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Friday, July 30, 2004

By Bryan Adrian



These are PRELIMINARY NOTES only here......This is only a rough outline draft of a play incubating in the author's head.....and may or may never be finished in full.....

scroll down to the bullet points for the captions for each covert black ops agency slide projection bullet point slide show projection in the play


BRYAN ADRIAN'S preliminary notes on ….

[SKETCH of an experimental play that has a very low opinion of dirt bag military contractors]

ALL CHARACTERS AND EVENTS ARE FICTITIOUS and bear no resemblance to real people nor to real government agencies or corporations. Any random semblance of a real name is purely coincidental and has no merit in fact.


Friday, July 30, 2004




aka Deep-Space Druids Make Contact with Invisible Gaia Tree People


By Bryan Adrian


Rough bare bones outline and draft outline, the "kernel" of a future experimental technique play....


Dark stage. Curtain up.

A single spotlight is on the lead actor "Poor Schenko" character in darkness, writing at home, alone in his study, on a laptop, 4AM. Bait and tease the audience at first with loads of very subtle "you are being watched" paranoid atmosphere, from the very start, to have them guessing frequently, where are they going to be taken, on this frightening, but redemptive theater journey, that all of us must take soon in the new super surveillance society?

Try to bring out the many frustrations [in the dialogue between the characters] which ALL TYPES of Americans will deal with, no matter what class, or race, or occupation, or politics they have, because of our current lack of community and culture here in the United States [that is, the perseverance and connectivity that other communities and cultures share, e.g., that one can much easier find in, say, Denmark, Russia, China, Canada, France or Germany, even in Bulgaria and Slovenia] .

Keep in mind the American public being gulled by the deep state & its War Machine, and their craven bi-partisan politics, which are triggering a whiplash against us in most of

Europe now, and which is in addition quickly mushrooming into a global anti-Americanism. Bring up the effects of a cancerous NeoCon agenda. Hint that our next president, no matter who, has no autonomy, in that the .1% control nearly everything now, especially the U.S. president (AIPAC the foreign nation agency lobby of Israel, controls Congress as we all already know).

In the very first stage setting, have PERGOLESI’S "Stabat Mater" playing medium loud at 4AM in the publisher’s living room. He is turning off his laptop

and stretching in dim light. He then pours a whiskey, and reviews alone numerous slides on his blank white study wall, from his semi-recent past, as the "Stabat Mater" continues playing.

Slide of a letter, to a friend this time, hinting at what is going on, so that the audience is not lost, but rather feels smart, because they sense something larger than their lives is going to take place, soon.

"Dear Manfred, the publications are a minor success, ... some people are

following me, but I can’t prove a thing …".


Phone rings. The publisher, Poor O'Shenko, bourbon still in hand, tired

from reviewing so many recon slides in the middle of the night, picks up his phone -------->> nobody on the other line is speaking, it is meant to intimidate Poor O'Shenko.

[click ... dead dial tone]

In walks the Anne Hathaway character [named Sonia for the time being], 4AM.

Sonia: Are you still up? Anything new in the slides?

Poor O'Shenko: Just that the last few years have made me look much, much older, Sonia.

Wouldn't you agree?

Sonia: Funny. I’ve never noticed. Have you actually aged at all since we started

this? I never had the time to ponder such matters. What's that slide all about

with the man on a bicycle being run off of the road by a speeding car?

Poor O'Shenko: That’s me in Takoma Park just outside of Washington DC.

…. Continue dialogue here


Initial notes for a PLAY: The use of names Judy Davis, John Malkovitch, and

Anne Hathaway are for “type” and “personality” only, in that they each embody somewhat the complexities of the characters I have in mind for the play’s purposes.

[CHARACTER A, Poor O'Shenko] Male lead based somewhat on myself [my own experiences as an underground e-zine political publisher on the internet from 1996 to 2006, before the explosion of bloggers came onto the web]. Ryan Gosling type, perhaps, to play this lead character?

Tentative name for him is "Poor O'Schenko" . The Actor who plays Character A must be capable of gentleness, fairness, and ... fierceness ... when under attack, attributes the lead needs to have as a publisher in a dangerous field of social agit-prop. This play may come off as a wee bit Brechtian, but with well developed soul and feeling, not just head and thinking.


[CHARACTER B, Sonia] Female lead written somewhat tentatively for Anne Hathaway type lead actress.



[CHARACTER C] Somebody like Judy Davis, Australian actress, middle but crucial role. Female supporting actress.

[CHARACTER D] Somebody like John Malkovitch, Steppenwolf Theatre founder (who acted with Judy Davis in Clifford Odet's ROCKET TO THE MOON, 1987) to dovetail with Judy Davis in this middle yet resonant crucial middle character range. Perhaps they are lovers in this drama, too. Character D will be a male supporting actor.

Secondary performers:


[CHARACTER E] ... he is the only one on the staff that can truly stand up to the

publisher protagonist, when everyone is under fire, when the publisher is not as

clear in his direction as he thinks he is; this character better than anyone else on the staff is able to deal with the often brooding publisher, even more able than the publisher's lover, the Anne Hathaway wife-partner character. This character steps in during times of duress, because he is not an alpha male threat to the publisher, he is valued and needed by the publisher, as his reliable associate editor, and as his [gay?? ... modeled somewhat on Alan?] friend and advisor and confident.

[CHARACTER F] Female, mid-20s[??]. She is the comic relief and a kind of

intermission from all the building and fomenting angst. As graphics artist for

the entire magazine staff, and liked by all, she has access to everyone's ear on

an equal basis, and sort of knows better than anyone what is going on, from what she hears from them all. [modeled on the very young Vera?]

(a Six character cast, Characters A thru F, with an "extra", a African American actor with a walk-on role for the subway dream sequences, and he will also be one of the two "fill-in-for-all humanity" actors to be the extras when needed).


Therefore, NINE performers are needed for this play.

[there will be some extras needed for crowd scenes … use the same three people to represent everything possible required. Recycle the non-starring extras to play many different roles, rather than using fresh people for all the background characters]

Plot: [sketchy still ... it will be based on the travails of the publisher illustrated by the slide show based on real conflicts the author had experienced between 1996 and 2006 ... how many slides will actually be shown in the opening scene ...... is still quite unclear .... these characters will grow as I write the dialogue, of the publisher and his lover (live-in-partner), [his complementary co-publisher and co-habitator], discussing things with the two main leads, [their friends, in the Manhattan Central Park South district townhouse.] . Most of the play will take part in this townhouse which doubles as a publishing house. There will also be some dream sequence scenes in a nighttime subway car of NYC which mirror the publisher's external reality, of the last few years, shown in a stream of consciousness slide show to open the play.

Use an analogous Eugene O'Neill depth and tone, but not so pathetic. [mood note: Eugene O’Neill was emotionally powerful in his plays, and knew the theatre, but he is much too fatalistic, and seems to have piled up debts with some kind of sect … This play must be written on a more non-occult scale and scope, with a ringing triumph of the central character over the unknown and hidden forces that weigh him down.

It has been written that O’Neil used a kind of numerological structure in his

EMPEROR JONES, with everything in a geometry of a SIX SHOOTER revolver chamber. O’Neil, rarely had an effective or true hero, a leader, or a champion of a Resistance, a Jesus Christ radical who wins. Not even a character with a simple game plan, against the status quo, who could somehow triumph, if only in spirit and not in fact.

Go for spiritual depth. Don't use generic American traditional family or suburban values in this play, since the author never learned them well at home nor in life. Base "NYC bohemian family life" atmosphere in the Central Park townhouse between the characters on the unconventional memories based on real-life experiences of the main character.

Play's Story:

Male lead is an underground magazine publisher, putting out his stuff on the

internet. His live-in partner is his co-publisher. Much dynamic interplay

between them, sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant, oftentimes tender, but the electronic magazines live on and so does their commitment to each other and to these publications, no matter what comes along. Their affable associate editor is a central character, but not fully developed yet. The graphics expert on their publishing staff is very likeable to all observers.

The Malkovitch character and Judy Davis character are daredevils and very close friends, who drop by the magazine staff office often, to spend time with the co-publishers, their best friends, [their publication office is also their small townhouse, placed near Central Park in the lower West 60s]; these two Off

Broadway friends often contribute cultural and political writings to the e-zine magazines; they are very witty and quite close with the two joined-at-the-hip


** The Malkovitch and Davis characters are also Off-Broadway actors, besides being serious intellectuals, with the political motivations to really change what is wrong with American society and government, away from trivial political correctness and towards a free and universal national health care system for all, public monitoring agencies to investigate and determine sentencing of police brutality & abuse cases, and several other major reforms, such as a jettisoning of NeoCon power channels CLEAR OUT OF ALL U.S. institutions [although this will not be overly emphasized in the dialogue]. The 2 characters can write well and often contribute to the story's underground webmagazines.

Produce a slide show the best you can of images like these, or some such similar

scenarios, from the central character Poor O'Schenko's past.

MAIN CHARACTER'S "Poor Schenko" [Ryan Gosling?] STREAM OF CONSCIOUS [below] shown on stage via SLIDE PROJECTIONS on back stage wall..... goes as following.... PSYCHIC STREAMING in Poor Schenko's first person voice and inner mind.....




·       ·   Slides of secret telecommunications installations, underground near the home of the chief of Australian embassy security's home, near the AEC in Gaithersburg, MD, not so far from Germantown, just outside of Washington, DC.

·       ·         Slides of the power lines, enormous power towers, and ominous obese cables, leading directly to the Atomic Energy Commission in Germantown, MD.

·       ·         Slides of Valentin’s Bulgarian commandos [former Deputy Minister of Defense] literally bolting the publisher inside his "trusted" Bulgarian fiancée’s family home in Sofia [1994], with a nice chunky muscular Bulgarian bodyguard from Salamander Commando Services to watch over him vigilantly, too.

·       ·        Takoma Park, Maryland, Masonic lodge across from Tibetan Dalai Lama Lodge/Temple. Entranceway. Xerox copies in Takoma Public Library of Sandra Bullock, mustache drawn on her upper lip, with the question, "is Sandra really a man? Her manly jaw and adam's apple and shoulders and neck, who would ....?" Then ... Slides of satellites orbiting in dark space, watching all human activity. Then show the Intelsat HQ corporate satellite interior in Washington, DC. Quick slide progression here, pick up the tempo, to the music as the Hungarian chorus women continue to sing in a fast building crescendo, much more passionately than earlier, the lugubrious but sweet STABAT MATER!

·       ·          Slide of a dim-witted DC Beltway intelligence spook, in his car, as he runs a mild mannered man off of the roadside as he is pedaling on his bicycle, in a near fatal sideswipe.

·       ·        Slides of a brutal stabbing in the pre-gentrified and then deadly Logan’s Circle, in Washington, of the publisher, with a filed off Phillips Head screwdriver, by two murderous ex-con assailants.


Music here switches to mock Christmas carol like tunes, although barely audible, as a kind of ironic twist, from Stabat Mater music which had preceded it.




·       ·            Men-in-Black slides [MIB]. Slides of AAME (American Association of Mechanical Engineers Headquarters in Wash DC), in which the whole staff had MIB screensavers.

·       ·         Slide of the giant Meteor that slammed into Greenland in 1998.

·       ·        Dripping with irony, show a slide of a baby Phillips head screwdriver kit, presented as a gift by executive officers of the AAME to the protagonist publisher, as a Christmas office employee X-mas present. Stabbing happens with a 9 inch filed down Phillips Head just 12 hours after this presentation. [i.e., the centimeters-from-death stabbing from a filed down Phillips Head screwdriver in middle of the night Logan's Circle].

·       ·        "Join Us!" slide, inside the offices of Medtap, the heart defibrillator manufacturers, par excellence, which led to the main character's hasty departure from their compound in a state of alarm and confusion when they formed a circle around him chanting to "join us" their secret sinister society.

·       ·         IEEE, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers Northern Virginia Fairfax County Section, with closeups of their full color brochures on advanced androids [with fluorescent yellow-green eyes, when seen in a special lighting], already manufactured today and not only on the drawing board of research facilities, where they had three Poors and 3 O'Shenkos working there in the lead character's department nearby him, on a one week temp job he had there, scaring him to the depths of his soul.

·       ·                   A friendly guy there at IEEE, [android?] asked Poor O'Shenko if he knew what the gas company workers were doing watching a hole in the ground, directly outside their Vienna North Virginia offices window, day after day, hour by hour, provoking the android-like friendly employee to state "I think they are here to watch you".

·       ·                   Slide of Council of Churches, NYC, Riverside Drive, vampiric looking and acting priests/rabbis, of all nearly all religious persuasions, no boundaries here between Episcopalian and Jewish and Buddhist, on Riverside Drive. Everyone has very red blood shot eyes in the large Upper West Side building.

·       ·                   Next, slide of Petrossian Caviar HQ [Armenians], NYC meat packing district; scads of large Black Sea and Caspian Sea mother sturgeons seemingly crying out their grief like the Colchian women at the time of Jason & the Argonauts, in the same ancient Armenian region, thousands of years ago, as they are being slaughtered for their caviar eggs, and for the isinglass from their bladders, in this close to Chelsea district, the meat packing district, with many stainless steel dissection tables for Petrossian's caviar production line.

·       ·                   Next slide, unrelated to Petrossians caviar warehouse, an Armenian lawyer from a freelance editing work assignment in midtown NYC, and his obnoxious daughter; he is head honcho of a NYC Masonic temple, and he has an impressive military U.S. Army intelligence portfolio on the internet, boasting of his high family and New York State Masonic connections.

·       ·                   Slide of Conde Nast Publications Headquarters, NYC, old executive offices before they moved to their swank Times Square tower, where the lead character had been a temp working alongside the old CFO and his innermost trusted core staff . Anomalous Cognition head scanning very very intense. Strongest confrontation of telepathic brain scanning warfare for the main character to date, it seemed to him at the time.

·       ·                   Immediately afterward the above, in the same day, Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" NYC screening, premiere night. Some other psychic scanner was sitting behind the main character the whole damned movie, making trouble, challenging him -- [an Irish friend had been with the lead character at this premiere and noticed and remarked on it to him, out of the blue, "someone is trying to get to you without words, Poor O'Shenko, I can feel it coming from the seats directly behind us".].

·       ·                   666 5th Avenue building. Bad vibes, bad times, bad headaches, Poor O'Shenko working there as a temp editor and word processor for a giant law firm at this 666 address, which defends the major chemical and mining companies, especially involving liquid nitrogen, benzene, and radioactive metals. The Al Gore family of Tennessee is richly represented in their client files, along with many uber wealthy Republicans, maybe the Gores have more anti-environmental global corporate possessions than any of the Republicans.



Squeeze all these images into a quick moving and compelling slide show that

opens the play as the publisher is reviewing his life at 4AM, Kentucky bourbon

in hand, and the Hungarian Womens' chorus is singing their hearts out in their

rendition of Stabat Mater.

At conclusion of this slide sequence, display slides of letters from a few of the friends of the main character, over the years, exhibiting anger and suspicion that the publisher and protagonist of this play ... is now going over the edge!

Switch to a series of slides of acutely visible brainwave scanning wars in

libraries, between combatants, where any even partially observant person in the library could notice something very peculiar was going on, even if they don't

believe in psychic scanning nor telepathic warfare [anomalous cognition].

A play of this nature may work, dealing with this theme, especially if the

dialogue is good, and the strong human element is noble and victorious.

DIALOGUE to be continued ...]

[footnote: later in the play, create a scene with strange acoustical effects, on

stage, of a very late night NYC subway coach … a black professional intellectual is confronted by hostile non-blacks "standing their ground" and in "Stop-and-Frisk" mode, obviously discriminatory after-midnight strap holders, not overtly physically threatening to him, but really extremely rude and offensive… use "flash" dreamlike techniques and lighting, ... but keep the subway car atmosphere hyper-realistic. In this scene, make the audience feel the next subway stop is really theirs, and how much they can’t wait to get off the annoying subway themselves, to escape the psychic terror. This scene is to show the audience that the social conflicts which a black intellectual in America [with strong opinions] has, are nearly the same social torments as the white publisher character of this drama, in his occult battles and hostile encounters with agents of the occult and intelligence agencies, who at times work together. Play with this scene, draw it out for all it is worth. Work on it a lot.


I met Seth Dillinger, an extremely gifted composer and creative bass

cellist, on the Bedford L platform. He leads an avante garde Quartet, very

cutting edge, yet capable of clean and conventional classical, in the Village at

St. Mark’s Place. He emailed me saying he would like to contribute music and performances for a stage production,
if i ever pull it off. Seth just performed here in Williamsburg at the Galapagos Club last week.

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