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Tango Fleet - USS Lancelot Security Dept.

Welcome to the Security Center for the USS Lancelot.

Located on Deck 7, the Security Department is open during all duty shifts. Our mission is to protect the lives and property of everyone aboard the Lancelot. Also to ensure the safety of any dignitaries or ambassadors. Working side by side with the Marine contingent led by Major Ki'Ros, security also ensures the safety of away teams. On a more martial note, Security is responsible for the investigation of any criminal activity on the Lancelot.

Biography of Rebecca Marshall.
Manifest and assignments of all Security personnel.
Uniform Code of Star Fleet Justice.
Procedures for reporting a crime, interviewing techniques.
Tango Fleet Security Center.

Security Department
Name Position Duty Shift Rank
Rebecca Marshall Chief of Security Watch One
Glen Ferguson Deputy Chief of Security-(acting) Watch Two
Kat'Tar Master at Arms Watch One

The Security department would like to be able to fulfill any of your needs. If you have any questions, requests, concerns, or otherwise please contact Ensign Marshall. She will do whatever she can to be of assistance.

We are currently seeking Security Officers for the USS Lancelot! If you think you have what it takes to succeed in this field,
join Tango fleet, or e-mail Ensign Marshall for details of joining the Lancelot's Security team.


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