(Schedules subject to change; especially
by local affiliates of ABC, CBS and NBC!)

BURG'S NOTE: These are the Fall lineups for the 2008-09 season. From here on, this page will no longer be updated.

Here's what's on the major kids lineups on Saturday mornings:

  • Jetix keeps a half-morning, nothing-new schedule.
  • ABC Kids, again, has no changes. Still no sign of Cory, or even an advancement into "new" seasons of Hannah or Suite Life.
  • CBS's "KEWLopolis" block has the same six shows, just in a slightly different order.
  • NBC keeps Qubo and has an Oct. 4 launch date for the new lineup. While the exact schedule has yet to be released, we know that "Turbo Dogs" (Oct. 4) and "Sammy's Story Shop" (midseason) are the new shows that will join the lineup.
  • CW4Kids -- the block that used to be Kids WB! -- starts its first full season on the CW on Sept. 13. All of the Warner Bros. product is gone. The new lineup launches with two new shows -- "TMNT: Back to the Sewer", which returns the turtles to the sewers of modern-day New York and out of the "Fast Forward" scenario, and "Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's", the latest from the YGO franchise. There are several shows already set for inclusion at mid-season -- the E/I compliant "GoGoRiki," "Huntik: Seekers and Signs" (another card-trading, monster-fighting show), "Rollbots" (a Canadian show about round robots with retractable arms and legs so they can roll and race on coaster-like tracks), and the much-awaited "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight" (the first time a Kamen Rider series from Japan has been adapted since the flop that was "Masked Rider" on Fox Kids in 1995 -- so bad the Japanese creators withdrew rights to the character even to the point where a three-part Power Rangers crossover special is no longer allowed to be shown by the PR rights-holder) and it's the first time that someone other than Saban/Disney is doing an English-language adaptation of a Japanese tokusatsu-style program since DiC turned Denkou Choujin Gridman into Superhuman Samurai SyberSquad in 1994.
  • 4Kids will continue its management of two Saturday morning blocks, doing its last season of the 4KidsTV on Fox block. While most of it looks like a "Best of 4Kids" block, there are three sections that will feature new episodes -- "Di-Gata Defenders" and "Biker Mice From Mars" will have new episodes and there will be one new incarnation of an existing franchise -- "Chaotic M'arrillian Invasion."
  • Cartoon Network is (at least through early October) keeping the same lineup that's been in place for a while. Not sure which slots will be offering new episodes, though.

    The block logos that have a yellow background ARE updated with the new-Fall-season lineup. (But I'm not crystal clear on every series that will be in new-episode mode when these new lineups take effect)


    (Starts Sept. 13)

    (Starts Sept. 13)

    (Starts Sept. 13)

    (Starts Oct. 4)

    (Starts Sept. 6)
    7:00 off air
    (Good Morning America)
    Tom & Jerryoff air
    Early Show)
    Will & Dewittoff airoff air
    (Saturday Today)
    Suite Life of
    Zack & Cody
    (That's no misprint)
    7:30 George of
    the Jungle
    (9/27: Skunk Fu!)
    and Ferb
    8:00 off airMarv. Misadv.
    of Flapjack
    Skunk Fu!
    (9/27: Viva Pinata)
    (New episodes)
    Buster Club
    8:30 ChowderViva Pinata
    (9/27: GoGORiki)
    Biker Mice
    From Mars
    (New episodes)
    9:00 The Emperor's New SchoolPokemon: D&P
    (New episodes)
    Sonic Xoff airoff air
    9:30 The ReplacementsPokemon: D&P
    (New episodes)
    HorselandTMNT: Back
    to the Sewer
    (New episodes)
    Sonic X
    10:00 That's So
    Ben 10:
    Alien Force
    Dino SquadDinosaur King
    (New episodes)
    Chaotic M'arrillion Invasion
    (New episodes)
    Jane & the Dragon
    10:30 That's So
    Sushi PackYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
    (New episodes)
    TMNT: Fast
    Zula Patrol
    11:00 Hannah MontanaBakugan Battle Brawlers
    (New episodes)
    ChaoticKirby3-2-1 Penguins
    (New episodes)
    11:30 Suite Life of Zack & CodyRobot Boy
    (New episodes)
    Care Bears:
    Adventures in
    ChaoticWinx ClubVeggie Tales
    12:00Ben 10:
    Alien Force
    off airoff airoff airTurbo Dogs
    12:30Ben 10:
    Alien Force
    My Friend Rabbit
    (New episodes)