Hello and welcome to Mapletree Magick. Pardon the mess, I'm doing a bit of remodeling here.

A Fidget of Faeries-This is where I keep my original faerie art. It's really what I always intended to be the main body of my page, although right now the population is a little less than it should be, due to a lack of a scanner. Nonetheless, please visit them.

A Faerie Tale-This Faerie Tale is completely original and written by yours truly. I'm looking for some feedback on the Faerie Tale. I think I'll eventually put up a form, but for now, if you would like to comment on the story or be notified of major changes and updates to my site, please email me at mapletreedryad@hotmail.com. I'm building a little mailing list.

I Believe Buttons-This page is part of the rather large web campaign to save the faeries. Take a button for your page to show that you believe.

Adopt a Faerie, or Something Else. They're very cute on my page and would be very cute on your page, if you have one. As of now, I have lots of faeries, some angels, dark angels, a couple of other Unseelie characters, and the Endless from the Sandman comics. Check it out.

My Adopted Faeries-Visit the faeries from other realms that are now residents in this forest.

Top Five Lists-This page tells you a little about me and my taste. I have some images here and will eventually put up some links.

Mangoes, Mania, and Mischief-This page isn't actually new, but I didn't have a link up to it for a while. It's about Delirium of the Endless. And if you like it, don't forget to adopt an Endless in the adoption center.

The Magick of Trees-This page contains several lists of the magickal uses of trees. It's intended both as a pagan resource and also to be interesting and informational to non-pagans.

Causes and Memberships-As always, some are serious, some are silly.

A Faery Good Research Paper-This is a research paper I wrote about the changing depictions of Irish Faeries.

The Secret Land of the Unicorns-Pretty self explanatory. Go here if you like unicorns.

Awards and Gifts-I keep my awards and gifts here. If you would like to send me and award or gift, please do!

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