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Friends are Thicker than Wishes

Friends are thicker than Wishes
By Bill Hart

Here's my SRU anniversary story that I mentioned last week. I had hoped to have it ready for the October 8 anniversary, but fell a little short.

Either that or I got a little longwinded ... again.

This story is a little different from the others as I've written in the SRU universe in that its also a prequel of sorts to one of my non-SRU stories posted last month. It didn't start out that way, but given some of the characters I needed for this, I think it worked out better.

You shouldn't have to read "Raised with the Dance" first, but if haven't and want to, it should be available on the tsa-talk archives and on fictionmania. If, instead, you want to read it after reading this, it should still be available in one of those two sites.

Those who archive stories freely may do so. As usual, just let me know you're doing so.

Some of you who worry or have to worry about foul language, please be advised that I have used what can be described in the colorful language of Elmira (of "Pinky, Elmira, and the Brain," formerly of the "Animaniacs") a few pottymouth words.

Hope you enjoy it.

And once again, Happy Anniversary SRU.

SRU: Friends are Thicker than Wishes
by Bill Hart

Kyle Thompson and Marvin Littleton were best friends. That wasn't all that unusual, as two people being considered best friends was something that could be said of many people. But there were very few could claim they had been best friends literally from the day each of them had been born.

All who knew them believed that somehow fate had conspired with destiny to make the two of them the closest of best friends. Theirs was a special, almost unique, relationship. And when something happened to one, then sooner or later it must inevitably happen to the other.

Their mothers had been neighbors, as had also been their fathers.

And Kyle's mother and father were married at the same hour on the same day as Marvin's mother and father in churches just across the street from one another.

Each set of parents bought a house in the town's brand new housing development from the same salesman, signing the papers just fifteen minutes apart. Escrow closed on both within the same minute. And when their moving vans from the same rental company arrived at exactly the same time, they were all surprised at finding themselves still neighbors.

And that very night each couple spent their first night in their new homes was the exact night that both future mothers later determined they'd been put into a family way.

Both had the same obstetrician. And, more often than not, their appointments were on the same day. And causing their doctor some despair, both had to be rushed to the hospital at three in the morning.

Both gave birth to sons, in adjoining delivery rooms, at _exactly_ the same time.

Kyle and Marvin, despite having different parents, were almost like twins. And both families, more often then not, treated them as if they were. Strangely, they even seemed to have that special bond that twins shared. It was a bond that might be bent from time to time, but it had never been broken.

And its greatest test had been exactly three years later to the day. It had easily survived the births of Marvin's brother Steven and Kyle's sister Alana.

But even best friends sometimes had problems between themselves. And yet, when one of them was in trouble, the other was always nearby to lend his support. Neither generally abused their bond.

So when Marv told Kyle he was going to visit a sick relative in the hospital, Kyle had believed him. But Marv had actually made a date with Jennifer Lawton. Marvin had given the same story to his steady girlfriend Cheryl Allison. And he knew that Kyle would cover for him if he were asked if knew where Marv had been.

Marv almost got away with it.

Unfortunately for Marv, he and Jennifer had been spotted dining together by Kyle's girlfriend Nancy Williams. And Nancy had wasted little time before telling her friend Cheryl what she'd seen.

The next day, both girls managed to separately ask both boys where Marv had been the might before. Kyle's answers matched Marv's. According to both, Marv had been to see a sick relative. Nancy was hurt that Kyle would knowingly lie to her. Instead of either girl telling Marv or Kyle they knew the real truth, they decided to get back at them, hoping to teach them both a valuable lesson.

There was a big couples-only bash coming up on the weekend. Everyone in town would be there. Nancy and Cheryl decided that the bash was their perfect opportunity to teach the boys not to lie to them. They would not let Kyle or Marv take them to the bash. And by the time they were finished, they felt certain no other girl in town would go with them either. And if the boys had no dates, they wouldn't be allowed into the couples-only bash.

Nancy and Cheryl quickly spread the word.

Kyle and Marv were both very surprised when Nancy and Jennifer both told them they couldn't go to the bash with them. And even more surprisingly, every other girl that either of them asked afterwards also said "no."

* * * * *

With the party mere hours away, Marv, still unable to make a date for the evening, was getting increasingly more desperate. When he went to the mall, even the precocious mallrats he asked simply laughed at him before turning him down.

Something wasn't right about this situation , but he had no idea what might be wrong. Nor could he shake the feeling that Cheryl was mad at him for some reason. Certainly, she couldn't have found out about him and his one- night fling with Jennifer Lawton. He'd been so careful about not leaving loose ends. And he knew that Kyle, since he had only known what he'd been told, had backed up his story completely when they'd asked him.

She couldn't know.

Could she?

As he'd walked about the mall, he spotted a small sign on an odd little hole- in-the-wall shop, that he'd never really noticed being in the mall before. A simple banner reading "Anniversary Sale / If You Need It, Ask for It" hung in the window of "Spells 'R Us."

"Why not?" he muttered to himself. "I've nothing to lose."

Marvin walked through the door and was startled when the little bell overhead tinkled as it opened. As Marv looked around the nearly empty little shop, he was surprised that someone could a business with so little stock. At most, there were a couple of very uninteresting looking items on one of the shelves near the back of the store. "This is a total waste of my time." he mumbled, then, having decided to leave, turned back towards the door he had entered.

"You really should learn to be more patient, Marvin." said the old man dressed in a ratty old bathrobe. Oddly, he had entered from a backroom that Marvin hadn't noticed before. "There are only a few hours left before the big bash begins and neither you nor Kyle have a date."

Marv's jaw dropped open. "How do you know my name?" he asked. "And how do you know about Kyle's and my problems finding dates to the big bash."

"Oh, really Marv ..." replied the old man. "I can call you Marv, can't I, Marv?" Marv nodded yes. "I really must get a sign or something." mumbled the old man to himself. "I'm a wizard, Marv." he stated. "And I know just about everything about ... just about everything."

"Yeah, right." he answered skeptically. "And I'm this month's Playboy Playmate."

The wizard smiled. "You know, Marv, that could be arranged."


"Oh never mind, its just a little joke of mine. I know what you'd like. How about a little test? You can ask me any question you'd like answered that you don't think I'll be able to answer."

Marv decided he'd better play along. The old man looked fairly harmless, but he might prove to be dangerous if he didn't humor him. "Okay, Mr. Wizard, here's a question for you. Why can't Kyle and I get dates for the big bash tonight?"

The old man sighed. "And here I thought you would at least ask for something difficult - something like how can I achieve world peace." replied the wizard. "But the answer to your question is very simple, Marv. The two of you have no dates this evening because Kyle's girlfriend Nancy Williams saw you sneaking about on your date with Jennifer Lawton after you'd told _your_ girlfriend Cheryl Allison that you were going to see a sick relative in the hospital." The old man shook his head. "That is not overly original, Marv. But that's why _you_ have no date tonight. And Kyle, believing what you told him because he's your best friend, unknowingly repeated your lie to both Nancy and Cheryl. That's why _he_ has no date. The girls are trying to get even with both of you."

"Oh, shit. So that's the reason Cheryl seems to be mad at me."

"Exactly, Marv. But perhaps, I can still help you."

"How?" asked Marv. "This place is nearly empty. There's nothing left in this shop, useful or otherwise."

"That is almost true. It is true that the main shop is nearly bare." replied the wizard. "But I'm totally confidant I have something in the backroom that's bound to a great deal of help to you." Without waiting for Marv's answer, the old man walked off towards the backroom door.

"What an odd old fart." mumbled Marv. "He must really believe he's a wizard. But I wonder how he found out I wasn't being completely honest with Cheryl."

The wizard returned with a broad smile spread across his face. "You weren't honest with her at all, Marv." The old man held out a small item to Marv. "I believe you will find this to be most helpful."

"How?" replied Marv with a laugh. "This is only a rabbit's foot."

"But that's just it, Marv. It's not a rabbit's foot." answered the old man. "Nope, it's not a rabbit's foot at all. This is actually a rare wibitsh foot, although it is often mistaken for a rabbit foot by the novice."

"A wibitsh foot?" repeated Marv. "So what is it supposed to do?" he asked warily.

"Why, it grants each person that possesses it three wishes."

"Three ... Wishes ..." said Marv as he decided he needed to get away from this old man and far away from this shop before he turned violent or worse.

"That's right, Marv ... but only _three_ wishes ... no more."

"How much?" asked Marv, thinking if he bought it, he could escape this place without causing an incident.

"Today, it is absolutely free." answered the wizard. "It's a part of our second anniversary giveaway. You know, Marv, it's sometimes very difficult to believe you've been in the same place, more or less, for two whole years." He handed the wibitsh foot to Marvin. then casually returned to his backroom, leaving Marvin all alone in the main shop.

"What the hell." Marvin quickly stashed the foot in his pants pocket and decided he'd better get the hell out of this place while he still could.

* * * * *

"It's too bad I don't really believe any of that shit the old man tried to peddle." Marv said to himself as he wandered about the mall. "Three wishes. What a load of crap."

But what if it were true, he thought. I could make a wish for Cheryl to be my date for tonight's big bash. But what would that gain me? Not all that much I suspect, since Cheryl would have gladly gone with me in the first place, if she hadn't thought she'd caught me being unfaithful to her. It would wasting a wish to get back to what should have been the status quo.

"I just couldn't wish to take her now." muttered Marvin. "She was trying to get even with me and Kyle. She thought we were both lying to her and Nancy, instead of trying to spare her feelings about my one time date with Jennifer. Now it would almost be a reward to her for me taking her to the bash." It would be far better if I taught her a lesson instead, he thought. "But to do that I have to find a girl who'll go with me to the bash. "It can't be just any girl though. She'd have to be beautiful and very sexy. Showing up with a girl like that on my arm would really show Cheryl that she couldn't mess with me."

But it didn't take long for Marv to run out of places he thought he might have overlooked earlier in searching for this dream girl of his. With no place left to look, Marv decided to drop by Kyle's place to commiserate with his best friend.

"Aren't you going to the big bash tonight?" asked Marv.

"No. Nancy's pissed at me for some reason and I couldn't find another date." replied Kyle. "It looks like I'm staying home. How about you, Marv?"

"Cheryl's mad at me too, Kyle. I wasn't able to find a date either." he answered. "It appears she was very thorough in making sure that no girls would accept dates with either of us for the bash tonight. I've even been turned down by more teeny bopper mallrats then I could have ever imagined existed."

"So you aren't going either."

Marv smiled. "Of course, I'm going, Kyle. I just don't know how yet, but there is no way I'm letting Cheryl best me win on this."

"But it's a _couples only_ party, Marv." said Kyle. "If you aren't a couple, they won't let you in.

"Then maybe you and I can go together." replied Marv, grasping at straws. "There are two of us and it only takes two to make a couple."

Kyle shook his head. "I don't think so, Marv. They said _couples_ only. And the two of us don't exactly fit their definition of what it takes to make a couple, Marv. In order to be a couple in the eyes of those throwing this little shindig, one of us would have to be a girl. The last time I looked, both of us were boys. And there's nothing that can be done to change that."

Marv suddenly smiled as if he'd been possessed by an inspirational thought. "Maybe there is something I can do about that."

"Yeah, right."

"No, I mean it." Marv reached into his pants pocket and pulled out the wibitsh foot the old man had given him. "With this."

"What can you do with an old rabbit's foot, Marv?"

"That's just what I said, Kyle. But it's not a rabbit foot, it's actually a wibitsh foot." he replied. "Not that I'm all so sure I believe any of it, but the old man in that weird little shop at the mall who gave it to me said it would grant me three wishes."

"Wishes? If you don't believe him, then why bring it up?" asked Kyle. "Would you like to buy that valuable swamp land I own in southern Arizona?"

"I don't really believe him." replied Marv. "Well ... not exactly, anyway."

"Then why don't you go ahead and make some stupid wish on this wibitsh foot of yours." suggested Kyle scornfully. "As soon as you do, then we'll know, without any doubts, what's true and what's false."

"That's a good idea, Kyle." replied Marv, who didn't have to think very long about what he wanted to wish for first. All this thing had to do now was work the way old man had said it would. "I wish that my best friend Kyle would assume the shapely and incredibly sexy form of my dream girl."

"Oh fuck." swore Kyle as he began feeling strangely throughout his entire body. "What the hell is happening?" he asked, startled at hearing his voice grew higher and more sultry with each spoken syllable.

As Marv watched on, Kyle's body grew shorter.

His short brown hair suddenly began to redden, just prior to it rapidly flowing out onto and over his shoulders.

His brown eyes turned emerald green.

All of the buttons on his shirt popped off from the pressure exerted by his ballooning breasts.

Kyle groaned as his pants pressed tightly against his expanding hips and swelling butt. He felt like he were caught in a giant and very powerful vise.

Marv stared at the form of the girl who only moments before had worn the shape of his best friend. Not having actually believed his wish would come true, Marv was surprised by his friend's new appearance. At the same time, he was totally unable to hide his growing interest in _her_ from _him_.

Kyle stared in disbelief at those parts of himself he could see. Even after running his hands across his ample breasts and caressing his sensitive nipples, Kyle still couldn't believe he now had the body of some girl from straight out of one of Marv's wet dreams. Even worse, Kyle could tell from the bulge in Marv's pants, that he seemed to be appraising him as if he were actually this girl he appeared to be.

"Whatever you've done to me needs to be undone." Kyle made one step in Marv's direction before falling flat on his face.

Marv smiled. "You know, Kyle, you are now exceptionally beautiful, even if you are awfully clumsy."

Kyle tried to stand up, but, between his altered center of gravity and the vise- like grip of his pants, succeeded for almost a minute before falling down once more. "This is all your fault, Marv. I don't want to have this girl's body. Change me back right now."

"Not quite yet, Kyle." grinned Marv. "Can't you see? This has some very interesting possibilities."

"What kind of possibilities?" Kyle asked nervously.

"For one, you're a girl now, Kyle. Or at least, for general purposes, you appear to be one." explained Marv. "As a girl, you and I can go to the big bash together as a couple. No one will be any the wiser. And I'd be terribly disappointed, and quite surprised, if anyone even thought you weren't a girl."

"You mean you'd want to go out with a _girl_ who can't even take a single step without falling flat on her face." snarled Kyle.

"I can fix that."

"Oh. Yeah, right." snapped Kyle. "Another wish?"

"Exactly." Marv held the wibitsh foot in his hand and looked straight at Kyle. "I wish that Kyle now stood before me with the perfect coordination, natural reactions, and proper attire for the girl he appears to be."

Once again, Kyle began feeling strange. Without knowing how, or when it had happened, he suddenly found himself standing in front of Marv perfectly balanced on shoes with three-inch heels.

The sleeves of his shirt, whose buttons had earlier popped off with his enlarging breasts, vanished abruptly. The two sides of his shirt crawled back across his breasts and fused together seamlessly to form a tight-fitting sleeveless tank top, which more than adequately displayed Kyle's new and quite bountiful breasts.

The legs of his denim pants became one, then slowly crept up his legs leaving in their place a tight fitting denim skirt of mid-thigh length.

As he walked toward Marvin, Kyle casually flicked his hair away from his face. Marvin was amazed with Kyle's overtly sensual movements and his exceptional feminine grace. As he came nearer, Kyle stared angrily at Marv. "Change me back." he demanded in a breathy and extremely sexy tone of voice.

"Why?" smiled Marv.

Marv's simple answer caught Kyle by surprise. "Just what do you mean 'why?'" he asked. "Isn't it obvious. I may not look it at this moment, but I'm not a girl, Marv. And I really don't want to have this girl body nor do I want to act and dress like one."

"So you're willing to let Cheryl and Nancy win?"

"Why do you keep saying that? Win what? I'd really like to know what the hell you've been talking about?"

"Haven't you guessed yet, Kyle?" said Marv. "Cheryl and Nancy are the reason we couldn't get find dates tonight. Nancy saw me talking with Jennifer Lawton the other night. Then she ran off and told Cheryl everything she'd _thought_ she'd seen. As a result, they decided to get back at _us_ by making sure we wouldn't be able to go to the bash tonight."

"Why should Nancy be mad at me if you were talking to Jennifer?" asked Kyle. "And what has any of that to do with changing me into a girl?"

"Don't you see, Kyle. Just think about it for a minute." explained Marv. "With you having a girl's body, we can pretend to be a couple and go to the bash together. When Nancy and Cheryl see _you_ the girl there with me, they'll know their plan to get even with us has failed."

Kyle looked at his friend skeptically. "I can see how that helps you, Marv. After all, you'll be at the bash with a girl having fun. I'm still not exactly sure I understand why they're mad at me, but I don't see how your being there with any girl helps me at all. As far as the girls will be concerned, I still won't be there, which means that their plan won't be such a total failure."

"Now just think about that for another minute, Kyle." replied Marv. "Who do you think they are _really_ trying to get even with? _You_? Or _me_?"

"Well. You, I suppose."

"That's right, Kyle. Me." answered Marv. "And just how do you think that Nancy is going to feel, when _you_ appear to be the only one being punished and _I_ appear to be getting away scott free."

"I think she's gonna be pissed at Cheryl." Kyle suddenly smiled. "Nancy might even want to find some mutually enjoyable way to make it up to me."

"Doesn't that help you, Kyle?"

"When you put it that way, I suppose it does." Kyle grinned.

"So what do say, buddy?" asked Marv. "Do you help your best friend out by being a girl and my date to the couples-only bash tonight? Or not?"

"If I do this?" asked Kyle. "You'll wish me back to normal as soon as we get back home tonight?"

"Of course, I will." replied Marv.

"Then, I guess it'll be okay." said Kyle. "I'll do it for you, Marv. I'm sure if things were reversed, then you'd be doing the same for me."

"You know I would, Kyle. That's why we are and will always be best friends. But ..."

"But what?" worriedly asked Kyle.

"I think we need to pick out a new name for you."

"What's wrong with Kyle?" he asked. "Kyle can just as easily be a girl's name. Or maybe, if you'd rather, I suppose we could feminize it a little more to either Kyla or Kylie."

"I don't know, Kyle." replied Marv. "Somehow none of those names seem to fit your new body. Since we're trying to make Cheryl jealous, I think your name should be something more exciting, perhaps even a little exotic." Marv scratched his head. "I think I have it. How about Krysti? I think Krysti will be absolutely perfect for you. What do you think?"

"Hmm." mused Kyle. "Krysti? I think I like it, Marv."

Marv smiled. "Well then _Krysti_, what do you say we strike out for the big bash, so we can turn a few heads.

The big bash was in full swing when Marv and Kyle arrived. As they'd walked along the way, they'd planned what to achieve the maximum effect on those in attendance. Krysti entered draped all over the arm of Marvin. And exactly as they'd expected, several heads turned as they'd entered. But also, just as they'd expected, not all of those turning heads belonged to envious males.

"I thought you told me _he_ wouldn't be here tonight." said Nancy.

"He shouldn't be here. Every girl I spoke with agreed not to accept a date with either of them tonight." replied Cheryl. "I've never seen _her_ before. How could I know he'd go and find some bimbo slut to bring."

"But it doesn't look like Kyle came with them." sulked Nancy. "You know, I would have much rather been here tonight with Kyle. But I had to listen to you instead. I had to settle for coming here with Jason Morgan. And, since I don't particularly like Jason all that much, I don't really have any idea why I bothered to show up at all."

"Tell me about it." agreed Cheryl. "But things could have been a lot worse for you, Nancy. Your coming here with Jason tonight is a hell of a lot better by far than being brought here by that cheapskate asshole Tom Campbell that I got stuck with tonight. Have you any idea how much he _charged_ me to let him bring me here tonight?"

"You're kidding." replied Nancy in surprise.

"I wish I were." said Cheryl. "And even worse, _he_ thinks I'm going to put out for him later this evening."

"Evening girls." interrupted Marv with a grin. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything important."

"Hello, Marv." replied Cheryl coldly. She stared icy daggers at the unknown redhead clinging to his arm.

"Did Kyle come with the two of you?" asked Nancy hopefully.

Marv looked first at Cheryl, before turning to answer Nancy's question. "I thought _you_ knew, Nancy. For some unknown reason, Kyle was unable to find a date for this evening after _you_ turned him down. And since he didn't have a date that meant he couldn't attend this _couples only_ event tonight. Poor Kyle had to stay home all alone."

Thinking he was teaching Nancy a valuable lesson, Kyle smiled at her, but when he saw the tears welling up in her eyes, he no longer felt as smug as he had a few moments before. In fact, he no longer felt felt like smiling or gloating, he wanted to hold her and make her pain lessen.

"I'm Krysti." said Kyle with warm smile that he hoped would make the girls feel more comfortable with his presence.

But neither girl said a word to him.

Nor did they want to.

"Where are my manners." exclaimed Marv. "Krysti, this is Nancy. And this is Cheryl. Girls, this my date for the evening, Krysti." He smiled at them. "Would any of you like something from the refreshment stand?"

"I'd like something to drink." replied Kyle fluttering his eyelashes at him for Cheryl's benefit. "You're such a gentleman, Marv." he cooed, as Marv left for the refreshment table, while _Krysti_ stayed behind with the other girls.

"How long have you known Marv, Krysti?" asked Cheryl with no trace of a thaw in her icy voice.

"Not very long, Cheryl. I just stopped for the night. I'm passing through town and will probably be long gone by the time the sun comes up tomorrow morning."

"That's good." mumbled Cheryl under her breath.

But before Kyle could react, Tom Campbell, having spotted an unknown red haired beauty talking with Cheryl and Nancy, decided he better take his place next to his date, if for no other reasons than to find out who she was and see if she was available to be picked up sometime in the future. "Hey, babe." he addressed the new girl. "My name's Tom Campbell. What's yours?"

"Krysti." replied Kyle forcing a smile. Although he had a good idea, given what Nancy had told him previously about Tom Campbell, he couldn't keep himself from wondering what this stupid asshole wanted from him.

"There's going to be a big gala opening of the new dance club in town next weekend, babe. I was wondering if you'll be going?"

Kyle couldn't believe his ears. And he seriously doubted whether Nancy or Cheryl could either. "Are you asking _me_ out on a date, Mr. Campbell? And right here in front of your current date?" Kyle wondered what made some want to be seen with a total asswipe like Tom Campbell.

"Of course not, babe." squirmed Tom. And Kyle really enjoyed watching him squirm. "I was just wondering, if you were going. That's all." he said more to Cheryl than Krysti.

"_I_ don't expect to be in town next week." replied Kyle.

"That's too bad." said Tom hurriedly. He turned to Cheryl. "Hey babe. I just saw my buddy Chuck Alderson arrive with that total fox Jennifer Lawton. He's sure one lucky son of a bitch to be here with her. I'll be back in a minute or two, although it might be a little longer, babe. I have a couple of things I really must discuss with my buddy Chuck."

"Take your time." snapped Cheryl, mentally adding _asshole_.

"Under what pile of horse shit did you find that?" asked Kyle.

Nancy and Cheryl both smiled, then suddenly laughed. At last, the ice between them and Krysti had been broken. "There's some hope for you yet, girl." said Cheryl, which made Kyle smile and generally feel better.

A moment later, Jason Morgan came over and began talking with Nancy. As Kyle listened, he couldn't understand why Nancy had ever agreed to come with Jason instead of him. Making it even stranger, he knew she didn't think much of Jason. But trying to be fair, Kyle knew he wasn't exactly a member of the Jason Morgan fan club either. Even though he'd never been able to explain exactly what it was, there was just something peculiar about Jason he didn't like.

"While you're busy talking with Jason," Cheryl told Nancy, "I'll try and explain a few things to Krysti that she should know about _our_ gentleman Marv."

Cheryl took Kyle aside and quickly related how Nancy had spotted Marv out on a date with Jennifer Lawton, two-timing her when he'd told her he'd be seeing a sick relative in the hospital that night. And when both she and Nancy had asked both Marv and his best friend Kyle, they had both obviously lied to save Marv's neck.

The way Cheryl explained things didn't make Kyle feel very good. He had no reason to doubt what she'd told him, which meant Marv had lied to him about what he'd be doing that night. As a result, he had passed Marvin's lie along as the truth. It was no wonder they were mad at them. He began to wonder what he could do to patch things up with Nancy once he was himself again.

"Maybe this Kyle person, didn't know that Marvin was dating that girl behind your back." he suggested.

"I doubt it. Kyle had to know" replied Cheryl. "The two of them are best friends. And Marv would never hide something like that from him."

Marv returned with the refreshments. Kyle took his from drink from Marv, all the while looking at him with budding anger. "I think we need to have a long talk, _Marvin_." he told him firmly, as both Cheryl and Nancy muttered barely audible, "Alright, Krysti."

"You shouldn't have lied to me, Marv." said Kyle. "And we shouldn't have lied to them either."

"No, Krysti." replied Marv. "We should have been more careful and not got caught."

Kyle looked at his friend with disbelief. "Lying is wrong, Marv." he stated emphatically. "Lying to your best friend is not what a best friend should be doing. Your best friend shouldn't have to lie, knowingly or otherwise, in an attempt to cover your ass." Kyle stormed away angrily.

"Stupid bitch." muttered Marv, as he watched his friend leave. "But I'll be damned if she hasn't got the tightest little ass I've seen in months. I really must try and patch things up with her before going home. If I'm really lucky, then maybe, I might be able to convince Kyle that _he_ wants to remain Krysti for a while longer."

* * * * *

Kyle wandered about angrily for several minutes lost in thought, then suddenly stopped as he heard a pair of familiar voices."

"Is everything set up, Tom?" asked Chuck Alderson.

"Perfectly." replied Tom Campbell. "I've bet Jason twenty bucks that you'll take his girlfriend Monica Andrews to the opening of the new dance club next week. If we win, then you get half."

"What do you mean _if_, Tom? I know you've made certain we'll win."

"Don't I always?" he chuckled.

Kyle didn't want to believe what he'd heard. Tom Campbell had apparently made some stupid wager with Jason Morgan and here he was conspiring with Chuck Alderson to win by cheating. "It's dumb fucks like them that give the rest of us guys a bad name." he muttered, casually sweeping his red mane out from in front of his eyes. Even if I don't like Jason all that much, he thought, nobody should lose a bet because some asshole cheated them. "Cheating is just as bad as lying." he mumbled. "Damn. I wonder if being in this body has somehow affected my mind. I can't believe how differently I see some things now that I'm walking around and acting like a girl."

Quickly looking around, Kyle located Jason. He was still talking to Nancy.

"Excuse me, Jason." he tried to interrupt.

"Go away, girl." replied Jason. "I'm busy."

"But I have to talk to you, Jason." said Kyle. "It's very important."

Annoyed at this girl for bothering him, Jason slowly turned and looked deeply into Kyle's green eyes. "You no longer have a need to speak to me. Whatever it was you thought I needed to be told is no longer of any importance to you. Consequently you have now forgotten all about it." Jason put his hand on Kyle's temple. "Close your eyes, little bitch. Go find your man and enjoy yourself. That is, after all, the reason you and he came here this evening. So return to him now. Show him how much he means to you. And until he takes you home tonight, you will have nothing but fun, young slut."

Krysti slowly opened her eyes. She shook her head as if she'd just awakened from a short nap, then wandering away into the crowd. I really must find Marv, she thought.

That takes care of the interruption, thought Jason. Besides what could a stupid bimbo slut like that have ever known which might have been of any importance to an apprentice warlock like myself. Smiling at his ingenuity, Jason returned his full attentions to Nancy who hadn't noticed them being elsewhere while he'd temporarily altered Krysti's thought patterns.

As she looked for Marv, Krysti wondered why she'd wanted to bother someone she barely even knew ... about something she couldn't even remember now. But if she couldn't remember whatever it was, then it couldn't have been very important in the first place.

Besides, she wasn't here tonight to bother guys she hardly knew. She was here to have fun - lots of fun. She wanted to dance about and strut her stuff for all the guys to see.

She wondered where her date Marvin had run off to earlier, although where he was didn't really bother her very much. Besides, if she couldn't find him sometime soon, then she was absolutely certain there would be at least one guy, and more likely several of them, out there looking to have a barrel of fun with a really hot babe like herself.

* * * * *

Marv was nearly exhausted as he and Krysti walked home from the party. He couldn't understand where Krysti, still clinging tightly to his arm, continued to find so much energy. She seemed to be a nearly inexhaustible dynamo and still full of boundless energy. Marv, knowing he hadn't made a wish to make her that way, realized that she must have picked up something strange at the bash. Even as he wondered what it might be as they continued walking, Marv also knew he now had another problem.

He had told Kyle, meaning it at the time, that he'd change him back when they came home. But now he found himself becoming increasingly attracted to Krysti physically, which he supposed was only natural, since he had wished Kyle to have the shape and form of his dream girl.

Marv was no longer all that certain he wanted to wish Kyle back into his own body. But given the really strange way that Krysti had been acting since she'd found him again after their little disagreement they'd had about their lying to Nancy and Cheryl, it might not take much to convince Kyle he wanted to remain Krysti for a while - maybe even possibly a very long while.

Marv had decided that something must have happened to Kyle between the time he'd stormed off in anger and the time she'd returned - as Krysti - in a decidedly more playful mood. From then on, Krysti had acted almost as if she'd forgotten that she was really Kyle, but, in the long run, maybe that wasn't such a bad thing after all. If Krysti didn't remember being Kyle, then she couldn't very easily demand Marv change her back into Kyle.

Marv decided he could get used to having his dream girl around all the time. He loved the way she kissed him. And he'd never in his life had any girl suck his cock like that. And in a public place, no less. He wondered in what deep dark secret corner of Kyle's mind, Krysti had acquired that particular talent.

Arriving at the Thompson house, the two of them stepped up onto the porch. Marv, never noticing a quick glazing and refocusing of Krysti's eyes, leaned towards her intending to kiss her.

"What the fuck are you doing, asshole?" said Kyle in an extremely irritated and shocked tone.

Marv was puzzled. "I was going to kiss you good night, Krysti. Just like I always do when I take my dates home."

"Like fucking hell you are." he replied angrily. "Are you crazy? Or have you just forgotten that I'm your best friend Kyle and not this sexy little tart Krysti you wished up for yourself."

Marv frowned, as he realized that whatever had happened to make Kyle act completely like some lusty nymphomaniac had now worn off. Krysti was gone and Kyle was back. "The way you were acting at the bash earlier and on the way home, I thought you were enjoying yourself." said Marv. "You even gave me the impression that you might like to stay Krysti for a while longer."

"No fucking way in hell, Marv." swore Kyle. "I'm not a girl and I don't want to be in this girl body any longer than is absolutely necessary." He placed his hand on his hip and stared at his friend. Kyle looked around. "What are we doing here?" he suddenly asked. "The last thing I remember is walking over to tell Jason Morgan something important ... but I still can't remember what it was."

Jason Morgan, mused Marv. Now that might explain something. Jason's always been a strange loner and a real oddball, which tended to make those incredible rumors that always seemed to be circulating about him sound a lot more credible. Someone had told once Marv that Jason had magical powers. Of course, he hadn't believed any of it ... who would? But Marv's thoughts on magic had changed this night. As he looked at the sexy form of best friend, he couldn't help but think that Jason was at the root of Kyle's sharp swings of personality.

"Well." asked Kyle, arms across his breasts and tapping his foot in building frustration.

"Are you sure that's what you want, Kyle?"

"I'm absolutely positive." he snapped. "I want to me, Marv."

"Well, if that's what you want." replied Marv. It's really too bad Kyle didn't want to remain Krysti, he thought, we could have had so much fun, but if that's what he wants. Marv reached into his pocket and pulled out the wibitsh foot. "Are you really sure this is what you want?"

"Would you quit stalling, Marv." demanded Kyle. "I'm not going to change my mind. So just make your wish and get it done. The sooner I'm me again, the better I'll like it."

"Okay, Kyle. Don't get excited. I just wanted to make sure you really knew what you wanted. He clasped the wibitsh foot tighter, then just as he about to make his wish, a wicked grin began to spread across his face instead. "You said you wanted to be you, then I suppose you'll just have to be you." His grin grew broader. "I wish that my best friend Kyle would have been born, raised, and have only those memories consistent with having always been the girl he became this evening and now appears to be with no one, other than myself Marvin Littleton, ever able to remember _her_ or even think of _her_ as being anyone other than my girlfriend Krysti Thompson."

"What the hell..." started Kyle angrily, before beginning to feel most peculiar. Feeling faint, he quickly lifted his hand to his head as the dizziness threatened his consciousness. "Shit. I feel really weird." he moaned softly in more feminine and seductive tones.

His mind now disjointed from reality, he felt her knees buckle. At the same time his, or was it now her, own mind was being assaulted by increasing eddies of strangeness while _his_ old memories of being _himself_ swirled ever more madly about the vortex his mind had become. Old memories mixed together randomly to form new. And as the dizziness began to subside, only _her_ memories of always have been _herself_ remained.

In less time than than it had taken her heart to beat a dozen times, her mental transformation was now complete. Krysti shook her head to clear the cobwebs, took a deep breath, and stretched her arms as if just waking up. Spotting Marv, she grinned mischievously up at him. "Well, Marvie honey, are you going kiss me good night? Or are you just going to stand there and play with yourself, tiger?"

"I ... ah ... " stuttered Marv, as he managed to return her smile.

"Marvie, Marvie." scolded Krysti playfully as she ran her tongue lightly across her upper lip. "I really don't know why you've become so shy all of a sudden, Marvie baby. I mean, all night long you've had your hands all over me. Haven't you, baby?" Krysti flashed him a seductive grin. "Not that I'm complaining."

"I ... ah ... well ..." stammered Marv.

"C'mon, Marvie, hurry up. I really can't wait forever for you to decide if you're going to kiss me or not, lover boy." Krysti strolled over to where Marv stood, grabbed him firmly by the shoulders, and planted a passionate kiss firmly on his surprised lips.

"Wow." said Marvin as Krysti broke from their embrace. His knees felt weak and his head spun. And, for just a fleeting moment, Marv had had the strangest visions of his mouth being permanently connected to an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. What a woman, he thought.

"I thought you might like that, lover." Krysti smiled at him, knowing he wanted more. That was the way she liked to leave her men hanging. "It's too bad my parents are home tonight, Marvie." she coyly told him. "Otherwise, you could come inside for a while. Then I'd be really be able to explain, with considerable visual aides, exactly what two people like us mean by having a _really_ good time." Krysti smiled at him seductively. Strolling sexily back to the door, she opened, then sauntered through it, allowing it to shut as she disappeared behind it.

Marv stood breathlessly staring at the door. "Damnation." exclaimed Marv. "I really think that Krysti and I are going to have a whole lot more fun now than Kyle and I could have ever had. And I wouldn't be very surprised if Krysti will be a better girlfriend for me ... than ... whatever the hell her name was."

"What a kiss!" exclaimed Marvin, walking home from next door as if floating on a cloud. "I really think I'm going to enjoy having Krysti as my girlfriend. I imagine I'll probably miss Kyle for a little while. After all he's always been my best friend. But on the other hand, he hasn't really gone anywhere. He's still here, just in a new and vastly improved package. Besides, we'll probably both be too ecstatic over the other improvements in our new relationship for me to even worry about our old one."

Marv turned the wibitsh foot over in his hand and idly wondered just what other improvements he could make in his new girlfriend that would make her even better.

When he entered the living room, Marv found his younger brother Steven still awake and watching some old science fiction movie on the television.

"So how did your date with Krysti go tonight, big brother?" Steven asked.

"Just perfectly, Steve." he replied. "In fact, it actually went a little better than I'd expected. If you'd like, maybe I can have Krysti put in a good word for you with her sister Alana. I know you like her."

"Don't bother, Marv." replied Steve. "Alana and I are already good friends. I don't need _your_ help getting a girl to like me. We're equal partners in _our_ relationship, Marv. I don't feel the need to regard her or treat her as just some mere sex object like you do Krysti."

"But there's nothing wrong with how I treat her." replied Marv. "In fact, Krysti loves how I treat her."

"Maybe she just tells you that because _she_ knows that's what _you_ want to hear."

"You're beginning to sound just a little jealous, little brother." sneered Marv.

"Of you? Not hardly." laughed Steve. "I just know that if I were a girl I wouldn't want to be seen with someone like you."

"But you're not a girl, Stevie, dear." snarled Marvin. "And you sure as hell aren't Krysti nor do you know anything about what _she_ wants or needs." Marvin shrugged his shoulders. "I don't want to argue with you about this again. All it will do is spoil the good time I had tonight. Its been a long enjoyable night, and now I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning."

With that Marv quickly turned away and went up the stairs to his room. But after entering, he slammed the door shut angrily behind him.

"Goddamn motherfucking cocksucker." swore Marv. "How dare my own brother speak to me that way. He doesn't know how Krysti thinks. And how can he possibly think he knows what he'd do as a girl?" Suddenly, Marv began to grin. "But maybe we can find out." Marv pulled out the wibitsh foot. "I wish that my younger brother Steven will continue remembering who he was, but be totally transformed into and completely unable to act in any way contrary to my younger and super-incredibly sexy sister Stefani, who everyone, other than the two of us, will remember as _her_ true and natural form." Marv put the wibitsh foot back in his pocket. "That should teach him ... or her, I suppose ... not to mess with me."

But when Marv went downstairs a few minutes later to check on his new sister, he found Steven still watching the same movie on the television.

"I thought you were going to bed." said Steven when he noticed his brother standing nearby.

"I am." he replied sounding surprised. "I just needed to get a glass of water first."

Marv returned to his room by way of the kitchen. He stared at the wibitsh foot as he turned it over and over in his hand. He wondered what had happened. Why hadn't it changed Steven into Stefani as he'd wished? It had worked perfectly when he'd first changed Kyle into a girl and, at the time, he hadn't even believed it would work. It had also worked without a hitch when he gave Kyle the proper coordination, mannerisms, and attire to match his new shape. And on top of that, he had absolutely no complaint about how it had totally rewritten Kyle's memories into Krysti's. It had already worked perfectly for him three times. What had he done wrong this time that he'd done right the previous three times?

"Why wasn't my fourth wish granted?" he asked himself.

Fourth wish??

Suddenly, Marvin heard again the old man's words echo in his mind "but only _three_, no more."

Marv then realized his last wish hadn't been granted because he'd already used his allotted three wishes. He could make no more. And that saddened him. He would be unable to make further improvements in Krysti, thus depriving her of the opportunity of being an even better girlfriend than she already was. But suddenly, Marv smiled. He'd had a marvelous inspiration. "Maybe, if I can get Krysti herself to do the wishing, I can still make some of those necessary improvements in her."

But Marv was sleepy, it had been a long and eventful day. He was glad he didn't have to make any tough decisions tonight. He'd sleep on it and tomorrow morning he'd decide what Krysti would like to make of herself.

* * * * *

Shortly after rising the next morning, Marv finalized his decisions on what Krysti would use her wishes for. He'd have her use one wish to make herself even more incredibly feminine and sexy than she already was. Another wish would be used to alter her mind a little, so she would enjoy some of those things they'd liked doing together when she'd been Kyle. And, unless he needed it to smooth out some kinks in one of her previous wishes, the last one would have her deal with his little brother exactly as he had tried to do last night.

He attached the wibitsh foot to a golden chain, which he felt would make it unnecessary for Krysti to clasp it in her hand. The foot hanging down from the chain should remain in constant contact with her flesh. And if he'd guessed the right length for the chain, the wibitsh foot would probably be clasped more tightly between her breasts than he'd ever held it in his hand.

"Say hello to Krysti for me." said Steven after coming down from his room and observing his brother getting ready to leave.

"Who said I was going next door?" asked Marv.

"You didn't have to say anything, Marv. What you were thinking was all too obvious. 'I'm going to see Krysti' is written all over your face." replied Steve. "By the way, if you see Alana, would you remind her she's supposed to come over here this afternoon so we can work on our class project."

"Sure." he replied tersely as he left. But once outside, he smiled again. "Enjoy your manhood while you can Stevie, dear." he mumbled as he casually walked next door. "If all goes as I've planned, then, the next time I see you, you should be my super-sexy slutty sister Stefani."

He rapped on the Thompson's door.

"Hello, Marvin." said Mrs. Thompson as she opened the door. "How are you today?"

"I'm just fine, Mrs. Thompson." he replied. "Is Krysti home?"

"She's in her room." replied Mrs. Thompson. "Alana." She turned to her younger daughter. "Would you go get your sister, dear. Tell her that Marvin is here?"

"Sure thing, mom." Alana quickly stood, then started for Krysti's room.

"Oh, Alana." shouted Marv. "Steven wanted me to remind you about coming over later this afternoon to work on your class project."

"Thanks, Marv." she replied with smile. "I wouldn't have forgotten, but your brother's always thinking of others." Then she resumed her path to Krysti's room.

"How is Steven?" asked Mrs. Thompson. "It almost seems that their friendship is becoming almost as close as yours and Krysti's."

"He's doing just fine, Mrs. Thompson." Marv smiled as he thought about Alana and Steven, soon to be Stefani, becoming even closer friends before the day ended.

"Hi Marvie." cooed Krysti breathily as she arrived at the door, then kissed him full on the lips.

"Hi yourself, beautiful." he replied. "I was wondering if you'd like to take a walk and just talk for a little while."

Krysti pleadingly turned to her mom.

Unable to deny her daughter, Mrs. Thompson said "As long as you're not gone very long, dear. Your father and I are having dinner with some new clients of his at that new restaurant across town."

"We shouldn't be gone very long at all, Mrs. Thompson."

"It doesn't sound like there should be any problem then." replied Mrs. Thompson.

"Thanks, mom." replied Krysti as she hugged her mother.

As her mother closed the door behind them, Krysti eagerly kissed Marv once more.

Without waiting, Marv began to implement the first step in his plan for Krysti's improvement. "Do you think couples should have a lot in common?" he asked.

"Of course I do, silly." she replied. "You and I tons of things in common. Don't we?"

"I used to think so, Krysti. But I'm not so sure anymore lately."

Tears welled in Krysti's eyes. "Why not?" she sobbed.

"It's nothing real concrete, Krysti. But let's take sports, as an example."

"You know I don't like sports very much." she replied.

"I know Krysti." But Marv also knew that Kyle had always loved all kinds of sports. The two of them had always enjoyed going to any sporting event. And that was something Marv knew he would really come to miss with their new arrangement, regardless of whatever improvements he had made or could make in their relationship. "But you never want to go with me any more, Krysti."

"I thought you would have more fun going without me. I didn't think you'd like having me tag along as a wet blanket." explained Krysti.

"Don't you know I always have more fun when you're with me?" argued Marv. "I always want you to be with me, Krysti."

"That's very sweet, Marv." she replied. "But if I go, I won't have much fun. And if I don't have fun, then you probably won't have fun either. And after a while, you'd start to hate me." Krysti began to pout.

"I could _never_ hate you, Krysti. Don't you know that?" said Marv. "But just suppose for a minute that we could find some way to allow you to enjoy sports as much as I do. Would you do it?"

"But I can't change who am I or what I like, Marv." replied Krysti.

"But suppose there was some way."


Marv pulled the wibitsh foot out of his pocket. "With this, Krysti. It's a wibitsh foot. If you wear it around your neck on this chain I made just for you, it will grant you three wishes."

Krysti smiled at him. "Wishes?" she asked. "As in magic?" She shook her head as her smile broadened. "That's just silly, Marv. You know as well as I do that there's no such thing as magic."

"Then just humor me a little." he suggested to her. "Think of it as one of those silly little tests of our committment to each other. You know, just like the ones you're always telling me about in _Cosmo_ or _Reader's Digest_. Just put it around your neck and wish that you enjoyed sports as much as I do."

"I don't know, Marv."

"Oh, I see." Marv began to pout.

"Oh, what the hell. Since there's no such thing as magic anyway, how can it can't hurt anything." She took the the wibitsh foot from Marv and slipped it on over her head. The foot settled, as Marv had thought it would, between her breasts. "That tickles." she said, also noticing it made Marv smile.

But since it didn't really matter, being as there was no such thing as either magic or wishes, Krysti wondered why she should limit her wish to just making herself enjoy sports more. If their relationship was based on things they had in common, as Marv had told her, wouldn't it be even better if they had more things in common. She wasn't totally certain that Marv would like the way she had decided to word this wish.

"I wish that Marv had all the same likes and dislikes that I have." wished Krysti.

"What?" asked Marv taken by surprise at the wording of Krysti's wish. But it didn't take him long to realize that even if it wasn't the wish he'd had in mind, it might actually prove to be a much better one. His suggested wish, directed only at sports, had been very specific, but her actual wish had been extremely generic. Marv looked at Krysti and smiled, but, most strangely, he no longer felt that same intense physical attraction towards Krysti that he had been feeling prior to her making her wish.

"Are you alright, Marv?" she asked with concern, sensing something might be wrong with him.

"I think so, Krysti." he replied. "I just feel a little peculiar." He looked over Krysti for a minute. "Now tell me truthfully Krysti, do you think that dress you're wearing would look good on me?" As he realized what he'd asked Krysti, Marv was stunned and very confused at why he'd asked her such an unusual question. What could possibly make him ask her something like that?

"If you want my honest opinion, I'd have to say no." replied Krysti. "How many times to I have to tell you, Marvin, that you just don't have the figure or the right equipment to wear a dress like this."

What screamed his mind. But he found himself saying instead, "Maybe if I used some makeup?"

"All the makeup in world wouldn't help make you look any better wearing a dress like this, Marv."

A car drove by and the driver honked his horn. "How are you doing, Krysti!" hollered several of the boys from inside.

Krysti waved back at them.

Marv was pissed.

He wondered why the boys in the car didn't ask how he was or honk their horns at him. Then as he realized again what he was thinking, he exclaimed, "Shit!" He quickly turned to Krysti. "You must take back your wish, Krysti."

"Why?" asked Krysti. "You wanted us to have more things in common and now we have everything in common. Wasn't that what you wanted. Now, _you_ like everything _I_ like. And if _I_ don't like something, then neither do _you_. What could be better for our relationship?"

"What relationship is that, Krysti?" he asked her. "I now look at boys exactly the way you do. And even though I'm still physically male, I want a boyfriend, who'll do for me, exactly what you want me to do for you. Have you the slightest idea what some of the guys I hang with will do when I show up wearing a dress and makeup? Or what they're liable to do the moment I start flirting with them in an attempt to pick one of them up? They're going to beat the crap out of me, Krysti."

"I hadn't thought about that, Marv." replied Krysti. "But maybe I can make another wish and fix it all up again."

Marv breathed a sigh of release. "Thank you, Krysti." he said really meaning it. "Now, here's what I ..."

But Krysti interrupted him. "I wish that no one either one of us will ever interact with thinks it in any way odd or unusual for Marvin to like boys or wear girls' clothes and makeup."

"That wasn't exactly the wish I had in mind, Krysti." said Marv as a completely new and very odd set of sensations began coursing through his body.

A breeze suddenly chilled his legs. But how was that possible, he wondered. Looking down at his legs, Marv discovered he was wearing a mid-thigh length denim skirt instead of the denim jeans he'd been wearing.

As he lifted his head to speak to Krysti, he was taken aback as he felt his hair, now a very light brown in color, swish lightly across his shoulders, before coming to rest near the middle of his back.

When strange tinglings began focusing on and about his chest, he looked down just in time to watch his _breasts_ blossom, first to adolescence, then to full womanly maturity. They weren't as big as Krysti's, but Marv knew they were more than large enough to attract the attentions of boys. And his T-shirt now sported a plunging neckline that showed off more of his new breasts than he would have preferred it would.

Another car drove by. And the driver also honked his horn.

"You're looking real good, Marvin, babe." yelled one of the guys.

"How would like to go with me to new dance club, Marvin." hollered another.

"Why are two hot foxes like yourselves running around here without being with me." screamed still another.

Krysti loved the attention.

Marvin was pissed.

Blushing brightly, Marv was very thankful that the driver of the car hadn't stopped. Given the odd effects of Krysti's first two wishes and his confused mental state, there was just no way of telling how his altered body would have reacted to the proximity of several young men.

"I need to go home, Krysti." he told her. It surprised him that, in light of all the other changes, he still had his own voice.

"Don't let guys like that get to you, Marvin." replied Krysti. "But it certainly doesn't appear to bother any of them that you like boys and wearing dresses."

Marvin stared at her. "It's not them, Krysti. It's me." As he turned and ran towards home, he couldn't decide what bothered him the most - guys making passes at him, the way his ass swayed, or the jiggling up and down of his new breasts as he ran.

* * * * *

Nearing the Thompson's house, he suddenly realized he couldn't go home and let his brother see him looking like this. It never occurred to him that Steven wouldn't notice anything odd or unusual about his new feminine appearance. But as he watched his shirtless brother cutting the grass, Marv began wondering why he hadn't realized earlier what a handsome hunk his little brother had become. "Oh, shit. I'm losing my mind." he exclaimed after realizing what he'd been thinking about his own little brother.

Unwilling to return home, he knocked on the Thompson's front door.

Alana stared at him after opening the door. "What's wrong, Marvin?" she asked with considerable concern. "It looks like you been running from demons. Why don't you come inside for a few minutes."

"Thank you, Alana." he replied. "Krysti should along in a few minutes. I'll wait ..."

Marvin saw himself in the mirror.

He looked like a girl - a very pretty girl.

His hair was _not_ the light brown he'd thought. Instead, it was a light blond. And he couldn't believe he now had sparkling blue eyes. And he wore just the right amount of makeup to highlight his feminine features.

And to make matters even worse, he had that 'come hither' look that seemed so common among the sexy girls he'd known. He knew that if he'd met this girl reflected in the mirror earlier this morning, when he'd still liked girls the way guys were supposed to like girls, he would have wanted her desperately. But after Krysti's wishes, she was just another pretty face in the crowd.

He briefly raised a hand to his chest, horrified to discover that the breasts he found there were really his.

"Are you sure you're alright, Marvin?" asked Alana. "I mean, you're looking at your reflection as if you'd never seen yourself before. And don't try to tell me that someone as pretty as you has never seen himself in a mirror."

Before Marv could answer, Krysti came over and stood next to him. She put her arm around him as if he were her sister. Strangely, this act of comfort from her made Marv feel better.

"Let's go to my room, Marv." she said. "We really need to talk."

Still looking at his reflection, Marv slowly shook head, then let Krysti lead him to her room. Along the way his curiosity got the better of him. A quickly probing hand confirmed his worst suspicion. It was gone. "You must change me back, Krysti." he told her weakly in shock from his lost manhood. "This isn't me. I don't want to be like this." He extended his arms, palms up, towards her. "Please, Krysti." he pleaded with her. "I want to me again. Please change me back into me, Krysti."

Krysti listened to him intently. But for some inexplicable reason, she decided she actually liked Marv better this way. It wasn't that she really wanted Marv to be a girl, it was just that his being one now felt so totally right to her. As Marv now was, being with him was like being with the best friend she'd always wished she'd had, but had never be able to find. From some place deep in her mind, she could almost picture people thinking of the two of them as twins. It was an odd stray thought that soon vanished, but no before it made Krysti realize that she and Marvin had not been fated to be lovers. Perhaps in another life they would, but in this one they were destined to best friends.

"C'mon, Krysti." whined Marvin. "Would you please hurry up and make your wish. Please, Krysti, change me back into the real me."

"If that's what you want." she answered softly. "I'll change you into the _real_ you."

Marv breathed a sighed of relief.

"I wish," began Krysti, a smile spreading across her face, "that Marvin be completely restored to his true identity and natural form of my best friend and identical twin sister Mysti, just as _she_ has always been to everyone we've ever known."

"What?" he asked feeling betrayed.

But as he felt her body readjust, he felt her breasts enlarge and he watched his light blonde hair become her flaming mane. As his thoughts drifted and became her thoughts, he became her, just as she had always been to all who had ever known her.

As if waking from a deep slumber, Mysti Thompson stretched her arms. Seeing her twin sister standing nearby, she suddenly, and for no apparent reason, smiled.

"Has anybody asked you to the opening of the new dance club next week, Mysti." asked Krysti, who now, per her wish, had no memories of her sister Mysti being anyone other than her sister."

"Not yet, Krysti." replied Mysti in a voice nearly identical to her sister's sensual tones. She swept away the stray strands of her long red hair from her eyes. "And I don't understand it."

"Neither do I, sis." agreed Krysti. "Oh shit!" she suddenly exclaimed.

"What's wrong?" asked Mysti with concern.

"You and I had better find ourselves dates before the weekend gets here. If we don't, then we'll probably wind up going with each other. And I shouldn't have to remind you what that means."

"Oh, fuck." swore Mysti. "Getting hit on by Tom Campbell." she groaned.

"That's right." replied Krysti. "And we both know he'll be hitting on one or the other or both of us all night long because that cheap conniving fucking son of a bitch asshole thinks we're easy."

"You know, Krysti, I really believe he's the one who started and then spread _that_ vicious rumor about us that's been circulating all over town. The little snot thinks he's God's gift to women. And his miniscule ego couldn't take it when both of us told him we weren't interested and to go fuck himself."

Krysti fingered the wibitsh foot still hanging around her neck on its golden chain. "It's too bad this thing doesn't have any real magic in it. It would be real nice to make a wish and have Tom Campbell turned into the slimy little slug he really is."

"It would also be a big improvement." agreed Mysti.

"And it would be a great gift to us women." laughed Krysti.

"I've got an even better suggestion, Krysti. We could use it to wish us up a couple of really good-looking studs to take us to the opening of the new dance club next week." Mysti sighed wistfully. "But we've been wishing on that stupid thing all night long and nothing yet has happened. Have you been keeping track of how many wishes we've made on that thing since that odd little man in the magic shop at the mall gave it to me?

"Not really." replied Krysti. "Not that it matters a whole lot. None of the wishes we've made have come true and I'd be very surprised if any of them ever do."

"I'm glad the old man didn't make me pay for it." said Mysti. "It would have really pissed me off to pay for some stupid fake. But it does mean that if we're going to have dates for that opening, then we need to hustle out there and find them as soon as possible. We can't sit around here wasting our time trying to wish for them with that useless old thing."

"You're probably right, Mysti." Krysti removed the wibitsh foot from around her neck. "And we definitely won't be needing this at all." She tossed the foot, chain and all, into the trash.

"That's the best place for that thing." said Mysti in disgust. "Should we try the mall first?"

"Sounds like the best place to start." agreed Krysti.

And with that the Thompson twins, Krysti and Mysti, were soon headed for the mall in search of dates for the gala grand opening of the new dance club.

Alana Thompson watched as her twin older sisters left Krysti's room and quickly headed down the stairs, obviously heading on their way to the front door. Both of them had that look in their eyes, which Alana knew from several past experiences, that meant they were off to the mall on either a shopping expedition or a man hunt.

In either event, Alana guessed they'd be gone for the next several hours. And since Steven didn't expect her to arrive for at least another hour, she figured there was plenty of time to sneak into both of their rooms in search of some useful treasure she could _borrow_ from them without their knowledge. And perhaps, there might also be something of interest to liberate from their trash.

Alana found nothing in Mysti's room, but that wasn't very unusual. She seldom found anything of interest in Mysti's room. But in Krysti's trash can, she found the golden chain with the wibitsh foot attached to it.

"I wonder why she threw this rabbit's foot away. It looks perfectly alright to me." he muttered to herself. "Not that it matters really matters to me anyway. Krysti pitched it and I found it. That means it's mine now." Alana slipped it on over her head, the foot coming to rest between her small breasts. Looking at her reflected image in the mirror on Krysti's dresser, she remembered why she was sometimes jealous of her _big_ sisters. She sighed. "I suppose this thing probably looked a lot better hanging between Krysti's big tits than it ever will between my little boobies. I don't think it was really fair for mom and dad to let Krysti and Mysti hog all the genetic breast materials without leaving enough for me to even have average-sized tits. I know it's not really their fault and I shouldn't blame them for something completely natural and out of their control. But I really wish that when I was growing up that my boobies would have grown just like Krysti's and Mysti's had.

Continuing to look in the mirror, Alana suddenly felt an odd tingling in her breasts. But as she watched, she never noticed her breasts expanding. Her wish had been for _her_ breasts to have grown like her sister's had when they'd been growing up. And since they now had, no one, Alana included, noticed anything different. When she reappraised the way the wibitsh foot hung on its chain between her ample breasts, she realized it didn't look anywhere near as bad as she'd originally thought. Why did I think it look bad, she wondered? And no longer remembering how she knew that the foot would look absolutely horrible on a girl with small boobs, she was extremely glad that buxom breasts, like hers and her sisters, were a fairly common trait of the women in her family.

As she left Krysti's room, Alana heard the phone in the hall ringing. Wondering who was calling, she picked up the receiver and answered, "Hello."

"Hi Alana." said Steven. "I thought you be here by now."

Alana was confused. When she'd gone into her sisters' rooms she'd thought there had been plenty of time to snoop around before she needed to go next door. But, looking at her watch, it somehow seemed to be much later than she thought it should be. How could I have spent that much time in their rooms, she wondered, and then only come come away with just this simple rabbit foot. "I'm really sorry, Steven. I must have lost track of the time somehow. But I'll be over in a few minutes."

"That's okay, Alana." replied Steven. "I'll see you when you get here in a few minutes."

"Okay." Alana hung up the phone. She was still a little shaken and unsure of what had happened. "I wonder how all that time I thought I had went by so quickly."

Quickly gathering up what she needed, Alana hurriedly left for next door. After she rang the doorbell, Steven opened the door. "I'm sorry, Steven." she apologized again. "I really didn't know it was that late until you called."

"No problem, Alana. We should still have plenty of time to complete our project." replied Steven with a smile. "You know, Alana, you look really fantastic today. Did you do something different with your hair?"

"No." blushed Alana slightly. "It's still the same old mop I've always had." Impetuously, she gave him a quick little peck on the cheek, which not only surprised Steven, but her as well. "But you're really being so sweet to tell me I look good, even if I know I don't." That was one of reasons she liked Steven so much. He was her friend, maybe even her best friend. He always had something nice to say when she was feeling down. And, unlike most of her other male friends, he never spent any time doting on or ogling at her big breasts.

"Our project stuff's up in my room." said Steven. "Are you going to feel comfortable working up there?"

"I don't see why not." she answered with a hint of surprise in her voice. "We've worked up there many times before."

"I know." replied Steven sounding equally surprised. "I wonder what made me ask you that question."

"Does something seem different, or out of place, to you Steven?" asked Alana nervously. "I have this vague feeling of some things not being the way they are now."

"I know what you what you mean, Alana." replied Steven. "I also have that kind of weird feeling."

As the two of them entered his room, Alana suddenly turned and kissed Steven full on the lips. It surprised him, since she had never done anything like that with him before.

"I don't why I did that." blushed Alana, but at the same time she wondered why she hadn't kissed him before.

"It was actually kind of nice." replied Steven. "That is, after I got over being surprised."

"You mean you liked it?" she asked coyly.

"Liked it?" Steven answered with a broad smile. "I loved it, Alana."

He kissed her. And for the next several minutes, the two of them were locked in passionate embrace and lost within strange new thoughts. When they finally relaxed, neither knew how much time had passed.

"We need to work on our project." said Alana staring straight into Steven's eyes.

"I know." he replied gazing back into hers. "But let's not forget where we're leaving off. After we finish, I'd really like to get back to what we've started here."

"Me too." smiled Alana in agreement.

But before they could begin working on their project, they heard a noise outside. When Steven looked out his window to investigate, he saw nothing unusual. "Your sisters just got home." he told Alana. "And they look like they're totally pissed off about something."

"That means they must have been out on the prowl for boys when they'd left earlier." she replied. "Obviously, they couldn't have been very successful. Otherwise, they would be a lot happier now."

"It's hard to believe your sisters can't get a date."

"Somebody's been spreading some really nasty and ugly rumors about them being loose and easy. Neither Krysti nor Mysti have said anything to me about it, but I think they who it is." replied Alana. "That kind of crap has really hurt them, Steven. I know my sisters, they aren't like that at all. But some people would rather believe some stupid rumors instead of the truth. And you know what's even worse, Steven?" she asked sadly. "A lot of people, who don't even know me, think I'm the same way, just because they're my sisters."

"You shouldn't let stupid people bother you." Steven put his arm around her. Alana, feeling safe and secure once more in Steven's arms, relaxed. "For some reason, there are always going to be people in the world who will only believe the worst things they hear about other people, because it makes those who are inferior feel superior."

"Maybe you're right, Steven." she replied, leaning comfortably against him. "But to tell you the truth, there are times I really don't want to be their sister anymore. On those times, instead of being their sister, I _wish_ I were your sister.

There was knock on Steven's door.

"Hi mom." said Steven as he turned to see his mother standing near the door. "Alana was upset about ... something ... but I don't seem to remember exactly what it was."

"Me neither." said Alana shaking her head.

"That's okay, Steven." replied Mrs. Littleton. "I'm sure your sister appreciates your being there for her when she needed you. I just came up to tell you your dinner's in the microwave." said Mrs. Littleton. "It should be ready in about an hour."

"Thanks mom." replied Alana. Even though none of them noticed anything different, Alana's hair was now slightly longer and a couple of shades of blond lighter than it had been a few minutes earlier. And she also bore a strong familial resemblance to both Steven and her new mother, especially with her new pert little turned up nose.

"Will the two of you be alright here tonight?" asked their mother.

"We'll be just fine _mom_." replied the two in unison.

"I guessed as much, but, since _I_ am your mother and there are certain questions always required in these situations by the mother's guild, I had to ask."

All three of them began to laugh.

"Just go out and have a good time, mom." said Steven.

"Yeah, mom. You don't have to worry about us. We'll be fine." added Alana. "You know how much dad has been looking forward to having this romantic evening with you."

Mrs. Littleton smiled. "Okay, kids. But don't you two overexert yourself by working too hard on that class project of yours."

"_Yes mother_." both replied with broad smiles.

"So what do think, Stevie?" asked Alana after their mother had departed. "Do you think mom and dad will let us go to the grand opening of the new dance club next weekend?"

"I have my doubts, sis." replied Steven. "You know the minute we ask them, mom and dad are going to tell us they think we're too young."

"But Krysti and Mysti Thompson are going, even if they have to go by themselves." argued Alana.

"I know that, sis." replied Steven. "But do you have any idea how many times we've tried using the Thompson twins to justify our reasons to be able to do something before?" Alana slowly shook her head. "There have been more times than I care to count and we haven't won one yet. You can bet that mom and dad will use their same old tried and true defense that always worked before. Krysti and Mysti Thompson are three years older than us."

"But that's not fair, Steve." she retorted. "They're always going to be three years older than us."

"Nobody ever said life was supposed to be fair, Alana." replied her brother. "All that means, sis, is we must find another, and an even better, reason to convince then to allow us to go. Using the Thompson twins is never going to cut it with mom and dad."

"It's really a shame we're not the same age as them." sighed Alana wistfully. "I really wish the two of us could be a lot more like Krysti and Mysti."

For a moment, time paused and space flickered around Steven and Alana Littleton. Then their reality itself began to churn and swirl. A wish had been wished. And guided by the wibitsh foot, that wish must be fulfilled

Krysti and Mysti Thompson were twins.

And now, everyone knew, Steven and Alana Littleton were twins, as well.

The maelstrom that was their reality began churning faster and faster.

Fluctuations began within their altered temporal reality. As they began, Krysti and Mysti were, as they had been, three years older. But when a new wavering spread across their reality all who knew Steven and Alana knew they were only two years younger. And after another reshuffling, Krysti and Mysti had become just a single year older.

And as the oscillating vortex of their temporality calmed, Steven and Alana, although neither realized they'd changed, had become the exact age of Krysti and Mysti.

But still the reality now required by the wish demanded more of them. Being merely twins was insufficient to fulfill Alana's wish. For to be more like those, as she had wished, other alterations in the fabric of reality were necessary and required.

The Thompson twins, Krysti and Mysti were sisters - identical twins.

Already female and having previously been altered by her wish to be Steven's sister, Alana changed little physically. Her waist became somewhat slimmer. Her hair once more lightened noticeably, growing out several inches longer. Her height increased by nearly an inch. But other than those changes, anyone who had known Alana before, not that any such person now existed, would recognize her easily.

But Steven's metamorphosis was quite different. Losing his tall and masculine frame, he shrank until he looked across at his sister and stared her squarely in the eye. At the same time, his body hair lightened both in its color and in its density. His continually shifting weight created bodily curves where a young man should never possess such curves. And to same proportions Alana's waist had slimmed, so also did his waist slim. Lightening as it quickly spurted forth, his hair soon matched hers both in hue and length. And when his breasts blossomed, they matched exactly the firmness, shape, and size of those belonging to his sister.

If either of them noticed what was happening to the other, neither said a word.

But for a fleeting moment, Steven stared in confusion and disbelief at his delicate hands, which had long smooth and slender fingers with long tapering nails. But as the nails themselves quickly colored a bright shade of red, she knew she had no need to be confused nor disbelieve whatever her eyes told her.

The Littleton twins, Alana and Shana were now, as were Krysti and Mysti Thompson, also sisters - identical twins. And the two of them were more like the Thompson twins, than even Alana could have ever imagined before.

Alana pulled the wibitsh foot off from around her neck. "I really can't see any reason to keep wearing this silly thing. All its done since I put it on is scratch my boobs. I'm sick and tired of it. I'll be much better off without it."

"Can I have it, Alana?" asked Shana.

"Whatever for Shana? All it'll do for you is scratch your tits the same way its been scratching mine ever since I started wearing it." said her twin sister knowingly. "It has been a real pain in the boobs since I put it on. We'll both be better off if I just pitch it into the trash and be done with it." Alana tossed the foot and its chain into the trash.

"You're probably right, sis." replied Shana sweeping her hair away from the front of her face. "But you know Alana, we'd better start working on finding ourselves dates for the grand opening of the new dance club next weekend."

"Yeah. And we'd better hurry." said Alana. "I really hate thinking about that pompous asshole Tom Campbell trying to hit on either one of us all night long."

"Yuck. Being hit on by a slimy slug would be better than that." groaned Shana. "What do say we head off to the mall right now?"

* * * * *

Standing in the doorway of his little shop, the wizard smiled, totally unnoticed by all he observed passing by his simple shop. As he watched Alana and Shana Littleton talking with the two boys who would be their dates to the dance club opening once they worked up enough nerve to ask them, he mused on friendship, as well as the related subject of best friends.

From that first moment Marvin Littleton had walked into his shop, the old man had known that Marv would transform his best friend Kyle Thompson into sexy Krysti Thompson. And he'd also known that Krysti would eventually return the _favor_, as it were, by changing Marv into her equally sexy and identical twin sister Mysti Thompson.

Their ending up as Krysti and Mysti Thompson had been inevitable, given past and future circumstances. And the old man knew, if he hadn't supplied the means of their transformations, in the form of the wibitsh foot, then someone else would have provided another way.

The powers that be had always intended Kyle and Marv to be identical twins, but somehow their souls had been inadvertently separated at conception. Instead of being embodied together and born as twins, they wound up in neighboring wombs and grew up as best friends.

The old man groaned at the horrible pun he'd made.

In hindsight, thought the wizard, perhaps I should have told Marv more about the lore behind the wibitsh foot. Not that it would have made any difference in the final result, since the two of them still would have become Krysti and Mysti. And would Marv have believed him if he'd told him that those in possession of a wibitsh foot are often subtly guided into making wishes that the foot itself, or whatever it was actually in control of it, believed would be a better reality for the current wisher.

But even the wibitsh foot would not attempt to sunder a friendship such as theirs for long, for friendship was one of those uniquely human qualities that was, in the long run, stronger than any wish. And a best friend was always meant to be a best friend - nothing more and nothing less.

Even considering all the past and future factors, Krysti's destiny could never have allowed her to be merely Marvin's lover. So as a result, the wibitsh foot had guided Krysti into the restoration of her best friend in the form of her twin sister Mysti.

But then, with all things being equal, that restoration could have easily gone the other way. Krysti could have regained the manhood she'd known as Kyle. But all things were _not_ equal. And the power behind the wibitsh foot knew, as did the old man himself, that in the greater scheme of things, twin sisters _and_ best friends Krysti and Mysti would be vastly more important than Kyle and Marv, who were only best friends.

But all of that was still some ways off in the future.

When the Thompson twins had arrived in the mall earlier in an unsuccessful attempt to find dates for the upcoming weekend, the old man had wondered if he should tell them that the malicious rumors and gossip now being spread about them by Tom Campbell would no longer trouble them after this weekend's grand opening of the new dance club.

But he decided against it, knowing they both thought him a fraud and fake with neither likely to believe him. Besides, no one, except himself and a few other magic wielders, would remember those rumors, or even having heard them, once Mr. Campbell's destiny caught up with him this weekend.

He had also wondered briefly, whether or not he should intervene by telling his sixty-seventh cousin, ninety-eight times removed what her apprentice warlock son had planned as punishment for that slimeball Tom Campbell and his not quite as slimy friend Chuck Alderson.

But after careful consideration, he decided not to interfere. He knew that his cousin, who didn't believe it right to use magic against those without a defense against it, would probably stop Jason from what he'd planned on doing to them. But the old man believed that Tom and Chuck deserved exactly what they had coming to them.

And from his doorway, the old man continued to watch Alana and Shana Littleton speaking with their two young men. If they didn't hurry up and find the nerve to ask the girls out soon, he just might have to intervene.

But the two of them had been a totally unexpected surprise.

"It's nice to know," mused the old wizard, "that even I can, from time to time, still be surprised by what goes on in this world." The old man smiled at what he didn't know. "Knowing everything can be _so_ boring after just the shortest while."

The old man smiled as watching as the one boy and then the other kissed Alana and Shana ... or was it Shana and Alana. He wondered what _their_ future held in store for them.