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Spells R Us The thrift Store Purchase
by Thomas Silver

At the mall, the wizard was in back checking his stock. It was late near closing time and to make matters worse there was a thunderstorm in the area. "So much for business," the wizard sighed.. "Well maybe I can finally get around to taking stock. The wizard walked to the storeroom and flicked on the light. Opening one of the crates revealed an assortment of clothing, scrolls, videos and a vial filled with dust. The wizard frowned for a second trying to figure what the vial was. "Oh yes.. the antimagic dust, I'd forgotten I had ordered this for the coven of witches. Better make a note to call Samantha in the morning and let her know its in."

At that moment the lights flickered out and as the wizard was placing the vial back, his hands slipped where the vial fell into the open box, the top flying open and spilling the dust into the contents of the crate. Cursing at himself for his clumsiness, the wizard cleaned up the dust with a vacuum cleaner he kept around for such an occasion. After making sure all the dust was contained, he did a detect magic spell on his items. As he had feared, his magical stock had been reduced to ordinary common items. Luckily he had another shipment due to arrive the following morning so the problem was what to do with his now currant useless stock. Driving home he passed by a thrift store. The wizard smiled thinking to himself giving it away will at least give him a tax deduction.

The next morning, the wizard arrived early and signed for his new stock. He also called up the thrift store and told him he had some items to give away. About an hour later, Tommy, the driver for Second Chance thrift store showed up. Tommy had been up drinking and was not at his best when he showed up. He walked in the shop and blinked as he saw the old man in the bathrobe.. "Hi. I'm from the thrift store. You said you got some stuff for us?"

"Of course Tommy, it's the crate on the left in the back. "; the wizard replied. Tommy, still hung over did not ask how the wizard knew him and nodded not paying attention. "the store probably told him I was coming," he thought to himself as he walked back to look at the crate. He drove around back and loaded in the crate on the right into his truck and had the wizard sign the receipt, who was at that moment busy with a customer, and signed not looking at the inventory. Tommy then drove the truck back to the thrift store. As Tommy unloaded the crate he came across an old Disney film named Bambi. He thought to himself that his girlfriend would love it, so he tossed the tape in his car and took care of restocking the thrift store's shelves with the new items.

A little later that day, a man came in to the thrift store. He told the cashier he needed some women's clothing for a Fraternity initiation, and wanted something cheap. The cashier, used to such requests, took him to ladies clothing area where he found a leather skirt and blouse as he was ordered to find. Taking the items to the dressing room, he removed his clothes and put on the new items. As Robert slipped on the leather skirt, he began to feel tingly all over. He paid no attention putting on the blouse. Turning to the mirror, he blinked where instead of a 6'1 dark haired man wearing girls clothing, he saw a 5'4 girl staring back at him. The girl had ash blonde hair extending midway down her back, with a small upturned nose and full pouty lips. Her chest was endowed with 38 DD breasts and her waist was only 23 inches around, with the black leather skirt hugging her 38-inch waist. Robert supported his new breasts with his hands looking at his new alluring figure his mind shocked, then his memories faded to that of Roberta, the local street hooker. Taking her purchases she sauntered up to the cash register, where the cashier not batting an eye rang up her new purchases. Roberta left smiling knowing that her new purchases will let her get a few more tricks that evening.

Tommy drove home later that evening, and called his girlfriend. Finding that she was busy he sighed and decided to stay home himself. Since he liked Disney films he decided to pop in the new tape he filched. Sitting through the movie he remained unaware of his changes. His blue eyes turned more of a doelike brown. Next his short hair grew out to a rich brown. Down past his shoulders. His T-shirt struggled to contain his overabundant breasts and his sweatpants stretched to support his new hips. His clothes were the last to change as his sweatpants and T-shirt transformed into a leotard and matching top. Halfway through the film, the phone rang. "Bambi, this is Phil. I know it's your night off, but Sylvia can't make it. We need you down at the bar tonight can you make it?"

Tommy now Bambi giggled. "Of course I'll come in. Tell those studmuffins I'll be there in an hour."

The End?