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The Game

The Game
By Morpheus

Spells R Us: The Game
By Morpheus (
26 Jan 98
This story was created after I wondered what would have happened had the game Jumanji come from the Old Man. I make no claim to the idea, but simply tell a story of a magical game.

Donny had just seen a new store in the mall named Spells R Us, which he thought was odd, since when he went in, the store seemed to sell all sorts of odds and ends, rather than magic tricks like the name suggested. He'd walked in and saw some furniture, some shelves with all sorts of trinkets, carvings, and some toys. He'd noticed a couple of video tapes on a shelf and some costumes more towards the back.

What caught his eyes though was the board games. There were several different board games sitting on a shelf that he didn't recognize, probably put out by some small time company. He'd never been a big fan of board games, but these ones looked different for some reason. He picked one of them off the shelf and looked at it. It said A Game of Change across it. Odd name for a game Donny thought.

Normally he preferred video games and Role Playing games, but he decided to grab this one, figuring that it might give him and his friends something new to do that night. When he asked the Old Man at the counter the price, the Old Man just chuckled and said, "More than you know, but I'll sell it to you for fourteen ninety nine" Donny handed over a five and a ten, and let the Old Man keep the change.

Before he walked out the Old Man told him "I promise that you'll find this game a lot more exciting than most board games."

It being Friday night, he didn't have to wait long for his friends to show up since they always got together and did something every Friday night. His room mate Jeb was already there, while Kelly and Dean showed up from down the hall. Jeb's girlfriend Lisa had shown up and showed off her new hair styling. She was a brunette with a decent figure, and a sparkling personality. Donny had a crush on her but wouldn't admit it for fear of hurting Jeb.

Kelly and Dean were roommates, and complete opposites. Kelly was tall and thin, wearing glasses and being a somewhat stereotypical nerd. Dean was a big guy who played on the football team. Despite being opposites and often insulting each other, they were actually pretty good friends.

Jeb was a bit of a joker at times, and somewhat cocky, but managed to get along all right with Donny.

They grumbled a bit when Donny pulled out the game, but it was his turn to choose what they were going to do, and it was a bit different. Donny pulled open the box and put the board on the ground. It looked sort of like Life, with a winding path from the start to the end, with comments in each block. It had a small deck of cards with it, but when Jeb tried to pull them apart to read them, they seemed stuck together. They put the cards on the square marked for them anyway.

They saw that two dice and six figurines came with the game. Each of the figurines was vaguely human in shape and had a small baseplate with a different color. Each of the players chose a figurine and and put it in their start block.

Lisa commented how each of their figurines resembled them a little, and they noticed it was true. They thought it was odd but passed it off as coincidence. Kelly started to read the small instruction book, but Dean complained saying that the rules were obvious and that they should start playing. Everyone else agreed and Donny, having got the game got to take the first turn with the dice.

He rolled the dice and dropped them to the board reading a five and a two. Suddenly the board seemed to glow blue for a second, and his figurine moved forward on its own seven spaces. They all watched in amazement as the figurine stopped on a space saying take a card.

Donny tried to pick up his figurine to see how it moved, but it seemed glued to the board. Jeb grabbed at his own figurine and found it was also stuck to the board in the starters block. He tried pulling everyone's and found that they were all stuck.

They were all very confused about this, and Lisa jokingly suggested that the game was magic, like in that movie Jumanji, and they others laughed. Donny figured that maybe he could get a card loose, grabbed the top card, and was surprised when he had no problem picking it up. He read it aloud to the group. "Brave as a Lion, you may move three spaces forward." Again they watched as his figurine slides a little forwards, and stops on a blank space, that they could have sworn had something written in it a second ago. Then they noticed as Donny's figurine started to change. It hunched over just a little, its head turning like that of a lion, and a tail grew from its spine, making it look like it was part human and part lion.

"Whoa, cool", Donny announced, then felt a weird twisting. He felt his head reshape, and his clothes rip off of him. He stood up and found he'd grown almost a foot taller, and rushed to the bathroom to see a half lion man looking back at him. The others started to panic, but Donny calmed them down, convincing them that he wasn't a monster despite his appearance.

Just then Kelly announced, "I've been looking over the rules, and it says that this game is magic." No one argued with that, not having any other way to explain what had just happened. He continued on, "It says that the game changes you as you play it, and that the only way to fix things is to end the game. As soon as someone wins, things can go back to normal, and the winner gets granted a wish."

"Hell, I ain't playing this stupid game anymore" Dean announced and went to the door trying to leave. It wouldn't open for him, and he looked back afraid. Donny was more afraid, especially since his new form felt so comfortable to him, almost like it was normal.

Jeb broke in, "We've probably got to finish it. Donny will be stuck like this if we don't."

For a minute they all started arguing. Kelly and Jeb were all for finishing the game, thinking that it could be interesting, but Dean didn't want to. Lisa was reluctant until Jeb reminded her that she couldn't leave Donny like that. Outvoted Dean went back with the others to play the game.

Jeb was next, and rolled getting a 3 and a 2. When his figurine stopped on a blank space, he sighed in relief that nothing happened to him. Next was Lisa's turn. She got two sixes, and watched worriedly that something would happen to her. When her figurine landed on a blank space, it suddenly changed to read pick up a card. Fearfully she picked up a card and read it aloud, "Go back seven spaces, and years". Suddenly her figurine started moving backwards, and shrinking as it did, till it looked like a child.

She screamed as she shrank, her voice changing tone and her clothes loosening on her. When she stopped, her clothes started to shrink on and change shape till she looked like a normal 11 or 12 year old girl. She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, and came back crying a bit.

Jeb comforted her, reminding her that it would wear off after the game was finished. She relaxed a little at this and told Dean to roll, it being his turn next.

Dean hesitated a second then rolled the dice, and picking up the card when his figurine stopped moving. It said the player on your left turns into a bimbo.

Kelly screamed as his body started changing. Donny couldn't believe his eyes as a pair of large breasts started growing out of Kelly's chest, and his hair started turning blonde and also growing longer. After a minute, Kelly stood up, a gorgeous blonde bombshell, wearing a revealing tank top, short skirt and high heels. He walked sexily towards the bathroom to see how he looked and came back several minutes later looking very embarrassed. When he talked, they all noticed how sexy his voice was and that he was using simple words.

Kelly told them, "I can still think normal, but the big words don't want to come out", Dean laughed wickedly and pinched Kelly's new breasts which got him hit in return.

Kelly picked up the dice, fearful of what else could happen to him. After his figurine moved and he picked up a card, it instructed him to "Tell no tales", and he grew a long catlike tail out of his spine, which looked rather odd on such a gorgeous body.

Dean whispered something into Kelly's ear, which made Kelly turn bright red then hit Dean.

Donny growled in frustration. It was his turn again and he was afraid of what else could happen. He decided though that the game wouldn't actually hurt them so rolled the dice hoping for the best. The card read "Size isn't everything", and Donny felt himself shrinking. They watched in amazement as Donny kept shrinking till he was 4 inches tall, looking more and more human as he did, then started changing more. Donny grew a pair of petite breasts and turned into a small woman. Wings grew from his back and after a minute, Donny stood before them looking like a short red haired version of Disney's Tinkerbell.

Donny was excited and tried to fly, finding that he could. He buzzed around the room for a minute enjoying the freedom of flight. When he sat back down at the edge of the game, he didn't look much larger than his figurine.

Fearlessly Jeb tossed the dice, confident that he'd get out of it again. They landed as two ones, and the space go two spaces forwards, and pick up a card. Confidently Jeb picked up the card, which read "Snake eyes", and screamed as he went blind.

He opened his eyes a few seconds later, and they were yellow and slitted. Then Lisa pointed out the scales beginning to form on Jeb's skin. She rolled the dice quickly hoping that it would cut off what was happening to Jeb.

"Lose your next two turns "Lisa read from the card, then suddenly she turned to stone in front of them. Jeb put his now green scaled hand on her, feeling her and unable to believe she was a statue. "She'll be like that for two turns, then she'll turn back "Kelly said in a sexy soprano, then giggled. He looked surprised that he'd giggled, and Dean laughed at him, asking him for a date.

Dean grabbed the dice and rolled them without hesitating, thinking that it was better to just hurry up and get this over with. His dice read a 6 and a 3 and he watched his figurine move. He cautiously picked up the card he was instructed to, and read off, "Its better to be a wolf than a sheep", then started to twitch as fur started to grow out of his skin all over his body. He ripped his shirt off and Kelly screamed as Deans face stretched into a muzzle. A large werewolf sat where Dean had only a moment earlier, and Kelly giggled, "Good doggy", which made the werewolf glare at her.

By this time Jeb had finished changing and was green skinned and scaled. He had a long forked tongue that kept lapping out and a rather long neck. His face stretched out a bit and he looked like he looked very reptilian and snakelike.

Once again Kelly rolled the dice, but landed on a blank space and sighed in relief. Dean growled at her in envy, apparently having lost the ability to talk in his new form, unlike Donny.

"Here goes nothing"Donny shouted in a tiny soprano trying to be heard, and tossed rolled the dice one at a time, finding that he was stronger than he'd thought he was in the minuscule form. His card read "Opponent of choice goes back to beginning". He didn't know who to choose, but figured that Dean was the most ahead, so chose him. Suddenly Dean flickered as his figurine rushed back to the beginning, and Dean took on his own shape again, looking normal, even his clothes having miraculously repaired themselves.

"Awesome" Dean shouted, glad to be able to talk again. "But you're not going to win anymore "Kelly pointed out, "Or get the wish"

"Who cares. At least I'm human again. I thought I had fleas"

"Lets take a break" Donny suggested, "I'm getting hungry" They agreed and went to grab some cookies and cokes. Donny found the sweetness of the Coke very tasty and couldn't stop drinking it. He felt hyperactive and buzzed around the room cut let loose some of the energy.

Jeb looked at the food but couldn't make himself eat any of it. It no longer seemed appetizing to him. Instead he could imagine eating a fat mouse, which almost made him choke when he realize what he was thinking of eating.

After 15 minutes they reluctantly went back to the game. Jeb came next and rolled a 3 and a 5, then pulled up his card reading it off, "Half and half, with a horses ass", and then fell over in pain. They watched in amazement as his scales pulled in and vanished, and his back started to stretch out. After a few seconds another pair of legs grew out, and hair started to grow on his lower legs. A minute later a large centaur stood in the middle of the room. "Awesome", Jeb announced as he flexed his now well muscled biceps for the group. He tried wiggling around for a few minutes before he found a comfortable position on the floor with his horse legs folded under him.

"Lets order some pizza", Dean suggested, "I'm hungry enough to eat a horse", and got hit along side the head by the large centaur. Dean grabbed the dice next since Lisa was still a statue, and rolled them. He got a 6 and a 5, and moved forward. When he read his card, it said "Strength will be well used for your adventure, and suddenly felt his shirt rip off him again, as his muscles welled to 3 times their former size. He stood up, having grown another 3 inches, and looked like a massive body builder. For a minute Dean flexed and posed, while the others admired his huge muscles. Dean picked up Kelly and lifted him into the air with ease. Then Dean pulled Kelly to him and gave him a deep kiss while Kelly was unsuccessfully struggling to pull away.

After a minute, Dean put Kelly down and Kelly furiously shouted at him, "How could you? I thought we were friends, you bastard"

"We still are "Dean protested. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it", but he didn't sound sorry. Donny flew in between them and told them to calm down.

Kelly rolled again and once again landed on a blank space, and stuck his tongue out at Donny.

Donny rolled a 2 and a 4, and moved forward. His space said to pick up two cards, and he was surprised at these instructions. The first card read "The player on the left shall go back 5 spaces", and Jeb's figurine started to slide backwards. The second card read "Go back one space, you're a fish out of water"

Donny had a bad feeling about this and guessed what was coming. He felt himself growing again, and was amazed as everything around him started to return to normal size. Then he felt his legs start to fuse, and screamed in pain as his legs melted together and covered with scales. He looked down to see his small petite breasts swelling up to a much larger size. His hair started growing long down his back and he thought he could feel gills forming on his neck. Shortly later a naked mermaid lay on the ground in front of the others. She rolled back trying to get her tail into a better position and said "You're next Jeb" in a sweet voice.

Jeb couldn't stop looking at Donny's gorgeous body. It looked great, even better than Kelly's he though, and he could imagine taking Donny out for some fun. Reluctantly, Jeb rolled the dice and picked up his card. It read, "Lustiness and ambition can go far, but you only go another space. Move one space forward". As Jeb's figurine moved forward, it started to change shape, and then Jeb followed. He felt himself shrinking and his legs reforming. After a minute a short but very well endowed satyr stood where a large centaur had a moment before. Jeb stared lustily at Donny's breasts, unable to help himself, and taking all his will not to jump on Donny and grab them.

As soon as Dean picked up the dice Lisa unfroze and looked around. "What happened?" she asked confused, seeing everyone having changed again. Kelly told her and she just shook her head. Dean dropped the dice and watched as his landed on a blank space.

Kelly sat looking admiringly at Deans large muscles, unable to help himself. This form was starting to get comfortable, and he kept thinking things he shouldn't. He picked up the dice and rolled them. He got a 1 and a 5, and picked up his card reading off "Trade places with the player on your right" Kelly got dizzy for a second, and Dean also looked confused, then Dean spoke up, "Wow, this is cool. I went from bimbo to stud in a single turn"

Kelly's body looked much more unhappy and they had to explain that they traded bodies. Lisa laughed to think that Dean was stuck as a bimbo for the minute, and Kelly in Deans body pinched Deans new breasts making Dean furious.

Donny saw that he was only 7 places away from the finish and hoped he could win it with this roll. Donny rolled the dice again, and saw figure land on another pick up a card space. He picked it up reading it aloud. "Go back one turn" He felt dizzy for a second and watched the figurine moving backwards and felt himself shrinking again. A few seconds later he was a pixie again.

Jeb was disappointed that the lovely mermaid was gone, and started to wink conspiratorially at Dean. Lisa was getting disgusted with her boyfriends lecherous attitude and told him so. Jeb laughed and rolled the dice again. The figurine moved and he was only five places away from the finish. He grabbed for the card, trying to see if he could pick up an extra one. He was disappointed when only one came up, the one below it seeming glued in place. He read the card to himself "Cheaters never prosper. Go back 7 spaces, and copy player on the left"

"Oh no!" Jeb muttered as he started changing shape again. A few seconds later a second little girl sat next to Lisa, who looked identical to her. "Cool", Lisa cried out, "I always wanted a sister", and laughed at the look on Jeb's face. "My turn", and she grabbed the dice impatiently. Her roll came up as a 6 and a 4, and she moved forward making up some of the space she'd lost from losing her turns. Picking up her card she excitedly read it off "Growing is part of living". Jeb noticed that Lisa was now several inches taller than him, and still growing. She started to rip out of her clothes as she grew taller. Her muscles started growing more too, and instead of stopping at where she used to be, she grew taller and bigger. A minute later she stopped growing, and looked down on Dean and Jeb. She ran to the bathroom and saw that she was at least 6 foot 4, and heavily muscled. Her breasts were bigger and more generous, and she was heavily muscled, looking sort of like a body builder. "Cool, I've turned into an amazon" She was amazed at the deeper tone in her voice and the strength. She walked back into the living room wanting to try out her new strength and lifted the T.V. without any problem. Excitedly she grabbed Jeb and picked him up like he weighed almost nothing. Excitedly she sat back down waiting for Kelly to take his turn.

Seeing that he had 11 spaces to go, Kelly rolled the dice and was amazed to see 11 come up. "Yes" he shouted "I won!! "Everyone was amazed to see the board glow blue for a second, and they felt that they were going to change back. "Damn" Kelly muttered, "I'm going to miss being so muscled. I almost wish we could stay like this forever", then Kelly paled as he realized his mistake. He'd forgotten about the wish the winner got, and they all watched horrified as the board burst into flames.

"NOOO!! "Both Jed and Dean screamed trying to put out the fire, but in just seconds the board was gone, leaving only a burn mark on the floor. Donny just sat stunned. He couldn't believe that he'd be stuck as Tinkerbelle for the rest of his life. Jed started at the floor in shock, and Dean started crying.

Lisa obviously didn't mind being stuck as she was, but looked pitifully at Jeb, now trapped as a prepubescent girl"

Donny tried finding that store again and talk to the Old Man who sold him the game, but couldn't find the store again, no matter how hard he looked. He had to disappear from college, but quickly grew to love flying, and found a job he enjoyed as a model for a famous fantasy painter.

Kelly took Deans place on the football team, and was surprised when no one noticed how much bigger he was, while Dean changed his name to Denise, joined a sorority on campus and became a cheerleader. Two months after playing the game the two of them were married.

Lisa kept up with her classes, and found that people who knew her before didn't realize that she'd changed. She moved off of campus and her "kid sister" Jenny moved in with her.

The Old Man laughed thinking of how much fun that game was. For him at least. He couldn't wait till the next time someone played it.