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It is high time that all nations in the EU [especially GREECE] shout out thank you "Bob" with ardent applause -- honoring the American-Canadian Robert Mundell, who created the euro currency system for The United States of EUROPE [EU], which enabled submissive EU unions, submissive EU labor laws, submissive EU financial regulations, and submissive national governments in Europe, just as the neocons ordered! One can only ask, ... More of the same to be dumped on Europe by Trump?

Robert Mundell, the Canadian American Reaganomics White House adviser who created the Euro -- to fail !

"Mommy Merkel the Submissive" (ANGELA MERKEL baby foto below) will not be able to tame the U.S. NeoCon/Goldman Sachs/Rothschild/Pentagon Empire from vanquishing European sovereignty

Angela Merkel born into this world to follow U.S. Deep State orders


Robert Mundell, the Canadian American Reaganomics White House adviser, who created the Euro, to fail !! -- The Anglo Fuehrer of the EURO's creation, was in the 1970s, a chief Reaganomics adviser of the U.S. "supply side" theory; likewise, he laid the groundwork for the introduction of the EURO through his pioneering work in USA and Canada monetary dynamics for which he won the 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics. During this time he served as a high paid economic consultant to the United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the EC, the Federal Reserve Board, the U.S. Dept. of Treasury, and the government of Canada. In 2000, most indeed in all probability being specious and chimerical, he predicted that before 2010, the euro zone would expand to cover 50 countries, while the dollar would spread throughout Latin America, and much of Asia would look towards the yen.

His programs have proven to be HIGHLY CORROSIVE to sovereignty of former EU nation states.

Since the 2008 Global Economic Crash --due to toxic financial derivatives, corrupted hedge and poison pill funds, and risk insurance on credit default swaps, distrust has spread throughout the western banking system, immersing Europe in the cesspool of a sovereign-debt crisis which has led to the creation of the European Financial Stability Facility, as well as other uncertain efforts aimed unsuccessfully at stabilizing the EURO. In July 2012, the euro fell below US$1.21 for the first time in two years, following concerns raised over Greek debt and Spain's troubled banking sector. Today it is worth only $1.05. The U.S. dollar is under equal economic pressure, but the Americans have the unfair advantage to simply print and print and print U.S. dollars out of their 'non-federal' Federal Reserve Bank, with almost nothing to back the printed bucks, for much of what was liquid in that national bank treasury has already been ceded to China and to bailing out Banks Too Big to Fail.


Germany still needs to globally acknowledge the .1% elite’s shadow deal maker ROBERT ZOELLICK ... and the TREUHANDANSTALT, (1990 "Trust agency" which privatized in an eye blink over 8500 East German state-owned companies with over four million employees.) It is generally omitted in the news that the euro was in many senses of the word, forced on Germany as a precondition for Germany’s reunification after the fall of the Berlin Wall, resulting in part from negotiations between the Treuhandanstalt and ROBERT ZOELLICK and his elite team. Robert B. Zoellick is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs' International Advisors. The German Government awarded Mr. Zoellick the Knight Commanders Cross for his work on unification. After leaving government service, Zoellick served from 1993 to 1997 as an Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Fannie Mae. The corrupt Mexican and Chilean Governments presented him their highest honors for non-citizens the Aztec Eagle and the Order of Merit. He serves on the boards of Temasek -- Singapore’s Sovereign Wealth Fund (which since 1964 has had a major hand in the Malaysia-Singapore Airlines which later split up into Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines), as well as on the international advisory board of Rolls Royce. Mr. Zoellick is a member of the board of the color revolution global network, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Mr. Zoellick was the President of the World Bank Group from 2007-12. He served in President George W. Bush's cabinet as U.S. Trade Representative from 2001 to 2005. From 1985 to 1993, he worked at the Treasury and State and was the lead U.S. negotiator in the 2 + 4 process for Germany’s unification. He is a member of the Aspen Strategy Group.

Why do the British elite put so much time and effort over the centuries into CHAINING the UNICORN?


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... this remembered data below is just one rather old man's small effort to make a layman's composite and historical "string" of many of the news events of the decade, which forced the Western World democracies to collapse and fold themselves like rolly pollies into the mere semblance of their former selves, whimpering in the corner, trembling at each new ... Neocon assault on your freedom, your health, your economic survival, your happiness and freedom of artistic expression ...

... are all of us headed to the same fate as the Palestinians and Gazans??....this website endeavors to instill a 'remembrance of things past', in the links and excerpts below, which may give some of us yet, a prayer of a chance to survive what has befallen many of us already, before there is only One World Order, and not a good one.

Count each and every democratic freedom you still have and cherish it as a gift, for you may soon have to fight for each one of them, without the protection of our Constitution.

Jaw Clenching NEWS !

Yanis Varoufakis

go to minute 9;50 in video.... velvety tongued Varoufakis distances himself from the Hank Paulson engineered U.S. crash of 2008 and poses as a Greek SYRIZA hero! Varoufakis acted out his own game theories as a temporary fly-by-night Finance Minister of Greece, and quickly the SYRIZA movement was utterly CRUSHED by the Troika thanks to Yanis's meddling and vanity!!!

Who is Yanis Varoufakis?

He has long described himself as a 'Libertarian '. He was born in the .1% with a large silver serving spoon in his mouth and in a royal 24 carat gilded bed. His family (he is, by his father’s lineage, Greek-Egyptian) has owned and run one of the biggest and wealthiest shipping and steel industries in Greece (Halyvourgiki, Greece's biggest steel producer. His father was last check still at the age of 90, Chairman of Halyvourgiki's Board of Directors). He has lived outside of Greece longer than he has inside, his secondary education and university years were in Her Majesty’s Britain. He then traveled on to Australia to teach game theory, the mathematical study of decision-making and of conflict and strategy in social situations, and classical economics, for many years in Australia, as an Australian citizen. His PhD dissertation was in economics using mathematical game theory analysis of industrial strikes in UK/USA along with models of wage inflation. Game theory is based on a very unrealistic assumption that the motives of players are all fixed and they are all selfishly motivated, as is Varoufakis. Varoufakis is a darling of the free market enthusiasts at The Adam Smith Institute, and also publicly admired by Bloomberg media as "brilliant". His only political office held in his entire life was as secretary of the Black Students Alliance at the UK’s University of Essex (even though he’s white). Varoufakis has described himself as an "accidental economist". He is perhaps even more an accidental Center-Leftist. He has also described himself as an “erratic Marxist”, when perhaps he was pinpointing his loyalty to a cause as “erratic” at best. Why would a man like this give up a seemingly conservative successful past lifestyle, i.e. everything, to win a Syriza revolt on behalf of normal Greek people he has not even lived with for long? The American actor James Dean rode a motorcycle also in a black leather jacket, but was quite short sighted and needed very strong eyeglasses to read the handwriting on the wall, something Yanis has dramatically failed to do. By stepping up just a few years ago to the plate representing 99.9% of the Greek people -- imbued with their most unrestrained trust, with bases loaded and two men out, he struck out with tail between his legs trotting away from the IMF Troika with far LESS than the Greek workers had before his vain meddling, before his historic sell-out betrayal of their trust. It seems the day has come for Yanis Varoufakis to trade in his motorcycle for a hot pink, deluxe lady's gold-rimmed 2-stroke moped, and discontinue with his fake Leftish interviews. Would anyone disagree?

NAVIENT & former Sallie Mae Student loan victims of "sharking" running amuck in the streets in protests 2018 and well into 2019 ... MORE U.S. STUDENT RIOTS predicted for 2019 due to SALLIE MAE STUDENT LOAN lifesucking hardships!

Illuminating words of Prof. James Petras:


[note:  Max Keiser interviewed Yanis Varoufakis outdoors in London in November 2015.  Max raised a dozen pithy and long needed questions to Varoufakis, whose cheek muscles bulged and stiffened in the shape of a skunk whenever he lied [if you include Varoufakis's nose in the overall visual effect it does remarkably look like a life size skunk protruding from his cheeks when he tells a whopper of a lie], and out of deference to the son of the richest tycoon in Greece, Max often backed down and let born-with-a-thousand silver spoons Varoufakis, the fake leftist, gloat over his hollow verbal victory over Max.  Mr Kaiser sir, we are on your side buddy, and we applaud your courageous efforts at rooting out the truth].


James Petras: "Syriza had promised to prioritize humanitarian spending over austerity – raising the minimum wage, rehiring public employees in health and education and raising pension payments.  After two weeks of servile groveling, the ‘re-formed’ Tsipras and Varoufakis prioritized austerity – making debt payments and ‘postponing’ even the most meagre anti-poverty spending.  When the Troika lent the Syriza regime $2 billion to feed hungry Greeks, Tsipras lauded his overseers and promised to submit a multi-billion euro list of regressive ‘reforms’.

Syriza had promised to re-examine the previous rightwing regime’s dubious privatization of lucrative public enterprises and to stop on-going and future privatizations. In government, Tsipras and Varoufakis quickly disavowed that promise. They approved past, present and future privatizations.  In fact, they made overtures to procure new privatization ‘partners’, offering lucrative tax concessions in selling-out more public firms.

Syriza promised to tackle the depression level unemployment (26% national, 55% youth) via public spending and reduced debt payments.  Tsipras and Varoufakis dutifully met debt payments and did not allocate any funds to create jobs!

Not only did Syriza continue the policies of its rightwing predecessors, but also it did so in a ludicrous style and substance:  adopting ridiculous public postures and demagogic inconsequential gestures.  One day Tsipras would lay a wreath at the gravesite of 200 Greek partisans murdered by the Nazis during WW II.  The next day he would grovel before the German bankers and concede to their demands for budget austerity, withholding public funds from 2 million unemployed Greeks.

One afternoon, Finance Minister Varoufakis would pose for a photo spread for Paris Match depicting him, cocktail in hand, on his penthouse terrace overlooking the Acropolis; and several hours later he would claim to speak for the impoverished masses!

Betrayal, deceit and demagogy all during the first two months in office, Syriza has established a record in its conversion from a leftist anti-austerity party to a conformist, servile vassal of the European Union."


Democratic and Republican officials in successive administrations have for many years repeatedly denied that the trillions of dollars of debt Fannie and Freddie issued is guaranteed.  Some people and blogs and reports seem to indicate FANNIE MAE is only a Democrat created financial disaster and scandal.  No way Ray.  Despite that democrats Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Barney Frank have their fingerprints all over the scene of the Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac felonies against the US people, both Republicans Newt Gingrich and Robert Zoellick took up key positions with Fannie Mae during its heyday.  Let’s not forget the COUNTRYWIDE role in this with their “Fast & Easy” pre-2008 federal home loans, paid out by commercial CountryWide but in the end, after “feces funds” hit the fan, the federal government, i.e. the U.S. taxpayers, had to pick up the tab of the non-payments on the loans, in the trillions, with the now infamous federal bailouts.  Not one record has been released documenting this long running scam, via the FOIA rules and procedures which were written to protect democracy and the citizens of the nation.  Does that surprise anyone?


China has never disclosed the size of its holdings of Fannie and Freddie securities, but according to the U.S Treasury’s report on foreign holdings of U.S. securities, China held $454 billion of long-term U.S. agency debt as of June 30, 2009.   China has been using Belgian holdings, an offshore center used extensively by China to mask its selling off and dumping of U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, and notes, which in theory were created to back up and protect the dollar.


Now in 2017, Japan is holding more of the T-Bills than China, and suddenly they are printing money without any backing just like the U.S. Federal Reserve!  China's huge holdings of U.S. debt fell to $1.12 trillion at the end of October 2016, their lowest level in more than six years, according to U.S. Treasury Department data. Japan holds $1.13 trillion of U.S. colossal debt. This bubble is gonna burst real soon and it won’t be pretty.  How would the U.S. afford its global military empire after the bursting?  They won’t be able.  Unless they precipitate World War 3, which would in all likelihood involve nuclear bombs exchanges.  Now might be a good time to enlist the peacekeeping skills of soft power diplomat Benjamin the Bomb Netanyahu?  Wrong!


short interview with the director John Titus of the film ALL THE PLENARY’S MEN (very stimulating and easy to grasp)


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Is TED or TEDx currently assisting OUTSOURCED and/or unemployed workers who lost his/her jobs in one of their saccharine sweet videos or make believe progressive conferences, all in the name of AMERICAN ALTRUISM and EXCEPTIONALISM?

Treuhandanstalt and ROBERT ZOELLICK and his elite team Treuhandanstalt and ROBERT ZOELLICK and his elite team Treuhandanstalt and ROBERT ZOELLICK and his elite team Robert B. Zoellick is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs' International Advisors Robert B. Zoellick is the Chairman of Goldman Sachs' International Advisors