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Vampire Cats Club

Welcome to the Vampire Cats Club. We are a club who are just a bunch of cat lovers who want to have fun. I have owned several cats in my life, and some have gone to kitty heaven. I could tell you many stories about my cats, and I am sure you have a few. The Vampire Cats Club is the place to show off your cat. All you have to do is send in your cats picture, and we will place it on our site.

Maybe you don't have a picture of your cat that looks like a vampire. Maybe you would just like to send your cats picture in because they are beautiful or good looking. Maybe you have a picture of your cat doing something funny. Just send in your cats picture and we will put it here.

This club is for every cat in the world and for the ones in kitty heaven. I will tell you that I love my cats like my own family. There is a time to have fun and a time to be serious. I have lost a pet, I know how you feel. I have lost several in my life. This club is dedicated to all the pets in animal heaven.

This is vampire cat Carrot. She is a Devon Rex and is at the the ripe old age of 18 in this picture.

This is sweet little Cassie. She's one of fourteen cats in her family.I think she was caught by her owner at a cranky moment in this picture.

This is Heidi. She can be seen with her sisfurs and brofurs if you click on the picturrr.

This is "LittleMan". I think he was named LittleMan because little men better watch it or they might be the next meal for this giant! Click on the picture to read more about him.

This is Salam! Click on his picture to read more about him.

This is Keeper. Quote from Owner, "He lived under our porch when we moved into our new house and would look in our front window. He moved in shortly after, and we named him accordingly, because he was a "keeper".

This is Evening Mist. I hope I don't see this cat on Halloween! She has her own personal page, and you can click on the picture to read more.
Quote from Evening Mist's Owner, "A little history behind that picture (besides the fire ruining the original) is that Evening Mist is obsessed with a certain kind of key ring. She plays fetch with it until one or both of us is worn out! If I don't throw it when she wants, she hollers incessantly. If that doesn't work, she comes over and pulls my hair! I had the key ring up in a throwing posture when that picture was taken. Looks maniacal, doesn't she? Hehehe!

Here's a kitty pic of Sherpa, who successfully managed to empty the 3ft aquarium onto the lounge floor. He is truly a vampire cat, should see the teeth marks on my hands, arms, legs etc. Named Sherpa because he climbs everything.

This is Pooky. You can read more about Spooky, I mean Pooky by clicking on the picture.

Nikki was left on a doorstep in a cardboard box for her new owner! So, even though she is not from the shelter, I do think it is vitally important to rescue them from such a bad fate.Even Vampire Cats need love!Click on Nikki's picture to read more!

This is Count Vladimir. He is afraid of heights. He is scary enough to make a rottweiler afraid of him!!

This is Chakita, and she is a blue/white Cornish Rex age 1 year. Check out her homepage by clicking her nose.

This is Coty. Don't let the sweet look fool you. More about Coty by clicking the picture.

This is Garfield. Not the one you heard of or is it? Garfield has a home page too. Just click the picture.

This is Whitney. You just will never know what Whitney was doing here and has anybody seen my pet mouse? Click the picture to see homepage.

This is Lestat. They say a picture is better than a thousand words. This vampire cat doesn't need words. You can click on the picture to see the homepage of Lestat.

This is Bebeast. Read more about her by clicking on the picture.

This is Rascal. He is an outside cat who scratches on the window when he wants in. He is afraid of thunderstorms.

This is Scarlet.

This is Aeriel. This Maine Coon likes laying on the couch and showing us her great smile...You can read more about Aeriel by clicking on her picture.

This is Jazzy guarding moving boxes... Funny fact... the top box to her right actually says Blood across it... This picture cuts it off...Read more about Jazzy by clicking on her picture.

This cat's name is Emma. This is a scary Vampire Cat don't you think. You can check out Emma's Homepage by clicking on the picture.

This is Free Kitty. She likes chasing dogs away.

~Please take this gift.~


These are real Vampire Cats! Your cat can join the Vampire Cat Club today. All you have to do is send us his/her picture, and we will place it on the site.

You asked for it! You got it! Vampire Kitties Club.

Vampire Kitties Club

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