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Circe's Wand

Circe's Wand
By Morpheus

SRU: Circe’s Wand
by Morpheus

Jan smiled happily as she left the store with her purchase. She’d seen Spells R Us while walking through the mall and found a cute magic wand inside that the Old Man behind the counter had told was really magic.

She wasn’t very confident in the idea that it really was real magic, but didn’t care. The idea of having a magic wand was enough, even if it wasn’t real. She hurried back to her dorm room on campus, pleased with the realistic look of the wand, and how cheap she had gotten it for.

The Old Man sat behind the counter, and noticed one of his wands off to the side. “Darn. I must’ve given that girl the wrong wand” He turned to the large dog on the floor, telling him “I meant to give her the bimbo wand, but accidentally sold her the Circe wand. Oh well, lets see what happens”, and he chuckled as he put the bimbo wand back behind the counter in wait for some other customer.

Getting home, Jan pulled out the wand and started rolling it around in her hands. It was about a foot long, made of black wood and had patterns of animals etched lightly at the base. When Cassie, her roommate walked in, Jan jokingly pointed at her with the wand, and said “You’re a cat”

Suddenly the wand glowed green for a second and a brown and white cat stood where Cassie had been. Jan looked at the wand in amazement, not believing that it was real. “Awesome” she muttered to herself. She looked at Cassie and called her. The new little cat came hopping up onto Jan’s lap and meowed, wanting to be petted. “I can have some real fun with this”, she told the little cat excitedly Wanting to see what more she could do with the wand, Jan stood up and pointed the wand at Cassie again, and said “dog”, watching amazed as the green glow covered both the wand and cat, and suddenly the cat was gone, replaced by a tan cocker spaniel, that looked up at her and barked. “Human” she said again, and watched Cassie return, looking down in herself shocked.

“What did you do to me?” Cassie demanded of her, looking very pissed off. Cassie jumped at her violently and Jan yelled “cat” again, watching the little cat return.

“I’ll turn you back when you can calm down” Jan explained. She couldn’t wait to show her magic wand to her boyfriend Ted, and see what he’d say. Chuckling, she thought about what she could do with it and left her room, wand in her purse.

Jan was thinking about how to tell Ted about the wand, and was about to head over to his room. Ted’s door opened, and Jan expected Ted or his roommate Nate Mathis to come out, and was surprised to see Cindy Norman come out instead.

Jan had several classed with Cindy and never liked her for some reason. Nate and Cindy must be dating she guessed, though she’d never suspected that those two would get along. Cindy was good looking and a cheerleader, whereas Nate was a skinny nerd. Waiting till Cindy left, Jan walked up to the door, and knocked, then walked right in since the door was unlocked.

She saw Ted in on the couch, pulling his pants back; up. Suddenly she had a very bad suspicion, especially since she noticed that Nate wasn’t there. “What were you doing with that tramp?”, she demanded furiously.

“That’s none of your business” he snapped at her, looking a bit embarrassed but more annoyed at her audacity in bursting into his room accusing him. “You won’t put out, so I went to someone who would”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She’d thought Ted was nicer than that. She remembered the wand and pulled it out of her purse, and angrily pointed it at him. “You Pig!!” she yelled. She was glad to watch Ted vanish, to be replaced with a large fat pig, that looked rather confused. “Bye bye” she said to the pig and walked out the door. She didn’t know if the wand would wear off, but she hoped he’d be stuck like that for awhile. He deserved it.

When Jan went to class, she felt a bit happier, thinking back on the look on Ted’s face. He deserved it. She sat in her seat, trying to keep from yawning as the teacher went on. She noticed Cindy sitting a few seats away and got angry again. After class, Jan followed behind Cindy and pointed the wand at her, “You bitch” she yelled and watched with glee as a large brown dog ran off.

This thing definitely has possibilities she excitedly thought to herself as she put it back in her purse, thinking about all the people she could have revenge on. She could just imagine Dr. Tessler, who had failed her last semester in Math being turned into a chimp, or Leslie who kept bugging her, turned into a chicken. She grinned at the thought and headed home for lunch.

Back in her room, Jan sat on her bed, staring at the wand for a few minutes before she left it on her bed and she made herself a sandwich for lunch. Once she’d finished making her lunch, Jan went back and hopped back onto her bed, taking a bite out of the sandwich. However, as she got back on her bed, Jan could hear a faint snap as she felt something break underneath her. With a sinking feeling, she pulled the broken wand out from underneath her.

After matching the broken the halves together she tried holding them with tape. It looked about right to her, but she decided to test it to make sure it still worked. She pointed the wand at Cassie who was stalking around the floor, and said “mouse”.

Jan saw the familiar green glow and suddenly felt everything blur. She looked up and saw that everything in the room was huge, and realized that somehow she’d been turned into the mouse. Panicking, she ran for the wand, hoping she could use it to turn herself back to normal.

When she got to the wand lying on the ground, she was horrified to see that it had broken apart again, and she knew that couldn’t put it back together without hands. She sat there staring at it, shocked and horrified that she’d have to spend the rest of her life as a mouse.

Jan really hoped that it would wear off, and prayed that it was so.

Then she noticed something even worse. Jan turned around to see a very angry, and very hungry looking Cassie looking down at her, saliva dripping out of her mouth.

Elsewhere, an Old Mans laughter ringed through a mall. It hadn’t turned out the way it would of if he’d given her the right wand, but he thought there were other opportunities.

The End