. He took off the headset and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. When he came back, he took the headset over to his bed. He arranged his pillows to a comfortable position and placed the headset back on his head. He was mildly interested to find that the cable was somehow long enough to reach from the computer without any strain.

As he replaced the headset on his head, he saw the "Pause" button fade into view. It was depressed. He reached out and pressed it again, and it popped up. Everything faded from view, except the blue rectangle.

Words started scrolling across the rectangle again, but Terry didn't read them yet. He looked around. It looked like he was sitting at a desk, with the blue rectangle projected in front of him. He could see himself sitting at the desk, but there was nothing else around. The desk was in the middle of a black region.

As he continued to explore, he realized that it felt just like he was sitting at the desk. He saw his arms and hands, and could feel himself and the desk. He tried pulling an arm hair and felt the small twinge as he did so.

Wow, he thought, this is absolutely unreal! It's just like I'm really here!

He stopped his musings when he noticed a blinking on the screen. He looked up and saw that it had stopped its writing. He began to read. It was a series of instructions on how to proceed. The first stage was to select his current starting location, referred to as "Home".

Terry looked over several selections and decided that an office environment suited his current fancy. Since he saw an option that would allow him to change his home location, it was an easy choice. He reached out and touched the option.

Quickly, a floor, walls, and a ceiling faded into view. He was still seated at the desk, but it was now a large executive desk. Something you'd find in the office of the CEO of a major corporation. He was seated in an extremely comfortable executive-style chair. He could even smell the chair's leather. On the walls were hung several pictures, masterpieces. A door was in the wall across from him. Behind, the wall was all glass. He looked at it and saw that the office was "located" many floors up in a skyscraper overlooking the Chicago skyline.

Terry couldn't help but marvel at the realism. He could even feel the slight sway of the building as the wind changed. He remembered that feeling from a trip he once took to the top of the John Hancock Tower the time his family visited some relatives in Chicago.

He looked back to the screen. It now instructed him to select a personal assistant for when he needed help. He looked at the choices: "Dr. Einstein, university techie, Granny, Miss Blossom, Marilyn."

He decided against the male personas, and pressed "Miss Blossom". A tap sounded on the door, and a very efficient-appearing young woman entered the office. "Good day, sir. I am Miss Blossom your assistant. Any time you require help, just say the words 'VR Help', and I will appear to answer your questions. Do you require help at this time?"

"No," replied Terry.

"Very well, sir." And she left the office.

Seeing that the help was efficiently dressed in a severe business suit, wore her hair in a tight bun, and had thick glasses, he decided to try another selection. He pressed "Marilyn".

The door opened and a blonde vision of desirable womanhood entered. She spoke in a sexy voice, "Can I help you, lover?"

She was wearing a very low-cut dress that was almost transparent. It was filmy and light, and swirled about her legs with every movement. She was the exact representation of Marilyn Monroe when she posed for that picture above the air vent.

Terry stammered a reply, "N-n-no thank you, n-n-not at this time."

"Well just give me a call, lover, and I'll gladly come for you," she whispered as she sexily oozed out of the office.

Whew! Thought Terry. This is already starting to get interesting, and I haven't even gotten to any adventures. Let's see what's next.

He returned his attention to the screen and pressed the "Next" button.

The screen changed to a menu. "Choose your character". Below that were several choices: "Human, Centaur, Merfolk, WereCreature, Magical"

He looked at the various options and tried one. It opened to another sub- menu that would allow him to choose the type of character. Sex, race, coloration, species, and such were all represented. Each even had an option to allow him to design a particular character. On a whim, he decided upon a centaur stallion with black coat and white socks. When he got to the end of the selections, he pressed "Go!" The office dissolved into blackness.

A new environment faded into Terry's perceptions. He was standing in a large field of grass with patches of clover. A few large oak and maple trees were scattered around. The field was endless. It was as if he was in one of the Great Plains states before Man had arrived.

He felt the stirrings of light breezes on his body and looked down. He was unclothed. He saw that he had been given a torso of heroic proportions. His chest was massive with well-defined pecs. He brought his arm up and saw that they were heavily muscled as well, with coating of dark hair. He looked further down.

Where his waist would be, his body transitioned to a pair of equine legs covered with dense black hair. The hair turned white for the last foot or so, and they ended in off-white hooves. He looked more closely, and then felt between the legs. He had no genitals!

What has this program done to me! he thought. He was about to call for help when he felt a tickling on his rear, and then a swat of some kind of whisk. He looked back and saw an entire horse, except for a neck and head. Where he ended, the horse began.

Of course! He sighed in relief. I'm a centaur. Half horse and half human. I forgot about the horse part.

He looked back and saw the broad back of a large black horse. The whisk he felt was his long tail whisking away a fly that had been biting. That was the tickling sensation he'd felt.

I swatted the fly without thinking, he thought. It was an automatic reaction of my horse half. He then realized the implications. The VR software had made him feel very natural as a centaur.

He tried walking and found that he could navigate his new body as if he'd been born to it. After a few minutes, he sped up to a full gallop. He thrilled in the feeling of flying across the prairie. His hooves thundered as he flew over the ground. He could feel his lungs working hard as they drew air in all the way from his mouth, down into the horse lungs in his horse part.

After a few minutes, he began to become winded, so he slowed down and walked until he recovered his breath. He also noticed that he was starting to get hungry. As he passed a small bush, he unconsciously pulled off a branch and started eating the leaves.

I don't know what they are, he mused, but they sure taste good.

Again, he didn't realize that the program had adapted him to his new form. He'd grabbed a branch from one of the common food plants eaten by the "local" centaurs.

As he wandered around, he soon came to a stream. Hearing a waterfall, he walked towards it. As he rounded a rock, he spied the waterfall. Under the cascade of water was one of the most well built women he'd ever seen. She was blonde with blue eyes, and had a chest of magnificent proportions. He was starting to lust after her when she walked out from under the waterfall. She was a centaur, too. Her horse part was a perfect Palomino color, with a long, yellow-white tail.

She looked up when he unconsciously stamped a rear hoof.

"Oh," she said, looking across the water at him. "You must be the new stallion in these parts. It's been awful lonely since the last one had to leave."

"Had to leave?" asked Terry.

"Yes, he put a foot into a burrow and broke his leg. He suffered for a few days and then left us."


"Us, silly," she giggled. "You know, your herd. Since the stallion's gone, you're the first stallion to claim us, so you're now our stallion."

At that remark, she gave a shrill whistle. Soon several other centaur women appeared.

"Look, girls," said the Palomino. "Our new stallion's here! And he looks real strong!"

The other centaurs crossed the stream and surrounded Terry. They were all looking at him in admiration for his form. They were also looking at something else. Soon he realized what it was. He was becoming turned on!

Very quickly, Terry realized that the females were giving off an incredibly sexy aroma. He could feel himself getting turned on and becoming very hard. He bent forward, looking down and back between his forelegs. The sight of his stallion's hard-on was amazing. He didn't realize it could be so big!

Without thinking, Terry had been sidling up to one of the females and rubbing her flanks with his own. Soon he reached across and started fondling her human half. She closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure as she leaned back to make it easier for him to rub her breasts.

The urge became too much, and Terry walked behind the female and reared up on his hindquarters and mounted her. He could feel his long dong enter a willing passage. As he moved himself in and out of her, he could feel his breath coming in heavy pants. The female was leaning back, so that he could still hold onto her and fondle her.

All too soon, he came with an electric jolt of pleasure, and the feeling that he'd unloaded a gallon of fluid inside her. He rested a moment and then slid back off her.

She turned to him and hugged him, and gave him a kiss.

"That was wonderful. You're the best stud stallion we've had in a long time. I think you're going to give all us mares plenty of good, strong foals."

Terry didn't have much time to recover before the scent started turning him on again. He repeated the process with another one of the mares. He couldn't believe that he'd be ready again for a repeat performance, but he was, and willingly complied.

After a few hours, he was nearly exhausted. He could barely hold his human torso upright. He must have serviced nearly a dozen of the mares, and he could still smell that tantalizing aroma. It was time to do something about it.

"Marilyn, Help!" he called.

Marilyn materialized in front of him.

"Well, lover, it looks like we've been quite an active little stud this afternoon," she said with a knowing smile. "How can I help you, Sir?"

"How do I exit this routine?" Terry gasped, still breathing hard from all of his recent exercise.

"Just say, 'Marilyn, Exit' and I'll get you out," replied Marilyn.

"Marilyn, Exit," panted Terry. The pastoral scene dissolved into the office. The screen in front of Terry had a menu on it and a time readout. The time readout said "Elapsed time, 0:00:17:24.63". The menu had "Exit" as one of the options. Terry selected it.

The office dissolved and Terry found himself back on his bed. He felt a bit washed out after his experience with the centaurs. He stripped off the headset and shut down the computer.

When he looked at the clock on his dresser, it confirmed that he'd been under less than twenty minutes, but it had felt like hours in the program. He also became aware of a wet, sticky feeling in his shorts. When he looked, he realized that he must have ejaculated as a result of his experience with the centaur mares. He went to the bathroom to clean up.

When he was finished, he went out into the living room, where his roommate was still watching game shows.

"Terry, how was the program?"

"Jim, you won't believe how real it was. I became this centaur and-." Terry explained it all to Jim. Jim just listened with his mouth agape.

"Hey, Terry, I've just got to try it out, too!" exclaimed Jim. "It sounds too good to be true!"

"Yeah, I know, but it works. I must have jumped the bones of about a dozen or so of those centaur girls, and I could feel it just like it was real. It was incredible! I'll let you use the program after I try a few more scenes." With that, Terry went back into his room, lay down on the bed and thought about what he'd like to try next. He quickly dozed off.

A few hours later, he awoke from his nap feeling fully rested, so he booted up the computer and started the program. He put on the headset and pressed the "Enter" key.

He was back in the office.

This time, he decided to try the Mer-folk menu, and was scrolling down the choices, when he decided to see if he could be a mermaid. He pressed that option. The office dissolved.

The scene that formed around him was the inside of some kind of cave. There was some light streaming in from one end, so he turned towards it. He realized that he was floating above the floor of the cave, but he didn't feel like he was in water. He looked down at himself.

What he could see of his body was definitely female. He had medium-sized breasts that had a shiny appearance. This shiny appearance ran down his belly to just above where his pubic hair would have been. They transitioned into large scales as they ran down his front to his tail.

Tail? He curled it in front of him. It was not like the tails seen when human women put on a mermaid costume. Well it was, but there were no knees. It was totally flexible from his waist to the tail-tip. His tail looked to be a deep turquoise color, and was wide and very beautiful.

He swam out of the cave and into sunlit waters. He was several fathoms down on a coral reef. He carefully swam to the surface.

Breaking the surface, he saw he was quite a ways offshore of some tropical island. He could see trees on the shoreline, but not much else. At he trod water, he realized that it wasn't much work to hold his head and shoulders out of the water. Gentle motions of his tail kept him there. It was about as hard as standing on a corner waiting for a bus.

While he was looking around, somebody came up from behind him and hugged him, grabbing his breasts. A voice in his ear said, "And who are you, my beauty?"

Quickly, Terry turned around. He found himself face-to-face with a man! Rather, he was face-to-face with a merman! What he didn't do, was struggle out of the embrace. Instead, he replied, "I'm Terry."

"Well, Teh-ri, let's get below and have some fun!"

Without letting Terry go, the merman gave a powerful stroke of his tail and they quickly submerged. As they swam downward, Terry found himself twining his tail around the larger, more powerful tail of the merman.

As the merman powerfully stroked the water, his motions were causing curious feeling in Terry's mermaid body. Soon, he was hugging the merman as hard as he could.

After a few minutes, they were in deep darkness, having swum straight down for several minutes. They slowed down their descent. As they did so, the merman started to twine his tail around Terry's. As their tails spiraled around each other's, Terry realized that he was again becoming powerfully aroused. Soon, the merman started massaging his breasts. The feelings became more powerful.

After a few minutes of this, Terry felt something pushing against his front. It was the merman's penis, trying to find his vagina! Terry felt himself relax a bit, and the merman entered him.

As they continued to twine their tails, Terry felt the merman's penis stroking in and out of his vagina. Soon they built to a climax. Another electric jolt of pleasure ran throughout Terry's body.

Breathing hard, they both relaxed a bit, but were still tightly entwined. Terry was amazed that he could feel everything, just as if he were a real mermaid.

Before they could start again, Terry called out, "Marilyn, Exit". He was back in the office. Just before he exited the program, he saw that the time readout said, "0:00:03:16.42". He was returned to his bed, and another wet, sticky mess was in his shorts.

Terry cleaned up and then spent some time thinking. He decided that before he tried another scene, he'd explore more of the menu options. He donned the headset and re-entered the program.

From the desk, he started looking at the menu options. On the menu that allowed him to select the type of character, he saw the word, "Advanced". He tried that option.

He was presented with a menu that would allow him to design his own character, or one to interact with. He decided to design a fantasy woman to be his next partner.

He was presented with a variety of body types, races, hair and eye colors, and almost any other option you would want when designing the characteristics of your fantasy woman. When he was done, he's designed a medium-tall woman of Eurasian ancestry. She had medium-large breasts, a very narrow waist, and wide hips, but in proportion to the rest of her. Her breasts, while not real large, did have large aureoles and very prominent nipples. Her hair was long, black and straight. Her almond-shaped eyes were violet with a slight upward tilt. Her legs were long and perfectly shaped. This woman would not be ashamed to appear in public dressed in anything legal, and would be devastating when fully decked-out in eveningwear.

Just a few more options and he was done. He selected a medium-high alto voice, with a slight British accent. He added fluency in Mandarin and Japanese. Why not? he thought, there's no charge for the options, and it will make things more interesting. Almost as an after thought, he added a slightly higher-than-normal sex drive. He saved the character design, and named it Akiko Richards.

He continued to play around with the menu system, and after a while, came across a series of control panels that affected the user's character. One of the options was intensity. It was set at "50". Wondering what it did, he called Marilyn.

"Marilyn, what is this control for?" he asked, pointing at the Intensity option.

"Well, lover, it affects how strongly you feel what is happening. The normal setting is 50. You can set it anywhere you want, but too high could cause changes you won't like."

"Like what, for instance?"

"Like if you eat chocolate at a too-high setting, then real chocolate will never taste good enough for you. If you get injured, the pain could make you go unconscious, so you'd never get out of the program. It can be very dangerous," replied Marilyn.

"Ok, I understand. You can leave, now."

After she left, he decided that it was just a typical consumer warning, after all, you get warnings to not put your feet under a lawn mower, and only an idiot would do that on purpose. It's only common sense, he thought. He pushed the control to "100".

While also in the "Advanced" menu system, he found the "Scenario Planner". Since he wanted to try something with a response of 100, he wanted to avoid something that could possibly cause pain, so he set up a scenario where he'd be in a silken room furnished all in pillows so that he couldn't get hurt when he started his scene with Akiko. He saved his scene and called it "Harem Delight".

He logged off and went to get something to eat. Jim was still watching TV, but now it was a rerun of "Prom Night 2", where the blonde walks around nude in the locker room and crushes her rival inside a locker.

"Jim, wait until you get a load of what I just did now," Terry proclaimed. He then told Jim about all of the changes he just made.

"Terry, when you're done, let me have a chance at that babe. It sounds like an evening in Heaven," Jim said. "Listen, I'm begging you!"

"You don't have to beg. You'll get your chance at her. Just wait your turn," replied Terry.

After getting a sandwich and a beer, Terry made sure he was ready to go into the program again. As he was in the office, he quickly made his selections, he didn't see his hand slip and select Akiko as his own character. He didn't notice until the pillowed room formed around him.

As he looked around, long, black hair swept past his vision. He raised his hand to sweep it away and noticed that it was now feminine-slim. The nails were long with violet polish. He looked himself over.

He soon saw that he'd become Akiko as his character for this scene.

Oh, well, he thought. It was good as a mermaid, I guess it'll be good here, too. His thoughts were quickly answered when one of the most wonderfully built men entered the room. He was tall, with wide shoulders and impossibly small waist and hips. He was cut in a "Vee" that would put any body-builder to shame, but he wasn't so over-built. He radiated manliness.

Terry felt his body become quickly aroused. His large nipples became hard and felt like they were going to burst. He felt a warm wetness building in his groin. The man came over to him and sat down next to him. The man leaned over and started to kiss.

Terry couldn't help himself, he started kissing back. Kisses had never felt this good, before-ever! The man started caressing his breasts, and the feelings were astounding! It was if he were having miniature orgasms in his breasts!

The man's hand wandered down to Terry's new sex and started lightly massaging its lips. He then slid a finger inside. Terry could only arch his back at the feelings of pleasure. As the man started massaging his clitoris, Terry became fully a creature of need. He had to have the man's large penis inside him! He reached out a hand and found it. It was large and hard. Terry guided it into his new vagina.

As the man entered Terry, Terry could only moan in pleasure. It wasn't this good as a mermaid! In fact, it was never this good, ever!

As the man moved his flesh in and out of Terry, a pressure was building inside. Terry felt as if something was dammed up, clamoring for release. The pressure continued to build. Terry soon found that he almost couldn't stand it. He cried out for release, he moaned, he wrapped his legs around the man's torso and squeezed for all he was worth. His hands clawed the man's back, and clawed the pillows under them. His toes curled and uncurled with the feelings, but there was no release. The pressure just kept building. And building.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the pressure built to the point where Terry thought he'd explode-..and then it did. The orgasm Terry had was like a nuclear detonation. The pleasure fired throughout his body, and he could only scream at the top of his lungs. It was like his entire nervous system was short-circuited.

Colors flashed before his eyes, the background of the room seemed to waver and dissolve into snow. The form of his partner went through a variety of changes until it disappeared.

Coming down from such orgasmic heights, Terry realized that he was in his bed. An electronic burning smell filled the room. He reached up and took off the headset. A voice called in from the living room, "Hey, are you all right? I heard a loud SNAP! And then smelled smoke!"

"Haaaii. Daijobu desu," he called. Hey, wait a minute, that didn't sound right, he thought. What's happened? He looked down. He was still Akiko!

Jim burst into the room. "Hey, babe, speak English! You know I don't understand Japanese, even with all your help. Now tell me what happened."

"Jim! The program-" Terry's mind was a bit jumbled after the experience, then settled down. "The program didn't even load, Jimmy," she whined. "I was trying out this new VR program when something happened to the computer. Look!"

Akiko pointed a violet nail at the computer across the room. The CD drive had opened and smoke was oozing out. The CD was a warped mess.

Jim strode across the room and turned off the power strip, and then unplugged it. He ripped the modem connection from the wall.

"Where did you get that program, anyway? We're lucky there's no fire!"

"Awww, Jimmy, I got the program from some guy at the mall. He said it was a new VR program that would blow anything else away. I wanted to see what it was."

"Well, babe, it sure blew away your computer. Looks like it's really toast. You'll have to get another one-.Hey, the mall's still open, we could go look at new ones."

"No, mister. I hoped it would be some entertainment for tonight, but I think the only thing I can see to entertain me is you. Let's get undressed and fuck like bunnies!"

Across town, an old gentleman perused the notices in the newspaper.

"Hmmm, I see that Electron Technologies just hired a new marketing rep for the Far East. Akiko Richards. Well, it looks like it's Jim's turn now, since Terry's done-..for."

The old man started to chuckle, which soon built to full-scale belly laughs. As he laughed, he started to float towards the ceiling. He faded out before he reached it.