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JUST UPDATED!!!~*~*~* 12/16/00
sorry it took me so long

For all the Sentinel fanfic writers who want ideas or for the fan who want's to see a particular story I've decided to make a challenge board.

okay, about the board, Untill I get a form up if you want to post a challenge e-mail me (there's a nifty little e-mail link at the bottem) and send your challenge, name (real name or handle) and e-mail adress in case a writer wants to ask you about your challenge or whatever.

For people who respond to these challenges e-mail me telling me wich challenge your responding to and a link to where it's housed. That way if someone sees a challenge they think is cool they'll be able to read the responses.

If you respond to a challenge but don't have a page for it contact me and I'll let you host it on my site.

Any challange rules? NOPE anything your little heart desires shall be posted. okay thats it now on with the challenges!

-Lucky Lizard

PLEASE PEOPLE HELP ME HERE!!!!! okay this site sucks because the only challenges up there are mine! please send challenges, anything! Come on I'll beg, you want groveling I can do groveling! Please? pitch in and help! :: pattented puppy dog eyes::

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