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SRU The Vacation

The Vacation
By Morpheus

Even the Old Man has to take a vacation sometimes.
SRU: The Vacation
By Morpheus

My name is like, Stu. I'm like tall, totally ripped, have long blonde hair, and I love to Surf. I spend most of my time walking the beach and catching the waves. Snowboardings all right, and I like to do that too, but Surfing is like, my life.

When I'm not riding a wave, I like to walk the beach, cruising for babes. Well, one day, here I am walking the beach, being a chick magnet like always, when I see this here old dude sitting on a blanket under some umbrella. Like who comes to the beach, then hides out in the shade?

Well, this old geezer is like, just sitting there admiring the babes, as if he could ever get any of them. Well, I notice that I'm beginning to burn a little, and I see that he has some sunblock, so I ask him, "Hey old dude. Mind If I borrow some of your block?"

He said sure, and I squirted some into my hand, noticing that it was some sort of weird off brand. It said Spells R Us on the side. Not caring what it said, as long as it worked, I started rubbing it on. It felt, totally awesome. Like it was soaking right in.

I turned around to give it back, but the old dude was gone. Who cares, right? Well I keep the sunblock, and go to my towel. I'm feeling kind of tired, so I lay down to snooze for a bit. My skin still felt kind of tingly from that sunblock. I figured it must be one of those herbal types. That was so cool. At least as long as it worked.

Well, I'm sleeping and I wake up, feeling totally refreshed. I sit up, then realize my bikini top was still undone. Slightly embarrassed I tied it back up, giving a few of the guys walking along the beach a free peak. After all, I am one hot babe, and all the guys drool all over me.

For some reason, that seemed a little odd to me, but I didn't care. I wiped my long blonde hair back, and stuck my large breasts forwards, catching the eye of all the young studs nearby. I was looking for a surfer though. For some reason, I just loved surfers.

I see a bunch of guys playing volleyball, and a couple of them look a little burned, so I offer them some of that sunblock that old geezer gave me. They thank me, drooling all over themselves while looking at me, which I just happen to love.

So, I like, keep walking the beach, flirting with all the cute guys, and then I come back, to pick up my towel. I had to get to the mall before it closed so that I could get some new shoes. There was like a totally awesome sale on.

I like, walk past a bunch of women playing volleyball, and get a little confused. I thought the guys were playing there earlier. I look at a couple of them and feel jealous. Of course none of them were as good looking as me, but they came too close, and might even be competition.

Well, as I'm picking up my towel and leaving, I see the old guy again. I thank him for letting me use his sunblock, but realize the bottles empty when I give it back to him. He just smiles at me and says no problem. He said he was on vacation and enjoyed helping out.

Funny old guy, but definitely too old to have any fun with. He just smiled at me as I left.

The End