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Time Flies..

Time Flies
By Morpheus

Spells R Us: Time Flies
By Morpheus

Jason really hoped that Aunt Marcie wouldn't get drunk again that night, but didn't have any faith in that not happening. Ever since Jason and his sister Sally's parents died a year earlier they had been stuck living with Aunt Marcie. Jason was thankful that he only had a year left being stuck with her, having just turned 17, but Sally had a lot longer being 13.

They picked up Aunt Marcie's routine quickly, as she came home from work every day, threw in a microwave dinner then started drinking. Sometimes while drunk she'd yell at them and had even hit Sally once, but other than that she just ignored them. Sometimes Sally would cook dinner for them, but Aunt Marcie would just complain while she ate it, never finding anything good to say, which hurt Sally' feelings.

Jason had sometimes tried to comfort his sister, but he started to drift off, looking forward to the day that he could move out and be on his own. He teased Sally pretty often, and pulled her hair a bit. Aunt Marcie didn't care, and it at least made him feel a little better.

Then one night, Jason was surprised when Aunt Marcie didn't start drinking right after eating, and didn't even complain about Sally's cooking once. He thought that she seemed distracted and actually a bit excited. After dinner she sat down and brought out a shopping bag, pulling a small blackish rock from it.

Jason saw that the rock in her hand was a small statue of a fat little cat. He wondered what was so special about the stone carving that she'd get so happy about it. After a few minutes of looking at it she went to her bedroom, and Jason went to grab the bag and throw it away. He saw Spells R Us clearly written on the side of the small paper bag, and wondered where that was. He'd never heard of the place before. "Oh well" he told himself as he tossed the bag in the garbage, keeping the receipt just in case she wanted it.

A while later, Jason was holding his Sally's watch up, making her jump for it, having fun teasing her when Aunt Marcie came back out dressed up. "I'm going out for awhile, and when I come back this place had better be clean", then she walked out the door, leaving Jason and Sally wondering what was going on. Had Aunt Marcie found a boyfriend? At least, they decided that it was better than her being drunk again.

After cleaning up the house, Jason sat down on the couch where Sally was watching some show, and changed the channel on her. "Hey! Whatcha do that for?" "Because I didn't want to watch that crummy show"

"But I was watching it first"

"Well too bad Squirt, I've got the remote", and Jason stood up.

Sally grabbed for the remote control, and Jason held it above her reach, making her jump for it.

After awhile, Aunt Marcie still hadn't come home and Jason made Sally go to bed while he stayed up watching the rest of the movie, then going to bed, still seeing no sign of Aunt Marcie returning.

Breakfast was quiet as usual, then Aunt Marcie came into the kitchen.

Jason felt his mouth drop open when he saw her. She looked years younger. "What happened to you?" Jason asked her and she just smiled. Not even giving the rude comments he was used to getting from her. She was obviously in a good mood for once, which puzzled both Jason and Sally, who hoped it would last.

When Aunt Marcie got back from work, Jason thought she looked a bit younger again. Looking more like 25 than 38. She was smiling and even cooked dinner for Jason and Sally.

And that night, she started drinking again, this time in celebration it seemed. Jason couldn't tell what for though, but she was obviously in a good mood. After she was drunk, Jason couldn't keep back his curiosity anymore and had to ask her what put her in such a good mood.

At first he thought that she wouldn't answer, but then she started talking, loosened up a bit by the alcohol.

"Well, yesterday I went to the mall and found this weird store, and some old man" She stopped to take another drink from her beer, "Well, this old man told me he was a wizard and sold me this", She said, pulling out the cat carving from her purse, holding it up for Jason to see. As he reached out to touch it, she pulled it back.

"Its magic. Yep, it sure is", She slurred to Jason as she just held it in her hands. "The old man said it could make me younger, and it did. I just gave some of my age to someone else" and she chuckled at that.

Jason didn't know what to make of it, but thought she must be crazy, except she did look a little younger. After a while she passed out on the couch.

Sally came up and opened Aunt Marcie's purse, pulling out the statue. "Cool" she said as she looked at it.

Unable to resist, Jason grabbed it out of her hands.

"Hey, I was looking at it first", she jumped at him, and he just pushed her back a little, saying "Well I've got it now, so wait a minute"

"Well, aren't you going to try it?" Sally asked Jason.

"What do you mean?"

"She said it was magic, so you wanna see if it really works?" While Jason was trying to decide whether or not to humor her, she continued "Remember, she said that she had to give her age to someone else. Can you do that?"

Jason decided to humor her thinking that she was really getting into this. "But who to try it on?" then noticed Aunt Marcie lying on the couch snoring. "Perfect" he decided. But how to work it? He figured that it couldn't be too complicated, so just held it in his hand and tried to push a little towards Aunt Marcie, imagining giving a year of his age to her.

He felt a little tingle, then noticed his clothes were a little looser.

"Wow!" Sally exclaimed next to him "It works!" Jason ran to the bathroom, feeling his shoes a little loose and looked in the mirror. He had gotten a little younger. A year younger, like he'd tried for. He began to feel a little worried. He didn't want to be any younger and hoped that he could reverse it.

Sally was examining Aunt Marcie when he went back to the living room.

He didn't notice too much difference in her lying on the couch. Deciding that if pushing made him get rid of a year, maybe he could pull and get it back. Concentrating, he imagined pulling his year back to himself from Aunt Marcie, and felt the tingle as he grew a little more and his clothes tightened back up on him. "I wonder how much more It can do" He said to Sally, already planning his next move.

He concentrated on Aunt Marcie again, pulling towards himself some more, and feeling his clothes getting too tight as he aged some more. He stopped, aging himself 5 years, then noticed that Aunt Marcie looked much younger.

"Cool", Sally said next to him, "You look older than Aunt Marcie".

Jason walked to the mirror again, feeling how uncomfortable his clothes were, and thankful that he'd been wearing slightly loose clothes. He noticed in the mirror that he hadn't grown quite as much as he'd thought, but had gotten a little more muscular. He saw a 22 year old man looking back at him in the mirror.

Wanting to explore more, he took another five years from Aunt Marcie, leaving her as a teenager on the couch, in very loose clothing. He thought that she actually looked pretty cute, and had lost a lot of the fat around her butt and hips, making her look a lot thinner.

ce again, he examined his own reflection in the mirror.

When Sally demanded her turn, he pulled a couple of years from her and laughed as her clothes hung loose from her childish body. The small breasts that she had been beginning to grow were gone, and she was half a foot shorter. She was furious at him and demanded to be turned back, and Jason laughed at her and told her that it suited her. After a few more minutes, he pushed her age back to her, and then gave her a couple more years, so that she was the same age as Aunt Marcie currently was.

He laughed as Sally's clothes were real tight on her, and her grown breasts nearly broke through her shirt. Sally seemed excited and looked at herself closer, feeling her breasts. "At least I know I'm not going to be flat" she told Jason as he held them. "I can't wait for them to grow"

Thinking that it was time to quit, Jason used the statue to change them all back to normal. He put the statue back in Aunt Marcie's purse, and went to bed, making sure Sally did to. "I can sure have some fun with that", Jason told himself as he fell asleep. He was going to have to use it again.

They didn't get another chance at the statue till Saturday, since Aunt Marcie kept it with her at all times and didn't get drunk again. She did come back looking younger again, this time about 18, and with a 19 year old boyfriend. They listened in surprise as Aunt Marcie told the guy that Jason and Sally were her brother and sister, then led him to her bedroom.

Over the last couple of days, they'd noticed that she hadn't been insulting to them like she used to be, but she had been ignoring them more, and seemed annoyed at their presence. They got the impression that Aunt Sally wanted to be a teenager again, and without any responsibilities, especially not them.

Over the next week, Aunt Marcie came home less and less, spending all of her time out partying with her new friends. On Thursday, Jason got a call from Aunt Marcie's work, saying that she'd been fired for not coming to work. When they told her she didn't care. Next Saturday morning, Aunt Marcie had gotten back extremely early in the morning and collapsed in bed asleep. Jason was sitting down on the couch when Sally came into the living room with a grin on her face, and one of Aunt Sally's oversized bathrobes on her.

"What's up Squirt?" Jason asked her while watching cartoons and wondering what stupid game she was up to.

"Aunt Marcie woke when she came in" Sally kept smiling. "And I got an idea", then Jason saw her pull the black cat statue from behind her back. She'd obviously taken it after Aunt Marcie came home.

"Things are going to change around here", Sally said as Jason started to feel a tingle throughout his body. He started shrinking, feeling his clothes falling off him and watching everything around him seem to grow. He watched in horror as Sally started growing. She started getting taller, and her breasts started developing further. After a couple of seconds she had a mature woman's body.

He looked down in horror at his child's body that he guessed was about 7 years old. He looked up at Sally who stood up looking down at herself with obvious pleasure. She had filled the bathrobe easily, and was about 5 foot 7, with her long light brown hair hanging down her shoulders.

She walked over to Jason who tried backing away, in fear of his now much bigger sister. He hoped that she'd get tired of this game quickly, and he really couldn't wait till he got back to normal. Then he'd really show her. She grabbed him painfully by his arm and he looked up into her large adult face in fear as she started to say "Now this is how it's going to be. I'm your mother now, and you will call me Mommy. I'm in charge now. Aunt Marcie can still live here as MY niece...", and Jason saw her smile widen, "and you're my son"

"Www.... What are you doing Sally? Put me back to normal" Jason struggled against her, but she held him too tight to get out of. She tightened her grip and lifted him off the ground by his arm painfully, looking angrily down at him. Then she started spanking his rear end painfully hard, while Jason screamed. She stopped and lowered him back to the ground, "Now go and get dressed, your old clothes are in a box in the closet. They should fit you again"

Jason just looked at her in fear, "But Sally..." he began, then felt the tingle again and saw the cruel look in Sally's face again, as he shrunk down a little more. She looked a few years older and he guessed that he was now 5 years old.

"Do I have to repeat myself again?" Sally asked him threateningly.

"Nnnnoo", Jason stammered out as she towered over him glaring down at him.

"No, what?" "No... um...mommy" "Good. Now let's go get you dressed"

Jason went with his new "mommy" to the store to get some new clothes for him, being drug behind her. She took him over the bridge, and he watched with horror as she tossed the statue off the bridge into the river below, and felt his remaining hope vanish away as the statue disappeared from view. Sadly and reluctantly, he accepted the permanence of his new fate and followed behind his new mommy to the store.