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Hello, Bonjour, Wilkommen, and, indeed, Whasssssup. Welcome to The Nexus, so called because it is the point in (cyber)space and time that all my ideas meet up, and take shape. It replaces my previous site, "Simon's World", because it was a bit empty and in need of a makeover. But don't worry. The same exhaustive seconds of research and blatant stealing has gone into producing this site that went into that one.

Most importantly, I have added an entire section devoted to Thrash, the free anime martial arts RPG by Ewen "Blackbird" Cluney (You can link to the Official Thrash Homepage from my Links page), which will (eventually) contain full write ups of all the characters from Street Fighter Alpha 3 and EX2 Plus, two Street Fighter sourcebooks (one each for Alpha and EX, respectively), a Professional Wrestling sourcebook, and a Tekken sourcebook.

Also, anyone who would like me to post a picture in my "Gallery" section should Email them to me HERE with their name, so I can credit them. Note that posing as the artist of a picture when you're not is copyright infringement and illegal, so don't do it, 'kay?

Thank You for visiting my site, and, above all, enjoy!


I have now added a link to The Nexus Online Wrestling Federation, the IWF, which is now taking applications.

Last Updated: 15th June 2001