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By James Cole

Spells R Us: Collars
by James S. Cole

John had been dating Linsey for a week, and wanted something special to give here. Linsey was a bit kinky when it came to sex so he wanted something she'd like for that purpose. How ever he felt very embarrassed shopping in the adult store at the mall. Just when he thought he had gotten up enough nerve he crumbled, he ducked into a small shop praying no one would see him. John looked around the shop he has hidden in, it looked like a cross between a antique shop and a junk yard. He looked on the door and saw the name "Spells R Us" printed backwards on the window on the top of the door, it had been printed that way so if you where on the other side you could read it. He decided that he might as well browse the shop, so he did not seem out of place.

"Hello John.." a voice behind him said.

John turned around to see a old man dressed in a ratty old bath robe and bunny slippers. He was going to ask how the man knew his name, but thought better of it. He smiled nervously and walked to the counter.

"This isn't really the store you intended to enter is it John?" The old man asked.

John nodded.

"Well it may supprise you to know I have just the item you've been looking for." The old man said and went intothe back.

John was confused, how did this man know so much? How did he know John intended to enter another store? And what exactly did he mean he had what John was looking for?

"Here we are." The old man said as he handed John a giftwrapped package.

John looked over the package it seemed simple enough. He saw a tag dangling, it read "To: Linsey From: John". John was shocked, the old man knew his girlfriend's name?

"I'm sure you'll find it matches Linsey's unique tastes." The old man said grinning. "It's 50 dollars."

John decided he might as well chance it, he paid for what ever it was he had gotten and went home.

That night John took Linsey out for dinner. The evening went off with out a hitch. Linsey suggested they go back to her apartment, Just what John wanted. Linsey was extremely happy when she got John into the apartment. She gave him the "I'll go slip into something more appropriate" bit. John took out his gift and laid it on the coffee table. When Linsey returned John almost fainted. She had changed into a black leather teddy with attached garters, fishnet stockings, knee high black latex boots, and shoulder length black latex gloves. She smiled and placed a small gift wrapped box on the table. Seeing the one John had gotten her she snatched it up. John insisted Linsey go first. She tore into the wrapping and opened the box. She gasped and smiled at what was inside.

"Oh John!" She cooed. "I was looking for one of these.How did you know?"

John smiled dully as Linsey held up a spiked leather dog collar. The old man was right this was her style.

"Ohh open yours!" Linsey said as she put on the collar.

John opened his box to find a black leather g-sting and a identical dog collar. With Linsey's encouragement he was coaxed into putting them on. Linsey giggled at John when he finally had on only the g-sting and collar.

"Oh that man from that Spells R Us store was right." She laughed. "You look too cute like that!"

John froze for a moment, the man from Spells R Us? He mentally kicked himself, that's how the old man knew his name. The old coot and Linsey where in cahoots. John sighed, he was not really angry, only stunned really.

"You went there first didn't you?" Linsey said grinning. "I should have know, he knew our names and said he had just what I was looking for."

Now John grew really concerned, Linsey thought he was in on this. Who was that old man? How did he know? John was contemplating when Linsey began to rub against him. She was horny now, John too was horny and decided that he might as well take advantage of the situation.

After very wild and hot sex John lay on top of Linsey. She was mostly nude, she had left on her gloves and somehow left on her boots. At the time John paid no attention, but now it bugged him. Curious he looked down, then a shock hit him. Linsey was not wearing her boots. From the knees down her skin had turned jet black. John then looked at Linsey's arms, her gloves had been shoulder high, she was wearing elbow length. Linsey was giggling a bit. John looked at her oddly.

"I just think it's funny." She said. "You wearing my boots and gloves."

"I'm not wearing them.." John said.

John looked at his arm, just like Linsey he now had jet black flesh from the elbow down. He examined his hand, the palm had become extremely callused, almost like leather. Sitting up he suddenly reeled back. Linsey was confused.

"John what is it?" She asked.

John simply gaped and pointed to her belly. Linsey shrieked when she saw what John was pointing at. Just below her breasts where 2 rows of nipples. John jumped off the bed and suddenly fell to the floor. Linsey leaned over the edge of the bed to see if John was ok. His reason for not being able to stand was clear. His legs where no longer human. Rather he had the back legs of a dog, already on his stomach she could see very small nipples. Linsey tried to step out of bed, but her legs had changed. She crawled on all fours to the end of the bed. She could see the changes in John accurate. Now he was walking on four legs. His arms had actually become the front legs of a dog. His upper body was shrinking as his nipples slid to his belly, a massive canine organ between his close together thighs. Linsey jumped off the bed, landing on her four legs, her bust had vanished and she could feel the beginnings of a tail. Linsey tried to speak but only primitive growls came from her mouth. Already it was apparent that aside from there heads John and Linsey had the bodies of dogs. Linsey watched in horror as John's head began to flatten out, from his eyes the spark of humanity faded. His face pushed out into a canine muzzle and his ears became pointed. At the same time John saw Linsey become a dog as well. With there minds slowly slipping away John mounted Linsey just likea real dog.

At the humane society The old man was conversingwith the dog catcher.

"So how's the pair I gave you last week doing?" The oldman asked.

"Oh there doing fine." The dog catcher said. "There so friendly, and the bitch is due to have pups any day now."

"That's good." The old man said. "Any unusual behavior?"

"Well there a bit attached to one another." The dog catcher said. "The male shows no interest in the other bitches. A breeder was interested in having him for stud, but he said he could not bring him self to separate thetwo."

"So what are you going to do with them?" The old man asked.

"Well another breeder said he would take both." The dog catcher said. "And all the pups, he's making a big donation to the local humane society chapter. We can take care of and find homes for a lot of dogs with that money. These two where a god sent, I wanna thank you again."

"Don't mention it." The old man said.

Behind the two men, in a cage. Lay a very pregnant bitch and her mate. Both had brown fur with a strange fox like socks and gloves pattern on there legs. Both has fluffy tails with black tips and black frosted ears. Also both wore identical spiked leather collars. Name tags where on the collars. The bitch was named Linsey and her mate was named John. They where happy dogs.