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Dark Heaven Apocalypse Page

Dark Heaven Apocalypse is a great fantasy miniatures game by Reaper Miniatures. The greatest thing about the game is that you can use any miniatures with it, there's no need to buy a specific line. The rules allow you to make any troop type you wish. You can also play a 500 miniature battle in just five hours.

A campaign summary: King Feanor and the Black Pearl of Insanity

Battle Reports

A new battle report for March 31

A review of DHA

Dark Heaven Apocalypse Links

MoxFools Dark Heaven Page A nice little page with extrapolated point values to buy magic items and abilities for your armies, new spells, and a letter from the man behind Dark Heaven and Reaper.

Farkeep A larger page with some battle reports, pictures of painted miniatures and general miniature information.

Dark Heaven Apocalypse Yahoo Group A small, low traffic group in need of more of fans of DHA to become members.

Reapers Home Page

Places to buy miniatures in Canada

The Cyberdungeon My favorite store, great service, good selection (lots of Reaper) and free shipping on orders over $50. The only bad thing is that you don't know what is in stock until you acutally order. On the other hand, they can get most anything on their web page within a week.

The Sentrybox An ok store depending on what you want. Selection is a mile wide but an inch deep (many different lines of miniatures but only small ammounts of each). Extra shipping costs for orders less than $100. However, the site tells how many of each miniature are in stock so you'll have a good idea if they will have it.


The Miniatures Page An awesome page about miniatures, all periods, all scales.

The Miniatures Page talks about DHA

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Last updated March 31, 2002