Recommended links

There are many more Web sites in the Power Rangers fandom that deserve
your attention that I can fit on the front page. They are listed here, as well as
a repeat of the links that appear on the front page. They are listed
in alphabetical order, with a color-coded arrow:

General PR show and schedule information
Discussion sites
Actor-specific sites
Official sites
General more-than-PR news sites
Download sites

Burg's PR torrents
el Funaroverse
Emma Lahana (Kira - PRDT)
Henshin Grid
Henshin Justice Unlimited
Linear Ranger's Site (news, toy reviews, etc.)
Monica May Online (Z - PRSPD)
Morphin' Legacy
The Morphing Grid: A Power Rangers Wiki
No Pink Spandex
Power Force
Power Morphicon (PMC5 coming in 2016 - Pasadena, CA)
Power Rangers Samurai page on
Power Rangers at
Power Rangers official site
Power Rangers Central
The Power Scoop
Rangercast (Power Rangers podcasts)
RangerCrew Media
Ranger Talk (Henshin Heroes discussion board)
The Realm of ShyRanger
Rising Sun Karate (official site of Jason David Frank -- MMPR, PRZ, PRT, PRDT)
Joe Rovang's (PR timeline, writer's guide, etc.)
Simply Devine (Marah - PRNS and Cassidy - PRDT)
Sentai Spoilers
Toon Zone
Writer's Guide to the PR Universe