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A time yet to be,

In a place far, far away...

A great adventure will take place.
OD CON_________
Episode II
There will be another
A Pop Culture Convention
of Gaming, Collectibles, Comics, Toys and Fun.

June 8th 2002
Grays Knob, KY
Oaks Hall Gym

Collectors of comics, toys and all items of wonder will assemble.

Gamers will combat all day.
All manner of beings will take part in an out-of-this-world party.

Sign up for Monster College

Buy, Trade and Sell

Come, Join in the Fun.

Don't Miss It!

Prizes, Food and Fun
Fantasy Art Contest
Magic the Gathering Tournaments

Role Playing

Costume Contest

Scale Model Contest
Lots of Special Merchandise:
Star Wars, Star Trek, Superheroes, Vintage Toys and Collectibles, Plus Much More.

See the big Collectible Show.  Visit with the amazing Spider-Man.

Click here for scenes from last years show.

Questions, Comments, Wanna Be There?  E-mail: