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A Strangeness at the Sorority House

A Strangeness at the Sorority House
By Bill Hart

A Strangeness at the Sorority House
Part 1 - Starting a New Term
Bill Hart

The first thing that Chris Wagner saw when he woke up was his best friend and roommate Terry Jenkins reading the final draft of the paper he'd been working on into the wee hours of last night.

Noticing that his roommate was awake, Terry set the paper back down on the desk. "That's a nice bit of writing. It's short and straight to the point." said Terry. "Quite eloquent, in fact. But then, ever since we invoked that spell that changes all the guys in the house into girls, I've always thought that you, as Crissy, were a far better writer than you, as Chris."

"I can't believe it." grumbled Chris.

"You can't believe what?" asked Terry.

"That damn campus cop last night. I think you know the one - Officer Potter, who thinks he's God's gift to women." replied Chris. "You know, I stayed in last night so I could work on that report for class. But when I was ready to print out the first draft, the ink cartridge on the bubble jet ran dry. Since I didn't have a replacement, I had to go over to the mall and buy a new one. When I was coming back from the mall, there was no traffic coming either way, so I just went ahead and crossed the street against light. And that damn campus cop stopped me. And if that wasn't bad enough, the asshole decided to give me a ticket for jaywalking."

"So what's the problem, Chris? Go and pay the fine. That'll be the end of it."

"You don't understand. That stupid prick came on to me. He wasn't even going to write me up, until I refused his advances. I told him I wasn't that kind of girl. He said all girls _were_ that kind of girl. Shit. How do girls get along with asinine jerks like that in the world? I'm sure glad I'm not a girl all the time."

"Like I said, Chris. Go and pay the fine. No one's going to look at you twice for paying the fine on a ticket made out to Crissy. If they get their money, they'll be happy. And it'll be over and done with."

"Somehow, I don't think it's going to be that simple. Officer Potter told me if I paid the fine and tried to avoid my day in court, he'd come looking for me. And when he found me, he said he'd arrest me on charges of prostitution."

"Sounds like a real winner." Terry said with obvious sarcasm. "It's assholes like him that make it difficult for the rest of us. Just stay out of the frat house at 7pm. Then the spell won't transform you into Crissy. And the asswipe won't be able to find you."

"That's true." sighed Chris. "But it might cause some problems for the girls at Sigma Beta Beta.

"Why should it?"

"Potter wouldn't let me leave until I told him where I lived." said Chris feeling guilty about possibly getting the new sorority into trouble. "I couldn't very easily tell him I lived here, since we're a fraternity and I was a girl last night. So I told him the first sorority that came to mind."

"That might be a problem." agreed Terry.

"What should I do?" asked Chris. "You got any ideas?"

"I don't know." replied Terry. "But I'm sure we'll think of something to do."

* * * * *

Tom Larson, the frat president, called the meeting of the entire fraternity membership to order. The full and returning brothers sat, while the hopeful pledges stood along the walls. "Welcome back, brothers." he announced. "And a warm welcome to our new class of pledges."

There was a murmuring of welcomes from the assembled brothers. And there was absolute silence from the pledges.

"After careful thought," said Tom, "our frat council has decided that any and all of our pledges who can gather any information concerning the pledge activities of the Sigma Beta Beta sorority house will be granted full brotherhood in this fraternity. Furthermore, any pledge volunteering for this task will not be required to perform any other pledge related activities."

There were murmurs of both agreement and disagreement from the assembled brothers. Even the pledges openly wondered about how this would affect their chances of making it into the fraternity.

"However, you should all know, that the gathering this information will not be as simple as it sounds." said Tom. "Now. Are there any volunteers?"

The pledges all sat quietly.

"No one?" asked Tom with a wicked smile. "Certainly someone out there among our pledge class must have the balls for this type of adventure. After all, _boys_, they're still only girls. They may be more buxom, more beautiful, and more spectacular than any girls you've ever met, but they are still _just_ girls."

Mark Jensen coughed, then slowly raised his hand.

"Pledge Jensen." recognized Tom. "Are you volunteering?"

"Yes, sir." replied Mark. "Steve and I volunteer to undertake this assignment for the greater good of this fraternity."

Steve Wilson nudged his friend in the ribs. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked.

"Trust me, Steve." replied Mark. "This is a sure thing."

"Is this true, Pledge Wilson?" asked Tom. "The two of you are actually volunteering?"

"Yes, sir." replied Steve. "I guess so. That is, Mark and I hereby volunteer to discover the inner workings of the Sigma Beta Beta pledge activities."

"Very good, boys." said Tom with a smile. "I didn't think either of you had it in you. For your information, the girls of Sigma Beta Beta are having their pledge party the end of this week. If the two of you can find out what happens at their party, then you're in the frat. But if you can't, then you're history. Understood?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." answered Mark and Steve in near unison. "We'll find out everything we need to find out. You can count on us."

"But there is one more thing you need to know." said Tom. "Their party is for _their_ pledges _only_. In order for you to gain admittance, you must be pledging the sorority. Otherwise they won't let you inside."

"But how can we do that?" asked Steve. "We're boys, not girls. And even if both of us wear a dress, we're still not going to make very convincing girls."

"That is something you two pledges will have to figure out for yourselves." answered Tom. "It's a test of your ingenuity and desire. You have until the end of the week. The two of you have your pledge assignment. You're dismissed."

- - - - -

Terry turned to Chris. "That's a really tough assignment."

"I know." said Chris. "I wonder how they're going to pull it off?"

"We could tell them about the wizard in mall." suggested Terry.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea." replied Chris. "But maybe we'd better check with them before the night of the Sigma Beta Beta party."

- - - - -

"Just what the hell were you thinking when you volunteered us for this, Mark."

"Don't worry Steve. I know exactly what I'm doing."

Steve stared at his friend. "Are you sure you know what you're doing? The word around the campus is the Sigma Beta Beta housemom is really some kind of witch. And you know how much witches really frighten me."

"C'mon Steve. Think about it for a minute. How could old lady Sawyer possibly be a witch?" laughed Mark. "She's probably just some nice old lady who pissed off someone, who decided to get even by starting and spreading a nasty rumor."

"But there is something not completely natural there, Mark." replied Steve. "Just think about all those gorgeous buxom women that live there."

"I am, my friend." smiled Mark. "Believe me, Steve, I am."

* * * * *

"I've figured out what you need to do, Chris." said Terry. "Tom's plan at the meeting gave me the idea."

"What do you have in mind?"

"It's really very simple. All you have to do is move into Sigma Beta Beta until after you have your hearing before the judge."

"I can't move into the sorority." said Chris. "In case it has slipped your mind, I'm a guy. Remember?"

"I know that." replied Terry. "But you _can_ move into the sorority. You just have to be Crissy for a while."

"That won't work either. The spell only makes me Crissy from 7pm to 2am. The rest of the time, I'm the real male me. And I sure as hell am not going to stay out past 2am and change into heaven knows what just to avoid some stupid asshole of a cop."

"But you don't have to." said Terry. "There's an easier way."

"Yeah. What?" Chris sounded worried.

Terry smiled at his friend. "We can go down to the mall and have the old man change you into Crissy fulltime. And then, you'd just stay Crissy until after you've seen the judge."

"I don't know if I really like that idea, Terry. Every time we get involved with that old man, things always seem to work out differently from how we'd planned them."

"Yeah, I know. But you don't really have very many other options." said Terry. "And the old man seems like the best solution."

Chris sighed. "Unfortunately, he does to me too. And that frightens me." answered Chris nervously. "But, even as Crissy, how am I supposed to get into Sigma Beta Beta anyway?"

"No problem there either." replied Terry. "I called Deedee. She has an extra bed in her room. And she said she'd be happy to put Crissy up for a few days."

"This is just great." sighed Chris. "You know, your girlfriend hates me. Or rather, she hates Crissy. And I'm sure you must remember that she's insanely jealous of Crissy, or any other girl, for that matter, who even looks crosswise at you. That goes back to those stupid love pills you took back when she was Denise. And I'm sure that you haven't forgotten that Crissy still carries the torch for you, also, I might add, a result of those stupid love pills." Again, Chris sighed. "I wonder if maybe the old man can negate their effects."

"It won't hurt to ask." suggested Terry.

Chris sighed once more, but said nothing. He was too worried about what he was getting himself into this time.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House
Part 2 - Getting Ready to Join the Sorority
Bill Hart

"Damn it Mark. I still can't believe you volunteered us to crash the Sigma's pledge party." said Steve after he and Mark had returned to his dorm room. "It's an impossible task."

"Come on, Steve. It's going to be piece of a cake." replied Mark. "All we have to do is find out what they make their pledges do. And then we're in the frat."

"Yeah. And if we don't find out anything, we're out."

"You worry too much, Steve, old buddy." smiled his friend. "You'll see. We'll make it with no trouble whatsoever."

"How? You heard Tom Larson, didn't you? Their party is going to be _girls_ only, Mark. There's absolutely no way in hell that either one of us is going to be able to fool anyone into thinking we're real girls. Face it, Mark. There is no girl at Sigma Beta Beta that's going to be fooled by _us_ trying to pass as girls. And none of them are just going to let us walk in and join their party."

Mark smiled. "I wouldn't say that, old buddy."

"What are you talking about?" asked Steve. "How are they going to miss seeing two boys trying to gain admittance to their party?" "You've got it all wrong, old buddy." replied Mark with a grin. "When we're getting ready to go to the party in a few nights, it won't be as two boys trying to crash. You and I are going to walk into that party as two prospective sisters arriving for _our_ pledge party."

Steve stared at Mark in total disbelief. "C'mon, Mark. We'll never be able to pull anything like that off. Even if we used industrial strength latex molds and tons of makeup, we'd still look like guys in drag."

"But we won't need makeup." said Mark. "At least, we won't need more makeup than any other average girl would need. You see, Steve, we aren't going to just dress like girls, we're actually going to become girls for that party. You and I are going to be real girls from head to toe and anatomically correct right down to our vaginas."

"What are you talking about?" asked Steve nervously.

"Witchcraft. Or magic. Or gypsy spellings." replied Mark. "Whatever you want to call it."

"There are no such things."

"That's what I thought. Until last week." said Mark. "That was when I ran into this old gypsy dude in the old section of town. He told me all about the frat council's decision to grant membership to a couple of lucky pledges if they could find out the details of what happens at the Sigma Beta Beta pledge party. Absolutely nobody knew about that plan last week. But _he_ did. And he also told me that you and I would be the lucky ones who would succeed."

"Damn, Mark. Sometimes you're really gullible." Steve shook his head. "I suppose that old fart _sold_ you some potion that would transform us into girls. How much did it set you back?"

"It didn't cost me anything, so there. He _gave_ me this old book." replied Mark. "I read parts of it. It's full of transformation spells. There's one spell in it that changes a boy into a girl, and another one that changes a girl into a boy. They're just what we need, old buddy."

"You aren't just shitting me?" asked Steve.

"No way." replied Mark. "The book's down the hall in my room. You want to come down and take a look through it?"

* * * * *

As they had done several times before, Terry and Chris stood outside the old man's shop. Although there had been times when it seemed as if the little shop had changed locations, today it seemed as if it was right where it always been.

Chris, resigned to whatever fate would certainly befall him, stared at the door into the shop. "Well, if we're going in, Terry, then we'd better go in." said Chris. "Otherwise the old man's likely to come out and tell us we're late."

The two of them entered the shop. And, as usual, the little bell overhead tinkled to announce their arrival into the empty shop. As it finished, the wizard came out from the storage room in the back.

"Terry. Chris." exclaimed the old man. "It's really good to see you again." The wizard looked over at the sundial hanging on the shaded wall. "And right on time too. It's certainly good to see young people being so punctual."

"So, can you do it?" asked Chris anxiously.

"Can I do what, Chris?"

"I was trying to save time." replied Chris. "Every other time we've been here, you've always known what we've wanted."

"And sometimes before we even knew what we wanted ourselves." added Terry.

"Oh, that." replied the old man. "Of course, I can turn Chris into Crissy full time until after he's filled her commitments to your judicial system. But be warned. You'll have to be very careful around your frat house, Chris. During the time Crissy is your true form, you'll be subject to the unpredictable whims of the spell the two of you miscast just like any other _girl_ would be."

"That should be okay." said Chris. "Since I won't be staying in the frat house, I shouldn't have to worry about it."

Terry turned to Chris. "Are you going to ask him about ..."

"There's no need to worry about that either." answered the old man. "Unless Chris wishes otherwise, and I seriously doubt he does because DeeDee would probably kill anyone who even looked like a potential threat to her relationship with Terry, I'll cancel out the remaining effects of the love pill you took in Chris' presence. Its effects would have faded away anyway in another couple of months or so. While they are extremely potent, they just don't last forever."

"They would have? They aren't?" asked Terry with concern. "What about ..."

"There is no need to worry about DeeDee and how she feels about you." interrupted the old man again. "Since she was formed from Denise while under the influence of the pill you took in her presence, her induced love for you has bonded into her very being. It is now a permanent part of her. In simple terms, Terry, you're stuck with her - forever."

Terry smiled at the thought. But he wasn't exactly certain he would have phrased his relationship with DeeDee as "being stuck with her," especially if she could ever possibly find out.

"Can we get back to me now?" asked Chris.

"Someone needs to learn some patience." stated the old man. "There are some strange things going on right now, so just as a precaution, I'm going to add some special protections and some anti-magical detection components into your transformation. You won't notice them at all." He snapped his fingers. "Now, go take a look in the mirror over there, Crissy, and tell me what you think."

"What?" asked Crissy in her definitely feminine voice. While she hadn't noticed the change immediately, there was no doubt she was once again female as she sashayed over to mirror and stared at her reflection.

Once again, she had silky auburn hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Her waist had constricted and her hips looked like they could have doubled as the shelves of a bookcase. She now wore a very short skirt that showed off her classically smooth and long feminine legs. Open-toed shoes with one inch heels adorned her feet. And the blouse with the plunging neckline she now wore displayed more than an ample amount of cleavage which accentuated her full round breasts.

"How'd you do that so fast?" asked Crissy.

"I've always been able to do instant transformations." replied the old man casually. "But it's always a lot more fun for me if I can drag them out. However, I am a little rushed today. I've been looking for a friend of mine who disappeared recently."

"But I thought you knew everything." said Crissy, as Terry nodded his head in agreement.

"So did I, Crissy." he answered back solemnly. "So did I."

A Strangeness at the Sorority House
Part 3 - New Girls on Campus
Bill Hart

"Did you get all the clothes you were supposed to get?" asked Mark.

"Yeah." replied Steve. He held up a bag of clothes for his friend to see. "But I'm going to look really silly wearing these things."

"But you won't look silly for very long, Steve. Once I read the spell aloud and transform you into a girl, you should look like you belong in those clothes."

"Are you really sure you want to do this, Mark? You know, living in this dorm isn't all that bad. It's even co-ed with guys on the odd floors and girls on the even floors."

"C'mon Steve. Don't wimp out on me now." replied Mark. "Would you rather live in this nondescript dorm room or be a member of a frat. Are you a man or a mouse, Steve?"

"I suppose the frat would be the better choice." sighed Steve. "So which one of us is going to be changed first?"

"Since it was my idea to transform ourselves into girls, I'll let you be the first to read the spell that will change me into a girl. Then you'll be able to see firsthand what will happen to you."

"That's just great." sighed Steve.

As Mark changed his clothes, Steve, following the instructions in the book, drew a chalk circle on the floor. Then, inside the circle, he inscribed a pentagram. After finishing, he turned to watch his friend finish dressing.

"I took these from my older sister." said Mark, as he stood there in a short skirt with sandals on his feet. He held up his sister's brassiere. "It's a 34B. My sister's not very well endowed, but she's got the biggest boobs of all the women in my family." He fastened the bra, then slipped on the light blouse and sweater. "I guess I'm ready, Steve."

"You know, Mark. I really hope this works, because, right now, you look totally ridiculous."

"Then let's do it." exclaimed Mark.

"Okay. It says to stand in the pentagram and make sure you don't break any of the chalk lines that form it." Mark entered the pentagram. "Okay. Here goes." Mark began to read from the book of spells.

"Within and without,
"Let there be no doubt,
"Form and thought once male,
"Now become female."

"What a stupid rhyme for a spell." said Steve.

But, stupid rhyme or not, inside the pentagram, Mark began to change. His dark brown hair grew out longer and tumbled over his rounding shoulders. He shrank by a least six inches, while his breasts enlarged, firming out the impressions of the bra that had pushed out his sweater, until they filled the bra as if he were his sister. >From his skirt extended two slender feminine legs. And through his open-toed sandals, both of them could see his brightly painted, and very pink, toenails.

Steve stared in disbelief at the figure standing within the pentagram. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Of course, I'm alright." replied his friend in her new soprano voice. "Why shouldn't I be alright?" "Of course, I'm a girl, Steve. That was the whole idea of the spell you cast on me. Wasn't it? But don't worry, I'm still me, Steve." She smiled at her friend. "Look at me, Steve. I may look different now, but deep down, I'm still just me. I'm still your best friend, Marsha Lynn Jensen."

Steve looked at her with an odd expression. "Marsha?" he asked.

"Yes, Steve." she replied. "Is there something else wrong?"

"I don't know. I guess not." said Steve. "You know Marsha, I can't get over how much prettier you are now that you're Marsha."

Marsha frowned. "I suppose that was intended to be a compliment. And it might have worked, if I hadn't been Mark before and know you use that line on every pretty girl you've ever tried to pick up." Marsha looked at Steve. "But, if the _two_ of us are going to get invited to the Sigma's pledge party, then we better get you changed into a girl too."

"I suppose." sighed Steve. "If I must, I guess, I must."

Steve slowly took his clothes out of bag. Marsha smiled at Steve's embarrassment of holding the frilly lace panties and the large lacy bra. "It says on the tag that its a 38DD." he told Marsha when he saw her staring at it. After undressing, Steve slid himself into the panties and fastened the bra. Then he pulled the one piece dress over his head. After he smoothed it out, the dress, which was tight on him in places, extended down to the top of his knees.

Marsha began to laugh. "And you thought I looked funny."

"Hey, I can't help it if all of my sisters are tall skinny stringbeans with overdeveloped tits." snapped Steve in his defense.

"Okay, Steve. Let's get this over with." said Marsha holding back her laughter. "Now, stand in the pentagram, Steve. And don't break any lines." Steve stepped into the pentagram. Then Marsha began reciting the spell.

"Within and without,
"Let there be no doubt,
"Form and thoughts once male,
"Now become female."

"You were right, that is sure one dumb verse." said Marsha. "Maybe it lost something in the translation from the original gypsy."

As Marsha watched, Steve's body began to change. The dress that had been tight in several places along his masculine form now fit loosely on his body, which if anything might have grown a little taller. His form now displayed slight feminine curves reminiscent of an early adolescent. His stringy light brown hair sprouted out quickly to the middle of his back. And then his breasts ballooned until they filled his purloined bra.

Marsha stared at the tall skinny girl with the massive mammaries standing in the inscribed pentagram. "Are you alright?" asked Marsha.

"I'm just fine, Marsha. There's something about this body that really makes me feel good." replied her friend. "But it's a good thing that deep down I still know who I am. I certainly wouldn't want to be anyone else but your very best friend, Stella Anne Wilson."

"I know exactly what you mean, Stella." replied Marsha. "You and I have been the best of friends ever since we were little girls. And now, here we are about to pledge the same sorority, so we can tell our potential brothers and fellow pledges at the fraternity all about our sorority pledge party."

* * * * *

Crissy and Terry stood outside the Sigma Beta Beta sorority house.

"I still don't think this is a very good idea." said Crissy. "I just know your girlfriend is going to find some way to do me serious harm."

"Will you relax, Crissy. Everything is will be just fine." Terry tried to assure her. "DeeDee knows that you're only going to be here for just a couple of days. She's agreed to bury the hatchet."

"How comforting." snapped Crissy. "Is she going to bury it in my back?"

"Now, that's enough of that, Crissy." scolded Terry. "You know, if she really had it in for you, she wouldn't have talked the rest of her sisters into letting you stay for a few days."

"I know." replied the dejected Crissy.

The two of them walked up to the door. And CeeJay Larson, one of the multitude of the cheerleaders who were also Sigma Beta Beta sisters, answered Terry's rapping on their door.

"Hi, Terry." said CeeJay. She looked at Crissy. "You must be Crissy. I think I remember seeing you at the Lambda's party." CeeJay turned to another girl standing inside. "Sam. Would you go and get DeeDee?" she asked. "Tell her that her guests are here." CeeJay looked them over. "I can kind of understand why Dee might be a little jealous of you, Crissy. We should get together later for a little girl talk." She smiled at Terry, then turned and walked away.

"She's strange." said Crissy. "And I still don't like this."

"Will you just relax, Crissy." replied Terry. "How many times do I have to tell you everything will be just fine."

Just then, DeeDee came down the stairs. She walked over to Terry and kissed him passionately. "Hi lover." she smiled warmly. Then she turned and, unseen by Terry, stared icy daggers at Crissy. "Hello, Crissy." she said in a tone of voice that could have easily been mistaken for 'hello, slut.'

"Hi, DeeDee." replied Crissy diplomatically. "I want to thank you for helping me out on such short notice."

"I'm doing it for Terry." explained DeeDee. "I'd do just anything for him."

Crissy stared at Terry looking for help.

"You'll be staying in my room tonight, Crissy. I'm sure Terry told you I have an extra bed in my room." explained DeeDee. "Some of the other girls and I decided to have a slumber party tonight. It'll be in my room, so you're invited. In fact, we're having the party just to get to know you better." DeeDee turned her attention towards Terry. "Now, don't you go worrying about her, lover. She'll be just fine with us taking care of her. You just run along now, Terry and let me get Crissy situated. I'll see you in class in the morning." She blew Terry a kiss.

Terry smiled. He wished he were spending the night with DeeDee, before remembering that she didn't think much of his alter ego Terri either. "Okay, DeeDee." He gave Crissy a thumbs up before leaving the sorority.

But Crissy wasn't all that convinced she'd survive the night as DeeDee led her away.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 4 - Getting Invited to the Party
by Bill Hart

Marsha and Stella knocked on the sorority's door. Both of them instantly recognized the girl who answered the door, as both of them had had major crushes on Samantha Johnson from the first time they'd seen her.

"Yes." answered Sam. "Can I help you?"

"We're here to pledge the sorority, Samantha?" said Marsha.

"Is there sill time to sign up?" asked Stella. "We wouldn't want to miss the party at the end of the week."

"I suppose we can still accept you as new pledges." replied Sam. Very quickly, she sized up the potential of these new pledge candidates. "You might be Sigma material with some work." she told Stella. "I'm sure we can help you develop a nicer looking frame. But you." she said turning to Marsha. "You're going to be a major reclamation project."

"Thanks." replied Marsha with disgust.

Then Charlotte Morgan joined Sam at the door. "But Sam," she said, "You know we're both a pledge short of our quota."

"I know, Charlie." replied Sam. "But I'm just not sure about these two being Sigma girls."

"Why not?" queried Stella and Marsha. "We've just gotta go to the pledge party." they whined.

Unseen by the hopeful girls, Charlie smiled at her friend. "Don't you think we should let pledge, Sam." she asked giving her a sly wink.

"I suppose we could, Charlie." replied Samantha. "If we do, then the other girls will get a chance to say yes or no to them becoming full time sisters."

"Oh, thank you." replied the girls with glee. "You don't know how much this means to us."

"I can imagine." said Sam.

"Let me get your names." Charlie reached over and picked up a small notepad. "Okay."

"Marsha Jensen." Charlie scribbled something in her notepad.

"Stella Wilson." And Charlie scribbled something else into the notepad."

"Okay Stella. We're almost all set now." said Charlie. "I'll be sponsoring your admission. My name's Charlotte Morgan, but all of my friends just call me Charlie."

"That's cool, Charlie." replied Stella.

"And I'll be sponsoring you Marsha." said Sam. "My name's Samantha Johnson, but all of my friends call me Sam."

"Alright, Sam." replied the excited Marsha.

Charlie handed both of them one of the special invitations to the upcoming pledge party. "Just bring these with you when you come." she instructed them. "Don't forget them, because unless you have one of these, you won't be allowed inside the house to attend the party."

"We'll see you then." said the girls as Sam closed the door.

"Well, Stel. We're in." grinned Marsha. "And it was far easier than I thought it was going to be."

"That's fine, I guess." frowned Stella. "But I have the strangest feeling that it was _too_ easy."

"What's bothering you now, Stel."

"It was those two girls, Sam and Charlie." she replied.

"What about them?"

"I don't know exactly. They just seemed so sexy. And on top of everything else, they were so ... _big_, Marsha." she tried to explain. "While I was talking with them, I was not only getting jealous of them, but I was starting to feel totally inadequate at the same time. Weren't you?" she asked. "I mean, next to them you look like a boy."

Marsha stared at her friend for a few minutes. "You want to know something, Stella. You're really weird. I _am_ a boy, just like you. And I don't have a need to be jealous or feel insecure when I see girls that have bigger hooters than I have." she scolded her. "There's no reason you should either." Marsha reached down and lightly cupped one of her 34B breasts. "But you want to know something else Stel. It would be really nice if mine were a little bigger." she frowned.

* * * * *

"Do you think that was them, Charlie?"

"I don't see how they could be, Sam. We were told that there were some _boys_ who would be trying to wrangle invites to our pledge party. Even though those two aren't about to win any beauty contests and they probably won't last very long at the party, they were very definitely girls."

"I'd have to agree with that." replied Sam. "But Mrs. Sawyer told us we were to take the names and extend invitations to anyone who inquired about attending the party. And, even if they aren't boys, they did inquire about it."

"True." replied Charlie. "But unless those two are exceptionally well versed at makeup, which they sure didn't appear to be, they can't be the guys that our housemom was told to expect."

Samantha grinned at the thought she'd just had. "Maybe those two had themselves magically transformed into girls so they could infiltrate and easily evade detection."

"You've been reading too much fantasy again, Sam." laughed Charlie. "But I suppose, if you can believe in magic, then you might also be able to believe that two boys could be changed into girls. As far as I'm concerned, that's just too fantastic and unrealistic to be believable."

"It does sound more farfetched when you put it that way."

"Besides, Sam. If they had really been boys, wouldn't they have transformed themselves into beautiful girls with far better natural endowments then _they_ have. I mean, the two of them are going to stick out like a matching pair of sore thumbs the night of the party. Spies wouldn't want to stand out in a crowd."

"That's the best argument yet, Charlie." smiled Sam in agreement. "If they really had the ability to transform themselves into girls, then _why_ would they _ever_ want to look like they do now, when they would have been far less conspicuous looking like one of us."

Sam and Charlie began to laugh even louder at the thought that two boys would ever want to be transformed into girls like the two who had just left.

* * * * *

When Marsha and Stella returned to their dorm, they, without paying much attention, exited the elevator on the fourth floor instead of the fifth. Neither of them noticed that floor on which they lived was now totally occupied by other girls.

After the two them entered Marsha's room, she turned to her friend, a broad grin spread across her face. "We did it, Stel." she beamed. "Didn't I tell you that it was going to be really easy to get invited to their party."

"You certainly did, Marsha." replied Stella. "But, not to find fault with that spell of yours, I'm still surprised they didn't realize that we were really boys." She smiled as she suddenly realized that there were a lot of good looking girls living on their floor. "You know, Marsha, I was just wondering if any of the other girls living on this floor were really boys and pledging a fraternity like we are."

"I have no idea." replied Marsha. "But we're almost in now. And all that's important right now is that we're going to make it." Marsha unbuttoned her blouse as she walked over to stand in front of the mirror. After unfastening her bra, she stared at her small breasts and frowned. "You want to know something, Stel?" she asked quietly. "I really wish that I'd stolen a bra from _your_ sister instead of from mine."

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 5 - The New Girl in the Sorority
by Bill Hart

Crissy stood nervously before the mirror in the DeeDee's room. She was wearing a skimpy little teddy that DeeDee had casually pulled out of her dresser without taking time to see if would fit before tossing it to her. Crissy hadn't thought it would fit her at all when she'd first seen it, but somehow it fit her perfectly, almost as if it had been made for her. When she considered how different she was from DeeDee, Crissy thought it very strange that her host would have something like this teddy that would fit _her_ so well.

"See. I told you it would fit." said DeeDee, who was dressed the same way.

There was a knock on the door, just before it swung open to admit Randi and Leeanne, Melina and Calandra, Samantha and Charlotte, Stacey Minwell, and CeeJay Larson. All eight of them were dressed in teddies matching those worn by Crissy and DeeDee.

"I told you, we were going to have a little slumber party." said DeeDee. "And you're the guest of honor. We all wanted you to feel right at home here, Crissy."

Crissy watched an old woman step across the threshold. She had snow white hair, which was far whiter than anything Crissy had ever seen before. As ancient as she appeared, Crissy was not surprised that the woman walked slightly stooped over. And she wore a robe that covered her withered body like a blanket. In fact, it covered her so well, that Crissy was unable to decide she wore anything underneath it. "I'm pleased to meet you, Ms. Helgard."

"Of that, young lady, I am quite certain." replied the old woman in a thickly accented voice reminiscent of gypsies in old movies. "Are you all ready, my dears?"

All of the girls, with the exception of Crissy, immediately answered "Yes." But Crissy was very puzzled. "Ready?" she asked. "Ready for what?"

"It is nothing more than a little game that some of the girls here enjoy playing with their new sorority sisters." replied Ms. Helgard. "But it requires from you, imagination. Do you have imagination, Crissy?"

"I believe so." answered Crissy.

"Good. Then, we shall now begin the game." said the ancient gypsy woman. "Now, Crissy, go and stand before the full-length mirror." she commanded. "I shall ask the other girls about you. And then, you must imagine whatever they say about you is true. Do you understand?"

"I think so." replied Crissy, while thinking it was a very strange game to play and this old woman should be put away someplace.

"Randi." began Ms. Helgard. "If you could, what would you change about Crissy?"

"I think I'd give her a thinner waist." replied Randi.

A thinner waist, thought Crissy with amusement. But as she stared into the mirror, she felt a strange tingling centering about her waist. If it hadn't been for the skintight teddy she wore still being skintight, she would have sworn her waist was actually thinner than it had been before.

"How about you, Leeanne?"

"I'd make her hips wider." replied Leeanne. "You all know how much guys like girls with swiveling sexy hips."

Once again, Crissy felt that strange tingle. Only this time, it centered on her expanding hips. But her hips couldn't really be expanding, she decided, regardless of what she felt or thought she saw. Because if they had, then certainly her borrowed teddy would no longer fit perfectly.


"A nice tight ass." smiled Melina. "One that all the guys would pay to get a real good look at."

Another tingling spread through her. Yet still the teddy fit the same now, as it had before they'd started with this game. Crissy began to think that her imagination was starting to play tricks on her mind."

"And you, Calandra."

"Let her be taller." she replied. "She should be at least 5'11" with absolutely no gain in her current weight."

Watching herself in the mirror, Crissy entertained no doubts that she had inexplicably grown several inches taller. Her legs were now longer and more slender, just as her arms had become. And as her weight redistributed, she watched her image in the mirror develop pleasing feminine curves as it took on a decidedly sexy form.

"Samantha?" asked the gypsy. "What would you change?"

"I'd give her boobs as big as mine and Charlie's." she replied with a smile.

Crissy felt the tingle build in her breasts. But she was more surprised when she felt them begin to expand. As she watched in the mirror, her blossoming mammaries pushed increasingly outward against her teddy until the material, in reaction to the continuous build up of stresses and strains behind it, suddenly reshaped itself to once more fit perfectly her newly acquired form.

"And Charlotte. What would you change?"

"I give her dark red hair." replied Charlie. "And make it long enough to cover that nice tight ass of hers."

As Crissy continued watching her reflected image, she stared in shock as her hair grew longer and ever more red in color. Her reflection no longer had auburn colored hair. And by now, Crissy was certain that neither did she. As she felt her newly lengthened hair reach the top of her ass, she realized that this was no simple game of imagination. This was real. And she had to fight back.

"It's your turn, CeeJay." said the old woman.

"By now, I'm quite certain that our guest is tired of being mistaken for Crissy Wagner. I'm just as certain that she now knows she doesn't look anything like Crissy Wagner. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't even know Crissy Wagner."

Suddenly Crissy felt her face begin to tingle. As it continued, she could feel her face remolding as it flowed like kneading plastic being recast into its new shape. She knew now she had to fight back or face becoming lost forever. But when she looked into the mirror, she let out a small gasp of utter surprise. No longer did she know what she should fight against, as she no longer recognized the face reflected there. And, even worse still was her realization, she no longer knew who she was.

"Our guest looks like Holly Lochner." continued CeeJay. "Don't you all agree?" she asked.

All the other girls affirmed that their guest was Holly Lochner.

"And that must be because she is Holly Lochner." concluded CeeJay.

And Holly's confusion suddenly disappeared. She recognized herself in the mirror. And she knew that she was Holly Lochner, a sister of the Sigma Beta Beta sorority. She was the same person now she had always been.

"Stacey?" asked the gypsy woman.

"I'd make her the assistant to the head cheerleader." replied Stacey, who was the head cheerleader.

"But you already have an assistant Stacey." said Randi. "What about Susie?" she asked.

"I've been trying to find some reason to dump Susie for quite some time now." replied Stacey. "And Susie's not one of our sisters and Holly is. Besides, Susie has, in the past, hurt another of our sisters. I'm sure that Susie will be easily adjusted into being just another cheerleader."

"And finally DeeDee."

"I think Holly needs her _own_ boyfriend. In my opinion, Larry Miller should be just perfect for her."

"But DeeDee," objected Calandra. "Larry's already got a girlfriend. Lynette isn't gonna be very happy about giving him up."

DeeDee smiled at her sister. "Lynette will find herself another boyfriend. She never seems to be without one for very long. It was Larry this month, that wrestler last month, some second-string basketball player the month before, and some nerdy nobody named Melville the month before that. The three of them will adjust the next time Larry and Holly see each other.

"And Holly will _never_ be interested in Terry Jenkins at all. She's going to be far too interested in finding ways to keep Larry happy to ever think about _my_ Terry. And there will be a pregnancy result, the next time the two of them sleep together."

The rest of girls collectively caught their breaths.

"Now close your eyes, Holly." commanded Ms. Helgard. And obediently, Holly's eyes closed. "As they have said, so shall you now be." she said. "You now feel wonderful, but very sleepy. And in the morning, you shall feel and act as the very sexy woman that you are. You may now open your eyes, Holly."

Holly opened her eyes. After a moment, she felt perfectly normal and natural. And she was totally unaware of ever being anyone except Holly Lochner.

Ms. Helgard turned to leave. "No longer have you need of me." She turned to DeeDee. "And what wanted _you_ has now come to pass."

"Thank you for your help, Ms Helgard." DeeDee smiled as the old woman walked through her bedroom door. Using the old gypsy woman's vast knowledge, she'd totally eliminated Crissy Wagner as her rival for Terry's affections.

Holly suddenly yawned. "I'm going to _my_ room, DeeDee." she said sleepily. "I'm feeling awful tired right now." Holly turned and walked sexily out the door and down the hall.

And then, one by one the remaining girls, who in actuality had been present only in their own dreams, faded away, leaving DeeDee all alone inside her room.

A malicious grin spread across DeeDee's face. "That will teach you, Crissy Wagner, not to try messing with my man. By tomorrow morning, no one, other than me, will remember anyone named Crissy Wagner. I really hope that, as Holly, you will be happy being the mother of at least one of Larry Miller's children.

* * * * *

As Ms. Helgard left the sorority house, she gradually began to change. Within minutes, her walk became less stooped and her snowy white hair glistened gold. Her ancient aspect quickly faded leaving behind a much younger girl, perhaps just out of her teens, who was far better developed then most of the girls she'd left behind in the Sigma Beta Beta house.

She smiled as she thought of the inevitable surprise that her young friends inside would certainly feel, if they could only see her now in this form, which she knew would inspire lust in any man who saw her. But she also knew they'd never understand her needs. And right now, she was in need of some fun of her own choosing. And this form, unlike her ancient Helgard form, was guaranteed to provide that fun and entertainment in the minimum amount of time.

But then, she also required time to relax and unwind before resuming her other various duties. And she was certain that that relaxation would be forthcoming very soon.

But her thoughts were suddenly interrupted.

"Excuse me, miss." came a male voice from behind her. "Could I see some ID?"

She turned around. "Why, of course, officer." she said seductively, as she opened her bag and began searching. "Is there anything wrong, officer?"

"You were inside the house over there?" questioned the officer.

"Yes." she replied.

"Was there a Crissy Wagner inside?"

"There was, when I arrived." she replied. "But she's gone now, and I don't think she'll be returning." She handed her ID to the officer. "Was she expecting you?" she asked.

"You might say that." answered the officer. "I'm Officer Potter of campus security. I told her I'd be around and checking up on her from time to time. I caught Miss Wagner jaywalking the other night and gave her a ticket requiring her appearance in court. However, I also gave her a way out of having to face the music. But it sounds like she'd rather be a fugitive from the law." Officer Potter looked closely at her ID.

"She didn't say anything to me about being in trouble with the law." said the young woman.

Officer Potter said nothing, as he looked over her ID, then frowned. "This can't be your ID, Miss Helgard, if that's your real name." he barked. "There is no way on God's green earth that you're this old."

"Why, thank you, Officer Potter." she cooed. "But I think you should look at it again."

One more, Officer Potter looked at her ID. He was surprised when he read her age. "It must have been the light, Miss Helgard." he said meekly. "There's nothing wrong with this ID." He handed it back to her.

"Thank you, Officer Potter." she replied in a sensual tone intent on causing certain parts of the officer to stand up and notice her. "You can call me Hilda."

Officer Potter looked the young woman up one side and down the other in quick appraisal. He was surprised that Hilda, unlike most of the snooty college girls on this beat, allowed him to openly ogle her. "Okay, Hilda." he answered. "My friends call me Pete."

"You know, Pete." she purred. "If one of my sorority sisters is in trouble with the law, then maybe I could help her out. Do you think that would be alright?" Hilda ran her fingers through Pete's thinning reddish hair. "You would like that." she said leaving no doubt as to her intent. "Wouldn't you, Petey, dear?"

"Would I ever." exclaimed Pete. "I just knew I'd get lucky hanging around here. When one of you gets into trouble, there's always another of you bitches ..."

"Bitches?" questioned Hilda coldly.

"I didn't mean nothing by that, Hilda."

"No, I don't suppose you did." she answered even colder than before. "I'm not in that mood anymore, Petey." She smiled coldly at the man. "But I am still in the mood for a little fun." She flicked her wrist at Officer Potter, who suddenly and quite inexplicably found himself no longer wearing his uniform.

"What?" exclaimed Officer Potter noticing his nudity.

"You won't be needing that uniform anymore Petey." she told him as she flicked her wrist at him again. "But I will give you a nice new coat that should keep you warm at night." As she watched, Pete's thin red hair began to thicken. As it grew longer, it suddenly sprouted all over his naked form and within minutes had lengthened into a fine red coat.

Officer Potter ran his hands across his body. Everywhere, he felt the long hair that had grown all over his body. "What's going on here, Hilda?" he asked in alarm. "This isn't legal, you know. I order you to stop this madness at once." he demanded.

Hilda began to laugh. "You?" she smiled. "You presume to order me? I'll have to change that." She stared at Pete Potter, then snapped her fingers in disgust.

Officer Potter felt his face begin to rearrange, as it took on a decidedly different appearance. He felt his mouth stretch out to form a muzzle. And as it grew, he also felt his teeth grow longer, while some of them, at the same time, grew sharper. He tried to complain, but the only sound he heard was a quiet whimper.

"That's much better." said Miss Helgard. "As you are now, you may speak when spoken to, Petey." She smiled at the discomfort she could see behind his somewhat larger brown eyes. "Only it's not natural for someone like you to be bipedal." She passed her hand across his forehead.

Suddenly, Officer Potter could no longer stand. As he fell silently to all fours, his body contorted to match the needs required of his new quadrupedal form. His hands quickly changed to forepaws, while, almost as quickly, his arms transformed into a canine's forelegs. And as the contortions subsided as his transmutation ended, he found himself panting heavily, his tongue hanging down.

"Now that's even better still, Petey." remarked Hilda. "It's really a shame that you can't see what an absolutely gorgeous Irish setter you've now become." She smiled at her handiwork. "I thought the setter was appropriate. Didn't you Officer Potter?" She smiled as the setter growled at her. "You're in a bad humor, aren't you." she laughed as she scratched him under the chin. "One final change, sweet Petey. Then we'll wait and see just how lucky you get hanging around here. Especially, now that you've joined the ranks of the bitches."

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 6 - New Day, New Lives
by Bill Hart

When Holly woke the next morning, she felt incredibly sexy. She was still totally turned on from all the sizzling hot dreams she'd been having ever since she'd gone to bed last night. Larry's such a hunk, she thought to herself, a wickedly sinful grin spread across her face.

Still in her borrowed teddy, she rose from her bed and ambled over to her mirror. "You're just so awesomely sexy." she told her reflection. She struck a seductive pose, then smiled at her sexy reflected image as she ran her hand through her luxurious long red hair.

Slipping out of her teddy, which she let casually fall to the floor, Holly stared at her large firm breasts and her waspish waist. But suddenly, her happy smile turned into a worried frown. "Something's not right about this." she whispered to her image. "But what is it? Everything feels just as it always has." She reached down and cupped, then gently lifted, one of her ample breasts. "But somehow, I have this odd feeling that things aren't the same anymore."

When she shook her head in an attempt to clear away her building confusion, she felt the familiar swish of her long hair across her back. "I am Holly Lochner." she declared to her reflection, but then hurriedly added, "Aren't I? But I remember being me and not someone else." She spotted the picture of her and Larry sitting on her dresser. When she picked it up, her confusion waned slightly, as if the picture were somehow an anchorage to who she really was. "It might be your lucky night lover." she told Larry's picture. "You're the absolute best guy ..."

Her frown returned. She knew she'd dated other boys before she'd met Larry. So why couldn't she remember any of their names.

There was a knock on her door.

"Yes." answered Holly absently.

As the door swung open, Stacey Minwell popped her head inside the room. "Don't forget we have cheerleading practice this afternoon, Holly." She smiled when she saw Holly staring at her naked image. "You know, Holly." she began to tease. "I'm sure there are plenty of guys on campus who would love seeing you dressed, or should I say undressed, just as you are right now. Make sure you wear your uniform today."

"Of course, Stacey." she replied. "I've never forgotten to wear my uniform on a practice day before." But then, she blushed, realizing that Stacey had been pulling her leg. "Besides, Larry is the only guy who gets to see me this way."

"Of course, Holly." smiled Stacey. "Whatever you say." And then she turned back into the hall, closing Holly's door behind her.

Holly playfully strutted over to her closet. As she pulled her uniform off its hanger, she smiled as she saw the name "Holly" embroidered in frilly script just below its left shoulder. "This proves it." she exclaimed. "I must be Holly, just as I remember." she smiled. "Because if I wasn't really me, then I would have no reason to have this uniform in my closet with Holly's name on it." She quickly dressed. And the uniform, which, as she knew it must since it had to be hers, fit her perfectly. It really was hers, the perfect fit was the final confirmation. Then, after slipping into her white socks and tennis shoes, she sat down at her dresser, as she remembered doing countless times before, and applied a light amount of makeup to her face.

When she finished, she looked into the mirror. A smile quickly spread across her face, as she thought how good she looked. But now, it was time to go to her first class. Somehow, she knew she just couldn't be late for class today; however, for some strange inexplicable reason, she wasn't exactly sure where her first class was being held. Not only that, but she wondered why it felt odd for _her_, a fulltime student, to be attending any classes at all.

As she bounced down the stairs, she decided not to worry about any of those strange and unusual feelings she'd been having ever since waking up this morning. I'll have plenty of time to think about them later, she thought, but then maybe later on, all these really weird thoughts and feelings will have gone away on their own.

"Good morning, sleepy head." said DeeDee as Holly approached. "I was beginning to wonder if you were going to get out of bed before the term ended, Holly."

"Morning, DeeDee." replied Holly. "I must have been awfully tired last night. I don't remember much about anything we did last night. And for some strange reason, I'm still a little foggy about some things this morning."

DeeDee smiled. "We really didn't have a chance to do much of anything last night, Holly. You went to bed early complaining about not feeling very good. I gave you a couple of aspirin. And then, you went right to sleep." she explained. "I would imagine that whatever is causing your early morning fogginess should soon pass."

"I sure hope so."

"Are you ready to go to our first class?"

"Of course, I am, DeeDee. Why wouldn't I be?" But, since she had no idea where her class was being held, it greatly relieved her to hear that she and DeeDee, who probably knew where they were supposed to go, had their first class together.

Everything was going perfectly, thought DeeDee. But as she opened the outside door, she saw Terry petting a stray Irish setter in the yard in front of the sorority. Oh no, she thought. What was Terry doing here?

"Hi, gorgeous." said Terry as DeeDee approached. "I thought I'd come over and walk you to class this morning, since you were so busy last night and I didn't get a chance to see you."

"Hi, Terry." she grinned back at him. "We'd best hurry on our way to class, or I'll be late." After Terry took her hand in his, they started walking towards her class.

"Hey, DeeDee." hollered Holly from behind them. "Wait up."

As soon as Terry and DeeDee stopped, they turned back to see Holly, her bountiful breasts bobbing up and down, running to catch up with them.

This is not going the way it should, thought DeeDee. They shouldn't see each other yet. I may have to improvise something.

When Holly finally caught up to them, she needed several minutes to catch her breath. "I thought we were going to walk to class together, DeeDee." she gasped.

"I'm really sorry, Holly." replied DeeDee. "Terry showed up just as I opened the door and asked if he could walk with me to class. I kind of forgot about us walking to class together. I sometimes get forgetful when he's around."

"I think I can understand that." said Holly, who had finally managed to catch her breath.

"Terry, this is Holly Lochner, one of my sorority sisters." she told her boyfriend. "And Holly, this is _my_ boyfriend Terry Jenkins."

Holly and Terry shook each other's hands.

"Pleased to meet you, Holly."

"Likewise, Terry." But Holly, unsure of why she did, continued to stare at him. "Do I know you from somewhere?" she asked Terry. "You seem very familiar to me."

"I don't think so." replied Terry quickly. "I'm sure I would have remembered meeting you." He turned to DeeDee, shaking his head no.

"Just a minute, Terry." said DeeDee. She turned back to Holly and quickly pulled her aside. "What the hell are you up to? Why are you flirting with _my_ boyfriend, Holly?"

Holly looked very confused at DeeDee's accusation. "I wasn't flirting with _your_ boyfriend, DeeDee." she stated forcefully in her defense. "I just thought he looked familiar and said so, but he said we'd never met. I must have been mistaken. And that's all there was to it." she finished her explanation. "Besides, DeeDee, I don't have any need to flirt with _your_ boyfriend, since I've got one of _my_ own. And I'm perfectly happy being with Larry."

"I'm sorry, Holly." replied DeeDee with a fleeting smile. "Sometimes I get little jealous where Terry is concerned."

"No problem. I've no doubt I'd feel the same, if I thought someone was trying to muscle in on Larry." said Holly. "But remember, you're my sorority sister, DeeDee. You should know I would never hurt you."

DeeDee accepted Holly's words with a smile. She felt better now. Everything had still turned out alright anyway.

"Hey you two." shouted Terry. "If you don't hurry, we'll all be late for our classes.

* * * * *

After waking in her own bed, Marsha was surprised to find all the girls' clothes hanging in her closet. But as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror on her dresser, her surprise quickly changed to wonder. Why should I, a girl, she wondered, be surprised at finding girls' clothes in _my_ closet.

Marsha dressed quickly, picking out clothes she hoped would show off what she had. She frowned as she stared at her reflection.

She wished she were taller.

She wished her breasts were bigger.

She wished she could be more like her best friend Stella.

- - - - -

When she went to her closet after waking up in her own bed, Stella was surprised to find all the girls' clothes hanging inside. But after seeing her reflection in the full-length mirror on the closet door, her surprise quickly vanished to be replaced with wonder. Why should a girl like me, she wondered, be surprised at finding the clothes of a girl hanging in _my_ closet.

After picking out clothes she hoped would showcase what she had, Stella quickly dressed. But when she looked at her reflection, she frowned.

She wished she were shorter.

She wished her figure were more curvy.

She wished she could be more like her best friend Marsha.

- - - - -

Leaving their rooms at exactly the same time, Stella and Marsha met in the hall just outside their rooms.

"Are you ready for class, Marsha?"

"I guess, I'm as ready as I going to be, Stella."

Riding the elevator to the dormitory lobby, Stella and Marsha had joked with each other and giggled through the entire four floor trip, much to the consternation of many of the other elevator riders. And as the girls exited the lobby heading for class, neither was aware they were heading for a completely different class then the one for which they'd enrolled.

Marsha and Stella arrived at their class, just as Terry, DeeDee, and Holly arrived.

"Look over there, Marsha." Stella indicated the two girls talking with Terry Jenkins. "Those two girls with Terry are DeeDee Marston and Holly Lochner. Both of them are Sigma Beta Beta girls. We should be seeing both of them at the sorority pledge party the end of the week.

"I'd certainly love to see a lot more of either one of them." said Marsha in a decidedly boyish tone.

"I know exactly what you mean, Marsha."

For a moment, wide grins spread across their faces. But suddenly, both girls frowned.

"Damn." swore Marsha. "I wish that my boobs were as big as Holly's."

"Damn." swore Stella. "I wish I had a really curvy figure just like DeeDee's."

- - - - -

Both Holly and DeeDee spotted Marsha and Stella looking their way. "Isn't that a couple of our pledges standing over there, DeeDee?" asked Holly.

"Yeah." replied DeeDee. "They're Marsha Jensen and Stella Wilson."

Terry looked up as he heard the names. Could those two actually be Mark Jensen and Steve Wilson in some kind of disguise, he wondered? He hadn't seen either of them for the last several days and was curious how they were coming along with their attempt to smuggle themselves into the _girls only_ sorority party. But even from where he stood, he could tell the two of them were really girls, that is, unless they'd found someone or something capable of changing them into girls so they would be able to sneak into the Sigma Beta Beta party. Maybe, he thought, I _should_ have told them about the wizard in the mall instead of remaining quiet.

"Do you think either one of them will be accepted into our sorority?" asked Holly curiously.

"It's very doubtful." replied DeeDee. Neither one of them is really up to our admittance standards. Both of them are kind of pretty, but 'kind of pretty' doesn't really cut it. Neither one is really pretty enough to even be considered as one of us. Marsha is way too short and her breasts aren't big enough, but she she does have a passable figure for someone her size. And that Stella is just a bean pole. If not for her big titties, her only redeeming feature I might add, she wouldn't have any figure at all." DeeDee sighed. "I can't understand why Sam and Charlie gave them invitations to our party in the first place."

"It was probably because Mrs. Sawyer told us to admit everyone who came to our door and asked to be invited to our party." replied Holly. "Didn't you hear the rumor that there were some frat pledges going to try and crash _our_ pledge party?"

Terry looked up again, noticeably startled. That wasn't supposed to be common knowledge, he thought. Could there possibly be a leak of information from his frat? Mark and Steve could find themselves in serious trouble if they were expected.

"Yeah, I heard that rumor." said DeeDee. "But I still don't know how letting girls like that attend our party is going to stop some potential frat jocks from trying to crash our party."

"I don't know, DeeDee. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me either." agreed Holly. "But I'm sure that Mrs. Sawyer has her reasons."

That must be them, thought Terry, as he watched all four girls enter the class room. He sighed. "Somehow, I need to find some way to tell then what I've heard." he mumbled. "But I've got my own classes to attend to right now. I only wish I had a friend who could help me keep watch over them."

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 7 - A Long Day at School
by Bill Hart

As class ended, the students filed swiftly out of the classroom. Looking around as she exited the room, Holly quickly spotted Stacey Minwell and her boyfriend Tom Daniels in the milling crowd of students. If they were here, then Holly knew that Larry couldn't be far away.

Rapidly scanning the crowd again, she soon located Larry, just as she'd expected, not far from Stacey and Tom. She began walking toward him, only to stop abruptly when she saw that Lynette was with him.

Holly looked back at DeeDee. "What is that bitch doing hanging all over Larry like that?" she asked with growing jealousy.

"I don't know, Holly." DeeDee grinned as she realized that another part of the spell cast last night was finally starting to take effect. "Maybe we'd better go over there and find out for ourselves."

"You got that right." came Holly's hostile sounding reply. Leaving DeeDee behind, she marched quickly over to where Larry and Lynette stood. "Hello, Larry." she said coldly.

At the sound of her irate voice, Larry turned around. But when he saw that it was Holly standing there, her arms crossed against her breasts, he smiled at her, totally engrossed and completely unable to turn away. "Hello, beautiful." He freed himself from Lynette's grasp and walked over to the angry girl. And then, as if nothing had happened, Larry pulled Holly close and kissed her passionately.

Lynette glared at them, as her confusion continued growing. What is _my_ boyfriend doing with that brazen buxom hussy I've never seen before, she wondered? "Just what the hell do you ..." But her hand abruptly shot up to her forehead as waves of sudden dizziness overtook her.

"Is there something wrong, Lynette?" asked DeeDee with a knowing, if not somewhat evil, grin.

Lynette shook her head. "No." she replied uncertainly. "I'm okay. I think."

"Don't you think that Holly and Larry make the most perfect couple you've ever seen?"

"I suppose they do." agreed Lynette. She shook her head again.

Just then, one of the other football players standing in the crowd, Jack Treadwell the biggest of the interior linemen, came over and put his huge arm around her small waist. "Are you alright good looking?" he asked her.

Lynette wondered just who this guy thought he was. How dare he put his arm around her waist like he owned her. But he was so damn big, she suddenly thought. And he is really kind of cute. Without any warning, her thoughts abruptly changed, as she smiled suggestively at him. "I'm just great, Jack, honey." she answered. "Especially now that you're here." She leaned into his eager embrace. And within moments, they were kissing one another as if each had had months of practice with the other.

DeeDee, all smiles at the apparent success of her plan, continued to watch quite pleased with herself. Another happy couple, she thought, but then I knew Lynette would not be without a boyfriend very long. When she glanced back to see what Larry and Holly were doing, she was overjoyed to find them still kissing and quite oblivious to anything going on around them. Her smile broadened. And now, I suppose I should be leaving the two of them alone, she decided. I certainly won't be needing to follow Holly around anymore.

"You know, Larry, I've been giving a lot of thought about what we were talking about the other day."

"And ..."

"With the Sigma Beta Beta pledge party tomorrow night, I think that tonight would be just perfect." said Holly with a playful smile. "Don't you, Larry?"

"You mean it?" he asked in surprise.

"Of course I mean it, silly." she replied. "If I didn't mean it, I never would have said it. So when will you come by the sorority to pick me up?"

"I've got football practice after school. Then I'm going to be tied up with some of our pledge activities at the frat for a while after that." he told her. "But I should be completely finished up with them somewhere around 7pm. If its not to much trouble for you, why don't you come by the frat house instead. Then we can get together in my room."

Holly gasped in mock surprise. "But what about all those other guys in your fraternity?"

"You don't need to worry about any of them at all." he replied very seriously. "I think you'd be surprised at all the activity that goes on in my frat house. There are girls getting laid there almost every night."

"But I'm not that _kind_ of girl." she playfully replied.

"You don't have to worry about that either. No one at the frat would ever think of you as that _kind_ of girl." he shot back in kind. "And even if one of them did, he'd have to deal with me."

"Why, thank you, Larry. You're just so sweet." She kissed him again. "But, my wonderful knight in shining armor, I need to hurry along to my next class."

"I wish I could walk you there." replied Larry wistfully. "But my next class is on the other side of the campus."

"Now, don't you worry about me." she cooed. "I'll be seeing you later tonight, tiger." And as she strolled towards her next class, her mind ablaze with thoughts of Larry and what they'd be doing tonight, she never realized she knew exactly where she was going.

* * * * *

Stella and Marsha had watched the initial exchange between Holly and Larry with mounting curiosity. At first, both of them had wondered just what sort of problem Holly had had with Larry and his girlfriend Lynette.

But as they continued to watch, they both began remembering things somewhat differently. Lynette was not now, and probably never had been, Larry's girlfriend. Holly, their memories now confirmed, was really Larry's girl, just as she had been ever since the day they first met.

Their memories now also told them that Lynette, who they knew went through guys faster than any other girl either of them had ever known, was currently dating the big lineman Jack Treadwell. And she had been seeing him for the past several weeks. Since Jack and Larry were friends and both played varsity football, both of them decided they'd somehow just confused the two of them momentarily. That is, until neither of them remembered anything other than how it now was.

As Stella watched aghast, Marsha was approached by one of the guys that had been in their just concluded class. His name was John Helton. Both of them had met him earlier, although John would have never guessed where he'd previously met either of them, for all three of them were pledging the same frat.

Marsha was glad that John didn't recognize her. She would have been embarrassed if he had.

John said something to Marsha that Stella couldn't hear. And, as a result, Marsha had blushed the brightest red Stella had ever seen. Then slowly, he'd wrapped his arm around her.

But Marsha gave no indications of even trying to resist his advances.

And Stella could have sworn, she'd seen her friend give that boy a little peck on the cheek.

"What is wrong with her?" she mumbled. "You'd almost think she was enjoying being a girl."

But then her own thoughts were interrupted by a new male voice. "Hi, beautiful." said the voice. And she felt herself quickly redden in response. "Do you come here often?"

* * * * *

When Holly finally arrived at the field for cheerleading practice that afternoon, she was twenty minutes late. Very strangely, she'd been unable to remember exactly where the field was located. But once she'd arrived, she wondered why she'd had any trouble at all, since the field was in exactly the same place it had always been.

Almost as strange, Susie was acting like Stacey's second in command, but Holly knew that was supposed to be her responsibility. Certainly Stacey wouldn't have replaced her for being late this one time. But needing to know if she had actually been replaced, Holly walked over to where Stacey stood watching the other girls practice their cheers.

"I'm glad you're finally here, Holly." said Stacey in relief, when she saw her approaching.

"I'm not that late. Am I?"

"Of course not, Holly. Right now, twenty minutes isn't all that important." replied Stacey. "But I'm sure you know just how much Susie covets your position on the squad."

"Yeah, I know." said Holly. "But you wouldn't give it to her would you?"

"How can you even ask, Holly?" Stacey sounded hurt by the question. "You, and not Susie, are my sorority sister, Holly. We stand up for our own. Don't you remember."

"Of course, I do." answered Holly. "I know I should never doubt one of my sisters. And I'm really sorry for ever doubting you, Stacey. It was just that I was so worried about seeing her act like she was in charge when I got her."

"There is no need for you to ever worry about that, Holly." stated Stacey firmly. "Now that you're finally here, Susie knows her true place on the squad."

And Stacey's grin stretched ear to ear.

* * * * *

When Marsha eventually returned to the dormitory late into the afternoon, Stella was there to greet her. "We need to talk, Marsha." she said urgently. Then she guided her friend into her room. As Stella's door closed, she turned to Marsha. "I can't believe you agreed to go out on a date with John Helton tonight."

"Why not." argued Marsha. "I'm getting a free meal and a free movie tonight. "I beginning to think that girls have it a lot better than boys, Stel. All we have to do is look pretty, while they get stuck picking up the check." Marsha smiled. "Besides, Stel, he is kind of cute. Don't _you_ think so?"

"But next week, Marsha, he could be one of our new frat brothers." answered Stella. "And what if he wants something in return for this _free_ meal and _free_ movie you're getting.

"You worry way too much, Stel." replied Marsha. "If he wants an extra something like that, I'll just tell him no." she smugly added. "I'm absolutely certain he'll understand and be a perfect gentleman."

"Are you really all that sure?" worried Stella. "What if he tries to take what he wants anyway. He could, you know. He's a lot bigger and stronger than you are now. Besides this whole 'being a girl' thing is getting awfully old and it's worrying me more and more all the time." She sat down on the edge of her bed. "Last week, whenever I saw a buxom girl, I wanted to grab her, kiss her, and just be all over her. But when I saw one today, I found myself getting jealous because her tits were bigger than mine. Not only that, Marsha, I've started looking at guys. I've been having really weird daydreams with thoughts I know I shouldn't be having, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying every minute of them. And I've been wondering what guys have been thinking about me." She wiped a tear from her eye.

"C'mon, Stel." said Marsha, who sat down beside Stella and put her arm around her friend's shoulder to comfort her. "Its not like I'm going to jump into the sack with him, you know. It's just dinner and a movie."

"I don't know, Marsha. Please be careful tonight." she pleaded. "I'm really scared. We've been changing all time since we read that spell. Look at you, Marsha, you would have never even thought about dating a guy before you became a girl.

"And neither would I _before_. But now ..."

There was a knock on her door.

"Just a minute." said Stella. She stood up and wiped away all trace of tears from her eyes before opening her door. "Hi, Dan." she said softly. "Won't you come in?"

As the young man entered the room, he smiled warmly at Stella, who had turned a light shade of pink.

"Marsha, this is Dan Watkins." she said shyly. "And Dan, this is my best friend, Marsha Jensen.

"Nice to meet you, Marsha."

"Nice to meet you, Dan." Marsha looked at her friend, giving her a knowing little smile.

"It's not like that." said Stella in self-defense. "It's just dinner and a movie. And then we'll just come right back here."

"Whatever you say." replied Marsha. "I hope you two don't do anything I wouldn't enjoying doing." She grinned widely at her friend.

Dan looked totally confused. "What?" he asked in his confusion.

"Oh, never mind. Just go out and have a _really_ good time." smiled Marsha. She turned back to Stella. "And you don't have to worry about me tonight, Stel. I'll be just fine. But I can see that the two of you want to be alone, so I'll just go back to my room and wait for John to arrive. I'll see you _guys_ later." She winked at Stella, then bounced out of the room and down the hall.

"Did she mean anything by any of that shit?" asked Dan. "Or is she always that weird when meeting new people?"

"She didn't mean nothing, Dan. She was just joking around." rambled Stella. "She does that a lot. And she's really only weird just sometimes."

Dan suddenly pulled her close and kissed her.

Stella wanted to struggle. Dan was a guy and she didn't want to be caught kissing another guy. But as his lips lingered on hers, Stella began to relax, until she began worrying that she wasn't worried enough about being kissed by another guy.

But then, maybe Marsha was right, she thought, as she felt her arousal at Dan's continued touch and presence build higher. Oh, what the hell. Maybe I do worry to much.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 8 - Dating Can Be Fun
by Bill Hart

Most unusually, cheerleading practice lasted longer than Holly had expected, not ending until nearly 6:45pm. They had practiced several cheers, all of which Holly felt certain she should have already known. But, for some unknown reason, didn't seem to remember any of them until they'd been through them the first time. But by the time practice ended, Holly knew all of the cheers both backwards and forwards.

Her sudden binge of forgetfulness seemed very odd and had her worried. Fortunately, Stacey was her marvelously forgiving sorority sister. And Holly had been greatly relieved that Stacey had been so very tolerant of her many memory lapses concerning the cheers.

Inexplicably, Holly knew she had to hurry to make it to Larry's frat house before 7:00pm. She didn't want to keep him waiting, especially this evening, and somehow she knew they wouldn't get to do what she'd been dreaming of doing all day if she didn't arrive before 7:00pm.

That meant she had no time to shower. She hoped Larry wouldn't mind. But then, maybe Larry would let her use his after she arrived. Even better, maybe they could even shower together. Larry would probably like that, she thought. I know I would, she grinned.

Holly arrived at the fraternity's door just a few minutes before 7:00pm. As she lifted her hand, making a small fist, to knock on the door, it suddenly flew open. And two boys whizzed out past her, leaving the door standing ajar behind them.

Terry Jenkins came to close the door.

"Hi." said Holly. "It's Terry, isn't it." she smiled. She turned to look back toward the sprinting two boys, who had almost knocked her down.

"I'm flattered that you remembered." said Terry. "I glad those two didn't run you over as they left. They're in a really big hurry. Dan and John have hot dates tonight. They didn't say who the girls were, but they could hardly wait to get out of here and pick them up." he explained. "I was just on my way out to pick up DeeDee." He turned around. "Hey, Larry." he yelled. "Holly's here."

Holly blushed as a couple of passing pledges stared at her.

"He'll be right down, Holly." said Terry. "You know, If I didn't know better, I'd swear you guys were going to be doing something special tonight." he smiled. "Larry seems a little touchy and awfully anxious about something tonight."

Holly blushed brighter.

"Why don't you go inside and have a seat." Terry looked at his watch. "I have to be going - can't keep DeeDee waiting, you know - and Larry shouldn't be much longer."

"Thanks, Terry." she smiled. But as she watched him leave, she still felt that same incredibly strange feeling that she knew him from someplace. She only wished she could remember from where.

As she sat waiting, some of the other frat members and pledges wandered by. They tried hard not to show it, but Holly knew, by her woman's intuition, they were staring at her. It was really nice to feel wanted sometimes.

And then, Larry came down from upstairs wearing an old ragged pair of sweats. "Hi, gorgeous." he said planting a kiss on her lips.

"Hi, yourself, handsome." she replied with a smile hinting of things to come. "My practice ran a lot longer than normal tonight. As a result, I had to hurry over here so I wouldn't be late. I hope you don't mind to much that I haven't taken a shower."

"That's alright." he replied. "My football practice also ran a bit long today. And I just now finished, what needed being done around here." Larry gave her a wicked smile. "But I've just had this really great idea. How about you and me going to my room and taking a shower together. That should be lots of fun." he grinned. "Don't you think so?"

"That's a simply marvelous idea, Larry." she smiled. "Now, why didn't I think of doing that?"

Larry led Holly up to his room. Immediately after entering, both of them quickly stripped and tossed their clothes into a common pile on the floor.

Larry stared at Holly's naked form. "I don't know what I ever did to deserve someone like you." he smiled.

Holly returned his smile warmly. "You didn't have to do anything special, lover." she told him. "All you had to be is you."

Larry and Holly kissed.

And the clock on the mantle downstairs began striking 7:00pm.

As they continued their ardent osculation, neither of them noticed the other, or themselves for that matter, begin changing. Larry's height steadily decreased, as he became much shorter, while, at the same time, Holly complementarily grew taller.

As Larry's short hair grew out and draped his shoulders, Holly's hair gradually pulled back into her scalp leaving her red hair cropped short.

While Larry's breasts enlarged on his shrinking form, Holly's chest flattened. Larry's form softened becoming more curved and decidedly more feminine. At the same time Holly's form grew harder, taking on a more muscular tone as her form became progressively more masculine.

Holly, now fully male, became the more aggressive partner in their ever increasing desires, while Larry, totally female, assumed the more passive role, willingly giving himself to his partner.

But when they broke from their fervent embrace, they were, unnoticed by either, a completely different couple. And even given the unpredictable nature of the spell that had been cast upon the fraternity house, it soon became apparent that everything Larry and Holly had planned on accomplishing this evening would still be done. Only now, it would be done by this new them they had become.

"Are you ready for that shower now, Laura?" asked Hollis, staring at his girlfriend's lean and sexy body. "Have I told you lately that I think you're absolutely gorgeous, babe?"

Laura blushed for a moment. But then suddenly a devilish grin spread across her face. "I've been thinking, Hollis." She sexily cuddled close to him. "You know, why don't we take our shower later?" she eagerly suggested. "I don't think either of us are even thinking of going anywhere else tonight anyway, Hollis. And besides, sweetheart, right now, I can think of something else I'd rather we were doing."

His grin soon matched hers. "That's okay with me." said Hollis, as he pulled her close and kissed her once again. Then Hollis easily lifted Laura into his arms and carried her off to her bed.

And that evening, they never managed to take that shower. Nor did they even think of it again.

* * * * *

John took Marsha to one of the finest and most exclusive restaurants in town. While she had been looking forward to a free meal, she'd never expected it would be from someplace as classy and obviously expensive as this place must be.

But then, she'd never realized that John Helton was the heir to the Helton family fortune, which was not even considered _old_ money, it was _older_. And John had never once even implied that he was wealthier than Midas.

She'd never thought much of John when she was Mark, but that could easily change. After all, he was one who had picked her up.

And this restaurant was utterly incredible. Since it was far above her means, she'd never been to this restaurant before. But she made a mental note to try and come back later, maybe with Stella, to check out this place more thoroughly. Especially, since her menu didn't even bother to have the prices listed on it. But then, what did she care how much things cost here? John was footing the bill.

To Marsha's surprise, John ordered a magnum of champagne. And never having seen one before, Marsha was absolutely amazed at the size of the bottle when the waiter brought it out on the wine cart.

The waiter filled her glass. And as she took her first sip, Marsha giggled briefly. The bubbles had tickled her nose. She smiled warmly at John. And when she finished her first glass of the bubbly, the waiter quickly returned to fill her glass once more.

Marsha was fairly certain that the waiter was refilling her glass far more often then he refilled John's. That she was drinking more champagne than her date never bothered her. That should be alright, she thought without stopping to consider how much smaller she was now then she'd been as Mark. And I've never had any trouble drinking anyone I'm with under the table.

It upset her briefly, when the waiter brought out her food. The portions were so much smaller then she'd anticipated and, having skipped lunch in preparation for this meal, she was really famished. She hoped John wasn't paying a fortune for a meal with such tiny portions.

After washing down the skimpy portions served her with another glass of champagne, Marsha began feeling a little light-headed. She determined that it must have been the small portions of food that were responsible for her buzz.

When they finished, John paid the check in cash. And Marsha swore he'd left the waiter a hundred dollar tip.

John stood up and walked over to the still seated Marsha. "Have you decided which movie you'd like to see, Marsha?" he asked.

"Yes, I have John." she replied as John pulled her chair away from the table. But as she stood, she wobbled on her feet. "Oooh." she moaned.

John quickly slid his arm around her waist to steady her. "Are you alright, Marsha?" he asked sounding concerned.

"I am now, John." she smiled, then leaned into him.

John kissed her softly on the lips.

That is really nice, she thought.

John looked at her and smiled. "Instead of going out to a movie, why don't we go back to my place, Marsha?" he suggested. "I have some really good movies on video that I haven't watched yet." Once more, he kissed her lightly, even as his free hand began fondling one of her small breasts.

Marsha sighed. Between the champagne and her raging hormones, she knew she would do anything for John. "That sounds perfect, John." Then, lost in her emotions, she reached up and kissed him.

And as they walked out of restaurant, his arm wrapped around her waist, she leaned gently into him. John is just so wonderful, she thought. But Marsha couldn't see the wide grin of another conquest on his face.

* * * * *

Dan, who had no personal fortune of his own to draw upon, took Stella to the small burger stand located on the corner right across the street from the mall. It was almost more than he could afford.

It wasn't the most expensive dinner Stella had ever had by any means, nor was it the cheapest. But while they ate, she quickly discovered that she and Dan had more interests in common then she would have ever imagined possible. In fact, the two of them could have foregone the movie they'd decided to see and easily talked all night instead. She wondered why she had never noticed all their common interests or paid so little attention to him when she'd been Steve.

One of those many things they had in common was a love of horror movies. And it was not by chance, that the movie they'd decided on seeing was of the horror genre.

"The Bimboid Picnic on the Planet of Famished and Often Messy Zombies" was a schlocky B-grade, if not even lower, gorefest. It was an absolutely horrible movie obviously made on a shoestring budget. Or perhaps, it was the budget itself that had been made of shoestrings.

But both Stella and Dan loved it.

While Stella cringed in her seat, Dan tried gallantly to comfort her. And not long into the movie, his arm had, without resistance, wrapped protectively about her shoulder. She clasped his free arm tightly and every now and again she buried her face in his chest.

And then, he'd leaned over and kissed her.

At first, she had been surprised and shocked, but neither feeling persisted very long. Deciding not to worry about being kissed by a guy, she leaned back into him, answering his kiss with one of her own.

They smiled at each other.

Then Dan's free hand began lightly fingering her breasts. Her mind told her to tell him to stop, but what he was doing made her feel so good that her body told her otherwise. Hell, she thought, this feels too damn good to make him stop.

And when Stella made no objections, Dan's probing grew more vigorous and his fingerings more bold. And as her arousal continued building at his sensual ministrations, Stella's thoughts turned farther and farther away from any needlessly worrisome thoughts of being with another boy.

"I think we should go back to my place, Stel." he suggested.

And between gasping breathes, she replied, "If you think that would be best, Dan."

"We certainly don't want to put on a show for the rest of the town." he replied gently as he kissed her eager lips. "Now, do we?"

The rest of the town can go to hell, she thought. But to Dan, she answered, "Of course not. We wouldn't want to give them something like that to talk about." And with her hormones raging totally out of control, she kissed him back with greater passion then before.

Still in each other's embrace, they stood up slowly. And as the movie's credits rolled on the screen behind, they walked out of still darkened theater arm in arm.

But in the darkness, Stella failed to see her date's wide grin of anticipation as it quickly spread across Dan's face.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 9 - The Morning After
by Bill Hart

Crissy woke as the first rays of the morning sun peeked through the window. She was lying on her back in someone's bed with Laura Miller, her arm gently stretched across Crissy's arm, soundly sleeping in the crook of her arm.

Not knowing where she was, she quickly looked around attempting to gain her bearings. As she did, she soon realized that she was in Larry Miller's room, since, although she didn't remember when or under what circumstances, she knew she'd been inside this room before.

But if the sun were up, it had to be well past 2:00am. And if that were true, she had some questions in need of answers.

Why was Laura still Laura and not Larry?

And why, since _she_ didn't like girls that way, were they in bed together?.

Slowly and carefully, in order not to wake Laura, she got out of bed. But her own movements felt strange, as she walked towards the mirror. And when she reached the mirror, she gaped at her image and, given the shock of her life, her jaw dropped wide open.

What had happened to her?

She was several inches taller than she remembered being. Her waist had thinned noticeably and just as conspicuously her hips had widened. Her hair flowed longer and redder than it had ever been. It felt odd to feel it swish across the top of her bared ass. And she had grown really mammoth tits.

Still, she thought the changes made her look pretty damn hot, but she wondered how and when and why these changes had happened to her.

Laura began to stir. "Holly?" she questioned. "Is that you?"

Holly? Crissy thought it would be better to humor her. "Yes, Laura." she replied. "It's me." The sound of her lighter and sexier voice surprised her, until she once again remembered the image of herself she'd just seen reflected by the mirror.

Then suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, she began remembering what had happened to her.

She'd needed a place to stay for a few days, so her friend Terry had managed to convince his insanely jealous girlfriend DeeDee Marston to put her up in her sorority Sigma Beta Beta. And as she'd been settling in, DeeDee and several of the other girls along with this ancient white-haired woman, probably a gypsy, entered the room dressed for a slumber party.

The old woman then said we were going to play some game, one that required me to be imaginative. It sounded silly then, but as the other girls made suggestions about how they'd like to make changes to my body, my body actually changed to conform to their desires.

And then they told me that I was really Holly Lochner and that Larry Miller was my boyfriend. As a result, I became Holly Lochner, while Crissy Wagner, the real me, must have been removed from reality.

For some reason, I must have gone into the fraternity house before 7:00pm last night. Since I woke up with Laura, I'd guess I was with Larry when I probably transformed into some guy and Larry turned into Laura again. But, if I changed back into me, even if it's still the me into whom they transformed me, then why did Larry remain Laura. That doesn't make any sense. And why didn't I change all the way back into me? I suppose I'll have to get used to answering to Holly. If Laura called me Holly, then I wouldn't be surprised if everyone else thinks of me as Holly instead of Crissy.

Laura interrupted Crissy's thoughts. "What are we doing here Holly?" she asked with growing concern.

"You don't remember?"

"No. Not really." Laura replied hesitantly. "I was supposed to meet my boyfriend here last night, but for some reason he never showed up."

That is also very strange, thought Crissy. Laura didn't remember what they'd done last night either. In the past, she somehow knew, when you changed back to normal your memories altered, so that if you did something to someone, your remembered viewpoint became that someone doing whatever that something was to you, just as if you'd been yourself all along. "I don't remember what we're doing her either, Laura." she answered. "But I think there is really something strange going on around here."

"Shouldn't we be getting back to the sorority, Holly?" asked Laura. "We might have been here all night. And I'm sure that Mrs. Sawyer and all of our other sisters will be worried about us. Unless they've been working too hard to get ready for the pledge party tonight."

Already, thought the surprised Crissy. The last she'd known, the pledge party had still been days away. That meant, she suddenly realized, she must have been Holly for the past several days. But I should be able to fake my way through any problems that arise from being Holly, she thought, since, unlike Laura, I'm still the girl I've always been.

A stray thought crossed her mind. She wondered if Mark and Steve had found some way to get invited to the party. Then she frowned because she had no idea who Mark and Steve were, not to mention why or how they'd be allowed inside a _girls_ only party.

Eagerly, Crissy and Laura picked up their clothes from pile on the floor and quickly dressed so they could quickly leave. Both wore their cheerleader uniforms which had Holly and Laura embroidered above their left breasts.

Crissy slowly opened the door of Larry's room. After peeking out into the hall and finding it vacant, she and Laura stepped out very quietly into hall, then walked noiselessly to the fraternity's entry door.

But neither of them were aware, they had been observed.

As Terry watched the two cheerleaders slip out the door, he wondered which of his brothers Holly Lochner and Laura Miller had come to visit last night. Terry smiled as the door closed behind them. And he hoped, whichever of his brothers had been so lucky, they had thoroughly enjoyed being laid by the two studs those two gorgeous girls surely must have become.

* * * * *

With Marsha's tears flowing freely, Stella tried to comfort her best friend, who sat dejectedly on Stella's bed.

"You were right, Stel." wept Marsha. "John did want something in exchange. And I didn't even get to see a free movie." she complained.

"You know, Stel, I can't believe I got tipsy on just a little champagne. When I was Mark, there wasn't a bozo in town I would have had trouble drinking under the table."

"But you're smaller now." said Stella. "And your metabolism is more than just a little different now."

"I'll say it's different." replied Marsha. "And John seemed to know exactly what he needed to do to arouse me. Between that champagne I drank, the kissing and caressing, and my wantonly raging out of control girl hormones, I was like putty in his hands. You now, Stel, I don't know how other girls can keep their self-control around guys like John."

"Maybe its something real girls learn while they're growing up." mused Stella. "With that spell, we kind of skipped over all the 'learning to be girls' stuff and right into dating. It's like jumping into the deep end of the pool before learning how to swim."

"You might be right. I'm sure glad you're my friend, Stel." she smiled weakly. "Anyone else would be all over me with 'I told you so's, but not you."

"I don't really have any reason to say 'I told you so' anyway, Marsha." Stella frowned. "It was just as bad for me as it was for you last night." she admitted. "While we were at the movies, Dan kept caressing my breasts. I didn't really want him to be doing that, but it felt so damn good, I couldn't tell him to stop. And the more he did it, the better it felt. By the time we left, I was as horny as hell."

"Did you sleep with him?" asked Marsha.

"Did you?" asked Stella in reply.

Both girls sadly shook their heads in the affirmative.

"I don't even know why I slept with him, Stel." she sighed. "And to make matters worse, once he'd had his way with me, he told me to leave. But before I could leave, he told me that if I had been blonde and blue-eyed with bigger-than-average tits, then he might have considered another date." Tears rolled down her cheeks. "Boys!" she spat. "I'll never understand them!"

Stella stared at her friend. "That's amazing, Marsha." she said in surprise. "Dan did almost exactly same thing after we'd done it." Tears began rolling down her cheeks. "I couldn't believe it, when he told me he was leaving. I was having a really great time. And I thought he was too."

Stella hugged Marsha.

Marsha hugged Stella.

"But I'll tell you this, Marsha. I'm certainly glad that the Sigma Beta Beta sorority pledge party is tonight." said Stella angrily. "I'm really sick and tired of being a girl. And I'm even sicker and more tired of having to put up with all this shit from all the boys I meet. I'll be really glad to be me again tomorrow."

"Me too, Stel." agreed Marsha. "This hasn't worked out anything like I thought it would. I really wish now that I'd never volunteered us for this. It just hasn't been worth all the aggravation."

"I know exactly what you mean." agreed Stella.

And once more, they hugged each other, as tears, from reddened eyes, ran down both girl's cheeks.

* * * * *

As Crissy and Laura made their way back to the sorority house, many students, both male and female, both known and unknown to Crissy, greeted them as they passed. But to these apparently 'old friends' they were Holly Lochner and Laura Miller.

And to Laura, they were all old friends, but Crissy found it very strange to talk with these people she didn't know. She watched Laura, who acted as if nothing wrong or unusual were going on, to determine how she respond to each of them.

A couple of guys she'd never met tried to pick them up. They wanted to know if they could be of some assistance since they knew that Holly and Laura were both between boyfriends.

They were certainly right about that, thought Crissy. At the moment, neither of them had boyfriends. And Larry, who everyone would have considered her, or rather Holly's, boyfriend, apparently no longer existed. Somehow he'd been transformed mentally and physically into Laura. And Laura couldn't have a boyfriend yet, since she'd only been a fulltime girl for a just a few short hours.

As they walked away, Crissy began to think about, what had been to her, last night. What had those girls done to her? And, more importantly, why had they done it? But at least, they let me remain a girl. It's not like poor Larry being changed into Laura.

But then, maybe Laura was the lucky one. She knew herself as Laura. And she might never again remember having been Larry.

Suddenly, she shivered, as a horrible new thought entered her consciousness. Laura doesn't remember being Larry, at all, she thought. What if I'm not really not Crissy? What if _I_ just think I'm Crissy? What if I'm really a boy, just like Laura, and I just don't remember being one.

She winced. What a horrible thought. But it would explain a lot of things I know that I have no reason to know, she reasoned. I mean, why should I know all this really weird shit about Terry's fraternity? How come I know people inside at 7:00pm can have their gender changed? Why the hell doesn't any of this knowledge totally freak me out? And how come I know that Laura is really Larry, when nobody else does?

When they arrived at the sorority, Crissy's thoughts were interrupted as an Irish setter jumped up on her. "What is it girl?" she asked.

But the setter only whined.

"Are you trying to tell me something?" she asked.

And the setter barked once.

Just then, the sorority door swung open. As Randi stepped out, she spotted the stray dog. "Beat it, mutt." she yelled at the setter, who turned and sprinted away.

"What was that all about, Randi?" asked Crissy curiously.

"I don't know really know, Holly." she replied. "That setter's a stray bitch, who has been hanging around the sorority as if she's waiting for someone the last couple of days. So far, she barks and growls whenever any of our sisters try to approach her. And she tried to bite Mrs. Sawyer yesterday. You're the only sister, she's let get close to her."

"That is strange." said Crissy. "I don't know anyone who owns a setter like that. But she's such a beautiful dog, I'd bet she'd make a perfect mascot for our house."

"Maybe." said Randi uncertainly. "But first, she would have to learn not to bark and growl at all of us." She looked out into the yard, but the setter was no where to be seen. "We can discuss this later, Holly. But right now, you and Laura need to go inside. We have a party for which all of us must be getting ready.

Entering through the open door, Crissy and Laura could immediately see that the rest of their sisters were busily preparing for tonight's pledge party.

"Holly. And Laura." exclaimed CeeJay. "I'm glad to see that you two could make it back to help."

After looking at Crissy for a moment, DeeDee turned her gaze towards Laura. She said nothing to either of them, but suddenly she began to smile.

Crissy couldn't help but notice her enigmatic little smile. Am I becoming paranoid, she wondered? Or does that smile mean DeeDee knows something about what is going on?

"The two of you should go up to your rooms and get changed to help." said CeeJay. "And we're almost done anyway, so it shouldn't take us long to finish. I've set you two up to be the official greeters and invitation checkers for tonight." she told them. "You weren't here, so I hope that assignment is okay with both of you." Both girls nodded. "But you'll have to keep an extra-special eye out for party crashers. I don't know how she knows, but Mrs. Sawyer told all of us earlier that a couple of fraternity pledges were going to try and crash our party tonight."

"You've got to be kidding, CeeJay." said Laura in mock horror. "How could any boy ever hope to gain entry here without us knowing all about it?"

Once again, DeeDee smiled, making Crissy even more certain that she must know something.

"C'mon, Laura, lets go up and get changed, so we can help out."

"Okay, Holly." she answered. "We'll be back in a few minutes, CeeJay." Then the two of them headed off to their respective rooms.

As they left, Crissy decided that the boys they'd been warned about must be Mark and Steve. She hoped that they'd found good disguises. Suddenly, she wondered again who Mark and Steve were, since she didn't remember knowing anyone by either of those names.

But maybe Terry had told them all about the old man after all, she thought. Suddenly, she frowned again, as she couldn't help but think "what old man?"

Unobserved by the departing girls, DeeDee smiled once more. She actually hoped that Larry and Holly had enjoyed themselves last night, especially, since it had been his last time as a man. And since Larry had shown up with Holly as Laura Miller the cheerleader, she was certain that Holly must now be pregnant. She was very proud of how she'd very cleverly, and quite unnoticed, worked that little addition into Ms. Helgard's spell. She'd made the girl and the boy lovers, but when the boy made love to the girl she would become pregnant. And the boy, who would then be transformed into just another girl, would also become the best friend of the girl she'd just impregnated.

"Everything is going perfectly." mumbled DeeDee.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 10 - The Pledge Party Begins
by Bill Hart

As she stood before her full-length mirror, Stella, her stringy light brown hair falling over her shoulders, smoothed out the knee-length skirt she'd decided to wear. She stared at her mammoth breasts, which stretched out, nearly to its breaking point, the material of her simple peasant blouse. In disappointment with her overall appearance, she shook her head, as if somehow that might reduce her plainness. If this was how I looked last night, she thought, it was no wonder that Dan had left so early.

"If not for these huge tits of mine," she sighed, "I wouldn't have any figure at all." She slowly lifted one of her breasts, then frowned as she saw her reflection holding it. "You look like boy with big tits." she told her image derisively. But struck by the wrongness of what she'd just told herself, Stella disgustedly shook her head again. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

There was a sharp rap on her door. And when she opened it, Marsha, dressed in a short and loosely fitting skirt with a pullover sweater, stood there.

"Come in." said Stella quietly.

"You look ... ah ... er ... nice." said Marsha.

Stella gave her friend a weak little smile. "So do you, Marsha."

"C'mon, Stel." she responded. "You've got to snap out of this weird funk of yours." Marsha slid her hand easily through her hair to move the errant strands away from the front of her face. "It's not like either of us really want to join this sorority, you know. And by this time tomorrow, we should be returned to our normal male selves once more. Can you just imagine all the looks of total awe and complete fascination that we'll be seeing on the faces of all our new fraternity brothers, when we describe to them, in minute by minute detail, exactly what went on at the Sigma Beta Beta pledge party."

"But what happens, if the girls of the sorority decide to accept us, just as we are? What if they let us join." worried Stella.

Marsha began to laugh. "I don't think that's very likely." replied Marsha. "I mean, have you taken a really good look at any of those girls, Stel? Let's face it, next to them you and I are little more than plain and simple adolescents." she sighed. "You know, if we could take your breasts and then add mine on top of them, we would still have boobs smaller than those of their smallest girl. We don't have to worry about being accepted by them, Stel. We're simply mercy pledges. Neither of us is even close to being the Sigma Beta Beta type."

"Then why did they give us invitations to their party, Marsha?" asked Stella. "They didn't have to, you know. And if we're not even Sigma Beta Beta material in the first place, then why are they even wasting any of this time bothering with us at all?"

"I don't know, Stel." she replied. "Maybe we'll find out tonight."

"Do you think they found out we're really boys?"

"I doubt it. How could they?" replied Marsha. "We don't look like boys. And if, for some reason, they were suspicious and followed us around last night, then they know that both of us got fucked by guys last night."

"Yeah. We did, didn't we?" answered Stella scornfully. "But, you know something, Marsha? I'm worried. And I just hope we don't end up regretting all of this."

* * * * *

Laura and Crissy manned the table just inside the door. All of the arriving pledges would have to present their personal invitations to one of them. And only then would they be given their nametags and allowed entry into the party.

As Crissy took each newcomer's invitation, she was totally astounded by the seemingly endless stream of beautiful buxom coeds pouring through their door. She couldn't remember ever seeing this many well-developed young women on campus before, but then, she was not in the habit of watching out for other voluptuous girls anyway.

Or, the thought that she might actually be a boy suddenly returned and nagged at the back of her mind, was she?

Then Marsha and Stella entered together. As they approached the check-in table, both of them said shyly and nearly in harmony, "Hello, Holly. Hello, Laura."

"Do you have _your_ invitations?" Laura asked coldly.

"Of course." replied Marsha.

Stella nodded her head in agreement. "We wouldn't be here if we didn't have _our_ invitations."

For several minutes, Stella and Marsha fumbled around in their purses looking for their invitations. Almost simultaneously, they found them and held them out to Laura.

Laura took the invitations, then subjected both of them to a minute and overly careful scrutiny. She looked at the girls for a minute, then turned to her companion. "Holly?" she asked. "Do you have nametags for a Marsha Jensen and a Stella Wilson?"

"They're the last two tags in the box, Laura." she replied. Crissy removed the tags from the box. "Marsha Jensen?" she read. Marsha reached out to take her nametag. "Then you must be Stella Wilson." Crissy handed the remaining tag to Stella.

"Thank you." Stella and Marsha replied, once again in almost harmony, before walking away to join the rest of the pledges.

"How do you think _they_ managed to get invited, Holly?" asked Laura. "It says here that Charlie and Sam issued them their invitations."

"I don't know, Laura. They certainly don't look like they belong with the rest of the girls that are here tonight." replied Crissy. "They bust be the only really average looking girls here." They must be Mark and Steve, she suddenly thought, before dismissing it just as quickly. Why did she keep thinking those two girls could possibly be boys, she wondered. That kind of thing is just not possible.

"They're a long way from _the_ average for _this_ sorority." replied Laura callously. "I have no reason to believe that either one of them will survive past the first cut tonight."

"I doubt they'll get any farther than that either, Laura. But I suppose that Sam and Charlie must have had some good reason for giving them their invitations. Didn't you hear that Mrs. Sawyer thinks some boys that are pledging one of the fraternities are going to try and sneak into our party. But _they_ can't be _them_. Those two are _very_ obviously girls and definitely _not_ boys." But if they are actually boys, she thought, then Terry must have sent them to see the old man in the mall. But thinking about that old man again made her frown. Just what is it about this old man, whoever the hell he is, that I need to remember, she wondered. "Well, Laura, that's the last of the invitees on my list. Everyone that was invited is now here." She went over and closed the door. "No one else will be getting inside this house tonight."

"That means we can finally begin to mingle with our guests." said Laura. And she and Crissy walked over and began to circulate amidst the assembled crowd of young women.

* * * * *

"All of the pledges have finally arrived, Mrs. Sawyer."

"Excellent." replied the housemother. "Thank you, DeeDee."

"But all of them are girls, Mrs. Sawyer." replied DeeDee. "There isn't a single boy downstairs at the party. They must have chickened out."

Mrs. Sawyer smiled. "No, they didn't chicken out at all, DeeDee. As I expected, two boys obtained invitations for the party. And when those same two boys arrived tonight, they were granted admittance." She smiled at DeeDee's shocked expression. "At first, I only needed one, but as the necessary events have transpired, I soon determined that two would be the optimal number of boys required."

DeeDee looked confused. "But who?" asked DeeDee.

"Send Leeanne to find Stella Wilson." ordered Mrs. Sawyer. "And then have her tell Stella I want to see her."

"Stella Wilson?" repeated DeeDee. "You mean that walking stick with the big tits?"


"She's really a boy?" asked DeeDee incredulously. "With those huge tits of hers, I find it totally unbelievable that she could possibly be a boy."

"There are many things in life that are not as unbelievable as you might imagine, my dear." smiled Mrs. Sawyer. "Now hurry and send Leeanne to fetch her. I have many girls to interview tonight. Stella will be the first. And I _must_ deal with her, before I can properly attend to the other boy currently in our midst."

* * * * *

None of the girls paid much attention to Leeanne as she came down the stairs. She carefully looked at each of the pledges, as she memorized, for future reference, the names she read on each pledge's nametag. When she finally located Stella, she stopped. "Excuse me, Stella. Mrs. Sawyer sent me down to find you. She wants to see you in her room."

A hushed silence suddenly filled the room. 'It has started' became the common whispered thought.

"Why?" asked Stella nervously.

"She didn't tell me." replied Leeanne. "I was just told to find you and bring you to her."

"Okay, then. But you'll have to lead me there." said Stella. "I don't know where her room is located."

"That's alright. None of the pledges know where Mrs. Sawyer's room is." replied Leeanne. "That was one of the reasons why I was sent to bring you to her."

Marsha watched her friend be led away by Leeanne. "What does Mrs. Sawyer want with Stel?" she asked the other girls standing near her.

"Don't worry about her." said Calandra. "She's probably just going to be told that she doesn't measure up to the standards necessary to be a Sigma Beta Beta girl."

"Yeah, don't worry." added Randi. "It's probably just the start of the weeding out process." She stared directly at Marsha. "She won't be the only _weed_ pulled out of _this_ garden tonight."

"I'd be really surprised if she were." said Melina.

"Now, now, girls." said CeeJay with a sour note of disapproval. She turned and looked directly at Marsha. "We shouldn't be making fun of the more unfortunate among us."

Marsha frowned, as she realized that Stella would probably not be finding out any more of what would be happening at this party. The task of information gathering was now totally up to her. And she could only hope that she would be able to last long enough to obtain sufficient information to get both of them into the fraternity.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 11 - Stella's Interview
by Bill Hart

Leeanne knocked on the door.

"Come in." said a woman's voice from inside.

Leeanne turned the knob, then entered the room, closely followed by an anxious Stella.

"Leeanne." said Mrs. Sawyer. "You may return to the party, for now." She turned to Stella. "I'm Mrs. Sawyer, the sorority's housemother. You must be Stella Wilson." She paused for a moment, letting Leeanne exit the room and close the door behind her. "Or perhaps, you'd prefer that I called you by your real name, Steve?"

"What did you say?" asked Stella caught by surprise.

"I simply asked if you wanted me to call you Steve." grinned Mrs. Sawyer. "It was a very simple question, my dear."

"But, my name's Stella, not Steve." she answered. How does this woman know my real name, she thought. Even as confused as she was, she didn't want to admit to this woman that she was really a boy.

"Have it your way, _Stella_." said Mrs. Sawyer. "But tell me, young lady, have you enjoyed being a girl for the past week? Sometimes the casting of that spell from the old book results in a few unusual side effects. Sometimes they're predictable, but not always."

"What spell?" asked Stella nervously. "What book?"

"Oh really, Stella. I enjoy games as much as the next sorceress, but this one could get old really fast." said Mrs. Sawyer. "The spell is the one your friend Mark Jensen recited from that old book he was given by 'the old gypsy dude down in the old section of town.' You must know the one I mean, since you used it yourself to transform Mark into Marsha, just before he recited it to change Steve into you." Mrs. Sawyer smiled.

"How do you know these things?" She was visibly scared and no longer concerned about maintaining her charade. Somehow, she realized, this old woman knew everything.

"I have my sources, _Stella_." Her smile made Stella shiver. "Have you noticed any side effects, my dear. Something totally out of the ordinary. Or perhaps, something you might never have done, or never would have considered doing, as Steve."

"Not that I know of." lied Stella. "But what kind of side effects are you talking about?" she wondered curiously.

Mrs. Sawyer, sensing the discomfort it evoked in her guest, smiled at Stella again. "Nothing much, really. A number of little things, like maybe ... noticing other girls' breasts ... or wondering why yours couldn't be as big as theirs ... or perhaps, you felt the desire to look and feel and act sexier than the next girl ... or, just possibly, you began lusting after guys ... maybe you even got laid. There are numerous possibilities, my dear.

"Oh no." replied Stella horrified. "I didn't feel _any_ of those things. Nothing like that at all." she lied again.

"Oh really, Stella." said Mrs. Sawyer. "Continuing to lie to me is not a very nice, or an overly smart, thing for you to do, young lady." She waved her hand at Stella.

Stella felt strange. An odd tingling began in her breasts, but very rapidly spread and intensified across her entire body. It was a disconcertingly familiar sensation, but Stella couldn't place where or when she had experienced it before. And when, after a few minutes, the strange feelings had passed, she looked at Mrs. Sawyer in near total bewilderment. "What did you just do?" she asked, clutching at her throat on hearing her sensual voice.

"Nothing much, young lady." she replied. "Come take a look in my mirror. I'm quite sure, you'll be astounded by what you'll see, my dear." she said smugly. "And quite possibly, what you'll see will make you incredibly happy."

'Astounded' was a major understatement. Stella stared in shock at her reflection. The girl looking back at her from the mirror was gorgeous. She had a slim waist and full wide hips. Her figure possessed curves everywhere it needed to be and should be curved. And most importantly, she was no longer the skinny rail with the big tits she'd been when she first entered the room.

Her breasts, which had been her best, perhaps only, feature, had grown even bigger. They were now more like those of all the other girls downstairs. Her straggly light brown hair had become full bodied, luxuriously silky, and very dark.

Even her clothing had changed. The knee-length skirt was gone, having been replaced by a tight mini-skirt that bared her exquisitely formed and decidedly feminine legs. Her simple peasant blouse had been replaced by an even simpler halter top, which bared her sexy waist and enhanced the appearance of her newly enlarged breasts.

And her face had also been remolded. She could no longer even recognize herself.

"I'm gorgeous." she mused as she sensuously posed before the mirror.

Mrs. Sawyer smiled. "I'd bet that Danny Watkins would have never even been able to think of leaving you as he did, if you'd only looked like this last night."

"You got that right. Mrs. Sawyer." replied Stella. "He'd be a total fool, a laughingstock among his friends, for even thinking of letting a girl like me get away." She turned back to her image, thoroughly engrossed with her new appearance. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she frowned then turned back and stared at Mrs. Sawyer. "What have you done to me? This isn't really me. I'm not a girl, I'm a ..."

"What? A boy?" she finished for her. "Don't make me laugh, _Stella_. Just look at yourself, young lady. If I were to take you outside this sorority and ask the first hundred people or so we saw what _your_ sex was, just how many of them would you expect to answer male?"

Stella looked stunned, then shock set in. "None." she answered after reviewing her new look again, close to tears, in the mirror. "But, I don't want to be this girl, Mrs. Sawyer." she began to weep. "I just want to me."

"And so you shall, my dear." she replied with a wicked glint in her eyes. "So you shall. Turn and look at yourself in the mirror." she ordered.

And Stella, compelled to obey and unable to resist, turned slowly to face herself reflected by the mirror.

"Close your eyes, Stella." said Mrs. Sawyer. "But remember all that you've seen."

Stella obediently closed her eyes.

"Listen very closely to what I now tell you, my dear." said Mrs. Sawyer. "All that I now tell you of yourself is the absolute and total truth. Your name is Vanessa Elizabeth Stevens. You are a girl, Vanessa. And you have _always_ been a girl. You have _never_ been a boy, Vanessa, nor have you ever wanted to be a boy. Everyone you have ever known, except myself and, for a time, Marsha or Mark, remembers you now only as Vanessa. For everyone else, no one named Stella Wilson or Steve Wilson has ever existed.

"You were born female, Vanessa. You were raised as a girl, Vanessa. And you no longer possess memories of being anyone other than Vanessa Stevens.

"You are a sexy young woman. And you know it. And you like boys - you like them a whole lot." Vanessa smiled. "You know exactly what you, a beautiful and sexy young woman, want from all of the boys in your life." Vanessa's smile widened.

"Open your eyes, Vanessa." commanded Mrs. Sawyer.

Vanessa, as instructed, opened her eyes. In some confusion, she quickly looked around the room. But it soon faded, as she realized _where_ she was and _who_ she was.

"Are you alright, Vanessa?" asked Mrs. Sawyer.

"I'm just fine, Mrs. Sawyer." she answered. "In fact, I feel better now than I have all week, but I'm afraid I must have fallen asleep."

"You just closed your eyes for just a minute or two, dear." said Mrs. Sawyer. "Do you know why I called you in to see you, Vanessa?"

"No. Not really." came her anxious reply.

"First of all, I wanted to congratulate you on being the newest sister of Sigma Beta Beta."

"Really." gushed Vanessa with unbridled excitement. "Since I was the first girl you called, I was afraid you were going to tell me I didn't make the first cut. I've been really worried lately that you weren't going to find me acceptable."

"Now why wouldn't we find you acceptable, Vanessa?" asked Mrs. Sawyer. "You're absolutely perfect for Sigma Beta Beta."

"Thank you, Mrs. Sawyer." babbled Vanessa. "I can't believe I'm really in. I'm really, really in? I just can't believe it." Tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

"But there is also a small assignment for you, Vanessa."

"Already?" excitedly squealed Vanessa. "What is it? You know that I'll do anything to support my new house and to help all or any of my new sisters."

"I'd like you to entertain and show around a guest, who should be arriving soon."

"Is that all?" asked Vanessa almost disappointed in the simplicity of her first assigned task.

The was a loud rap on the door.

"Yes." answered Mrs. Sawyer.

CeeJay entered, followed by a robed and blindfolded figure. CeeJay looked at Vanessa briefly, smiling in quiet approval. "The guest has arrived, Mrs. Sawyer."

"Excellent, CeeJay." She walked over to the robed figure. "You can return to the party, now. After CeeJay had left, Mrs. Sawyer quickly and carefully removed the blindfold from her guest. "I want to thank you again for coming to me and telling about the two boys pledging your fraternity who would have tried to sneak into our party." She smiled at Tom Larson. "But then, it all came down just the way _I_ planned. And by tomorrow morning, you won't think of it, not that you ever will, as anything more than just the little initiation prank that _you_ planned for some unsuspecting pledges."

"What do you mean _two_boys_?" asked the fraternity president. "There was only one - Mark Jensen. Did he get invited to the party?"

"He's downstairs at the party right now."

Tom smiled with eager anticipation. "Since I'm here, should I assume you'll be fulfilling your part of our bargain now." Nervous with increasing expectations, Tom began to pace.

"Of course, Mr. Larson." she smiled in a way that didn't help Tom's ever increasing nervousness. "I always keep my end of any bargain I've made. Vanessa. Come here and meet Tom, the guest I was telling you about earlier."

As Vanessa approached, Tom was struck speechless, as he gazed at her beauty. Knowing that his fears of Mrs. Sawyer and the sorority were totally groundless, he was now confident that he'd made the correct decision in turning in Mark for a chance to be surrounded by the beautiful girls of Sigma Beta Beta forever. Especially, if all of them had boobs as impressive as the one strolling towards him.

And when Vanessa saw that Tom couldn't stop staring at her breasts, she flashed Tom a wickedly sensual little smile, that guaranteed he'd be putty in her hands.

"Is there something wrong, Mr. Larson." smirked Mrs. Sawyer.

"Oh, no." replied Tom quickly. "They're just perfect." he said in a daze.

"Vanessa." said Mrs. Sawyer. "I'd like you to show Tom around. But be careful that none of the other girls see him. Boys aren't supposed to be here tonight."

"Of course, Ms. Sawyer." Vanessa swayed over to Tom, who watched her every step like a hawk hunting prey. "Is there _anything_ you'd like to see or do first, Tom?" she asked seductively.

Tom, still unable to speak, continued to stare at Vanessa's breasts.

Vanessa, loving his lavish attentions, smiled at him provocatively. "If these are really what you want to see first," she picked up one of Tom's hands and ran it lightly across her breasts, "I'm sure that we can arrange something, provided that it's alright with Mrs. Sawyer." She looked back at the housemother. "It is alright. Isn't it?" she pleaded.

"Of course it's alright, Vanessa." replied Mrs. Sawyer. "Just keep him happy, my dear."

Certainly, Mrs. Sawyer. I know lot of ways of keeping my guys _very_ happy. And right now, _I_ know exactly what _I_ want from Tommy here." Then, sliding her arm around his waist and starting to nibble most playfully on his ear, she led the more than willing Tom away.

"One down." smiled Mrs. Sawyer. "And one to go."

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 12 - Wandering Around the Party
by Bill Hart

For some unknown reason, Crissy had just looked up in the direction of Mrs. Sawyer's room at same time that Vanessa had left with Tom Larson in tow. She immediately wondered why he was here, since this was supposedly a girls only party. What could he be up to, she wondered?

But he had definitely been with Vanessa. And being with Vanessa, Crissy was certain she knew what Tom would be getting tonight. Could he have turned in Mark in exchange for this rendezvous with Vanessa. It was very possible, she thought, particularly since Vanessa had an unenviable reputation as a boy crazy slut.

But weren't there two boys supposedly crashing this party, thought Crissy. Mark was only one of them. But who was the other one? Hadn't she thought about _two_ boys before. Crissy tried to think of the other boy's name, but couldn't. She had a vague recollection of Mark having a friend. And the two of them always seemed to be hanging out together. But try as she might she couldn't pin down another name. Maybe, she decided, Mark was the only boy trying to sneak into the party, after all.

Leeanne came down the stairs. And when she returned a few minutes later, she had taken another girl to see Mrs. Sawyer.

The girl selected had Tomasina Pauls, who was in one of Marsha's classes. But aside from that, she knew little else about Tomasina, since she and Marsha ran in different social circles.

Tomasina, an attractive young coed, had light brown hair of shoulder length. Her breasts were very well-developed, but then, aside from Marsha herself, who, among all the other girls present, wasn't.

Marsha had no doubts that when Tomasina returned from her interview she'd be a Sigma Beta Beta girl.

And only a few minutes later, Tomasina came back all smiles. "I made it." she exclaimed for all to hear. "I'm in." She hugged several of the pledges who had gathered quickly about her in celebration.

"Here's to the _first_ of our new sisters." applauded Samantha.

"Here. Here." cheered Charlotte giving her approval.

And then, the crowd itself erupted with roars of confirmation.

Then Leeanne returned to lead another girl away to Mrs. Sawyer's room. And just minutes later, Gabriella Martinez, a beautiful Latina with long raven-colored hair and the obligatory mammoth tits, came down the stairs grinning from ear to ear. "I made it,too." she exclaimed excitedly. "I'm in." And then she too hugged the pledges that gathered around her.

Leeanne took the next girl up the stairs.

Jill Thomas was a perky blue-eyed blonde, a stereotypical valley girl. But minutes later, she returned, her eyes puffy as tears still rolled down her cheeks. "I didn't make it." she wailed, as a path suddenly opened up in the assembled crowd that led from the bottom of the stairs to the entry door. And disconsolately, Jill walked along the opening to the door, then left without saying another word.

"That was definitely unexpected." remarked Melina.

Calandra stared at Marsha. "I would have bet on you being the first reject of the evening."

"I wouldn't get too comfortable, if I were you, Marsha." said Randi.

CeeJay added, "I'd be very surprised if you were still here when the evening's done, Marsha."

Marsha ignored their unsympathetic remarks. But she was wondering what had happened to Stella, who had been the first to go up to see Mrs. Sawyer. But she had not seen Stella return, as _all_ the other girls had so far.

Calandra had called Jill the 'first reject.' Therefore they couldn't have rejected Stella. But Sam had called Tomasina the 'first of our new sisters," which meant they hadn't accepted Stella either. But regardless, whether rejected or accepted, all the other girls had returned to the party, even if only for a brief time.

But Stella hadn't returned.

It looked as if she had completely vanished.

But earlier in the evening, Marsha now remembered that she had seen Vanessa Stevens enter her room with someone. Having only seen the person with her from behind, she hadn't been able to tell who it had been, but, at the time, she had thought, given Vanessa's reputation, it must have been a boy. But Stella, who didn't have much of a figure, had been confused for a boy more than once, particularly if seen from the rear.

Had that been Stella she'd seen with Vanessa earlier. That was very doubtful, thought Marsha, since it was a well known fact that Vanessa only liked boys, not girls, for her sexual partners. If the truth be known, Marsha had hoped to find some way of getting better acquainted with Vanessa this evening. She had hoped she might learn something that might help her get a date with Vanessa after she became Mark again. But Vanessa appeared to be spoken for. Getting to know her better no longer seemed likely.

She slowly walked over to where Melina, Calandra, and Randi stood watching, as more girls had gone and returned to Mrs. Sawyer's room. Some of the them had been accepted, while others had been rejected.

"Are you still here?" Calandra asked coldly. "We all thought that you'd be long gone by now."

Marsha was stung by her coldness. She wondered what was wrong with all of these girls. I've met most of them before, she thought. And they never seemed to be the callous stuck up conceited bitches, they now appeared to be. It was almost as if being in the sorority house made them act differently. But maybe, it was just tonight - something that had to do with the party.

Melina tapped her foot. "Well?" she asked. "What do you want now?"

"I was just wondering if any of you had seen Stella recently." replied Marsha.

"Who?" queried Randi.

"Stella." repeated Marsha. "Stella Wilson."

The girls shot worried looks back and forth among themselves. They shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads.

"Sorry, Marsha." said Melina. "But I don't think we know anybody by that name."

Marsha was stunned. "But she came to the party with me."

"You came alone." countered Randi.

"Besides," added Calandra, "I'm sure one of us would have remembered someone else like _you_ being here."

"But she's not like me." she answered defensively. "She's tall and shaped like a skinny rail, except for her overly large tits."

"How gross." said Melina.

"It's just as well she didn't come." added Calandra. "If she had, we would have just had to boot another sorry loser out tonight. Come on girls." she said frigidly. "Let's leave _this_ sorry loser alone."

The other girls laughed as they walked away, leaving Marsha standing all alone. She was shocked at Stella's disappearance. And she was also frightened.

"Stella came with me tonight. I know she did." she mumbled. "Why don't any of them know her? What the hell is happening here?"

Just then, Marsha spotted Crissy, who everyone still believed was Holly. Maybe she can help, thought Marsha, as she walked over to speak with her.

"Excuse me, Holly." She tapped Crissy on the shoulder. "Can you help me, Holly?" she asked with growing concern.

"I'll certainly try, Marsha." replied Crissy. "What do you need?"

Marsha stared at her, completely taken by surprise at Crissy's civility. "How come you're not treating like a rancid piece of sheep dung like all the other bitches in this house."

"They are generally not like this, Marsha." replied Crissy. "Most of them are really very nice. And they'd never believe they could act this badly towards anyone." Crissy looked quickly around the room. "You know, Marsha, I'm supposed to treat you just as badly as all the other girls, but somehow I'm different. I don't know why that is, but I am."

You're different alright, thought Marsha. "Have you seen Stella?"

"I don't remember meeting a Stella tonight." replied Crissy.

"Not again." moaned Marsha. "She came in with me. Laura Miller took our invitations and you gave us our badges. Try to remember."

Crissy thought for a moment. "Is she a tall girl, with virtually no figure to speak of, except for her very impressive bust?" she asked.

"That's her." sighed Marsha. "What a relief."

"That description sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't remember seeing her today." said Crissy. "In fact, I can't seem to remember ever having met her at all." Marsha began to think that Holly should be put away someplace where she wouldn't be able to hurt anybody. "Maybe it has something to do with her name. But Stella doesn't sound quite right somehow. You know, Marsha, if I had ever seen her before, I'd probably think her name was Steve. I think that name fits her a lot better than Stella. Don't you?"

Marsha stared at Crissy in shocked surprise. "What do you think you know about Steve?" she asked.

Crissy looked at Marsha with a near totally blank expression. "I don't think I know anybody named Steve." Marsha sighed. "But isn't Steve a boy's name?" she asked. "Didn't you know boys aren't allowed in the house tonight? I was sure Tom told you. But we were talking about finding your friend, Stella, who must be a girl, unless ..." Crissy looked about the room furtively. "Marsha?"

"Yes Holly." she replied.

"Is your name really Mark?"

Marsha was, once more, taken completely off guard by Holly's innocent question. How does Holly know about Mark? I don't remember meeting her when I was Mark. This just keeps getting stranger and stranger all the time, she thought. But just as she is about to answer Holly's question, Leeanne arrived.

"Marsha Jensen." announced Leeanne. "It's now your time to go upstairs and talk with Mrs. Sawyer."

Not now, thought Marsha, as Leeanne began leading her away.

Crissy sighed as she watched Leeanne take the girl upstairs. "I guess her name wasn't really Mark after all." she mumbled. "Good luck, Marsha." she called out.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 13 - Marsha Meets with Mrs. Sawyer
by Bill Hart

Marsha was totally frustrated.

Although Marsha had no idea how she could have possibly known, it was very clear that somehow Holly knew that Steve and Stella were one and the same person. And just as inexplicably, Holly also knew that Marsha was really Mark.

But just at the time she had thought she was finally about to learn something useful from Holly concerning all the weird shit happening around her, Leeanne had come to tell her it was her turn to be taken upstairs.

She was the last of the pledges to be interviewed by Mrs. Sawyer. All of the other pledges were now either full sisters or gone. She wondered if her being the last interviewed was of any significance. It might be. After all, Stella had been first and, now, she was nowhere to be found.

Leeanne knocked on Mrs. Sawyer's door.

"Come in." said a woman's voice from inside.

As Leeanne entered the room, followed closely by Marsha, Mrs. Sawyer looked up. "Leeanne, you may return to your sisters and the party." She turned to Marsha. "Hello, Marsha Jensen." she said warmly. But as soon as Leeanne exited and closed the door, she added with a sly grin, "Or would you prefer that I called you Mark."

"What?" answered Marsha in surprise.

"How utterly predictable you are, _Marsha_." sighed Mrs. Sawyer. "That was exactly what your friend Stella asked me, when I confronted her earlier this evening with that same question." she explained. "I was merely trying to determine if you wanted me to continue calling you Marsha, or if you wanted me to call you by your real name instead."

"Where is Stella?" demanded Marsha. "What have you done to her?"

"The girl you once knew as Stella, or as Steve when she was male, is perfectly alright."

"Once knew?" replied Marsha worriedly. "What do you mean once knew?"

"All in good time, my dear."

"Can I see her?" asked Marsha.

"Later, perhaps." answered Mrs. Sawyer. "Right now, she's occupied with a little task for her new sorority."

"What do you mean? What kind of task?"

"I'm sorry, young lady. But that, right now, is need to know only information. And you don't need to know - yet." Mrs. Sawyer grinned wickedly. "It will have to suffice that the task she now performs is one that _any_ sister of this sorority would gladly perform."

"Are you trying to tell me, that you actually accepted Stella into the full membership of this sorority even though you knew she was actually a boy."

"No, Marsha." replied Mrs. Sawyer. "That's not what I just told you at all."

"Then, what did you just tell me?"

"All in good time, young lady." laughed Mrs. Sawyer. "When, or if, you need to know, then you'll know, my dear."

"Who are you?" asked Marsha. "Really." she added.

"My name is Helen Sawyer." she replied. "I'm Sigma Beta Beta's housemother."

"Yeah. And _what_ else are you?" accused Marsha. "Are you a witch?"

Helen Sawyer began to laugh. "I've been called many things, young lady. But I can't believe I've ever been called a witch before. At least, not to my face." She looked into Marsha's eyes. "However, my dear, I am exceptionally well versed in the art of magic."

"We've met before. Haven't we?" Marsha asked suddenly. "Don't ask me how I know we've met, but I know we have."

"That's one of the things I like about you, Marsha." replied the housemother. "You have this incredible intuitiveness, which should actually serve you quite well in the days to come. But to answer your question, yes, my dear, we have met before. It was I who gave you that old book of spells."

"But that can't be." said Marsha in disbelief. "An old gypsy man in the old section of town gave me that spellbook."

"Marsha. Marsha. Marsha." smiled Mrs. Sawyer. "How soon some people forget. Gender can be such a fleeting thing at times. And as you should no doubt be well aware _Marsha_, the use of magic removes the constraints that bind things into constancy. And without that enforcement, _everything_ is variable and therefore changeable. So if Steve could be transformed into Stella and you could be recast from Mark, then why couldn't I become that 'old gypsy dude' or he, in his turn, become me.

"And not that it really matters much now. But I suppose you should have been warned that the spell the two of you cast upon yourselves, often has compulsive, even if not always predictable side effects. Tell me, Marsha dear, have you noticed any side effects?"

"No, I don't think so." replied Marsha. "What kind of side effects do you think it might cause?" she asked curiously.

Just like Stella, thought Helen, so very predictable. She smiled at Marsha again. "As I told Stella earlier this evening, there are a number of little things you might feel, like maybe ... noticing other girls' breasts ... or wondering why yours couldn't be as big as theirs ... or perhaps, you felt the desire to look and feel and act sexier than the next girl ... or, just possibly, you began lusting after guys ... maybe you even got laid. There are numerous other possibilities, my dear."

Marsha stared at her. How much does this woman really know, she wondered. "No." lied Marsha. "I've haven't felt anything like that."

"Oh _really_, Marsha." admonished Mrs. Sawyer. "You should also know that Stella also lied to me about her experiences with regard to the side effects of that spell." she admitted. "And it's really not nice to lie to me. But then, I didn't really expect you'd admit to having lost your female virginity to John Helton last night. It doesn't fit in with your perceived macho image of yourself. Does it, young lady?"

Marsha blushed. "How did you know about that? Did Stel tell you?"

"Of course not. I have sources you'd never believe." boasted Mrs. Sawyer. "But then, I _knew_ you were going to be in John Helton's bed last night long before either of you knew. And that is small part of the reason you're here today."

"What are you talking about?" asked Marsha, her thoughts spinning wildly in confusion.

"As I know you're now aware, my dear, the Helton's are old - no, make that _ancient_ - money, Marsha." explained Helen Sawyer. "But you'd probably be very surprised at the true origins behind the Helton's vast fortune. I know, without a doubt, that the entire town, if they were to ever find out, would be totally aghast. I was there at the beginning, Marsha. They asked for my help. Then they decided to cheat me, but now, it's time for me to get my long overdue share. And you, my pretty young lady, are going to help me."

"How can _I_ help _you_?" she asked nervously, as the conversation had begun to frighten her badly. "What do you want from me?"

"Not much, Marsha." replied Helen Sawyer. "I just want you to answer a few questions for me."

"Why? What for?"

"Because, my dear," she snapped sharply, "the sooner you answer my questions, the sooner you get to leave this room. Not only that, young lady, but answering my questions greatly enhances your chances of leaving this room on two legs." She glared at Marsha. "However, you might, given enough time, find that you enjoy life more as dog. There's already one stray setter bitch running around the campus who ticked me off. Perhaps you've seen her hanging around the sorority. How would _you_ like to be _just_ like her."

Her fright intensified as she remembered the stray that had been seen in the sorority's yard the past few days. It had growled and barked at all the girls. Marsha couldn't help but wonder who the dog might have been before pissing off Helen Sawyer. "Ask your questions." spat Marsha.

"I thought you'd be sensible, Marsha." reveled the housemother in her victory. "What was the name of the first non-family member who kissed you?"

"Margie Andrews." replied Marsha quickly. She wanted to get this inquisition over as soon as possible. "We were in grammar school at the time. She was a really pushy girl. One day she came up to me and told me she liked me a lot and wanted me to kiss her. Then a few days later, just after school let out, I ran into her in the hall and she planted one on my lips. All the guys kidded me about getting all smoochy with a girl for months."

"That was a very interesting story, Marsha." said Mrs. Sawyer. "Now, next question, what was the name of the first non-family member who kissed you?"

"I just answered that question." Marsha was very annoyed at being asked the same question a second time. "Weren't you listening?"

"Of course, I was listening, young lady." replied the housemother coolly. "Just answer the question. Or would you rather be another Irish setter?"

"Alright." replied Marsha in resignation. "As I told you before, it was Andrew Margees. We were in grammar school at the time. He was a really shy boy, but I could tell he liked me a lot. And I knew I wanted to kiss him, as much as he wanted to kiss me. One day after school, I got my chance. I ran into him out in the hall and then I planted the big one on his lips. The _little_ boys he hung around with kidded him for months afterwards."

"Very good, young lady."

Marsha sighed. Telling it once was bad enough, but she'd just had to tell that same old story about kissing Andrew Margees in grammar school twice. She really hoped she wouldn't have to tell this weird woman everything twice. If she did, they were might be here an awfully long time.

"What are the names of two other non-family members, you've kissed?"

Marsha thought for a moment. "Edward Jeffries and Richard Ashcraft." she replied almost as quickly as before.

"Very good." said Mrs. Sawyer. "How long have you known John Helton?"

Marsha felt relieved that she hadn't been asked the same question again. But her mind began to wander. It had been quite a while since she'd even thought of either Eddie or Richie. They were such really great guys. And she'd always had lots of fun whenever she'd been with either of them.

Mrs. Sawyer cleared her throat.

"What?" asked the girl, annoyed that she'd been interrupted from _her_ memories.

"I'm so sorry to have to interrupt _your_ recollections of things past, my dear, but we really don't want to be here all night." she smiled. "How long have you known John Helton?"

"Not very long." replied Marsha. "He's pledging the same frat that Stella and I are pledging. Before last week, I'd never met him."

"How long have you known John Helton?" repeated the housemother.

Hearing the repeated question, Marsha sighed. She wondered if there might be something seriously wrong with Mrs. Sawyer. Why else would she have to keep repeating questions, especially when her answers weren't going to be any different. "I just told you." Marsha replied in a tone reflecting her mild annoyance. "I've known John Helton for a quite a while now. I had him invited to my birthday party when I turned thirteen. He was one of the very few boys at my party, but I, just like all my girlfriends there, thought he was the cutest boy there ever was."

"Who is Stella Wilson?"

Marsha was confounded by the question. "I don't think I know anyone named Stella Wilson." she replied. "Is she one of the new sisters?"

"No, she was found to be unacceptable and had to be turned away." smiled Mrs. Sawyer. "_She_ is no longer within this house."

"That's too bad for her." Marsha brushed her short coarse brown hair out of her eyes."

"In some ways it is, but in other ways it is not." smirked Mrs. Sawyer. "Do you know who Steve Wilson is?"

"I don't think I know him either." Marsha shook her head. "Is _he_ cute?" she asked with an alluring glint sparkling in her eye.

"Tell me truthfully, Marsha, my dear," began Mrs. Sawyer, "other than last night, have you and John Helton ever had sexual relations?"

Marsha stared at Helen Sawyer in stunned disbelief. "You have got be kidding." she exclaimed. "Just last week I was a guy, exactly like him. And no matter how many years I've known him, or how cute I think he might be, I would have _never_ slept with him if I hadn't been a girl at the time."

Mrs. Sawyer smiled as she realized that Marsha's memories were slowly being rewritten to suit her plans. Changing her mind slowly was turning out to be so much more fun than the quick change on Stella's mind had been. She re-asked the question. "Have you and John Helton ever had sexual relations?"

Marsha suddenly blushed bright beet red. "Damn it, Mrs. Sawyer." she swore. "Just what else do you want me to say?" she embarrassingly queried. "I just got finished telling you that Johnny Helton and I have been fucking like horny little bunny rabbits since just a couple of weeks before my fourteenth birthday." she said. "You know, I think Johnny's just perfect." she gushed.

"And does Johnny think you're perfect?"

"Of course, he does." Marsha sounded irritated at the implication of the housemother's question, but suddenly she frowned. "You know, only yesterday, he said he'd like me even better if I were prettier and had big blue eyes and was a blonde. He also wished my tits were bigger, not that that's a crime or nothing, because I often wish I had bigger tits myself."

A tingling sensation began in Marsha's breasts and rapidly spread outward across her entire body. She barely had time to notice the strange feeling before it had completely passed through her and dissipated once again.

"Does John think you're perfect?" she repeated.

Without a hint of irritation, Marsha replied, "Of course, he does. Why wouldn't he?" She brushed her long silky blonde hair out of face. "Yesterday, he told me, I was his dream girl." she said as if caught in some dream herself. "I know he just adores my big boobies, which," she added proudly, "are just as big and bountiful as those of any other girl in this sorority."

"Is there some deep dark secret in your past that you want to hide from John?" asked Mrs. Sawyer.

"Well ..." she started hesitantly. "I'm really afraid that one day he's going to find out that I'm really a boy."

"And, if he found out, you're afraid you'd lose him. Aren't you."

"Of course, I'm afraid of losing him. Wouldn't you be?" replied Marsha. "What would you do, if you were me?"

"There might be something I could possibly do to prevent him from ever finding out you were once a boy." smiled Mrs. Sawyer.

"Could you really do something like that for me?" replied Marsha excitedly. "I'd be ever so grateful to you."

"We'll see." It was always more fun to make someone want to be that someone else _you_ wanted them to be, thought Mrs. Sawyer with a devilish grin. "But first, you'll have to finish answering all my questions."

On the overly defensive front, Marsha's mind kept telling her to refuse to answer any more of that evil woman's questions. There was something wrong.

But on a different front, her already altered mind had readily accepted answering the woman's invasive questions.

And in the end, answering the questions as quickly as possible had won out, simply because, once all of her questions had been answered, the sooner her interview would be concluded and the faster she'd be able to go find Johnny and have some fun. "Okay." said Marsha impatiently. "But can you ask your questions faster?"

"How long have you been a girl?"

"Almost a week now." replied Marsha. "And I'm looking forward to being a boy again tomorrow, even though it means I'm probably going to lose my Johnny."

"How long have you been a girl?" re-asked the housemother.

Marsha suddenly looked bewildered. "You know, that's a really strange question, Mrs. Sawyer. The answer hasn't changed since you asked me that same question not quite a minute ago." She fluffed her hair. "I've been a girl from the day I was born."

"Have you ever wanted to be a boy?" asked Helen Sawyer.

"Whatever for?" gasped Marsha. "Are you on drugs or something, Mrs. Sawyer?" asked Marsha brazenly. "Why would _I_ ever want to be a boy?" she asked curiously. "Look at me, Mrs. Sawyer." She struck a suggestive pose, one hand resting on her hip. "If _you_ looked like _me_, would _you_ want to be a boy?" she asked with a wry smile. "Besides if I were a boy, Johnny wouldn't want to be my boyfriend anymore. And I certainly wouldn't want to miss all the fun we've been having the last several years."

"Do you know a boy named Mark Jensen or a girl named Marsha Jensen?"

The girl's brow furrowed in deep thought. "I don't think so, Mrs. Sawyer." she replied without apparent doubt. "They have the same last name. Are they related somehow? Could they be brother and sister?" she asked.

But Mrs. Sawyer didn't answer the girl's questions. She would never know, nor even care, what the relationship between Mark and Marsha was or had been. Instead, Mrs. Sawyer posed another question to her. "What is your name, young lady?" she smugly asked.

"You already know my name, Mrs. Sawyer." replied the girl. "If you didn't know my name, then you couldn't have been using it throughout this interview as you have." The girl smiled happily. "But I know that you want me to answer all your questions completely, even those that are really stupid." she remarked ever so casually. "My name is Arianna Kathleen Markers." she announced, as if it had been her name forever.

Mrs. Sawyer smiled. But it saddened her to think that she had almost completed the rewriting of Arianna's memories. These things are always quite enjoyable and so much fun to do, she thought. And they always provide me with such incredible pleasure. But now, she needed to finish this phase of her plan. "Who is you best friend, Arianna?"

"Vanessa Stevens." replied Arianna quickly. "We've known each other since we were little girls. She's almost like a sister to me."

"Very good." said Mrs. Sawyer. "For just a moment, I want you to stand before the mirror, Arianna. I want you to admire yourself and think of who you are."

Arianna stood before mirror.

"Now, close your eyes, Arianna and remember who _you_ are and who _you've_ always been. And now, everyone you've ever known remembers you as you are, Arianna." It is done, thought Helen Sawyer. "You may now open your eyes, Arianna."

With some lingering confusion, Arianna quickly scanned the room after opening her eyes. Something seemed to different, but she didn't know what it could be."

"Are you alright, Arianna?" asked Mrs. Sawyer.

"I think so, Mrs. Sawyer." In an attempt to clear out the cobwebs, she shook her head. "Did I fall asleep?" she asked in embarrassment.

"Not at all, my dear." replied the housemother. "You just closed your eyes for second or two." She paused. "Do you know why I called you in to see me, Arianna."

"Yes." she replied. "No." she countered. "Not really." she admitted anxiously.

"I wanted to congratulate you on being the newest sister of the Sigma Beta Beta sorority."

"Really." gushed Arianna excitedly. "Since I was last one to be called upstairs, I was more than a little worried that you were going to toss me out on my ear."

"Now why would we ever want to do that." replied Mrs. Sawyer. "Especially to you, my dear. You belong here now. And you're absolutely perfect for Sigma Beta Beta."

"Thank you, Mrs. Sawyer." blushed Arianna. "I'll do my best to make you proud of me."

"I know you will, my dear." grinned the housemother like a Cheshire cat.

But then, the door to Mrs. Sawyer's room swung open.

"Mrs. Sawyer?" asked Vanessa as she entered. "Are you here?"

"Vanessa?" replied Helen Sawyer. "I thought you were attending to our guest."

"I was, Mrs. Sawyer." she replied. "I've been showing him all around my room. But now, he's pooped out on me." she frowned in extreme disappointment. "I left him in my room. And as totally unbelievable as this sounds, he's _actually_ sleeping in my bed right now. And I didn't even get the chance to show him _everything_ I wanted to show him."

"Perhaps, I should go check on him." she said. Leaving Arianna and Vanessa alone, she slowly left the room.

The two girl's looked at each other for a minute. Then both of them smiled broadly.

"Did you make it in, Ari?" asked Vanessa.

"Of course, I did, Nes." she replied. "For a while, I thought it was a little touch and go, since I was the very last girl interviewed by Mrs. Sawyer. But how about you, Nes? Did you make it too."

"Was there ever a doubt, Ari? I just knew that both of us would be accepted tonight. I mean, how could we not make it? Both of us just fit in so well here with all the other girls."

The two girls hugged one another.

And a giggle or two filled the air.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 14 - Confronted by Crissy
by Bill Hart

Even though most of them had lasted only a few minutes, Mrs. Sawyer was happy that all the interviews were finally over. And she was satisfied that everything had worked out as she'd planned, if not even better. Instead of adding only the two new girls Vanessa and Arianna along with the new pledges, she'd been able to add four girls instead. Laura Miller would work out alright, but Helen Sawyer sensed that there was something about Holly Lochner, who had been Crissy Wagner when she'd first arrived at the sorority, that would prove to be trouble sometime in the future.

But she also knew she wouldn't have to deal with Crissy Wagner until it became absolutely necessary.

And right now, Helen Sawyer was exhausted. As she'd expected, it had drained her to complete the transformations of the two boys pledging that fraternity into the two new sorority girls she'd required to complete her plans. She needed to rest for a while, before she could begin to think of doing anything else. It had been a very long week and, after she looked in on Tom Larson, she would gladly resume her quiet role of housemother for a while.

But as she walked towards Vanessa's room to check up on their slumbering guest, she began to sense trouble brewing. Looking down into the heart of the party, she saw Holly Lochner staring up at her with an all-too-knowing grin.

Helen Sawyer sighed. In spite of the long week and her exhaustion, she now knew it wasn't over yet. In flawless hindsight, she also knew that she should have never let DeeDee convince her into letting Crissy stay for even a single night. Even with her subsequent alteration into Holly, Mrs. Sawyer had had a premonition that very first night. There would be problems with that girl, sooner or later. But she had hoped it would be later, not sooner.

Deciding it would be alright to look in on Tom later, Mrs. Sawyer went downstairs to speak with Crissy. And the girl that everyone else knew as Holly watched her descent like a predatory hawk.

"Good evening, Mrs. Sawyer." Crissy said calmly.

"Good evening, Holly." replied the housemother as she led the girl to an empty corner at the far end of the room. "Although I would imagine you'd rather be called Crissy once more."

"How long have you known I was really Crissy Wagner and not this Holly Lochner, that I somehow appear to be?"

"I've known all along, my dear." replied Mrs. Sawyer. "I just didn't realize that you knew until a couple of minutes ago. But when I looked down and saw you staring up at me, I knew we needed to talk. You do realize that you were never supposed to remember anything about having been Crissy Wagner? Don't you?"

"I guessed that much. But I still don't remember everything." replied Crissy with more confidence then she actually felt. "I have lots of fuzzy spots up here." She tapped her head with her finger. "And some things tend to come and go without much warning. But what I really find confusing and would like to understand is why I remember anything about my real self at all."

"An interesting question, Crissy. I wish I knew the answer to that myself." said Mrs. Sawyer. "For some reason, you're different from other girls. I don't know why, but it's almost as if you were somehow immune from any harmful effects caused by magic."

"But how could _I_ have some kind of immunity?" asked Crissy, unfazed by Mrs. Sawyer's use of the word _magic_.

"I don't know for certain." replied Mrs. Sawyer. "There are several possibilities. There are few of you mortals who are naturally immune to the long-term effects produced by magic. And there some of you who possess a very powerful innate magic of self. Any of those fortunate individuals, which I suspect includes you, may be transmuted in the short-term, but, over time, their true selves eventually reassert themselves and they regain their original appearances.

"However, there are some mortals who might gain their protection from a wizard or a sorceress. But there aren't many magic wielders of either sex my equal running about the mortal plane." Mrs. Sawyer suddenly stared with intense concentration at Crissy for an instant. "As I expected. Nothing." she remarked casually. "Not that there was any reason to believe you might be under _his_ protection."

"_His_ protection??" asked Crissy. "What do mean _his_ protection?"

"Who _he_ is, is unimportant, Crissy. But I suppose, by now, you have realized that given enough time you'll probably remember everything completely, more or less. If what I suspect is true, you'll probably also regain your true form. And even those things that you don't remember outright, you should be able to quickly deduce."

Crissy looked at Mrs. Sawyer with somewhat lessened confusion. "You mean things like knowing that Stella Wilson, who used to be Steve Wilson, is now Vanessa Stevens." she stated matter-of-factly.

"Exactly. And it wouldn't take you very long to deduce that Stella's friend, Marsha Jensen, who was Mark Jensen at the beginning of the week, has now become, and in fact has always been, Arianna Markers."

"That almost makes sense in a strange sort of way." replied Crissy. "I know I haven't actually met Arianna yet, but I have memories of knowing her since we were both young girls." Crissy shook her head in amazement. "How very strange."

"I'm certain you'll understand that I must neutralize you, Crissy." said Mrs. Sawyer. "As you are now, you're a potential threat to me."

"I understand your reasoning. But I have no wish to die yet, Mrs. Sawyer." replied Crissy nervously. "Or will you just wipe me out of existence, as if I'd never been born."

Mrs. Sawyer sighed. "There is seldom a need for me to kill any one, my dear. I absolutely despise needless violence. And in probing your aura, from whatever its source of origin, you are totally protected from being unmade." She sighed again. "I really do wish I had the time and energy to properly analyze that amazing aura of yours so I could discover the ultimate source of such exceptionally strong protective forces. You could be a very formidable ally, Crissy. But unfortunately, you could also become an extremely formidable foe."

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Crissy, who, although badly frightened, was just as equally determined not to show her fear to the woman confronting her.

"I could transform you again." mused Helen Sawyer. "There's already a stray Irish setter bitch running about the campus. In a way, she was a friend of yours ... sort of. I'm sure you remember that overly friendly and truly officious campus cop named Pete Potter. By now, I'm sure she'd really appreciate a little canine company somewhat different than those she's been _entertaining_ the last few days. You could share her burden." Mrs. Sawyer began laughing heartily.

"But, I suspect that protective aura of yours would eventually negate that transformation given enough time. However, there does appear to be a small loophole in the workings of your aura. It seems it will allow me to remove the effects of any magic, providing that removal is no way harmful to you. Of course, your aura itself can not be changed or affected this way, so I'm simply going to cancel out all the magic that's been directed towards you since the night you arrived here to stay with DeeDee Marston."

"What will that do to me?" worriedly asked Crissy.

"It will restore your true appearance, Crissy. It should also effectively erase all of the events of the past week from your mind. And since that magic will be _helpful_, and in no way _harmful_, to you, your protective aura will not invoke itself to shield you its effects."

"Will all of that be permanent?"

"Perhaps. Perhaps not." replied Mrs. Sawyer. "It is highly probable that the memory loss will be permanent, but I've never tried this before and have neither guide nor precedent to follow. However, as I'm sure you'll agree, it's the only workable solution to my problem at this moment. It will have to suffice."

"But what about DeeDee." argued Crissy not eager to have her meager, yet slowly returning, memories of the last week totally purged. "She thought I was threat to her relationship with Terry Jenkins. She wanted me completely out of her way. That must have been why she had that old lady Ms. Helgard transform me into this Holly person in the first place. She won't be all that happy to see Crissy return."

"I am well aware of all of that." replied the housemother wearily. "Just as I am also aware of the few small additions that DeeDee somehow managed to attach to that final spell as it was cast. You need not worry, I'll take care of DeeDee. She won't remember Holly at all. No one will. And she'll believe that Laura Miller, not Crissy Wagner, has actually been her long time competition for the affections of Mr. Jenkins. That should make you safe from any future reprisals from DeeDee."

"But what about Laura?"

"She'll be just fine. Since she's already adjusted so well to being a member of this sorority, I'll let her stay. DeeDee will accept that without question. And she'll believe that Laura's pregnancy is punishment enough."

"What?" asked Crissy in total surprise. "When and how did Laura get pregnant."

"I wish I knew how she managed it." answered Mrs. Sawyer. "There is no way, other than by magic, that I can adequately explain her pregnancy. But at this time, it appears to be a perfectly normal and natural pregnancy of four weeks, even though Laura was Larry, and quite male, just the day before yesterday. Even stranger, according to DeeDee's little spell addendum, _you_ were the one who was supposed to be pregnant now, while Larry should have just become your best friend Laura."

Crissy smiled. Some things would be best not told, she sensed. And there was no real reason to tell Mrs. Sawyer about waking up in Larry's bed at his fraternity house with Laura, or trying to explain what she thought the two of them must have done the night before. But at least it, sort of anyway, explained why Larry had remained Laura.

"So when are you going to do this?"

"Right now." Mrs. Sawyer snapped her fingers. "But don't worry, it's totally painless."

But Crissy hadn't heard the housemother's last words. She'd become woozy, as an incredibly odd feeling of dizziness quickly overtook her. She felt like she were falling forever into a bottomless pit.

And then, the rest of Crissy's world blanked out.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 15 - Crissy Returns from ?????
by Bill Hart

The next thing Crissy knew, she was waking up outside on a very hard wooden bench. Her face was being licked by an Irish setter. As she sat up, she swept her auburn hair away from her face, while the setter watched her every movement with big sorrowful eyes.

"Good morning, girl." she said as she looked at the dog with an odd feeling that somewhere and sometime they must have met before. But just how, she wondered, could I have ever _met_ this dog before.

The setter whimpered briefly, then rested her head gently in Crissy's lap, as she continued to stare forlornly into Crissy's eyes.

In an unsuccessful attempt to clear the cobwebs out of her mind, Crissy shook her head. She began to wonder why this dog she'd never seen before should be acting so friendly towards her. And Crissy couldn't help but wonder about what could have happened to her that would have made her this incredibly sad.

She wondered where she was.

And, wherever she was, she wondered how she'd got there.

Everything in her mind was swirling around in a confused daze.

Except for one thing. She knew exactly who she was. And that was Crissy Wagner, but just about everything past knowing her name was fuzzy and muddled.

Crissy stood up and looked around, but, with the exception of the sorority house, nothing seemed overly familiar. "Well girl?" she asked the setter. "Where do you think I should go from here?"

* * * * *

As Mrs. Sawyer stared down from her window at the scene unfolding at the bench below, she smiled. Crissy seemed befuddled, which was as she'd expected. Although she was also certain that Crissy's confused state wouldn't last very long.

But it definitely appeared that this part of Crissy's neutralization had worked exactly as she'd expected. She could only hope that the rest would be just as successful.

* * * * *

All of a sudden, the barking of the dog standing next to her startled Crissy. And when she looked around to find its cause, she saw some girls approaching from the sorority house.

"Do you need some help, Crissy?" asked the girl that Crissy's mind told her was Dianne Marston. "One of the girls in my sorority saw you sitting out here all alone and talking to that." With obvious disgust, she pointed at the setter, who, not appearing to like the girl either, growled back at her in return.

"I don't know." replied Crissy. "Everything is just so very fuzzy, right now. And I really don't have any idea where I'm supposed to be. But aren't you Dianne Marston?"

"Yes, I am, Crissy. At least you remember me." replied DeeDee. "Do you remember anybody else on campus?"

"I can't seem to remember anybody else at all, but all three of you seem awfully familiar somehow." She looked at the other two girls. "And I have this really strong impression that I should know both of you.

DeeDee looked at the other girls. In return, they shrugged their shoulders and shook their heads. "Do you remember that all of my friends call me DeeDee?" she asked.

In response to hearing Dianne's nickname, Crissy, subconsciously, glanced over at Deedee's breasts. But when her consciousness became aware of what she was doing, she abruptly reddened. "I'm really sorry. I don't have the slightest idea why I was doing that."

"Don't worry about it, Crissy. I'm actually very used to seeing that reaction." smiled DeeDee. "DeeDee has been a nickname of mine since I was a little girl and long before these babies decided to grow so big." She sighed. "You wouldn't believe just how many guys stare at _them_, when I tell them my name, although most girls just look at me with sheer contempt."

"Are we friends, Dianne?" asked Crissy hesitantly. "You called me Crissy, as if we know each other."

"Of course, we're friends Crissy." replied DeeDee. "Have you somehow forgotten about us being really good friends for the past several years?"

One of the other girls coughed.

"Oh, where are my manners." exclaimed DeeDee. Indicating the dark haired girl, she said, "Crissy, this is Vanessa Stevens." And then, pointing toward the blonde, "And this is Arianna Markers. They are two of my newest sorority sisters." she said with pride. "It's really too bad that you missed the pledge party last night. I think you would have been a great addition to Sigma Beta Beta."

For a moment, images of a party flashed through Crissy's mind. But before she had time to recognize where she'd been or when, they were gone once again.

"Maybe we should call your boyfriend DeeDee." suggested Vanessa.

"That's a good idea, Nes." replied Arianna. "He knows an awful lot of people on this campus. He might even know her or, quite possibly, he'll know someone who knows she's missing."

"I'll go call Terry and have him come right over." said DeeDee.

Terry? That name strikes a familiar chord, thought Crissy. "Is that Terry Jenkins?" she asked them.

"Why, yes it is." answered DeeDee. "He's my boyfriend. But then, you already knew that. Do you remember him now?"

"I don't know." replied Crissy. "Maybe. His name sounds very familiar."

"You'll see him for yourself, as soon as he gets here. Nes. Ari. Why don't you take Crissy inside the house and get her something to drink. I'll be in and rejoin you as soon as I talk to Terry."

"Thank you, DeeDee."

"Don't mention it, Crissy. That's what friends are for, you know."

The first person that Crissy saw when Vanessa and Arianna led her into the house was a pregnant girl, no more than two months along, if that, coming down the stairs. Thinking she too looked familiar, Crissy stared at her, as she tried to place where and when they might have met before.

"Hi." said the cheerful pregnant girl. "My name's Laura Miller. Are you one of the new girls?"

"No. I'm just visiting. My name's Crissy Wagner."

"It's so nice to meet you, Crissy." bubbled Laura. "I hope I'll be seeing you around later."

Crissy was suddenly struck with the thought that Laura couldn't possibly be as pregnant as she appeared - yet. But in almost the same amount of time required for the thought to be thought, it was just as suddenly gone again.

"You probably shouldn't be talking to her." remarked Arianna.

"It should be okay, Ari." said Vanessa. "As long as DeeDee doesn't find out you were talking to her."

"Why?" asked Crissy curiously. "What's wrong with her?"

"There's nothing really wrong with her." said Arianna apologetically.

Vanessa added, "Laura's really a very nice girl."

"It's just that DeeDee somehow got this really weird idea that Laura was trying to cut in on her boyfriend Terry." explained Arianna.

"And she can be very jealous." added Vanessa hurriedly. "Although she does appear to be mellowing out about these silly problems with Laura. I don't know why, but, for some strange reason, she thinks she's responsible for Laura being pregnant. Isn't that silly. How could a girl possibly get another girl pregnant?"

It might be silly, thought Crissy, but it sounds too damn familiar somehow. She wished she knew why.

"We have some lemonade in the refrigerator, Crissy." said Vanessa. "Would you like some?"

"Sure. That would be very nice." replied Crissy. "Thank you, Vanessa." She watched as Vanessa scurried off.

"I have to run too." said Arianna after looking at her watch. "I need to get ready for my lunch date with my boyfriend. I'm sure I'll be seeing you around the campus, Crissy." And she turned and ever so gracefully floated up the stairs.

Left alone, Crissy looked around the room. She couldn't believe how familar everything appeared. She should have been a stranger here, but, as incredible as it sounded, it felt as if she'd been here before. However, she couldn't recall ever being inside the house before. Looking up, she saw a red-haired girl and an older woman, neither of whom she immediately recognized, smiling down at her. But she sensed she somehow knew them, even as she realized there was no possible way she could have known either of them. When she looked up again, both of them were gone.

When Vanessa returned, she held a tall glass out to Crissy. "Here's your lemonade, Crissy."

"Thank you, Vanessa." She took a sip from the glass.

"Please call me Nes like everyone else."

"Okay, Nes."

Vanessa smiled. "Where did Ari disappear to?"

"She went upstairs." replied Crissy, as she took another sip of her lemonade. "She said something about having to get ready for her lunch date with her boyfriend."

"That's not very unusual for her. I guess I should have known. You can plainly see she's really got it bad for John. But then I think he's got it just as bad for her." said Vanessa with a smile. "What really surprises me is that Laura's pregnant and Ari isn't. And although I've told them that they'd have a lot more fun seeing other people for a while, they just won't pay any attention to 'boy crazy' Nes."

DeeDee came down the stairs. "Terry should be here in a few minutes. His fraternity isn't very far away." she told them. "Have you remembered anything else, Crissy?"

"Not really. Lots of things around here do look awful familar though." replied Crissy. "But nothing really jolts me."

The doorbell began buzzing.

"That should be Terry. I'll get it." DeeDee hurried off. And as she opened the door, Terry entered and gave her a quick little kiss.

As Terry, with DeeDee draped all over him, returned to where Crissy waited with Vanessa, he smiled when he first spotted Vanessa. "Hi, Nes." he said. "Once Alex found out I was coming over here, he asked me to say hello. That is, if I saw you."

Thinking about what she'd said to Crissy about Ari and John, Vanessa blushed.

Alex? That was a name that Crissy did _not_ recognize. She wondered who he might be.

And when Terry, still smiling, turned and saw Crissy standing there, his mouth dropped open. "Crissy." he exclaimed. "Just where the hell have you been?"

"What?" she asked as her head began to spin and swirl all over again. And in less than a single beat of her heart, Crissy, in what was rapidly becoming all too normal for her, passed out from shock.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 16 - Awake Again, Naturally
by Bill Hart

Crissy woke up laid out in a soft bed with fluffy pillows in what she assumed must be one of the spare rooms in the sorority house. I could easily get used to this, she thought. She opened her eyes and saw an unknown female face looking down at her. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Dr. Alina Hudson, Miss Wagner." replied the young woman, who looked more like another buxom member of the sorority instead of a doctor. "The housemother Mrs. Sawyer called me after you collapsed earlier. You really gave them all quite a scare, but after examining you, I wasn't able to find anything wrong with you. Have you ever had a fainting spell like this before, Miss Wagner."

"Not that I can remember, doctor."

"Well, it doesn't look serious and I see no reason that you can't go home." Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a business card that she handed to Crissy. "But I would like to see you in a couple of days for a quick and routine followup examination. Just give my office a call to set up an appointment."

"Okay, doctor. I'll do that." agreed Crissy. "Doctor Hudson?"

"Yes, Miss Wagner."

"Would you happen to know if Terry Jenkins is still waiting outside?"

"I don't know any of the girls by name." replied Dr. Hudson. "But I'll ask some of them and find out if she's still waiting."

"Terry's not one of the girls, Doctor Hudson." she quickly corrected the young woman. "He was coming here to see me. And it wasn't long after he arrived that I fainted. If he's still out there, would you please tell him I'd like to talk to him."

"There was one guy here when I arrived. I'll ask him if he's Terry Jenkins, and if he is, then I'll send him right in to see you."

"Thank you, Doctor."

Several minutes later, the door swung open and Terry walked in. He sat down in the chair beside the bed. "Are you alright, Crissy?" he asked her with concern.

"I think so." answered Crissy with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

"Where have you been?" asked Terry. "You disappeared about a week ago and then I couldn't even find anyone who remembered who you were. That really had me worried, because it reminded me of what happened to Denise. Of course, I found out the next day that Denise, who had been Dennis, had become Dianne. But with you, I didn't even have the foggiest idea of what had happened, or where to look for you. It was almost like you'd never existed at all to anybody other than me." Terry wiped the sweat from his brow. "And then today, right out of the blue, you're back again as if nothing even happened."

"I don't know if I'd say nothing happened. I don't even know where I've been, Terry. Nor have I any idea of what I might have done in all the time you say I've been missing." she tried to explain. "I remember you bringing me here so DeeDee could put me up for a few days. And then, the next thing I know, I'm waking up outside this morning on this really hard wooden bench having my face licked by an Irish setter. And even DeeDee has been treating me as if I'm one of her long lost friends." Crissy turned and very carefully looked around the room. "Tell me who I am, Terry." she whispered.

Terry looked at her warily. "You're Crissy Wagner." he answered.

"I know that." she anguished. "But I'm also somebody else too. And you know it. Who else am I, Terry?"

"I don't think we should talk about that here."

"Would you just shut up and tell me who else I am." demanded Crissy.

"Okay. Just calm down for a minute." Terry quickly looked around the room again. "You're really my roommate, fraternity brother, and best friend in the whole world, Chris Wagner." said Terry.

"Oh, thank god." exclaimed Crissy, sounding very relieved. "When I woke up and saw that woman doctor standing over me, all of these really strange thoughts about wanting to fondle _her_ breasts began racing through my mind. And then all these memories of me, a _very_ male me, began flooding back into my mind. Thinking those thoughts made me think I was going crazy." She sighed in relief. "Can we get out of this strange place now? The doctor said I could leave."

"I suppose I could tell them I know where you live." said Terry. "And that I will take you home."

"Won't that upset DeeDee?"

"I doubt it." replied Terry calmly. "For some strange reason, she's never been overly jealous of you or any of the time we spend together, even when you're a girl as you are now. What's really weird is you're the only girl I can talk to that doesn't result in her throwing one of her infamous jealously tantrums. And I really can't see her changing now." He quickly scanned the room. "I mean, it's not as if you're Laura Miller, not that I ever gave DeeDee any reason to be jealous of her. All I did was walk her home one night after a late class." he explained. "I'll go tell them that I'm taking you home. I'll be back in just a few minutes."

As she watched Terry leave the room, Crissy remembered the pregnant girl he'd mentioned. She'd met Laura when she'd entered the sorority. But she also remembered all of things that Ari and Nes had said about Laura being the target of DeeDee's insane jealously. And even more peculiar, Crissy suddenly pictured Laura as a young man in a football uniform. But as she tried to focus on that image, the young man's belly quickly swelled, _his_ football jersey rapidly shifted into _her_ cheerleader's attire, and Laura's face and form replaced those of the familiar looking young man she hadn't quite been able to recognize.

"Forget it." she mumbled to herself half-heartedly. "Laura is pregnant. There's no way in hell she could possibly be a boy."

Soon, to Crissy's great relief, Terry returned. "I told them that I was going to take you home." Terry told her. "Nobody disagreed. But I did get this rather peculiar feeling that both the housemother Mrs. Sawyer and that odd doctor friend of hers would be very relieved to see you leaving soon. C'mon, Crissy. Let's get out of here."

As they left the room, Crissy spotted that pretty red-haired girl she'd seen earlier with the older woman. And even though Crissy had no idea who the girl might be, she'd smiled at Crissy as if they were long time friends.

And when they left the house a few minutes later, Crissy was still puzzling over who that pretty girl with the red hair could possibly be.

* * * * *

Helen Sawyer and Dr. Alina Hudson watched from the housemother's window as Crissy and Terry left. They were apparently heading for his fraternity house.

"I'm certainly glad they're finally gone. But it certainly looks like Miss Wagner won't be recalling anything of any significant importance for the time being, that is, if she actually remembers anything at all about the past few days. But to be on the safe side, I've added a little something extra special to the spell removing all those cast on her since she arrived to stay with DeeDee. It should keep her very busy for a while. And that strong protective aura of hers shouldn't deem my small addendum harmful to her in any way."

Helen Sawyer turned to her friend, who had, all the while Helen had been speaking to her, unbuttoned her blouse before beginning to lightly rub her ample breasts and nimbly finger her large nipples. "Would you stop that." demanded Helen of Alina. "You're a god damn professional woman now. Would you please act like one?"

"But this feels so good." whined Alina refusing to stop.

"I don't give a damn how good it feels." snapped Helen. "I said stop it. And that means, stop it right now." she ordered.

Alina began to pout. "If you're going to be so mean to me, then why did you bother to give me this form and really great boobs in the first place? You never let me have any fun." she said sounding like a petulant spoiled rotten little child. "Besides, it's all your fault anyway, Helen. You've always known how much I just love playing with big titties, but you gave them to me anyway." she smirked. "And you want to know something really fascinating, Helen? I never realized before now just how much better it actually feels when the big titties I'm playing with actually belong to me."

"Why do I put up with you Hudson?" groaned Helen.

"I don't know." replied Alina. Continuing to softly stroke her breasts, she moaned with mounting pleasure. "Why do you put up with me?" she asked, pinching one of her nipples and letting out another soft moan as her ecstatic feelings continued to build unchecked.

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 17 - Off to See the Wizard
by Bill Hart

Leaving Sigma Beta Beta, Terry and Crissy followed an indirect path on their way to the mall. Fueled by their increased suspicions and sudden paranoia about Mrs. Sawyer and Dr. Hudson, they decided that this subterfuge was warranted. They headed first in the general direction of the fraternity house instead. And once they were certain they were completely out of the line of sight of the sorority, they'd abruptly changed their direction to head straight for the old man's shop in the mall.

They needed to see the wizard as soon as possible. Even if she were unable to remember how or why she did, she knew she no longer had any compelling reasons to remain a girl. As a result, Crissy began thinking about looking forward to once again being her old self Chris. And just maybe the old man, who seemed to know everything about anything anyway, might be able to provide them with some clues about what had happened to her and where she'd been for the past week.

Along the way to the mall, Crissy couldn't help but notice that nearly guy they passed stopped, then turned around to stare at her. She found their reactions really annoying and most uncomfortable. It was so blatantly obvious, to anyone seeing them ogling her, exactly what they had on their minds. But remembering DeeDee's experiences with boys staring at her breasts whenever they heard her name, she suddenly felt ashamed of herself. After all, wasn't she, when she was Chris, guilty of doing exactly the same thing to other girls that she found so annoying and uncomfortable now.

"How long did you say I was missing?" asked Crissy.

"About a week." replied Terry. "It wasn't very long after I left you with DeeDee at the sorority."

"I wonder where I was? I remember arriving at the sorority, but then after that everything's pretty much all a blank. I get these flashes of things and people every now and again, but they never last long before they disappear again."

Another young man walked past them. However, when Crissy caught him staring this time, she decided that maybe it wasn't so bad being eyed and appraised by all these guys. It was definitely better than being ignored. And besides, if DeeDee could handle guys staring at her, then so could she.

"You know, Crissy, it's too bad we didn't wait one more night before going over to the sorority." said Terry. "Had we waited, then you probably wouldn't have had to spend any time there at all."

"Why's that?"

"You remember that obnoxious campus cop who was giving you such a hard time about jaywalking?"

"Yeah. Officer Pete Potter." she groaned suddenly remembering why she was a girl right now. "How could I forget that sexist asshole." she snapped sharply. "What about him?"

"He disappeared the same night you did." replied Terry. "There were a few reports of him being seen in the vicinity of the sorority house just a few hours before he disappeared. I think he was looking for you. But after that ... poof ... he was just gone ... vanished completely. But it wasn't much like your disappearance. Nobody's been able to find him, even though there have been scores of people searching nearly everywhere for him."

Momentarily, Crissy's mind flashed back to the Irish setter that had been licking her face when she woke this morning. How strange, she thought. The she wondered ... but no, she thought, that wasn't possible. But then that thought, like so many others, faded away.

"You know, Crissy, it's really a shame you don't remember more about what's happened to you. Last night was the Sigma Beta Beta pledge party," Terry reminded her, "and if you'd been inside the sorority house last night, you might have been able to tell all our brothers exactly how those buxom beauties put their pledges through hell."

Crissy looked at him with a puzzled expression. "But what about Steve and Mark?" she asked.

Now it was Terry's turn to look puzzled. "Who are Steve and Mark?" he asked curiously.

"They're a couple of our really cute pledges." she replied with a sly smile. "Steve Wilson. And Mark Jensen. The two of them very bravely volunteered to sneak into the sorority so they could tell us what went down."

"Cute pledges? Brave volunteers?" replied a suddenly surprised Terry. "Are you sure that you're feeling alright, old buddy. In all the other times you've become Crissy, I never once heard you refer to another guy as _cute_ before."

"_I_ did?" she asked sounding very mixed up.

"You sure did. And we had no volunteers, brave or otherwise, take Alex up on his offer."

"Are you sure?" asked Crissy still baffled. "I could have sworn those two volunteered. And who's this Alex anyway?"

"To answer, your first question, I'm very sure." said Terry. "There are lots of people really frightened by the things they think go on inside that sorority. And I think even you'd be surprised by how many people are actually frightened of that strange housemother of theirs. But you've meet Helen Sawyer, so I shouldn't have to tell you anything about her. And as a result of all that shit, we couldn't find a single pledge of ours with the balls to volunteer.

"Besides, I'd bet that Alex, who, to answer your second question, is the frat president, already knows nearly everything he ever expected a volunteer to discover."

"What about Tom Larson?" she asked. "I remember him being the frat president."

Terry looked more worried. "Never heard of him. Don't you remember? Alex became president when Dennis was erased from reality." he told her. "Larson?" he mused. "The only Larson that comes immediately to mind is CeeJay, one of DeeDee's sorority sisters. But I think DeeDee told me there was another one, totally unrelated to CeeJay, who, until she became a full sister last night, was one of their new pledges."

Crissy appeared even more mystified than before. "But why should this Alex person know anything at all about what went on at the Sigma Beta Beta pledge party?"

Terry smiled at his puzzled friend. "You really have been Crissy far too long this time. You don't know that Alex got himself a new girlfriend. You met her earlier, that hot little fox Vanessa Stevens. Alex was out all night last night and came back this morning totally spent. And DeeDee told me that Nes spent almost the entire evening last night up in her room _entertaining_ a special guest of the house. Even I can put two and two together and come with four, _most_ of the time."

For the briefest of moments, Crissy saw herself, in her mind's eye, standing next to Steve Wilson at the party last night. But when she realized that Steve couldn't possibly have been there, the image her mind held of Steve Wilson began to shimmer and blur about the edges. And when the image became stable again and had refocused, Steve had been morphed into Vanessa Stevens, even as he had, in Crissy's mind, become her.

Crissy shook her head. Despite all the things Terry had just told her, she could have sworn that the really cute Mark Jensen had bravely volunteered to crash the party. But she also knew that one guy, all alone and without any help, would probably have had very little chance of finding some way inside the sorority.

Another young man wandered past them. And like all of the others, he stopped to turn his steady gaze on her. When Crissy saw him staring, she smiled with undisguised amusement. Why shouldn't I let him look, she thought? Besides, I think I really like being the object of all this attention. And he is kind of cute, she mused, that is, for a guy.

"Is there anything else that happened in the last week I should know about?" asked Crissy. She casually flicked her hair away from the front of her face.

"We found out that John Helton's family is rich - very rich. It's apparently really old money, but John never wants to talk about it." smiled Terry. "I'll bet that there's probably some hell of a scandal involved, but John says no. He just wants to be one of the guys."

"Then he'll probably get in. You and I both know how much money talks nowadays." Crissy put her hand on her hip. "Terry?" she asked. "Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Well ... Uh ... Sure." replied Terry, uncertain of his friend's apparently volatile state of mind. He began to wonder if he should have left her at the sorority. "But if want to talk about babes," he tried to the subject, "then you should see John's girlfriend. She's another one of those buxom and beautiful new Sigma Beta Beta girls. Her name's Arianna Markers. She's a gorgeous blonde, and according to John, they've been _friends_ for a very long time."

Suddenly, Mark Jensen's image popped into her mind, but a bright flash, like thousands of exploding flashbulbs, blinded her mind's eye. And as her mind's sight slowly returned, the image that had been Mark had been replaced by Arianna Markers. And in Crissy's mind, Mark had been forever seared away.

"I've known Ari since we were little girls, although I just met her this morning." replied Crissy, as Terry, more worried than before, stared at her as he tried not to believe what he heard from her. "I guess, John's a lucky guy. It's just too bad he didn't meet _me_ first." she added cattily. "And it's really awful that we couldn't find anyone to sneak in that house last night."

Terry continued to stare at Crissy, who quite obviously wasn't well. "Yeah. It's too bad."

When they finally reached the old man's shop, Terry was relieved. He really hoped the old man could straighten out whatever was wrong with his best friend. But before they'd had time to enter his shop, Crissy had spotted another young man ogling her with overly obvious intent. Only this time, she had reacted quite differently.

She had smiled back wantonly at the young man.

She also had felt a strange, but very pleasurable, and overwhelmingly powerful physical attraction for the young man she'd never seen before.

She had begun to slink most provocatively in his direction.

Terry grabbed her arm. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked her in angry mystification.

"Over there." she purred. "He awfully cute, you know. And he certainly looks like he could be loads of fun. If you know what I mean?"

"But you can't go over there."

"And why can't I? I'm not _your_ girlfriend." she replied. Then she smiled at him bawdily. "Oh ... _I_ see it all clearly now." She winked at him. "_You_ want _me_ ... don't you, Terry? Well ... I won't tell DeeDee, if you won't." And then, to punctuate her newly flirtatious manner, Crissy pulled him into a snug embrace and kissed him long and hard.

"Wow!" panted Terry breathlessly as Crissy pulled back from him. His knees had buckled. His mind spun wildly. He didn't know how much time had passed. And he was certainly glad now, he'd had that tonsillectomy last summer. But as he regained a modicum of composure, he said to her, "Crissy, we have to go inside. We must talk to the wizard."

"Do we have to?" she sullenly whined.

"Yes, Crissy." he replied. "We _have_ to."

"Well, alright then." she agreed reluctantly. "But afterwards, you and I need to go someplace to relax and have some _real_ fun." She wrapped her arm around his waist. "Now. If we're going in there, then let's go in with a little style."

A Strangeness at the Sorority House Part 18 - Normality(?) Resumed
by Bill Hart

As they entered through the door of the wizard's shop, the little bell overhead tinkled, as always, to announce their arrival.

"Terry. And Crissy?" the wizard addressed them warmly. "Welcome back again." He stared at Crissy, who was continuing to hang all over Terry's body. "It looks appears that you've had an interesting week as Crissy."

"I wouldn't know." she replied in purely sensuous tones. "I don't remember anything that's happened in the last week." She gave Terry an affectionate little peck on the cheek.

"We thought that you might have some idea of what had happened to her." said Terry. "You seem to know just about everything."

Crissy continued to distract him with her gentle caresses.

The wizard smiled sheepishly. "I really must apologize to both of you, but I haven't been paying very much attention to either of your activities over the past week. I know I should have, but I've been spending nearly all of my free time looking for that old friend of mine who disappeared."

"You haven't found him yet?" asked Terry.

"No." replied the wizard. "And that really has me worried."

"I really hate to bother you with shit like this, but, you know, it might do you a lot of good if you took a little time out to do something else for a while. Even if only for a couple of minutes?" Terry suggested to the old man. "Besides, I think there's something terribly wrong with Crissy. For most of last week, she simply disappeared and couldn't be found. Even though she acted a little odd earlier, she wasn't acting anywhere nearly as weird then, as she is now. And you should probably change her back into Chris."

"Of course, Terry. It should only take a minute." The wizard looked Crissy over carefully. "Do you want to be Chris again?" he asked her.

"No, I don't think so." she sensually replied, as Terry's mouth dropped wide open in surprise. "I really like being Crissy. I feel so wonderful as me. And now, I feel so incredibly sexy all the time." She turned to face Terry. "Not only that, lover, but I'm just plain fucking horny for _you_ all the time."

Terry blushed brightly. He looked to the wizard and shrugged his shoulders in an obvious plea for help.

"You didn't take another one of your 'Love Pills,' did you?" the old man asked Terry bluntly.

"Of course not." Terry snapped back at him.

"I was just asking. It was the obvious first question given her current actions." replied the wizard. "You don't have be so testy about it." He turned back and carefully re-examined Crissy. Suddenly, he smiled. "Ah ha. There's the problem."

"What is it?" asked Terry as Crissy continued to cling possessively to him.

"Somehow, she's managed to catch a spirus." explained the wizard. "It's no wonder I missed it the first time."

"What the hell is a _spirus_?"

"It's a contraction for 'spell virus.' But her having one is very strange, since they are very rarely caught by mere mortals." replied the wizard. "And I have no idea where she could have possibly acquired this one. The most common source of a spirus is an unclean or infected spell typically cast by an inexperienced spellcaster."

"Can you cure her of this spirus?" asked Terry.

"The easiest thing would be to let it run its course. It's not dangerous or contagious, but it is one hell of a nuisance." replied the wizard. "Letting it run its course will take a minimum of seven to ten days." He took another look at Crissy. "But you don't have that much time, Terry, unless you're looking forward to being the father of her child." Terry shook his head. "I didn't think so. However, I just might have something in the backroom." He scooted off to his storeroom and in the blink of an eye returned with a small vial of prescription pills. "These should do the trick very nicely." he stated. "Crissy, I want you to take one of these pills."

"I don't wanna." she whined irritably.

"If you don't take one right now, I won't let you and Terry have any more fun."

"What?" blurted Terry.

"Oh, alright." grumbled Crissy in a snit. "But I'm doing this for Terry." She glanced at him and smiled sexily, then turned and glared daggers at the wizard. "_Not_ for you, old man." She snatched the pill from the wizard's hand and gulped it down. Several minutes passed. "Oh shit." she exclaimed as she clutched her throbbing head, looking very pale and ready to swoon. "I need to sit down." she said weakly.

The wizard waved his hand and suddenly a chair stood beside Crissy. And before she had time to fall, Terry quickly helped his woozy friend sit down.

"What did you give her?" asked Terry.

"It was a simple antispellotic." casually replied the wizard. "And before you ask, antispellotics fight spiruses, just like your more common antibiotics combat your simple viruses."

"Oh." said Terry simply.

"What happened?" asked Crissy as she looked up, her head still spinning, from her seat.

"You were infected with a spirus." replied the wizard. "And I gave you an antispellotic to knock it down a peg or two. You should be feeling better now."

"What the hell is a spirus?" she asked in bewilderment. "And what's an antispellotic?"

The old man looked at her, then turned his gaze across to Terry.

"Don't worry about any of that stuff right now, Crissy." said Terry. "I'll try and explain all of this weird shit to you after we return to the frat."

"And why am I still Crissy?" she snarled. "Didn't we come here to turn me back into my real self again?"

The wizard snapped his fingers. "I'm sure you would have preferred a slower transformation, but this little welcomed diversion of yours has already taken more time than I expected. And I really don't have much more time to spare."

Chris nervously walked over and peered cautiously into the mirror. "Am I ever glad to be just plain old me again." he sighed in great relief. "Thanks, old man."

"Don't mention it, Chris." replied the wizard. "You know, I like to think of you and Terry as my friends. And I really hope you think of me in the same way."

"Sometimes." replied Terry and Chris in unison.

Both of them extended their hand to shake the wizard's hand. But as the wizard shook each of their hands in turn, he secretly probed both of them. And, although he didn't show reveal anything to his friends, he was more than a little surprised by what his probings had detected.

As they opened the shop's door to leave, the wizard stopped them. "Don't forget these." He held out the bottle of antispellotics to Chris. "You'll need to take one of these a day until they're all gone." But as he handed Chris the bottle, he covertly cast a small spell, completely unnoticed, over both of them."

"We'll see you next time." said Chris.

"Don't forget to take the antispellotics, Chris." said the wizard. "I seriously doubt that _you_ would enjoy suffering a relapse of _this_ particular spirus, when you're male again."

"I won't forget." replied Chris. "Thank you again."

Then Terry and Chris walked out through the shop's door and into the mall. But as they did, they accidentally bumped into ...

"It's you." Chris exclaimed.

"Do I know you?" asked the redheaded girl who Chris had seen earlier at the sorority. "I've seen him," she indicated Terry, "at the Sigma Beta Beta sorority with one of my new sorority sisters DeeDee Marston. But I can't recall ever meeting _you_ before." She suddenly smiled at Chris. "And believe me, I would never forget meeting someone as really cute as you."

Oh, oh, thought Chris, I goofed. I've only seen her when I was Crissy. "I've seen you around the campus." he said trying to cover his miscue. "And I've been wanting to meet you for a long time."

"Really." she answered with some surprise.

"My name's Chris." he told her. "Chris Wagner." He extended his hand towards her.

The girl smiled back warmly. "My name's Tomina." she replied. She took his proffered hand. "Tomina Larson."

* * * * *

The wizard was extremely perplexed by all the strangeness in the air.

He hadn't intended to take any more time away from his search, but his curiosity had overwhelmed him. Even after accounting for the two transformations and the spirus, his probe of Chris had turned up far more magical residue than he should have had.

He couldn't explain it.

And he didn't like things he couldn't explain.

Terry had mentioned something earlier about Crissy disappearing for a few days. He made a pair of assumptions, then re-looked at the data from his probe. He smiled with the discovery that there _was_ just enough extra magical residue to account for Crissy being transformed into someone or something else about a week ago and then changed back again into Crissy just a few hours ago.

But, unless someone with exceptionally strong magic was involved, one additional transformation of Crissy, not to mention two, should have been impossible. He was now glad that he had followed his instincts and added that strong protective aura and the numerous other anti-magical detectors to the spell he'd used that night to transform Chris into Crissy. If he hadn't, then he would very likely have a missing _new_ friend to find, in addition to his still missing _old_ friend.

That was why, as Terry and Chris had been leaving the shop, he'd decided to strengthen his spells of protection on Chris and then extended them to include Terry. They were his friends. And right now, it looked like his friends needed to be protected from someone.

He wasn't about to fail another friend.

But who would have reasons to do any of this?

The wizard tried to consolidate what little knowledge he had gleaned.

Obviously, someone had tried to transform Crissy and, for a short while, had actually succeeded. But as Crissy's protective aura had begun to kick in to negate that transformation, all effects of that change had been removed, most probably by that same someone.

The wizard had a sudden flare of intuition. Could that same someone, for reasons yet unfathomed, also be responsible for the disappearance of his old friend? A transformation, such as the one he'd assumed happened to Crissy, triggered by someone with exceptionally strong magic would explain his inability to find him.

But how?

In order for Elmer to have been transformed that way, he would have to have been either caught completely off guard, or allowed it willingly.

And to conceal everything from him would take not only potent magic, but also an exceptionally competent practitioner of the craft. However, someone with that high a skill level was not overly likely to accidentally infect someone like Crissy, or anyone for that matter, with a spirus.

He'd just run into another brick wall? The old man sighed. It had been a good idea for several moments, he thought, but the two events were not very likely to have been related, except in his mind. If not for the presence of the spirus ...

"Holy shit." exclaimed the wizard suddenly, as a brightly burning glob of light appeared out of nowhere and hovered above his head. "What if the god damn spirus was just a fucking red herring?" he swore in a most unwizardly manner.

He'd assumed an accidental infection. But in spite of the Wizard's Council ban against it, there were still some who used spiruses to cover up mistakes or buy enough time to avoid detection by an _intentional_ spiral infection.

That made more sense.

"Since its highly unlikely that Elmer would have been caught off guard, he allowed himself to be willing transformed by someone he must have known.

"There aren't that many wizards or sorceresses running around the mortal continuum that are capable of shielding things from me.

"And given the apparent failure of the transformation I've assumed to have happened to Crissy, her continued existence following that failure, _and_ the use of a spirus to cover things up, I believe I can now narrow the field of suspects down to just one."

The wizard smiled.

Even if he didn't know where Elmer was, he was certain he now knew who was behind his disappearance. And that gave him something new and very useful to go on.

She had tried to be clever and it would have worked. Except she hadn't known that Crissy was _his_ friend. Had she known that fact, which his own spells had masked from her, she'd have never given Crissy a spirus to cover up her failure.

Instead of protecting her as she'd undoubtedly planned it would do, the spirus, with which she'd infected Crissy, had actually exposed her.

The old man smiled.

He had plans to make.