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Dark Ravenette's Stories Dark Ravenette's Stories

Thank you for visiting my page o' stories. These are all works in progress, so please e-mail me with suggestions. This is also a community page. If you have written a story you would like to see up on the screen, send it to me. All credit will be given to you and you alone for your story. And if you get bored and want to learn about the interests of me the author, go here. And please, scroll to the bottom of this page and sign my guestbook.

Last updated Sept 23rd, 2002 (Chip Switches)


New Allies My first fanfiction, based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

End of an Era A fanfiction based on "The Invisible Man"

Old Places, New Faces A fanfiction based on Forever Knight (note: the Jasper in this story is NOT to be confused with the one in "New Allies." They are not the same, I just like the name Jasper.)

The Beast Released A fanfiction based on Forever Knight

Halloween Another fanfiction based on Forever Knight

The Cursed Vampire of Jusenkio A fanfiction crossover of Forever Knight and Ranma 1/2

Our Fate, Dear Brutus A fanfiction based on the movie "Pitch Black" (note: naughty language is present in this story. Moms, watch your children with this one)

The Glory of Love Based on The Invisible Man. After a long day at work, Claire comes home to a little surprise. B/C 'ship fic.

Lunar Cycle Based on The Invisible Man. A murderer is on the loose. Can Darien and Hobbes find him before he strikes too close to home?

Between a Rock and an Odd Place Based on The Invisible Man. Everyone gets a mysterious invitation to a party. Can The Agency deal with meeting the I-maniacs?

Non Videre Lupus A crossover between BWoC and I-Man. This was a fun story to write.

Original Works

Going Home An original alien based "drama"

Windows An original private eye story...with a twist.

For Fun

*NEW* Song List A complete listing of my current MP3 collection. Take a gander.

When Star Trek Goes Wrong a co-project with Jeph

Parodies A place to just make jokes about tv, movies, and songs (with contributions by liz_Z)


Isn't it a Coincidence? A place to share strange coincidences, conspiracies, or anything you THINK is one.

Original Art Work

Invader Zim Chip Switches (latest count:63)



Listen Carefully

The View


Tugs the Heart Strings Iliad Literary Awards finalist

Sonnet by One Iliad Literary Awards Finalist


Come To Me

You Are There

The Little Things


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