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Bottle of Wishes

Bottle of Wishes
By Morpheus

Spells R Us: Bottle of Wishes
By Morpheus
25 Jan 98

While walking through the mall, Dan saw a store that he thought looked kind of interesting. Spells R Us, was written clearly above the door. Must be some kind of magic supplies shop, Dan told himself as he went in.

The first thing he saw was an Old Man in a somewhat worn bathrobe putting a glass bottle on a shelf. The Old Man turned around as soon as he walked in, saying "Good afternoon Dan"

Surprised, Dan asked "How did you know my name?"

The Old Man chuckled, "You wouldn't believe how often I get asked that question. The answer is that I'm a wizard."

Dan thought, yeah sure, and the Old Man told him to feel free to look around, just not to touch anything yet. The Old Man was obviously pretty eccentric, but Dan did what he was asked and looked without touching. After a minute, he saw the bottle that the Old Man had just put on the shelf. It was swirled with different colors and was opaque, with the glass slightly twisted up towards the top. Thinking it was pretty interesting looking, Dan asked the Old Man how much it was.

"Hm... You know young man, I don't know why, but I like you. Maybe you should get something else"The old man lifted a small bottle of pills and held them out to him. "Like these. They'll make any woman fall in love with you"

"No, I'll just take this bottle"

"Oh well, I tried" The old man looked a little sad for a second, "Then at least read the instructions before using. That'll be twenty dollars please"

Dan paid the Old Man and left, thinking how weird.

When he got home, he pulled out the bottle and looked it over. He didn't see any instructions, then noticed some small writing on the bottom of the bottle. It said "Bottle of 3 wishes", then had some smaller print underneath that he couldn't make out.

"Cool. A genie in a bottle", and Dan laughed at the idea.

Deciding to play along he pulled the cork out of the top, and then a stream of blue smoke poured out the top, surprising Dan. It swirled in the air for a few seconds then took shape, looking like a fat ugly man.

"I'm the genie of the bottle. Now hurry up and make your wishes master, I've got other things to do"

Dan couldn't believe it. A real genie, even if he was rude and ugly.

Dan tried to think for a minute and decide what to wish. He decided for his first wish and told the genie. "I wish to win the Lottery the next time I play", that way he figured there wouldn't be any questions on how he got the money. He'd read enough genie stories to know that if he just wished for money, the genie would steal it from somewhere and he'd be the one in trouble.

"Granted", the fat genie said, then farted, making Dan hold his nose as a small green cloud came out the genies shorts.

Dan tried thinking what he wanted for a second and third wish, then came up with another idea. "I wish that I was capable of multiple orgasms"

"Granted again", the fat genie chuckled and Dan suddenly felt a twisting wash over his body, and he fell to the ground. He felt his bones shifting position, and his body swelling. He felt his penis shrinking, and his chest swelling outwards. After a few seconds the pain stopped, and Dan looked down at himself to see a pair of large breasts sticking out of his front.

He stood up, "Oh my God!", surprised at the soft sexy feminine voice that came out of his mouth and ran to the bathroom to see himself in the mirror.

He saw a very gorgeous busty blonde starting back from the mirror, wearing a short skirt and a somewhat revealing shirt. He couldn't believe what he saw.

Running back to the genie he yelled "I wanted multiple Male orgasms, not to be a woman".

The genie laughed in his face, making Dan cringe back from the foul breath. "You never specified. You said you wanted multiple orgasms, and women are the ones who have them"

Dan was furious, but decided to use his last wish to turn himself back to normal. "I wish that I was just like I was before I made that last wish"

The genie just laughed at him and said "Forget it"

"What? I just made my last wish, and I want it granted"

Still laughing the genie told him "You obviously didn't read the contract on the bottom of the bottle. You've already made your last wish"

"What are you talking about?"Dan jumped up and down panicking, feeling his generous breasts bouncing.

"The contract on the bottom of the bottle specifies that the user of the bottle waives the right to his third wish, giving that to the genie of the bottle, which is me, in exchange for granting the first two wishes. By making your first wish, you agreed to the terms of the contract"

Dan had a very bad feeling about this.

"And now for MY wish....."

Life wasn't too bad for Danielle. She may be stuck living inside a bottle for the rest of her life, married to a fat ugly genie, but she had all her sisters in his harem to keep her company, and they lived in great luxury and comfort. She wondered who the next poor fool would be to find the bottle, and she thought she could faintly hear an Old Mans laughter outside the bottle.