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By Morpheus

Spells R Us: Turnabout
By Morpheus (
26 Jan 98

Matt wiped the whipcream out of his ears and eyes feeling embarrassed to have been caught in the latest prank of his roommates Chris and Steve. The three of them often took turns playing pranks on each other.

After all, what else was college for if not for fun and pranks.

Going to the mall, Matt hoped would give him some inspiration for his revenge. He needed something big to get back at those two and even the score. Dropping a bucket of whipcream on his head as soon as he walked into the room wasn't very creative, but it had been messy, so deserved something really nasty back.

Matt saw a new store named Spells R Us, and wondered if it had practical joke stuff. Magic stores usually did. Curious, he walked in hoping to find something that could let him get back at Chris and Steve.

There was an Old Man in a bathrobe sitting behind the counter who didn't seem to pay any attention to him. Looking around Matt didn't see anything that really looked promising and was just about to leave.

"Hold on there, Matt", the Old Man said from behind him.

Matt jumped in surprise, "How did you know my name?"

The Old man chuckled a little, "I'm a wizard. No I'm not going to prove it to you" which surprised Matt since he was just about to ask the Old Man to do just that.

The Old Man pulled up a blue plastic egg and held it out to Matt. "I think that this might be just what you're looking for. When you throw it, it explodes with magical confetti. I guarantee that this will more than make up for the joke they played on you"

Matt wasn't sure about this. "How much?"

"For you, its free. I've got a special weakness for practical jokes and always enjoy a good one"

Matt took the small egg from the Old Mans hand, noticing a small seam along the side, thanked him and went back home. He wondered what it did.

That night, Chris and Steve were on the couch finishing off the pizza they'd ordered. Matt had already eaten some and was more interested in getting even than eating. He pulled out the egg, and like the Old Man told him, tossed it next to Steve and Chris.

He expected a burst of confetti and smoke to startle them, but when it exploded, some pink dust came spraying out covering Chris and Steve. It came towards Matt too, but he ducked behind the table so wasn't touched by it.

When he stood up from behind the table, Chris and Steve were gone, and in their places were a pair of gorgeous girls. One was a tall slender blonde and the other was a busty red head. Both made Matts mouth water with desire. They were sitting on the couch as if nothing happened and they had always been girls. They turned towards Matt smiling and asked him to join them.

This was much more than Matt wanted. That Old Man suckered me Matt furiously decided. As he went to sit next to the girls, he noticed a bit of the dust laying inside the egg still. Obviously it had been intended for three doses instead of the two that were given. That gave Matt an idea.

The Old Man got a small package in the mail and wondered what it was. "Probably that bimbo ring I ordered" he muttered to himself. When he pulled the top off of the box, a small spring pushed outwards, throwing a bunch of pink dust in his face. The Old Man coughed and looked down at himself, seeing that he'd turned into a bimbo.

He chuckled being able to take the joke. It would take him a day or so to reverse what the dust had done, but until then he was stuck looking like the bimbo's he usually created. It had been a long time since someone had gotten the best of him, and turnabout was fair play.