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By Morpheus

Spells R Us: Hiss.
By Morpheus

Chad was walking around the mall, taking a break from all the studying he’d been doing for midterms, and noticed an interesting looking store.

He’d only been in this mall a couple of time, and hadn’t been to this store yet.

He saw Spells R Us on a sign above the door and walked in. The old man at the counter didn’t look up at him or seem to notice him so he started to look around. Chad thought it was kind of odd, a mixture of just about everything sitting on the shelves. He saw video tapes, a shelf with some Barbie Dolls and other toys, a few board games and a lot of antiques sitting around. It was interesting though.

Since Chad didn’t find anything that really caught his eye, he just grabbed a small package of chocolates near the register and bought those before leaving.

Chad sat down on a bench, watching the people walking around him and stretching out a little. After a few seconds, he open the bag of chocolates and saw that there were only six of them in there. He thought that the company who made them was being cheap with the amount they gave for what they asked.

He pulled out one of the silver wrapped cones of chocolate and pulled the little tag out of the top, then opened the foil and popped the chocolate into his mouth, enjoying the rich chocolate taste.

Then Chad looked at the tag he’d pulled out of the top and chuckled. The people who’d packed these things had somehow misspelled the products name on the tag. He looked again at the word Hiss on the tag and put it in his pocket to keep as an oddity.

Suddenly, he started to feel a little cold, and his arms were itching. He started scratching them, and noticed that his skin seemed kind of dry. Then Chad felt something pulling in his pants, and reached down to feel a lump growing on his spine. Getting real concerned he reached again, then felt it grow, and his arms and legs start shrinking

No one seemed to notice him as he tried squirming around, his arms and legs not working anymore, then shrinking into his body, as his tail grew longer. After a minute he fell to the floor, his clothes dropping behind him and stretched out as he shrunk. Chad felt hungry, and licked the air with his long tongue tasting a rodent somewhere nearby and started heading towards it.

The pet shop owner didn’t know what to do when he found a large boa constrictor half inside his hamster cage eating his fill, but he knew that boas sold for a lot more than the little hair balls.

The End